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All I Ever Needed

Paul Lahote Imagine

Paul x Reader

Prompt: A good old opposite’s attract story.

Word Count: 1,071

Authors’s Note: This is pretty messy because I really needed something to be up- so here it is. Sorry for not posting been so busyyyyy. Lovessss xx

Warning: None

You went to the same school as the pack, you had easily became friends with Seth and that had drawn you to La Push. You were timid and shy, only speaking when spoken too and were use to keeping thoughts to yourself. People thought that you were so cute and innocent, a lot of people becoming protective of you.

One night you were invited to one of the campfires that the pack were doing. You easily gave in when Seth gave you puppy eyes and a little pout. “Cool! But uh wear something warm!” He said giving you a little cheeky smile before bouncing of to class.

Never in your life have you ever met Paul. You always heard Seth and Embry going on about him but you never questioned about it.

When you showed up, e/c eyes cast down your h/c hair covering your face as shifted from foot to foot. “Y/n! Seth told me you were coming.” You glanced up in surprise to see Embry who immediately wrapped you in a hug. You smiled up at him as Seth joined next to him,

“C’mon! The stories starting soon!” Seth chirped a massive smile on his face. You giggled when he grabbed you pulling you towards a log. “We’re just waiting for the others to show up.” Embry sat next to you, food somehow in his hand.

“What’s the story about?” You asked softly as you watched the fire, returning your eyes to Seth.

“Well it’s a legend between our tribe. Saying that we are descended form wolves.” Seth said, watching your face. You raised your eyebrows curious about it. He flicked your nose, “No spoilers for you.” You giggled rolling your eyes.

The sound of crunching leaves alerted you, you looked up to see a group of boys, with no tops on coming out the woods. A blush was on your face as you hid behind Seth’s arm. Embry noticed, as did Seth and started to giggle at your shy state. 

“Don’t worry. They won’t bite.” Embry teased lowly to you. All you did was poke out your tongue. As your e/c eyes wandered back to them, they were shoving each other until your eyes landed on a pair of brown ones.

Paul was surprised to see a girl seated between Seth and Embry. He could obviously see how shy you were, just by they way you tried to hide behind Seth. “Awe look. Someones got a girlfriend.” Jared teased beside Paul, immediately getting shoved by Paul. Paul looked back up only to lock eyes with your pair of e/c eyes. He sucked in a breath, stepping back in surprise, eyes widening. 

His imprint

“Awe Paul has his imprint.” Jared teased shoving Paul forward who immediately shoved him back. “Quit it!”

Your eyes widen in surprise. There was a tug pulling at your heart. A tingly sensation coming over you as Seth and Embry watched you with knowing eyes.

Seth and Embry eyed each other and nodded. 

Months later you and Paul had grown closer. So close that he and the pack revealed their secret to you; shifters. It took a while for you to take complete hold of the situation but then on out- everything was good.

Everyone knew about you and Paul getting closer, everyone trying to warn you that he was no good. He’s a hot-headed, violent person and can hurt you easily. This was mostly from people at school and from a few of the pack members.

Again you heard it. Seth wanted to hang out but you were hanging out with Paul in the woods, “I’m sorry Seth… But we can hang out tomorrow?” Your voice was soft, you e/c eyes peering up at his brown pair that seemed a little bit hurt.

“N-no. T-that’s okay…” He walked away before you could say anything, a coat of guilt covered you and your heart started to throb.

You soon started to listen. Everyone was telling you to keep your distance, so you did. You even stopped going to La Push. Only hanging out with Seth, Leah and Embry. 

Guilt still ran through you, you hadn’t even warned Paul and that’s what made it worse. At school you had seen him get angered more easily, get into fights, all the while people were telling you had done the right thing. But it didn’t feel like it.

As you sat at your desk away from Paul who was staring you down, you placed in your earphones even though your phone was dead, just so it was a sign of, please don’t talk to me. A pair of girls sat beside you,

“Oh my gosh. Did you see Paul? How he beat up that poor boy?”

“Girl, yes! He’s fucking crazy.”

You glanced over at Paul who’s, fists were clenched. The girls tried to seem quite but he heard and you knew he did.

You couldn’t take it after hearing a certain comment, 

“Good Y/n leaving him.” Anger boiled in you when she said that.

Ripping out your headphones, slipping out your seat, you glared at the two girls who were shocked at your outbursts, everyone was. You weren’t like that. Always calm and collected. But they had pushed it.

Stomping towards Paul who also sported a shocked face, you grabbed it and smashed your lips against his. Everyone gasping in surprise.

He kissed back immediately, a smirk against your lips.”I’m sorry,” you muttered drawing back from him, “about everything I put you through. That I listened to what they all said…”

Instead of saying anything else, he dragged you out the room, grabbing your bag in the process, as soon as you both were hidden in the woods. He turned to you and picked you up into a kiss. 

Sweet and long with so much want.

“I missed you. God I fucking missed you.” He sighed, nuzzling your cheek.

Wrapped into each others warmth you realized something, “Paul my grades! Paul the rumors!” You panicked bouncing in his arms. He groaned as you tried to climb out his grip.

“I thought we were having a moment!”

“I thought I wanted a good school history!”

“It’s just one period!” He whined. You shifted to look at him with a pout. A roll of his eyes, “fine. But you owe me a lot of time.” A smirking plastering his face, sending a wink to you. “Lucky for you…It’s Friday.”

Being Seth Rollins Valet Would Include

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Requested by Anon

➽ Seth helping you getting in and out of the ring

➽ Being able to talk just as well as Seth. Whether you or Seth are a heel or face you know how to get the crowd on your side or against you. 

➽ Having to get new shirts every time Seth gets a new one

➽ Interrupting his matches whenever you have to 

➽ Seth is overly protective of you 

➽ Getting the crowd on his side whenever he needs it. 

➽ Being supportive through everything when it comes to his knee

➽ Having no issue going toe to toe with Stephaine or Triple H 

➽ Being extremely protective over Seth. 

➽ Doing press and interviews with Seth. 

➽ Having your own collection of Seth merchandise

➽ Reassuring Seth 

➽ Travelling with Seth 

➽ Being so close with Seth

➽ Knowing each other like the back of your hands

➽ Celebrating wins 

➽ Getting over loses 

➽ Having the most fun you’ve ever had. 

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Thanatos Night Vol. 4 Seth (Full Translation)

Back with another Thanatos Night translation! Seth is really sweet and perfect for people who want something cute….with Rejet’s usual touch of despair _(┐「ε:)_ 

Apologies in advance for any mistakes, audio translations aren’t my strong point (/)u(\)

(Translation under the cut - Do no use/repost without permission)

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wrasslin-rollins  asked:

#40 with Seth!

Prompt: “The kids, they ambushed me.”

Today Seth had been booked to make an apperance a local venue for kids. You loved seeing him interact with the WWE universe, especially the kids. He was currently sat behind a table with a couple other superstars signing things and aswering questions. You smilled seeing them all interact with fans, seeing how happy the fans were to meet their heros. There was a slight pause in the meetings so decided to go out on a coffee run for everyone. Waiting in line for the coffee a couple of fans came over to talk you and take a few pictures, although you didn’t wrestle the fans got to know you through seeing Seth post little snippets of you guys online and luckily fell in love with your’s and Seth’s relationship. Your name was called so you grabbed the coffee and headed back to the meet and greet. Stepping inside you handed everyone their coffee, everyone bar Seth.

“Hey C, have you seen Seth?” You asked Cesaro, handing him his coffee.

“He went out to go say hi to some of the kids” He motioned towards the curtains, peeking your head out you saw Seth on floor with 4 children climbing all over him, ‘pinning him in the ring’. Seth heard your giggle and whipped his head round to see you.

“(Y/N)! You gotta help me! The kids, they ambushed me.” giggling you stepped out from behind the curtain and placed his coffee on the table. You noticed a couple of people were taking photos and video’s, honestly you didn’t blame them it was a pretty cute scene. Crouching down by Seth you turnd to the kids.

“What do you say kids? should I help him?” They all shook their heads screaming a no. “Sorry babe the kids have spoken…..guess Cesaro will have to be my new cuddle buddy.” Sighing you turn around.

“Jackpot!” You hear Cesaro shout from behind the curtain causing everyone to chuckle.

“No. you cant leave me at the mercy of the children! Their power is too strong!”

“Sorryyyyyy. I love you!” with that you went back behind the curtain to chat with some of the guys. About 5 minutes later Seth came throught the curtain looking slightly disheveled and flushed. “Have fun out there?” you smirked at him handing him his coffee.

“You left me out there to die and already had a replacement for me lined up!” He pouted taking a sip from his coffee.

“What did you want me to do? They were to strong!”

“I don’t know, your a woman. All women have like that mom power that can control kids.” You laughed and shook your head at him.

“You survived didn’t you?” You sat down on the edge of the table folding your arms.

“Yeah….but still.”

“Nuu no but still’s. You’re just upset a bunch of kids beat you up.”

Oh I am not!”

“Oh yeah? Well tell your face that.” He rolled his eyes at your comment. Coming to stand between your legs.

“You’re so mean to me. Why am I still with you?” He chuckled at your now fake hurt exression.

“Bitch please I’m to fabulous for you.”

“Damn right you are.” He leaned in and captured his lips with yours. Smiling you pull away slightly.

“It was cute seeing you with those kids though.” Seth chuckled and pulled you in for another kiss.

“Hey! No! Thats my cuddle buddy. Get your damn hands off!” You and Seth broke apart in hysterics at Cesaro’s comment.

“Guess you’re the one who’s been replaced now.” You heard someone mutter to Cesaro.

Prompt from this list.


Hyped Love - Chapter 1

I swear Ill stop uploading stories after this one.. For a few hours :).

Anyways here is my newest fic for Seth Rollins/Mojo Rawley! I hope you guys like it. 

Synopsis: Y/N is in a very stale relationship with Seth. Her brother Roman and best friend Mojo try to tell her he is a lost cause and will hurt her. But she is determined to try and change him and love him best she can. What happens when she gets the rude awakening that Ro and Mojo tried to prevent?

A/N: Please let me know what you guys think! Also fee free to point out any spelling and punctuation errors :)

Warnings: Seth getting dragged and his penis being called small in a hilarious and malicious way LOL (Keep in mind this story is fiction and I am not calling his penis small. I personally wouldn’t know… Even though I saw that pic and I have a hunch its far from small ;))

Please feel free to Like, Share and Reblog with your friends and followers! Thank you guys so much for reading my stories and supporting me! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! <3

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You had never felt so much pain before.

Tonight was supposed to be a night of fun and love.

But instead you got pain.

It sucked but you knew that this happened for a reason. It happened because you were too stupid to listen to reason. It happened because you hadn’t listened Roman. Or your best friend.

They had both told you time and time again that Seth was no good but you refused to listen. You thought that you could help change not only his image but his ways.

You wanted him to honestly try to care about you and maybe even come to love you as you had him in the short amount of time you who had been together.

7 months of your life was spent on a man who really didn’t even want you. He just wanted your body. He never cared about your happiness or well being. He only cared about himself. But you had been in denial. You wanted to believe that Seth had wanted more. That he had wanted love.

But this had pushed the envelope for you. This made you realize that your brother and best friend were right. Seth didn’t give a flying fuck about you.

And you knew it now.

How could he do this? You had told him after the show that you had planned something special for him. It was a dinner to celebrate him being announced as a participant in the fatal 5 way match to become number one contender for the WWE Universal Championship at Extreme Rules.

Of course your brother had been named a participant as well. But he had his wife Galina and their children to congratulate and support him. You wanted to celebrate with him but he told you he knew were proud of him. So you made plans to celebrate with Seth.

Here you were standing in your strapless red dress. With a slit on the left side that reached up mid thigh you looked ravishing. Your hair was pinned and styled into a sexy up-do with tendrils of curls falling out at certain places making it look a bit messy. You had dark eye shadow on along with a smoldering ruby red lipstick. On your feet were brand new black strapped Louboutins. You had black diamond studs strung in your ears and a black diamond choker on as well.

You had went all out for tonight. You wanted him to see you and be speechless. Too bad you didn’t realize by the end of the night you would be the one left speechless.

You had made plans to meet in the lobby of the hotel so that you could ride together in a town car to the restaurant you had booked for the evening.

But Seth had decided to eat early. And eat early he did … another woman.

You were walking towards the elevators on your floor headed to the lobby when you heard banging noises coming from the end of the hall. It seemed to be coming from the stairwell. You would have ignored it but when you heard a moan you couldn’t.

You thought maybe someone had fallen down the steps and hurt themselves. You decided to go and check it out quickly before heading to meet Seth.

Walking towards the end of the hall you looked through the glass plane of the door and paused. Well at least no one had fell down the steps but if she kept leaning over the railing like that she would.

You seen a woman pushed against the rail with her skirt hiked around her waist. Her long tan legs were perched on a man’s shoulders and he was devouring her. Well you guessed anyway since his head was moving with each movement he made with his tongue.

Loud moans fell from her lips and she had a hand curled into his hair. Tugging at his low ponytail.

The man even though you couldn’t see his face was somewhat huge. His braid back and shoulders moved to make her legs go higher as he moved to lick deeper.

You decided to turn and leave demeaning the discovery as unusual and plain gross. Nasty ass motherfuckers.

As you turned you heard the man speak and froze.

“Damn baby. You taste so sweet. My beard is dripping with your juices.”

You knew that voice anywhere.


Your heart stopped then dropped. You knew there was no mistaking it. He had been cheating on you. With some random girl in the fucking stairwell.

As you stood there you felt so stupid. You felt so stupid for believing he’d change. You had caught him flirting with numerous women in the last 7 months you’d been together but you didn’t leave. You stayed hoping that if you talked to him and let him know that it bothered you he’d stop. He had stopped but only when you were around.

Your brother had told you that while they were on the road and you home he’d caught Seth with girls at bars. And each time Seth has said they were “friends”. But Roman knew better. He wanted to you break it off before you got hurt but you were too pigheaded to do so. Guess now you knew why it should’ve been done months ago.

At that last thought you became angry. Livid even. Because you were mad at yourself for being so blind! How could you put yourself through this?! You deserved better but you settled for less. You knew Roman would never try to hurt you in any way. He was your brother. He never let his personal feelings influence protecting you. He didn’t want you hurt. And it wasn’t just him. Your best friend Mojo had been saying the same thing as your brother.

Mojo has been your best friend for years now. You met him when Roman invited to to a live event in your hometown. Backstage, you had been walking around and reconnecting with some of the talent and met Mo. He had been so animated and lively you had laughed at it. Not in a bad way of course. But a good way. You found his attitude and energy infectious. You ended up sitting down next to him and watching matches backstage. You guys talked music, food and gym routines. He even had put in an order with seamstress to make you some matching zebra print pants since you had complimented his.

Eventually you became almost inseparable when together. You weren’t a wrestler. You were a production assistant in NXT. You loved working with the fresh and upcoming talent. You also loved working alongside Triple H. He had become a father figure to you and you loved talking to him about the business. He had been asking you to go up to Raw for years but you didn’t. Not until you started seeing Seth. But now you realized not only had you moved too fast with that decision. You had made a career altering decision based on a sorry ass man.

You also realized that he wasn’t what you thought he was. And it didn’t bother you in the slightest. I guess you had finally felt free. You realized the relationship was not moving and it was stale. Hell if you wanted to be honest the relationship was basically nonexistent.

You turned once more and matched towards the door. You pushed it open and Seth broke away from the female.

He turned while his eyes were on the female and spoke. “Hey we’re sorry we didn’t realize that-” he was cut off by you slapping the shit outta him.

“You’re a pathetic little man you know that Rollins? I wasted 7 months of my life on you. And for what? A man that can’t keep his somewhat below average dick in his pants!” You walked into his personal space and stood nose to nose with him. This was only possible by your 5 inch heels. When you spoke your voice was as cold as steel and as sharp as a razor. “I’m glad I finally see you for who you are. A nobody. And i’m glad that I don’t have to give a fuck about you anymore. I hope your happy Rollins. You just lost me.” With that last tidbit you turned and walked away. But before crossing the threshold you turned once again.

“Oh and one last thing, Seth, just imagine what Roman is going to do to you when he finds out.”

With that you turned on your heel and walked out the stairwell. You walked back to your room and locked the door. You dug out your MacBook and went to Skype. While you waited for the application to load you took off first your shoes then jewelry. Taking off your dress next you hug it back on the hanger and put it back in the dress bag. Then you walked to the bathroom and scrubbed the makeup off of your face and removed your fake lashes and tossed them in the trash. You made a mental note to call the rental company about the car and pay it in full for missing the ride. You had a friend who worked at the restaurant so you would call her in the morning and explain. You were sure she would understand the situation.

After putting on a Seahawks t-shirt and some black basketball shorts you walked back to where your laptop was perched on your bed.

You saw the application was loaded, so you logged in and clicked Mojo’s contact. The call began to ring and two rings it connected.

Mojo’s face was covered by a thick white blanket and his head was on a pillow. He must be in his hotel room. He didn’t look like he had been asleep very long. 

“Hey babygirl. Is everything okay? You usually don’t call me this late.”

You smiled and looked down. You knew he and your brother had been right about Seth but admitting that outloud was hard. Your pride was one of your biggest downfalls.

Looking up you saw the face of man who truly cared about you. Granted it was on a screen but it still made you feel somewhat better. Mojo never made you feel unwanted. He always made time for you. And was always there. This proved to you that Mojo was the type of man you wanted and deserved. Someone who treated you like a queen and made you feel like a goddess.

“I’m sorry to call so late Mo but I needed to hear my best friend’s voice.” You looked down and spoke while fiddling your thumbs.

“I caught Seth with a girl in the stairwell of our hotel. He was cheating on me. I broke up with him.”

Mojo looked at you for a solid minute before shooting upright in bed. He turned on the light next to him and bright the camera closer to his face.

“What did you say? That fucker really did that to you?” Jo had never looked so scary. His eyes were filled with anger. He had his lip between his teeth biting it and you could see the veins in his strong neck poking out.

You shook your head ‘yes’ then smiled. “It’s okay. I’m not sad about it. I’m mad yes but at myself. I should’ve listened to you and Ro. You two were only trying to help and protect me. I just thought I knew what I was getting into. I thought he need saving. But it was me who needed saving after all.”

Mojo’s eyes easily lost their edge. He looked at you then smiled. “Babygirl you know I’d never want to hurt you or see anyone else do so. You mean too much to me. I know it sucks but this will hopefully show you that you can’t always save someone.”

I laughed. “Yeah i’ll try to keep my captain Save - A - Hoe tendencies down to a minimum.”

Mojo laughed then sobered. “Was he sharing a room with you?” At this question I shook my head no. “Nope. He had roomed with Cesaro. Saying that he needed some space. We had been sharing a room for the past 3 weeks. I agreed because I wanted to sleep through the night without his waking me up for sex. Not that it was any good.”

Mojo busted out laughing. “Babygirl I love you so much. So what are you going to do about work? I know you. You’re not going to want to be around him if you don’t have to. And because of that murderous temper of yours you’ll end up putting hands on him.”

“Well I already did. Granted it was just a slap but still. I should have whooped his sorry ass.”

“Well babygirl leave that to me and Roman.”

I didn’t even have time to reply because someone knocked on my hotel room door.

“Y/N open the door please. We need to talk.”

What the fuck was he doing here?

Mojo starts to speak. “Y/N you better not answer that door. Fuck that dude.”

Seth Rollins - I Love You But Stop.

Seth Rollins - Prompt #8: “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.”

Warnings - Swearing, slightly implied smut.

Word Count - 1,070 words.

Requested by - @m-a-t-91  

Side Note - How cute it this dork ^


“I fucking hate that bitch.” Anger seethed through you as you slammed through your boyfriend of 1 year’s dressing room door.

“Woah, woah slow down there Y/N, what’d I do this time!?” Seth exclaimed as a concerned look washed over his previously joyful face.

“No! Not you this time. That fucking bitch Dana Brooke.” Tearing off the black tape fastened around your hands, your voice rose, almost silencing the muffled voices from outside the dressing room. Slumping down onto the bench in the centre of the room, your head soon reached your hands; not in being upset, just through being in complete resentment. You had to maintain your ever-growing fury in one way or another, Seth seemed to be your only option - well it’s rocket science to realise he doesn’t catch on that quick.

He was quick to sit beside you, one of his hands sat with a firm grip upon the top of your thigh. “Wait, what happened?” He questioned, softly tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“Seth, are you kidding me? Did you not watch your own girlfriends match!?” Your volume grew even louder, not being able to understand why your own boyfriend didn’t have a damn clue what you were on about. “How do you not know what I’m talking about?”

“I did watch your match Y/N… I also had to get changed as well, considering my match was right before yours. Don’t go and get stressy at me and just tell me what’s up.” Seth now became more like yours, speaking in more of a raspy tone whilst he gradually lifted his hand away from your thigh, intertwining his fingers with yours.

“I’m not even over exaggerating here Seth, she literally almost dropped me directly on my head during our match and then once we get backstage, she had the nerve to come up to me, telling me that I almost put her life in danger and was my fault.” You yelled, your tenseness becoming more and more evident as you strangled Seth’s hand. “Not gonna lie, I was so tempted to just punch her flat in the face right there and then but I’m not that low of a person.”

The tension was almost too much at this point to contain. Nobody had ever made you feel this way before; not even Seth and god he had pissed you off before. At this point in time, Seth wasn’t doing much help either, maybe you had to take matters into your own hands.  It was almost as if a sudden urge rushed over you, the urge to just slap that bitch right across her jaw. You body somewhat automatically seemed to snap into a standing position, edging towards the door before a stiff grip forced you to stop. “Seth, let me go.”

“You need to calm down.” Seth comforted, stroking the back of your head whilst positioned tightly in a hug against your dainty frame. 

“She almost ruined my career Seth, and then why is it my fault? She’s delirious.” This on-going build up of rage you tried to compress was growing even more difficult to bear. Your instant reaction; pick up the nearest object and lob it across the room- and so you did. The obnoxiously loud crash of the water bottle hitting one of the lockers, evidently made you flinch.

“I needed that.” Seth began to chuckle, stepping towards you after your short outburst.

“Why are you laughing?” You scoffed, watching as he yet continued to laugh to himself.

Instantaneously you were dragged into a strong embrace, Seth’s thumbs rubbing against the apples of your cheeks. “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.” That one sentence was enough to drive any girl mad; you weren’t any exception. Him just standing there drove you mad, a rollercoaster of emotions would all surge through your body at once every time he talked, every time he touched you, every time that famous smirk would etch on his face.

When Seth got ‘turned on’ he would go full force. That’s why it came to no surprise that before you knew it, you were firmly pressed against the wall, shielded by his hunky build. A constant flurry of kisses were placed upon your lips, carrying down to your neck.

“Seth, not here.” You breathed in between kisses. “We’re at work.”

“And… does that matter.” He growled against your neck, pressing his body closer into yours. 

“Yes, it does Seth…” You continued, pressing his chest away with your palm, biting your lip at the same time. “I have to go and meet the other girls.”

“You always meet them… c’mon babe.” He consistently pestered, the aim to guilt trip you into doing as he said. You couldn’t though.

“Baby… I’d love to stay but I have to film a scene for Total Divas in like 5.”

“Great so we have 5 minutes?” Seth perked up, longing on the thought of you having 5 minutes to yourself for once in your overly hectic schedule. You could see instantly Seth’s facial expression deteriorate into disappointment and you slowly shook your head, beginning to walk towards the door. 

“Don’t go baby, please.” His poor attempt of expressing “puppy dog” eyes didn’t help him out much, just left you giggling lightly to yourself.

“Sethy, I have 5 hours later once I’m done, okay?” You negotiated with him, leaving him stood still, eyebrows furrowed together, deep in thought.

“Yeah but… I don’t think you can go looking like that Y/N…” He voice rose, your body left with ultimately a sense of concern.

“I swear to god if you’ve ruined my makeu-” Your words came to a halt whilst you watched your boyfriend motion his hand towards his neck, clearly pointing out a certain mark he embedded on your skin. “You seriously gave me a hickey? The makeup team are going to kill me!” You couldn’t contain your laughter at this point, however, you had to maintain your cool. Seth certainly wasn’t going to get his way; like always.

“Well looks as though you’ll have to stay here.” His eyes gleamed hope, only wanting for you to give into his ways of words.

“Good try Rollins. See you tonight baby.” You grinned from ear to ear, winking in his direction, finally walking out to get yourself sorted - well that was all thanks to your extremely dominant and immensely attractive boyfriend Seth Rollins.

A/N - Woo! It’s done! I really enjoyed writing this one so hopefully you enjoy reading it! It was a great request to fulfill xo ~ Nikkii

A Beauty, a Beast, and a Champ

Braun Strowman/OC: A continuation of A Beast at Christmas. The roster reacts to your newfound relationship and Braun gives you the perfect gift. Smut. But a really short bit of smut lmao idk. Mostly fluff and feels.

I was gonna write a second part to this anyway bc so many of you wanted to see how the Beast and his Beauty would be taken by the roster but then @dolph-wwe made a lovely post that really got the ball rolling for this so shoutout to them. Anyways, I know I haven’t written anything but Braun fics for a while but honestly it’s been v good for me and I needed to do this. Maybe once I finish all my Braun ideas I can get back into request mode. Thanks for being so patient with me.

As always, tagging the Braun Babes @lavitabella87 @omgmissmillie @everybodyfinnfreeze @shadow-of-wonder @screamersdontdance

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Always on My Mind~Seth Rollins  Imagine

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“ Get you’re ass out already Charlotte! I need to change!” She has been in the bathroom for so long. It was almost time for you to shoot a promo. You were back. 

“ Relax, jeez women. The queen has to look good” Rolling your eyes at her. She always did this sort of thing. Always took her time in the bathroom getting pretty. Charlotte was a friend of yours but when she took her time in the bathroom taking forever. It annoyed you and she knew it. 

“ You must understand us women need to look good out there” 

Closing the bathroom door, you faced the mirror. It was good to be back to wrestling, to the ring, to your friends. To your home. Wrestling was your home. There was nothing in the world better than wrestling. 

Slipping into your ring gear, applying light make up as you headed out taking much less than Charlotte did. “ Shut up” she muttered seeing you were going to tell her it took you less than 20 mins to get ready. 

Giggling, you playfully shoved her to the side with your hip as you head out the door. 

Finding the other girls sitting at catering. 

“ What are we talking about?” you glanced between Foxy, Nia, Dana, Bayley and Sasha as they were chatting. 

“ I was just telling about my trip with Charlotte. She’s so funny. That girl loves to sing her lungs out” Nia said, chuckling shaking her head. 

“ You got to love Charlotte” 

“ So, are you happy you’re back? “ 

“ Of course, wrestling is my home” you smiled looking around before looking at Bayley who was smirking.

“ Someone else wants to be your home, I heard” Raising your eyebrow at her. Who could she be talking about? Was it Seth? The two of you have been getting closer. 

“ I wonder who could it be…” Sasha made a “hmm” sound, a smile on her face. You were getting butterflies in your stomach just thinking about him. He was somewhere around these halls. 

“ Don’t deny that you don’t think he’s cute” Dana nudged you, wiggling her eyebrows. A giggle escaping her lips. 

“ Mhmm” you felt your face starting to get warm just the thought of him. 

“ Awe! She’s blushing. She totally digs him” Foxy squealed putting her hands over her mouth. She told you that you and Seth would look so cute together and have cute babies. The girls awed seeing you acting all shy because of Seth. Well the mention of him.

“ Is he a nice guy like everyone says he is?” you nodded. “ Yeah, he’s fun to be around. He’s funny, even his cackle gets me laughing. He’s an amazing man”

The subject soon changed as Raw was getting closer to starting. You were glad the attention was off of you and talking about Seth. You did like him, he was cute and handsome. But you were just you. There was nothing special about you or anything that brought out that would catch his attention. 

“ It’s almost time” Bayley reached over squeezing your wrist gently, she was so happy that you were back. When she came onto the roster, you beamed seeing her running down the halls giving hugs to people. But the first hug she gave was to you. The friendship between the two of you was very close, she was more of like a sister to you. 

“ I am so excited and nervous” 

“ Awe, you’ll be fine” 

“ How about a group hug for Y/N?”  you chuckled getting up with the girls as they surrounded you hugging you. They were great friends but you couldn’t wait to see Seth. 

It was time. Starting of Raw and you were first to go out to your music. A mic was given to you, you gripped it taking a deep breath. Glancing down seeing the grip on the mic tightened. Picking your head up, you heard the start of your music. The crowd hearing your music, were cheering and screaming. 

Bouncing on your feet, you walked from behind the curtain. Giving a little skip going to one side blowing a kiss to the crowd before going to the other side pointing to them, nodding your head. Glancing around, the fans were cheering for you and singing to your theme song. It brought a smile to your face knowing how much people loved you. 

But you were out here for your return and you knew before even speaking, Seth would come out. You could not wait to see him. Side ways skipping down the ring then turning around doing the same on the other side before slipping into the ring.  Throwing your hands up in the air, the crowd cheered. 

When your music was down, you rose the mic to your lips starting to say something when you were cut off with Seth’s music. Of course, he walked from behind the curtain out to the ring with a mic in his, smirk on his face opening his arms.

“ Will you look at that, the princess that brings hell is back!” he laughed slipping into the ring facing you. His brown eyes taking what you were wearing, he walks around you. 

“ I’m ready to bring hell” 

“ You’re all talk the talk Y/N. I see nothing special about you. I bet people here paid admission just to see your face” 

“ My face is beautiful I know. You dream of it every night” you chuckled. 

“ I wouldn’t dream of you if you were the last person on earth Y/N. When I first met you, I found you attractive but then you opened your mouth. Let’s talk about your music Y/N, If I had to guess what Chewbacca having it with a dinosaur sounded like, your music would be pretty close” he cackled, the gap in his teeth showing. 

You shook your head, gripping the mic in your hand before raising it to your lips.

“ I’m not offended by what you say. I’m just glad that you’re stringing words into sentences now” the crowd cheered hearing you, Seth closed his eyes pursing his lips before you continued, “  Awe you didn’t like that? Well don’t let your mind wander…it’s far too small to wander on its own.”

“ Shut up! You’re nothing but a loud mouth. These people here are a bunch of idiots to even think of as someone to look up to. All I see is a big mouth and a tiny head” 

“ You want to talk about these people? Well these people are people that let us live our dreams day in and day out” 

“ They are pathetic as you are” boos were heard around the arena. He was so close to you breathing down your cheek. Turning your head a bit, looking him in his brown eyes that held something you never see there. Regret. 

“ Let me ask you something Seth, every day before my injury. You come out to the ring to pester me. To make my blood boil. Sometimes I want to rip your head off your shoulders. But sometimes, I am confused on why you do this to me? Why me? Why me out of every women back in the locker room? I thought I was a pathetic nobody” 

He ran a hand down his face, pacing the ring looking out the WWE Universe before facing you. It was now or never. 

“ I know, I’m a jerk to come out here and insult you the way I do. I can’t help it. Every time I open my mouth, I just want to be around you. But when I did, it slipped before I got a chance to fix it” 

“ What are you talking about Seth?” 

“ I don’t need anyone or the title to make me happy. The only person I need is… you.. I like you Y/N..” 

You’re jaws dropped at what you just heard. All through the years, he came out to insult you. It was part of the script but sometimes it hurts, he knew it. Outside the ring, you two were close but he never got to the part to talk to you about his feelings or have a heart to heart conversation with you. 

This was new to you. To him too. He looked to see the shocked look on your face,nodding his head. He was hiding the hurt in his eyes. 

“ I..I..-” he just dropped the mic exiting the ring. Did that just happen? 

Running around backstage trying to find Seth. Where did he go? You ran right after him after what he told you. Looking around for him backstage until you saw the back of his shirt, that hair was of his. 

“ Seth!” you called out to him. He continued to walk pretending not to hear you. You caught up to him catching him by his arm, stopping him in his tracks. 

“ What was that out there? I know we throw insults at each other but what was even that all about…” 

He turned his head, his brown eyes staring into your own. The way he was looking at you send shivers down your spine. 

“ I like you Y/N. A lot. I can’t help it” He looked down at the ground continuing, “  You’re so perfect in my eyes. The way it came out wasn’t the way I was planning on telling you. But it did” He looked so heart broken. It made your heart sink into your stomach. 

“ You’re a great wrestler but your also a great person and I felt so attracted to you. Not because of your looks, yeah you’re gorgeous but the way you care about others. The way you are around people, you make them happy. You make sure a smile never leaves a person’s face. You’re special in my eyes and you found a home in my heart. I know wrestling is your home but I want to be a part of your own home. I want you to be my home, my heart and my everything” 

Picking up his face with your fingers searching through his eyes to see if he was just playing around. He wasn’t. He was telling the truth.

“ You mean that?” He nodded, a smile itching on the side of his lips. 

“ Good” 

Hooking your arms around his neck bringing him down as you placed your lips on his kissing him. As you were kissing him, you heard squeals from behind you. Pulling away from Seth, turning your head there stood Foxy with her hand over her mouth squealing. Charlotte with a smirk on her face and hands on her hips. Bayley clapping her hands. Sasha with her arms across her chest smirking and Nai yelling yes girl over and over. From behind her stood Roman who was chuckling at the girls. 

“ Why are you looking at us? Smooch him again Y/N!” Roman shouted. You chuckled turning your head seeing Seth looking down at you leaning down as he kissed you making the girls squeal once more. 

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Seth Rollins number 13 - I lost our baby

A/N: (Y/S/N) = Your sons name.

It had been 6 months since you’d had your baby. He was a happy cheeky boy who looked just like his dad. The father in question was currently running around like a mad man doing his best to avoid you and a find your now missing son.

You were backstage at Raw and all the girls wanted to catch up so Seth insisted that he take your son and look after him while you had some girl time. However Seth had got called to do a last minute promo so had quickly thrust your son into the arms of Cesaro who had been told by Seth to say there and not to move.

Seth had just finshed his promo, taking half an hour to film because of technical issues. When he got back to the spot where he left Cesaro and your son they were nowhere to be seen.

“Damn it Ceasro! I told you stay put.” he muttered to himself as he called Cesaro for probably the 10th time in 1 minute. Getting no answer from Cesaro’s phone Seth started to get frantic, he was running down corridors and asking people if they’d seen him. Everyone he spoke to said they hadn’t seen him, okay his heart was definatly on its way up his throat. As Seth was on his way to back to see you it was like he had an epiphany, Cesaro had probably thought he was taking to long so taken your son back to you! Seth sprinnted faster down those corridors that he had ever ran before to get to you and the girls, only to find you with no baby and no sign of Cesaro.

“Hey babe……. where’s (Y/S/N)?” You cocked your head slightly to the side.


“Seth Rollins you tell me where he is right now or I swear to God I will divorce you!” You voice started to raise as the panic set in. Seth was a good father but boy could he be ditzy sometimes.

“I….ummm….. I lost our baby.” He looked down and you could see the tears in his eyes as he started to fiddle with his hands. “I had to do a last minute promo so I asked Cesaro to look after (Y/S/N)….and…..and the camera kept fucking up so it took longer than I expected and when I came back they were gone. I swear to God I looked everywhere love and I….just…I just can’t find them. I’m the worst parent ever.” By now the tears had started to fall and you coud see how dissapointed with himself for letting this happen. You closed the gap between the two of you and pulled him in for a hug, as soon as his head made contact with your shoulders his body started to shake with sobs.

“Hey you’re not a bad parent. You asked Cesaro to look after him and I’m sure he’s fine. Cesaro’s probably just taken him to the bathroom or something.” As if on que the swissman came round the corner holding your son and a bag from the merch shop. When he saw the scene in front of him he came running over, dropping the bag by you and placing a comforting hand on Seth’s back.

“Hey what’s going on?” Seths head shot up and instantly grabbed your son from him.

“Where the hell have you been? Why didin’t stay and wait for me to finish the promo?!” Seth’s harsh tone made Cesaro take a step back.

“You were taking longer that usual and (Y/S/N) started to get restless so I thought we’d pop down to the shop and get him some shirts, when I got back to where the promo was you had gone. People said they’d seen you head this way so here were are.” You could see the guilt wash over Cesaros face as he was piecing it all together. “I didn’t mean for you to worry…”

“Yeah well it’s to late for that. I was running round this place like a lunatic worried sick at what could have happened!” Seth’s raised voice made your son cry so you grabbed him and started to shush him. Once your sons cries finally started die down you spoke.

“Seth calm down. He’s safe and fine. You and I both know Cesaro meant well and we both trust him to look after (Y/S/N). Dont be mad at him, he was only doing something nice.” Seth took a deep breath looking at Cesaro’s sheepish face.

“I’m sorry man. It just freaked me out you know? Next time text me.” Seth joked and pulled Cesaro into a hug.

“OMG this is so cute!” They were interupted by you pulling a baby Kingslayer shirt out of the bag.

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Just The Two Of Us (Part 2)

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(Part 1)

Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warnings: Fluff, smut, and swears

Rating: Explicit

A/N: I really loved this request! “i was wondering if you could do a seth rollins imagine where you were a wwe diva and debuted during the time the shield debuted we were both really close with one another and sometimes flirted but nothing came out of it cause he was with leigha and i had a bf i then went on to leave the company a few years due to the divas not getting a push and we still kept in touch i went on to be in the ufc and then broke up with my bf at the same time he broke up with zarahra we ended up talking again were he invites me to a ppv and we talk and rumors start buzzing and fans see us together  then he asks me out  and he goes support me in a big fight idk can you make it a lil fluf and a lil smut lol sorry for making it long thanks lol” This request has been really fun because I had an excuse to watch some UFC which was pretty great. This imagine totally got away from me. Like it’s seven pages long, so I’m breaking it up into parts!

Your whole body was so sore you couldn’t move. You were laying on your back with Seth’s leg and arm thrown over your torso. You let out a low groan and Seth rustled, snuggling his nose into your neck more. As you tried to move your leg, Seth moaned and kissed your neck lazily. “Are you okay baby?” he muttered. His morning voice is so beautiful.

“I’m sore, and it’s all because of you.” His lips curled against your neck.

“I love the idea of doing that to you. Please let me do it more.” You laughed and he raised his head up, putting the heel of his hand on his temple. His hair tumbled around his shoulders and the light filtering through the window behind him made a little halo out of his baby hairs. He leaned down and kissed your bare sternum. There were at least ten hickies on your chest and you didn’t even want to know what your neck looked like. Seth’s entire chest was covered in scratches and love bites. “Where are you sore?”

“My legs and back.” He kissed your cheek lightly and sits up. You catch a glance of his back, “Jesus Seth.” He turns around and looks down at you confused. “I totally ripped your back up, I’m so sorry baby.” You try to sit up but yelped as pain shot up your back and laid back down. He walked into the bathroom and looked at his back. Walking back out, he shrugs.

“I don’t care, makes me love you even more.”

“I guess I didn’t ask, how long?” He sits down by your legs and pulls them into his lap, slowly rubbing out the knots in your calves, making you wince.

“Since me and Leigha broke up. I was only with Zarahra because I felt like I need to be.” He switched legs. “How long have you known?”

“Since I yelled at you about that whole situation. When you stopped talking to me it felt like all the life and happiness had been sucked out of me.” His hands moved up your legs to your left thigh. You groaned and tried to pull away your legs away from him.

“Stop it, I know it hurts but believe me it helps.” You pouted up at him, “don’t do that. I will suck that bottom lip until you can’t feel it anymore.” Your lips quirked up in a smile as you playfully punched his arm.

“That’s a tempting offer Sethie Poo, but I need to eat before we do anything.” Seth smiled and started rubbing your other thigh. Moaning in contentment you closed your eyes and absentmindedly started playing with the pillow case.

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Roman, pls come assist your children. 

SERIOUSLY. Seriously. You know what, fuck you for being able to pull off a suit and still look like a grungy, hot mess of a man, YOU CAN’T HAVE BOTH AT THE SAME TIME DEANFORD. 

… Okay so I have a little bit of a thing for bloody Dean, sue me. He seems content, therefore I am as well.

Look at this little cutie golfing, aw. I cannot honestly imagine this dork golfing, but instead driving the golf carts into random places. 

So soft, so cute, so yes.

*pew pew* 


Okay, but if this isn’t the cutest picture you have ever seen, then really, what is? Becuase okay, let’s just start with how sweet and pure and FUCKING BLUE HIS EYES ARE BECAUSE WOW OKAY, WHY DON’T WE JUST INSTALL LASERS IN THEM SO YOU CAN FINISH KILLING ME WITH THEM???? And okay, the little tongue sticking out? Wow, 12/10, please. AND HIS LITTLE THUMBS UP? WOW. And it’s raining, like imagine this giant dork in the rain??? HIS HAIR IS ALL WET AND LIKE KINDA CURLY AND HE’S GOT THE SCRUFFY AND I’M SORRY I’LL STOP NOW, I AM SORRY I AM, not really lmao.

…. Those black shorts are gonna kill me, wtf.


*me all the time, 24/7, about everything* 


Blurry but still WOW?????? 

Okay, I love wrapping hands and wrists, it’s so sexy??? 


>.> I mean, or I can just keep you? No? Okay. 



Back again with the black shorts

This just reminds me of Bugs Bunny saying “Put ‘em up, put ‘em up.” 

Renee took this photo, and I honestly LOVE THEM TOGETHER SO MUCH, WOW THEY ARE SO CUTE???? I know they aren’t together in the picture BUT WOW I SHIP THEM THEY ARE ADORABLE AND I HOPE THEY NEVER CHANGE. 

… Sweaty, shirtless Dean. Mama likely. 

Fluffy Dean

“Hey Shannon, why do you have so many pictures of Dean working out?” “I mean, I-” *FUCKING RUNS AWAY* 

I am trying to lip read here, and all I see is ‘What the table?’ 


This is like one of the Office moments.

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NOW SISSY THAT WALK. I’m sorry I have no control, I’ll make a real comment, hot dang like a summer choir, walk a little slower why don’t ya Deano? 

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I know I shouldn’t be attracted to him smoking, I’M SORRY MOM, I KNOW I’M A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT BUT THIS IS SO ATTRACTIVE TO ME, I DON’T????

Originally posted by deanambroseismines

Okay wow, this wins. This wins everything. My heart. My life. Everything, I literally am speechless, I CANNOT THINK OF A PROPER SECNTENCE THIS IS TAKING SO MUCH CONCENTRATION BECAUSE HE IS ASO BEAUTFIUL???? 

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Look at these happy little goobers, I love them so much. Are they giggling over going over a speed bump? They’re literally the ccutest and will be the death of me

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More evidence that this is a huge dork, I REPEAT DEAN AMBROSE IS A HUGE DORK WHO DESERVES ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD (and the WWE World Championship, amiright) 

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Listen, this is me about 98% of the time. Sometimes, they’re not drunken. 

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Any questions? No?? This post is made possible by the floofy Dean Ambrose fic my fav wrote @hardcorewwetrash (I suggest you all follow her 5ever, because everything she writes is the ALSO IT’S THIRST PARTY SATURDAY AND GUESS WHO I’M THIRSTY FOR, HAHAHAHAHA, everyone, the answer is everyone. 

The Radio

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Ask: Hi there can you please do me a Oneshoe where. You are doing a radio interview with Seth and You are talking about his work in the ring and later he complements and flirts with you in a cute, fluffy way :) thank you and l love your blog btw :)

“And with us now, Seth Rollins! The WWE world heavyweight champion!” You said, into the mic.

“How are you?” You asked, smiling at Seth.

“I’m doing good. You?” Seth asked, smiling back.

“I’m good, thanks!” You said. “So RAW is here tonight! Do you have any plans on getting your title back tonight?” You asked.

“Oh yes I do, I have plans on taking my title back and bashing it in Dean Ambrose’s face in front of everyone!” Seth said.

You laughed a little “Well I wouldn’t think anything else with your in ring ability!” You said. “You know how to work the ropes, and the way you fly from the top turnbuckle! And your curbstomp, as well as the pedigree!” You exclaimed 

Seth laughed “Thank you!” You and Seth continued to talk about him in the ring, from the days in The Shield, to him now in The Authority.

“You have the most prettiest eyes, Y/N. Has anyone ever told you that?” Seth asked, locking eyes with you.

You blushed and stuttered “Well- uh….I- um, thank you, and- uh no. No one has ever told me that” You said, looking away from him and down at your paper.

You tried to steer the conversion back to his in ring ability, but Seth just kept complementing and flirting with you.

“That color looks really nice on you, by the way” Seth said, as you were asking him something about his ring gear.

You looked back down at your paper, smiling and blushed a deeper shade of red, thanking the high heavens that you were on the radio and no one could see how hard you were blushing.

“Oh- uh, well thank you, you look nice in that color too….” You said, suddenly realizing how stupid it sounded.

Seth chuckled “Thank you, Y/N”  

You began to ask another question, when Seth reached across the table and took the papers, saying. “Ok, that’s enough questions for me. I’m now gonna ask you some that are on this here paper”

“Question one. Are you single?” Seth asked, fixing his cute glasses. (Come one! We all know that he is freaking adorable with them on!)

You looked up at him in shock, but answered the question. “Yes I am” 

“Question two. Do you find me, Seth Rollins, sexy?” Seth said, looking at you with a smirk.

You felt your neck and face go hot. “That’s not on there! And either was the last question!” You said, trying to get the papers from him. 

“So what if it’s not! Just answer the question and you can have these back” Seth said, holding the papers out and away from you.

“And you better answer in truthfully!” Seth warned.

“And if I don’t?” You channeled.

Seth set a glare on you, saying in a low warning tone “You don’t want to know what I’d do”

You looked at him as he gave he a evil smirk. You sighed as you answered. “Yes” You mumbled.

“What? I didn’t get that” Seth said, smiling and holding a hand to his ear.

“Yes! There are you happy!” You said, throwing you hands up in the air.

“Yes, yes I am” Seth said, handing you back the papers. 

You looked over at the clock and seen that time for a break in the interview. “Ok we’ll be right back with Seth Rollins after this small break” You said, wiggling side to side in the chair.

You seen the guy in the back get you a thumbs up, letting you know that you’re off air.

Seth smiled and leaned back against the chair, just watching as you set up for the next set of question.

Seth stood and moved to leaned up against the table. You looked up at him and gave a shy smile. 

“So, I was wondering if you would be game for dinner tonight after RAW?” Seth asked, looking down at you.

“Uh- Yeah, that would be nice” You said, smiling.

Seth smiled and said. “See this is the kind of stuff you get when you answer questions truthfully”

“And if I lied?” You asked, trying hard not to smile.

Seth shrugged his shoulders. “The same. I just wanted to hear you said that you think I’m sexy” Seth said, smirking.

You went to say something when the guy came over and said the you would be on air in sixty seconds.

You fixed you headset and papers before shooting a glare at Seth. Seth just smiled fixing his headset and blew you a kiss.

“And we’re back!” You exclaimed, smiling at Seth.

Hope you like it! 


Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

Summary: Nikki Bella is eager to get reader to date Seth, but reader doesn’t want to due to Seth’s past infidelities. Lots of “dates” will ensue as Seth tries to win over reader.

A/N: Part one of a new series. Starting it off nice and easy :) 


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Can I get a seth rollins imagine where I'm a really popular diva and I'm completely against the authority but seth and I have a love-hate relationship going on that all the fans love to watch and the authority and my management always take advantage of it to get more fans on either side, and one day the authority abuses the relationship too far and I get pissed at seth because he let them do it and I storm out of the ring and he follows me and it ends happily somehow, thanks!!

“The authority doesn’t care the fans!! They never have, and they never will,” I told the WWE Universe as I stood in the middle of the ring. I was about to say more, but then a certain someone’s theme music started to play.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N,” Seth Rollins said as h made his way down the ramp and into the ring. “Don’t you know that you’re feeding these people lies?”

“Oh, am I?”

“Yes, you are. Ya see doll,” Rollins said making me glare at him, “The Authority does care about the fans. We listen to them, and then we give tm what they want.”

“You’re kidding me, right Seth? The Authority doesn’t care about the fans or you! You’re just their puppet,” I yelled in Seth’s face. Then he put his index finger to my lips.

“Y/N, shh,” he said, smirk on his face. “You know, you’re so cute when you’re angry.”

“And you’re so cute when Ambrose is kicking your ass.”

After I said that, the fans cheered and my bestfriend Dean Ambrose crawled from underneath the ring and quickly jumped on the two-toned Superstar. He kicked Seth to the floor and started to punch the hell out of him. But Seth was able to get away from Dean and, instead of fighting back, he ran away. I raised my fist in victory, and the crowd chanted my name.

After Raw went off the air, Triple H called me into his office. I walked in there and saw my manager, Triple H, Stephanie and Seth Rollins all sitting down in that one small room.

“What’s up, Trips,” I asked as I closed the door. I looked over at Seth and smiled at him. Of course, him being my real life, long time boyfriend, he smiled back.

“What did I tell you about calling me that,” Hunter asked, clearly annoyed. I jut jokingly put my hands up in defense, making Stephanie chuckle. “Steph.”

“Sorry, Trips,” she said laughing again.

Triple H groaned. “Y/N, please take a seat.”

“What do you guys want to talk about now,” I asked Hunter and my manager as I sat on Seth’s lap. That was my kind of seat.

 ”Hey, sweetie,” he said kissing my neck.

“Hey yourself. You took that beating from Ambrose nicely.”

“I always do.”

“Are you two done,” Trips asked. Seth and I just nodded our heads…but we were trying to hold back some giggles. “Good. Now, Y/N, your manager and I have been talking, and we think that we should add something else to the love/hate relationship that you and Seth have.”

“Like what," I wanted to know.

"Don’t know. We’re actually kind of thinking of something like Seth had a girlfriend while you ‘date’ Ambrose-”

“Hunter, Y/N and I are dating in real life,” Seth cut our boss off, “I thought that was easy to see.”

“Yeah, H. We don’t want to fake date people,” I added.

“Well we need to think of something to get you two more fans,” Hunter almost shouted. “Your manger thinks the ‘fake dating is a good idea.”

“That’s right, Y/N,” my manager said in that stupid, shrimpy voice of his that I hate. “We think it’s a great idea." "Well, I think it’s a stupid idea,” I retorted, standing up. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to go to the hotel so I can get some sleep.” I left the office, leaving everyone in a little shocked and went to my hotel room so I could do what I said I was going to do: sleep.

Next week on Raw, Dean Ambrose and I were in the middle of a mixed tag-team match against Satino Marrelo and Emma. Everything was going great for us too, until The Authority (but not Seth) came walking down the ramp, interrupting the match. Satino and Emma ran away like cowards while Stephanie and Triple H continued to come towards us- but just when they were in font of the ring, they stopped. Dean and I yelled at them, daring The Authority to step into the ring. Triple H looked like he was going to climb in, but he stopped and smirked for some reason.

“You know what,” Hunter started.

“What,” i growled back.

“I’m so proud of my plan B.” Right after that was said, Seth Rollins crawled from underneath the ring and started to beat on Dean Ambrose.

“Get him, Seth!! Get him,” Stephanie shouted as I tried to get Seth off of my friend. But then Alicia Fox and Eva Marie came running down the ramp and held me back.

While I was being restrained, Triple H stepped into the ring and tied Ambrose’s hands behind his back. Then Stephanie tossed a few steel chairs in there, and Seth started to beat Dean with them.

“Seth! What are you doing,” I yelled as Dean started to bleed.

The Million Dollar Princess then came into the ring and started to slap me!! I didn’t even know that any of this was going to happen! This whole thing lasted for another five minutes, and a little bit longer after the show was over.

“How ya doing, Dean,” I asked my best friend in his locker room after we took our beatings.

“Well, my arm feels like shit,” he answered, rubbing it some, “but I’ll be alright. What about you? How’s your face?”

I chuckled and pressed my bag of ice to my left cheek. “I’ll be alright.” Then I thought of something. “Hey, did you know that we were boing to be attacked?”

“Nope, but I’d like to know who’s idea it was so I can give them a piece of my mind.”

“It was Hunter and Stephanie’s idea,” Rollins said, standing in the doorway.

“Seth did you know about that ambush,” I asked, shocked.

“Yes, Y/N, I did. I’m sorry that happened babe, but-” I didn’t let Seth finish. Instead, I slapped his face harder than when Stephanie slapped mine.

“Seth, you dick,” I yelled in his face, “I can’t believe you let my best friend get beat with chairs!! And it had to be you to beat him! Worst of all, you le me, your girlfriend, get repeatedly smacked around by a bitch like Stephanie!!!!”

Seth opened his mouth, but I left Dean’s locker room before he could say anything. I ran out of the arena and stopped at my car. Leaning on the hood of it, I started to cry. Not from sadness, but from anger: I was so pissed off at Seth that I just needed to cry.

“Y/N.” I heard someone whisper behind me. “I’m really sorry, please forgive me.”

“Seth,” I replied, figuring out who my unwanted guest was.

“Y/N, wait. Just please hear me out.”

I quickly wiped my eyes and cleared my throat. “Sure, Rollins. But you got two minutes.”

Seth then stood in front of me and kissed my cheek.

“Look, I know that you’re a little upset what happened-” he started before I cut him off.

“A little,” I said, offended.

“Okay, really upset. But I definitely have a reason for the whole tin.”

“Spill it.”

“Well, you know we had to get fans more interested in our story line and try to start a battle of the fans.”

“Battle of the fans? Seth, you have got to be kidding me.”

“No, Y/N. I’m serious! It’s really what Hunter and Stephanie said.”

“But couldn’t you have told me? You know, like give me or Ambrose a heads up!?!”

Seth then sighed and ran some of his fingers through his hair. “H told me not to. If I had, then he would’ve cut my pay or worse, fired me completely.”

“Your pay and your job are more important than our relationship,” I yelled.

“Yes!! I mean no!” Seth sighed deeply. “Dammit. Y/N, what I’m trying to say is-”

“Sorry Seth, but your time is up.” I reached into my coat pocket and pulled out my car keys.

“Y/N, please just let me finish,” Seth pleaded. I stood still for a few seconds before I turned back around to my boyfriend, letting him know that I was giving him more time. “Sweetie, agreeing to do that horrible thin g that i di earned me a special bonus. A bonus that I already spent on a special someone.”

Seth, my two-toned boyfriend, then got down on one knee and pulled a small box out of his pocket. He then slowly opened the box and I saw the most beautiful diamond ring ever!!

“Y/N,” Seth started before I cut him off. (This time in a good way.)

“Yes, Seth! Yes,” I happily shouted. “I will marry you!! Oh my god!!”

Seth side the ring on my finger, stood up and kissed me passionately.

“I love you so much, Y/N,” he whispered in my ear, “and I promise that I will never let something like that happen again.”

“Good,” I replied, “cause if there’s another ambush and I don’t know about it, then I’ll let Ambrose kick your ass.”

Sweet Moments

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Ask: Hey girl I just stated reading your long seth imagines two days ago and they are sexy and real sweet I just wanted to ask if you didn’t mind please could you write an seth imagine with y/n in it so its fair for everyone when they read it and can you make like a short seth story like y/n and seth being all sweet and cute backstage and even at home and girl hope you do write this please xxxxxxx

Pairings: Seth X Reader

Warnings: —

Theme Song: I love you By Avail Lavigne

You were walking backstage with Seth, who was holding your hand. You looked up smiling and pecked his cheek. Seth smiled and pulled you tightly against him 

“God, I love you, Y/N!” Seth said, as he started to kiss you all over your face. You started to giggle and hit Seth playfully on the chest.

Seth smiled and still continued to kiss you all over your face. He gently pulled away and interlocked both of your hands with his. “I love you, Y/N. You know that, right?” Seth whispered.

“Yes, I know that. And I love you too, Seth” You whispered back, squeezing Seth’s hands.

Seth let go one of your hands and then continued to walk with you, a sweet, loving smile on his face.

You and Seth were laying on the couch, Seth had his arms locked tightly around you. Gently he began to trail kisses up your neck and down your jaw, finely turning your head and kissing you on the lips. 

You smiled into the kiss. Seth got in between your leg and began to kiss all over your face. You ran your hands through his hair lovingly, as he continued you kiss. 

‘Mmm, I love you, Seth” You whispered, as you closed your eyes.

Seth stopped kissing you and began to gently stroke your cheeks, your jaw, your eyelids. Seth kisses the top of your head, before rolling off of you and back behind you. You roll so that you face is in his chest.

“I love you too, Y/N”

Ok, this is really short! Like my god! X(