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Seth Rollins - I Love You But Stop.

Seth Rollins - Prompt #8: “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.”

Warnings - Swearing, slightly implied smut.

Word Count - 1,070 words.

Requested by - @m-a-t-91  

Side Note - How cute it this dork ^


“I fucking hate that bitch.” Anger seethed through you as you slammed through your boyfriend of 1 year’s dressing room door.

“Woah, woah slow down there Y/N, what’d I do this time!?” Seth exclaimed as a concerned look washed over his previously joyful face.

“No! Not you this time. That fucking bitch Dana Brooke.” Tearing off the black tape fastened around your hands, your voice rose, almost silencing the muffled voices from outside the dressing room. Slumping down onto the bench in the centre of the room, your head soon reached your hands; not in being upset, just through being in complete resentment. You had to maintain your ever-growing fury in one way or another, Seth seemed to be your only option - well it’s rocket science to realise he doesn’t catch on that quick.

He was quick to sit beside you, one of his hands sat with a firm grip upon the top of your thigh. “Wait, what happened?” He questioned, softly tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“Seth, are you kidding me? Did you not watch your own girlfriends match!?” Your volume grew even louder, not being able to understand why your own boyfriend didn’t have a damn clue what you were on about. “How do you not know what I’m talking about?”

“I did watch your match Y/N… I also had to get changed as well, considering my match was right before yours. Don’t go and get stressy at me and just tell me what’s up.” Seth now became more like yours, speaking in more of a raspy tone whilst he gradually lifted his hand away from your thigh, intertwining his fingers with yours.

“I’m not even over exaggerating here Seth, she literally almost dropped me directly on my head during our match and then once we get backstage, she had the nerve to come up to me, telling me that I almost put her life in danger and was my fault.” You yelled, your tenseness becoming more and more evident as you strangled Seth’s hand. “Not gonna lie, I was so tempted to just punch her flat in the face right there and then but I’m not that low of a person.”

The tension was almost too much at this point to contain. Nobody had ever made you feel this way before; not even Seth and god he had pissed you off before. At this point in time, Seth wasn’t doing much help either, maybe you had to take matters into your own hands.  It was almost as if a sudden urge rushed over you, the urge to just slap that bitch right across her jaw. You body somewhat automatically seemed to snap into a standing position, edging towards the door before a stiff grip forced you to stop. “Seth, let me go.”

“You need to calm down.” Seth comforted, stroking the back of your head whilst positioned tightly in a hug against your dainty frame. 

“She almost ruined my career Seth, and then why is it my fault? She’s delirious.” This on-going build up of rage you tried to compress was growing even more difficult to bear. Your instant reaction; pick up the nearest object and lob it across the room- and so you did. The obnoxiously loud crash of the water bottle hitting one of the lockers, evidently made you flinch.

“I needed that.” Seth began to chuckle, stepping towards you after your short outburst.

“Why are you laughing?” You scoffed, watching as he yet continued to laugh to himself.

Instantaneously you were dragged into a strong embrace, Seth’s thumbs rubbing against the apples of your cheeks. “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.” That one sentence was enough to drive any girl mad; you weren’t any exception. Him just standing there drove you mad, a rollercoaster of emotions would all surge through your body at once every time he talked, every time he touched you, every time that famous smirk would etch on his face.

When Seth got ‘turned on’ he would go full force. That’s why it came to no surprise that before you knew it, you were firmly pressed against the wall, shielded by his hunky build. A constant flurry of kisses were placed upon your lips, carrying down to your neck.

“Seth, not here.” You breathed in between kisses. “We’re at work.”

“And… does that matter.” He growled against your neck, pressing his body closer into yours. 

“Yes, it does Seth…” You continued, pressing his chest away with your palm, biting your lip at the same time. “I have to go and meet the other girls.”

“You always meet them… c’mon babe.” He consistently pestered, the aim to guilt trip you into doing as he said. You couldn’t though.

“Baby… I’d love to stay but I have to film a scene for Total Divas in like 5.”

“Great so we have 5 minutes?” Seth perked up, longing on the thought of you having 5 minutes to yourself for once in your overly hectic schedule. You could see instantly Seth’s facial expression deteriorate into disappointment and you slowly shook your head, beginning to walk towards the door. 

“Don’t go baby, please.” His poor attempt of expressing “puppy dog” eyes didn’t help him out much, just left you giggling lightly to yourself.

“Sethy, I have 5 hours later once I’m done, okay?” You negotiated with him, leaving him stood still, eyebrows furrowed together, deep in thought.

“Yeah but… I don’t think you can go looking like that Y/N…” He voice rose, your body left with ultimately a sense of concern.

“I swear to god if you’ve ruined my makeu-” Your words came to a halt whilst you watched your boyfriend motion his hand towards his neck, clearly pointing out a certain mark he embedded on your skin. “You seriously gave me a hickey? The makeup team are going to kill me!” You couldn’t contain your laughter at this point, however, you had to maintain your cool. Seth certainly wasn’t going to get his way; like always.

“Well looks as though you’ll have to stay here.” His eyes gleamed hope, only wanting for you to give into his ways of words.

“Good try Rollins. See you tonight baby.” You grinned from ear to ear, winking in his direction, finally walking out to get yourself sorted - well that was all thanks to your extremely dominant and immensely attractive boyfriend Seth Rollins.

A/N - Woo! It’s done! I really enjoyed writing this one so hopefully you enjoy reading it! It was a great request to fulfill xo ~ Nikkii

Sweet Moments

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Ask: Hey girl I just stated reading your long seth imagines two days ago and they are sexy and real sweet I just wanted to ask if you didn’t mind please could you write an seth imagine with y/n in it so its fair for everyone when they read it and can you make like a short seth story like y/n and seth being all sweet and cute backstage and even at home and girl hope you do write this please xxxxxxx

Pairings: Seth X Reader

Warnings: —

Theme Song: I love you By Avail Lavigne

You were walking backstage with Seth, who was holding your hand. You looked up smiling and pecked his cheek. Seth smiled and pulled you tightly against him 

“God, I love you, Y/N!” Seth said, as he started to kiss you all over your face. You started to giggle and hit Seth playfully on the chest.

Seth smiled and still continued to kiss you all over your face. He gently pulled away and interlocked both of your hands with his. “I love you, Y/N. You know that, right?” Seth whispered.

“Yes, I know that. And I love you too, Seth” You whispered back, squeezing Seth’s hands.

Seth let go one of your hands and then continued to walk with you, a sweet, loving smile on his face.

You and Seth were laying on the couch, Seth had his arms locked tightly around you. Gently he began to trail kisses up your neck and down your jaw, finely turning your head and kissing you on the lips. 

You smiled into the kiss. Seth got in between your leg and began to kiss all over your face. You ran your hands through his hair lovingly, as he continued you kiss. 

‘Mmm, I love you, Seth” You whispered, as you closed your eyes.

Seth stopped kissing you and began to gently stroke your cheeks, your jaw, your eyelids. Seth kisses the top of your head, before rolling off of you and back behind you. You roll so that you face is in his chest.

“I love you too, Y/N”

Ok, this is really short! Like my god! X(