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So I'm introducing my friend to wrestling and she's a fandom girl that has shipped things before in other fandoms and such so I introduced her to Seth and Dean in FCW and she fell in love with the idea of ambrollins but I want to open her eyes to ambreigns as well (since I ship both) so I'm wondering if you can recommend some matches/moments to show her to make her a lover of ambreigns


I am Ambrollins trash but my love for Ambreigns is on a complete different level. I can link you to sooo many moments from their on-screen time together as well as their RL bond and I am sure your friend won’t be able to resist the power of Ambreigns cuz they are the purest ship I have ever witnessed 😍

Now onto the moments, I made this Gif Fic consisting of my most favorite Ambreigns moments ever. Its a mega post so beware!  

The tale of the greatest love story of WWE aka AMBREIGNS

                                               SPECIAL MENTIONS

Kayfabe Moments

Post Match interview in which Dean just couldn’t keep his mouth shut and we had one of the most hilarious Ambreigns moment take place

That time when The New Day outed Ambreigns & Big E spanked Dean’s ass in the ring while Roman had to watch and his expressions were priceless. Later on Big E tweeted about how Roman wanted to be the one spanking Dean’s ass. Roman also apparently liked the tweet which showcased Roman’s expressions while his baby boy was getting his booty slapped lol. One of my all time favorite moment! Ambreigns fandom had a field day

When a ‘botch’ move was literally Dean falling into Roman’s arms. Right after the very next day of The New Day exposing Ambreigns lmao

When Roman literally carried Dean Post Match

When Roman accidentally speared Dean during a match and Dean acted like such a drama queen over it like ‘MY BEST FRIEND SPEARED ME, I THINK I BROKE MY RIB, DO I LOOK LIKE A TARGET TO YOU’ and then proceeded onto make Roman touch and check if he was actually hurt. Like Dean was such a prissy diva in Shield days lmao

In which Ambreigns had a dom/sub moment on live TV

When Dean was being a problem child on RAW and Roman was indulging him like a good supportive (boy)friend

This HILARIOUS Ambreigns moment where Roman is being his usual papa bear while Seth is showing us why he failed to conquer the Ambooty rights

Even when they are against each other, their love doesn’t crumble Part 1

Even when they are against each other, their love doesn’t crumble Part 2

Roman picking Dean up vs Dean picking Roman up. The struggle was real for poor Dean lol

Roman being Dean’s Savior

Roman taking care of Dean

Roman being defensive of Dean

Royal Rumble Progression of Ambreigns

Roman and his affection for his puppy boy

Shield Days when Dean would come up close and personal in Roman’s personal bubble while acting like a prissy diva cuz he was all up in his feels thanks to Roman’s beauty which was exhausting poor Dean

Roman having his usual ‘I don’t know why I love him, but this is my baby boy even though he’s a fucking child’ moment while Dean is being…well, Dean

When Dean won the best supporting actor for the best Bromance aka Triple ships it :P

When Dean tries to copy his Daddy but only ends up looking like an angry puppy lmao

When Brock murdered brat baby aka Dean Ambrose and Roman spent the whole RAW worrying bout Deano and checking up on him. Later on he was ambushed by Hunter on the same night to join his fallen boyfriend

Actual Best Friends 

This super adorable moment where Dean intimates Roman and show us all how he is the biggest Roman fan out there 

Wizard World Portland Q&A with Roman Reigns in which he mentioned Dean more than a guy would mention his wife. He had someone ask him if Rock was his cousin and his answer? Yes, but I like Dean better. Lol

When Roman won his title and celebrated with his family aka the Usos and his baby boy

Quotes from Dean and Roman bout each other and their friendship



Them gushing over each other


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For the Best

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The shield/OC- After talking with Bayley and riding with the boys, things start to slowly make sense.

Warning: this is a hot mess, spanking, a little daddy kink, a little bi.

(This is my first story is a super long time so y’all please let me know how you like it. Also writing this many people is a nightmare.ALSO I cant make titles for the life of me so ignore this shitty title.)

As the cool wind hit me I let out a faint sigh. A small shiver ran up my body as I rubbed my arms, trying to make the goose bumps go away. I was waiting in the garage of the arena waiting for my ride because Bayley bailed out on me again.

“I’m so sorry. Sasha just asked me to ride with her because she doesn’t want to be alone.” Bayley looked at me with a sad face but soon smirked at me, “You know the boys would probably take you and besides you guys are like best friends…even more?” Bayley nudge my arm at the last part, making me roll my eyes at her.

“Bayley I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. There is nothing going on between the Shield and me. We are just really good friends.” I looked with disbelief at Bayley as she started chuckling at my statement.

“Sure sure whatever you say, but maybe not say that to Dean.” Bayley said as she walked away towards the garage.

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This is a fanfic based off the song Helium by Sia. If you haven’t listened to it you should definitely check it out! Thanks to @monsteramongmen-tamer for giving me the idea and helping me through the writing process on this one! I’d be lost without you!

Summary: You’ve always been the strong one that put on a brave face and only let your guard down in private. Then one day you break when you see YOUR ring on someone else’s finger. Just like your own personal Superman, Roman comes in and picks you back up. Fluff.

TAGGING: @wildandfreepinkv0dka @hardcorewwetrash @imagineall-the-fandoms @alexispoo

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"And that is why we can't have nice things!" - Roman Reigns

This is a prompt drabble requested by @lizzyquard

You can find my other writings here: Masterlist

It’s your son’s 5th Birthday and you are having a big party.
You organized just about everything that a little boy wants and needs. It’s a Pirate Themed Birthday party and Ro even invited half his roster and the roster from SmackDown along with their spouses and children to the event.

AJ turned up with a big toy car as a gift. Your son was jumping for joy.

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The Switch

Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

Summary: You accidentally swapped phones with someone at a concert last night.

A/N: Now that this is done I’m going to work on some Dean things and the rest of my Seth requests soon and I also have an idea for a Finn Christmas fic, but I’ll figure that out sometime soon as well, hopefully. And then of course there’s Infidelity :) Anyway, enjoy!

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Have this piece of my Shield Boys Smut shot cause it's taking me 100 years to write [Uncomplete]:

In which Seth and Dean can finally see eye to eye in taking care of their big man, Roman. Said man’s been stressing and working way too hard as of late, and the remedy is some relaxation and letting the other boys make a few decisions for him.

Or the one where Seth and Dean both top Roman, out of love.

Tags: Smut, Ambrolleigns, Rolleigns, Ambreigns, Negotiated kinks, sensual massage, choking (whoops), breath play, sexy times all over, everyone is a switch dom/sub but this is all about Sub!Roman

They always said they were the workhorses of the division back in the Shield days— the boys also said they never had a problem with that.

It was 2016, going on 2017 and a certain member of the infamous trio had been having issues with balancing relaxation time and work time — and it had been showing in his actions. The miracle about it was WWE was giving them all New Year’s weekend off, because, well, they at least got Holidays.

Seth and Roman could now comfortably sit by each other on the plane ride back, since they were both buddy-buddy again, and were rather cozy in first class.

Only Roman kept shifting in his seat, eyebrows furrowed as he brooded out the window.

“What? You don’t like the window seat?”

“Huh? No, I’m fine. Just…”

Seth frowned at the stumbled answer, crossing his arms.

“Spit it out, Rome.”

“M’ just sore… is all.”

The Architect gave the arm closest to him a joking squeeze.

“You have been pretty tense lately. And you’ve been making that face,”

Roman wet his lips and made an effort to ease his forehead, eyebrows finally relaxing into their normal resting expression.

“You’re gonna get wrinkles.”

Roman snorted at Seth’s petty little beauty advice.

After a beat Seth tried an easier approach. Roman had been on edge enough as it was.

“Hey, when we get to your place, I promise I’ll help you let loose a little bit, yeah?” A coy little smirk accompanied the words, and Seth was sure that would get him somewhere.

“Aren’t you heading to your folks?”

Clearly Roman wasn’t in it to catch the drift.

“It’s New Year’s Eve… Eve. I’m heading over the next day, but I wanna be with you first. Just us.”

Roman had only realized then that they did have a full two days before New Year’s actually hit; and the words had finally settled— made him feel all fuzzy, too.

Shaking his head as he exhaled, Roman threw Seth a side-long glance.

“Alright. Then… I’d be happy to have the company,” The big dog chuckled half-heartedly, leaning fully back into his seat.

Before the ride was done Seth leaned toward the latter, nearly settling on his shoulder, to mutter.

“Lemme give you a massage to get all those kinks outta your muscles, okay, Big Dog? That’ll get your mind off things.”

The connotation was much different that time— since this time Roman just might’ve understood what Seth was implying.

“Damn, Ro, you’re fuckin’ tense all over.”

“You think I don’t know that?”

“Don’t talk.”

“Then don’t talk to m— mmh— fuck. Right there.”

Seth pressed down on the tender spot on Roman’s lower back, making small circles with his fingers, causing the one beneath him to sink further into the mattress, nuzzling his face into the pillow he was hugging to muffle the pleasurable noises trying to come up.

Smirking, Seth stopped, sliding one of his lotion slicked hands up Roman’s spine, twirling a section of the latter’s hair and giving it a soft tug. He didn’t care if Roman got mad at him getting a tiny bit of lotion in it. He could wash it out like a big boy.

Roman blinked in surprise, his body having been completely lax just moment before.

“Hey, Ro..?” Seth scooted up slightly from where he was seated on Roman’s thighs, legs on either side of the larger male’s body.

“If you want me to continue, you’re gonna have to let me know it feels good.”

Roman swallowed, eyebrows knitting together as he felt Seth’s fingers move in his hair, fist tightening slightly.

“I thought you said not to talk,” Roman grumbled, apparently still irritable. Or perhaps curious as to what Seth’s mindset was at the moment.

“Without words, Roman.”

At the sharp command, Seth shifted again, situating himself so the crotch of his gray sweatpants pressed against the latter’s ass- just so he knew he was there. One hand stayed in Roman’s hair and he used his other palm to knead into the same spot on Roman’s back again, harder this time.

“Lemme hear it.” Seth encouraged, continuing his ministrations but untangling his fingers from the long locks of hair to rake his nails down Roman’s tan back.

Roman suddenly felt so incredibly warm; the words that were so subtly enticing mixed with the skillful dance of hands on his body and those somehow irritatingly unmoving hips pushed down against him… felt his heart beat a few paces quicker but sooner felt his lips part to release a low sigh- a noise that briefly cracked at the beginning before rolling out into a silky little groan.

At least two minutes of pure petrissage passed, Seth never being too gentle since he knew Roman enjoyed more pressure when it came to kneading his muscles. The Architect would part his fingers gradually as he rubbed up and down, evoke longer but quieter moans then before going to use his knuckles to get the particularly knotted areas to be rewarded with harsher, half pained groans.

He might’ve stopped being so persistent in staying on those spots if it weren’t for the way Roman unconsciously clutched onto the covers and licked his plump lips after each of those deep whimpers.

He’d known for a while Roman was a bit of a masochist. And this was only a partial pain sensation…

Letting his mind wander, Seth finally dipped beneath the region he’d been caring for, his thumbs venturing below the waist line of Roman’s briefs, other fingers cradling either side of the latter’s hip bones, and experimentally massaging just above his firm butt. He wanted so badly to just take that last article of clothing off already, but he knew if he did he wouldn’t be able to wait –

As he gulped, keeping his composure, Roman coyly curved his back, incidentally pressing his behind more against Seth’s hardening manhood. Nobody was playing around here.

“This still just a massage, Rollins?” Roman rumbled, voice sounding groggy.

Ouch, last name, huh?

“I don’t know, are you enjoying it?”

“I don’t think that’s an appropriate question,” Roman moved his hips again, feeling himself rubbing against the hardness scarcely obscured by the fabric of Seth’s sweats - not to mention he’d made sure to be commando when he’d changed into them upon getting into the house.

“You’re being pretty submissive for the guy that was happy to fuck me into the mattress last week.”

Roman moved again, now hugging the pillow so his voice was muffled again, just to annoy Seth. Because yeah, maybe this was karma for all those times Seth had been just as irking.

“I didn’t say I was gonna let you put it in. Don’t get cocky.”

Seth had unknowingly rutted himself against Roman’s inviting movements, but bit down on his own lip as he leant forward to grab the pillow away from the larger male. Roman let out a surprisingly cute ‘oof’ as he readjusted to lay his cheek on crossed arms, glaring back at Seth as he tossed the pillow to the side.

“-Was that pun intended?” Seth snorted, eyes narrowed dangerously even though there was laughter on his lips. His body leaned down again, their pair of eyes locking until Roman couldn’t meet them anymore, since Seth’s head went out of peripheral view to lay kisses along Roman’s broad shoulders.

Seth was starting to consider just moving things along at this point; grinding into the pliable body underneath him and getting a little high off the feeling of having control over the guy that never stayed down– in the ring, at least.

But, since the stars were somehow aligned today, Seth picked up the sound of a door shutting, and some bags being dropped onto the wooden floors out in the living room.

Roman noticed too, if his immediately tensed body was any sign.

Seth was quick to push his fully spread hand to the center of Roman’s back, speaking to him before Roman went and flipped him right off his form.

“Relax. You trust me, right?”

Roman’s eyes looked back at Seth again, who was sitting straight with his head tilted casually to look right down to those dark eyes in return.

Fleeting doubts fly through Roman’s mind, only a moment considering a less favorable answer before snapping back to now – Seth wasn’t the same as he was this time last year – and nodded once before the bedroom door opened as well.

“Took you damn long enough.”

“Looks like you’re gettin’ along just fine without me,”

The rugged voice was unmistakable, and Roman instantaneously felt the rush of excitement pulse through him, though his snarky little question might’ve felt otherwise.

“I thought you said ‘just us,’ on the plane?” But he wasn’t really complaining.

Seth shrugged, unstraddling Roman (albeit a bit reluctantly) to allow him to roll onto his back just in time to be caged in by Dean’s arms.

The lunatic’s nose nearly touched Roman’s, and the pair certainly looked like two men who hadn’t gotten any quality time together in a few months, eyes sparkling and all that.

“Aw, that supposed to mean you aren’t happy to see me, Ro?”

“Just… surprised is all.” And Roman had that warm, wide smile stretching his cheeks, and only then Seth noticed Roman was actually looking at him.

It’s like Roman always knew how to perfectly distribute those affectionate looks- just so everyone in this mess always felt included.

“Enough of the sappy looks, I’m here, and I’d like to catch up with you hormonal teenagers,” Dean sent both Seth and Roman’s premature erections teasing glances, wriggling out of his leather jacket, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants but not taking them off just yet.

Dean sat back on his calves, feet hanging off the edge of the bed. Roman propped himself up on his elbows to look between the other two.

They came to a brief stand-still, before Roman went and asked.

“So, how are we doing this?”

In polyamorous relationships, intimate times required communication – and in a relationship where none of them were really solidified in their positions, it really needed communication.

The thought was simple to Roman, but Dean was giving him a weird look while Seth quietly placed his hand on one of Roman’s thighs.

“Seth didn’t tell you?” Dean’s crooked smile melted into something more suggestive, dimples accentuated as he flashed Roman his white teeth.

“We planned this to help you loosen up. You been stressin’ and overthinking yourself so…”

Roman opened his smirking mouth to retort, brows furrowed in offense, only Dean covered his lips with a searing kiss– not wasting time with soft pecks and getting right down to tongue and teeth to let himself into Roman’s wet cavern.

And Roman hadn’t kissed Dean in long enough, he let it happen, his rigid body wanting to relax into the rough, but familiar make out session.

Dean parted, keeping himself only centimeters away and letting them stay in an almost suffocating shared space, breaths clashing each other’s.

“We’re gonna dominate you tonight. All you gotta do is relax, and stop thinking, because we’re gonna think for you, Big Dog.” Dean purred, hands tightening on the wrists Roman hadn’t fully realized were pinned down.

It was like his body knew something he didn’t – and everything the two had done so far was exactly what he needed.

“And we’re only gonna make you do things you’ll like, trust me.” Seth piped in, partially satisfied by the summary Dean had provided of the plans they’d texted about. Seth’s hand squeezed around Roman’s thigh muscles, always having loved how thick his body was.

“No spewing non-sense scripts, no shitty crowds, just you and us.” His hand only slides higher with every syllable, now, and he watches intently as Roman’s unsure but desire-clouded eyes stared up at the ceiling while Dean freely peppered Roman’s collar bones with more kisses.

“Just like before, we wanna hear the real you.” Seth whispered, hand snaking around Roman’s now throbbing erection.

Typically, Dean wouldn’t want to be spoken for, but he didn’t exactly have any objections here. He licked wet frames around Roman’s perked nipples, giving the right one a kitten lick before blowing cold air on it, just at the same time as he witnessed Seth give the big man a few good pumps.

“F-Fuck…” Roman’s Adams apple bobbed beautifully as he trembled, and Dean’s eyes darted to it, fingers giving the other nipple a hard pinch.

Roman could already feel coherency slipping away, eyes shutting, and they’d only just gotten started; it made him briefly consider just how much he wanted this because… holy hell, it sounded so good. Letting both his boys take over his body and let any thing else slip away.

Seth continued to stroke him under his briefs, the tension of having his hand shoved in them making the fabric strain and press up against the back of Roman’s thighs, cradling his bottom. He climbed between the space of Roman’s legs now, nudging the knees further open to have Roman in an even more vulnerable position.

Dean was loving the view of Roman’s tiny facial changes that sprung from each movement between the three of them; deciding now was the time to step it up, Dean leisurely dragged his short nails down the tattooed side of Roman’s chest, relishing the light red streaks that were left behind, even as they were slightly hidden by the dark ink there.

“This is why you keep the vest, right, Ro..?” Dean chuckled darkly, pressing his chin down in the dip of Roman’s pecks, playfully rubbing his short beard against it—it was new, but he’d personally always appreciated the extra stimulation a little beard burn had always provided in the past, whether it was Roman or Seth.

“..S..hut up,” Roman tried to snap back, but it came out breathy, since Seth had just shifted him so the head of his cock was sticking out of the waist band of his boxers, still getting stroked at a steady pace that was gradually becoming maddening.

Dean grinned, lewdly backing up to lick from the top of Roman’s abs to his chest again, warm tongue swirling both nubs before he nipped at them gently, giving a small tug here and there just to see Roman twitch; he’d kiss and lick and blow on them, stubble of his beard grazing the tender skin; suck tiny spots around his tattoo, then undo any doting actions with light rakes of his nails.

Between all the dull pain and the pleasure, Roman was panting out quiet obscenities of ‘fuck’, ‘shit’, or an alternation of their names, and his back was arching off the plush bed.

But it wasn’t long before it wasn’t quite enough, and Roman felt like he was being edged on purpose.

“Seth – just take ‘em off already,” He hisses, but a chill runs up his spine as Seth gives his manhood a squeeze at the base, and Dean’s fingers dance along his throat, loosely curling around. They’d done choking before, and if it ever got out of hand they knew all they need do is tap. It hadn’t been necessary yet.

“You didn’t say please, baby,” Dean murmurs against Roman’s cheek, keeping his fingers loose.

Roman wets his lips, which are already swollen from his own biting on them. Swallowing down a bit of pride in the way he’s sure he’s about to sound, as opposed to his typical macho act, his eyes open to flicker at Dean and then down to Seth – who chooses now as the perfect moment to flit the tip of his tongue against the head of Roman’s cock.

“…Please… gh .. please take em off already.“

“That’s a good boy,” Dean teased, giving Roman’s heated cheeks a light peck, but finally giving the throat under his hand a squeeze in response to the way Roman tried turned his head away.

Though it might’ve looked bad, Roman struggled out a moan, the noise sounding against his will — but absolutely of his own accord. He didn’t know what it was about that sensation of having air sucked into your lungs - not impossible but strained - the exhilarating danger mixing with the blood-racing pleasure as Seth tongued the slit of his erection.

All this while Dean continued spilling words, the fingers around Roman’s neck fluctuating between firm hugs and light pressure whenever he could feel the larger male’s chest heave in warning of another moan.

“…You’d get a kick out my old collar from CZW. I knew I kept it for something.”

Roman’s eyes fluttered shut, the thought of Dean tugging on the chain attached to that leather collar muttering pet-like obscenities making him shudder again.

Seth’s mouth finally closed around him, eagerly taking down a good half of his girthy length but only giving it light, almost useless sucks. Not that Roman didn’t feel every move of that tongue, or vibrations of the groans coming up from Seth’s throat — but it wasn’t /enough/.

Roman bucked up his hips; Seth must’ve been expecting it, because he moved his head up slightly, before delving back down again and taking in more this time, sucking harsher now, saliva collecting at the corners of his mouth.

Roman relished in being rewarded — but it was short lived when Dean slithered on top of him, straddling his waist all while keeping a hand on his throat.

Dean’s hips were enough to hold his own down, that slender waist holding surprising strength.

“Woah, woah, pup. Nobody said you could do that.”

The nickname seemed to flow flawlessly off Dean’s tongue, his gruff voice dragging the cute word through the mud. He loosened his grip completely around Roman’s neck, almost forgetting the relevance of air with how blissed out the man underneath him looked. Gasping and taking a hearty breath, Roman licked his lips and refocused his dark eyes on the blue ones above him; Dean had released his neck but deftly continued petting over Roman’s Adam’s apple with his thumb.

“Who owns you..?”

Seth’s throat pressed against the tip of Roman’s member just as Dean asked, so instead of replying Roman just bit his lower lip and grunted— eyes closing again.

“Who owns you?” Dean repeated, moving one hand to absently trace the shoulder of Roman’s tattoo and the other to bed space beside his head.

“Hh— th– the business,” Roman muttered, voice cracking off like a dying flame as it tried to still force back the loud noises he wanted to make as Seth bobbed on him, throat constricting around it every few moments. It was obvious Roman hadn’t even realized how wrong the words that came out of his mouth were— of course, Dean did.

… To be continued soon babes c:

“Not Done Yet.”

WWE Imagine

Requested:    Dean x Reader- You have been teasing him all day, and when you finally get home, he ties you up and teases you to the point he cant stand it, rough smut happens.

Word Count: 1942
Warnings: Smut, Language.
Author’s Notes: Stay tuned for more fics today, I love writing Dean! I hope you all enjoy! Thank you for requesting Anonn!

You smiled as you bent at the waist to grab your purse from the floor beside the bed you shared with Dean.

 “Damn baby, that dress is a little…Short don’t you think?” Dean’s voice was a little agitated and you could tell right away that it would be a good night. Fanning innocents you turn around, bating you eye lashes at him.

“I don’t know what you mean? You don’t like it?” You played hurt perfectly.

“No! No, no, baby I love it I just..No it’s perfect, lets go ok?” He stuttered, not wanting to hurt your feelings. You smiled and hurried behind him out of the house, locking the door behind you.

As you climb into the passenger seat, you lean over, giving Dean an eyeful of your cleavage as you reach for the phone charger in the centre console of the SUV. He took in a sharp breath and shoved the car into drive. You tried you best to conceal your grin.

“I think we should have taken that exit Dean?” You ask, fluttering lashes over at him, biting your bottom lip hard when he looks over at you confused.

 ‘Y/N, stop it, I know what your doing ok? You’ve made your point, you’re sexy, and I love it, but your killing me here.” He growls over at you, his grip on the wheel tightening so that his knuckles were white against the rubber.

 “Dean I don’t kno-” You start to argue but he cuts you off with a look.

“If you say you don’t know what I’, talking about, I’ll stop the car right here on interstate and fuck you in the backseat and I wont care who sees. Maybe then you’ll figure it out.” He says, his tone dangerous, you knew he was being serious. Hmm. His threat sent waves of hot need to your pulsing pussy.

Before you can dare him to do it, he pulls off your exit, quickly pulling into the restaurant you were meeting your friends at for dinner. Climbing carefully out of the car, you make your way to Dean’s side, lacing your fingers into his, and looking up at him mischievously.

 “Y/N, please, I mean it, stop.” He whispers in your ear huskily as you walk into the building ahead of him, his breath fanning over your neck, making your shiver.

“Hey! Over here guys!” Roman’s loud voice calls over the noise before you can reply to Dean, so you settle for ‘accidentally’ grazing your hand over his crotch as you slide through the crowd to where the group is seated.

 “Hey Ro, Seth, JoJo, Becky.” You great everyone with a smile as you slide into the booth, Dean following you in, his hand resting on your lap.

“How are you guys doing?” Roman beams at Dean, sliding him a glass of beer across the table with a knowing look.

“Thanks,” He smiles, taking a gulp before continuing, “Well, we are going to go look at seating arrangements for the wedding tomorrow I think.” Dean informs everyone, taking another long sip of beer.

 “Oh fun!” Jojo claps her hands together excitedly next to Seth, a smile plastered on her face. You and Dean had been dating for close to three years, and he had proposed about six months ago, to which you had replied, ‘Finally.’ As much as you played it off, you were beyond excited to marry him. He was everything you ever wanted.

 You squeezed his thigh under the table, giggling as he choked on a mouth full of beer. “Woah, you O.K. man?” Seth asked, worry flashing across his face.

“Yeah, just uh, went down the wrong way you know?” He stuttered, shooting a look over at you. Most of dinner went by quickly, enveloped in laughter and light conversation between friends. Once in a while you would run your hand over his crotch or lean over to brush your breasts against him as you reached for something across the table.

 About the third time you did this Dean stiffens next to you. “Hey guys, it’s getting late and we have a early day tomorrow, I think it is time we head out, thank you for dinner.” Dean stands, dropping some money on the table to cover your food and drinks and the tip for the waiter.

“Oh already? Ok man, have a good night!” Roman stands, hugging him quickly, then pulling you into his arms as well, hugging you briefly.

“Good night guys.” Seth say, waving and grinning as you make your way out of the dinner.

  “Dean, what’s going o-” You try to ask, but he is dragging you through the parking lot, his face serious.  

“I told you exactly what I was going to do if you kept teasing me Y/N.” He interrupts you, his glance over at you send shivers through you.

“Don’t worry, I’ll wait until we get home but so help me god when we get there.” He says, his words trailing at the end lingering on the thought of what was to come. You climb quickly and quietly into the passenger side, buckling your seat belt and squirming in your seat as Dean gets on the interstate, the car racing through traffic towards your shared home.

 You were all but shaking with anticipation as he pulls into the drive-way, parking the car.

“Stay.” He ordered as you reach for the door handle, his eyes full of lust. You freeze, your own eyes going wide as he gets out, closes his door and walks around the car, opening your door and reaching in, pulling you to him, your legs wrapping around his waist.  His feverish mouth crashes to yours, His tongue wrestling with yours for dominance as a whimper escapes your lips.

“Dean, please?” You beg as your fingers wrap into his jostled hair. He picks you up and closes the door with his foot as he turns, walking you towards the house. When you reach the door he lets you slide down his body, unlocking the door as you steady yourself, need rushing through you.

 “Bedroom.” He orders you, his face hot. “And when I get in there, you better be naked and waiting for me.” He threatens, but his eyes were soft. His word sent hot pins and needles through you as you scampered to your bedroom, sliding your dress of so it pooled at your feet. You make quick work of you panties and bra, tossing them into the pile of fabric at the foot of the bed, toeing your shoes off before you climb onto the bed, your face pressed into the sheets while you ass was exposed in the air, your cunt dripping in anticipation.
 “Mmm, Good girl.” Dean’s voice startles you as you as he walks back into the room. You take in a sharp breath of shock, as the only thing he wore was his button up shirt unbuttoned, and his tie, loosened around his neck.

 “Dean..” You start to get up, but a large hand comes down on your naked ass hard, making you yelp.

“I didn’t say to move.” He growls, and you notice the rope in his hand, you recognized it immediately, it was the rope from your tent, he took you camping every year in the winter since you started dating.

“Dean what is the rope fo-” You start once more, but he slaps your ass hard again, And this time the stinging turns to pleasure, throbbing need that centres at the apex of your thighs.

“You think it is cute to tease me all day huh? Well, I am about to show you just how bad teasing can be.” Dean snarls at you, pushing your legs further apart, and wrapping the thin cord around each of your thighs, tying one end to the pillar on either side of your bed frame, then using a second rope, he comes to stand next to you, tying your wrists together, and then around loops in the front of the bed frame, securing you to the bed, making it impossible for you to move from your position.

 “Dean!” You gasp as his fingers find your entrance suddenly, pushing past your soaked folds into your mound roughly, making you struggle against the ties that held you in place.

“Like that do you Y/N?” He asks, his fingers curling into you over and over, his other hand reaching under you, his thumb rubbing your knob in soft circles, making you quake under him.

“Oh God! Yes please Dean!” You moan, your body begging for release as his fingers work in and out of you hard, curling in the perfect spot, his thumb driving you crazy.

“I’m going to cum!” You moan loudly, your body reaching the precipice, but then it was gone, as he pulled his fingers from you suddenly, his thumb disappearing. You squirm and pull at the rope, begging him to let you finish.

 “Oh, no baby, we are just getting started.” You can hear the grin on his face as he starts his torture all over, his fingers working your dripping pussy while his thumb swirls over your knob, stopping just as you are about to cum once more.

“Dean! Please?! Please God let me cum! I’m sorry, please fuck me? Please?” You whimper, your body was aching for release.

“Ok, but remember you asked for it.” He growls, his cock slamming to the hilt into you before he finished his sentence, making you scream.

 “Fuck! Ow! Dean!” You moaned, but the pain quickly subsided into pleasure as he drilled into you over and over, his hands hard on your hips as he bottomed out into you, his throbbing cock hitting the wall over your cervix, mixing pleasure and pain.

 “Shhhhit, you’re so wet baby. You like it when I tease you huh?” He snarls, his hips ramming into your ass as he shoves his length into once more.

“Oh, fuck Dean, Please right there, I’m going to cum, Oh Fuck I’m going to cum!” You wail, your fingers gripping the rope that bound your hands in front of you.

 “Good Girl, cum on my cock! Cum for me!” He moaned as his hand came down hard on your ass hard once again, the pain and pleasure of him thrusting into you sent you over he edge, your body shaking as you came, your toes curling.
 “Oh shit, I’m close baby, I’m close!” Dean moaned, his grip on your hips tightening as he felt your walls clenching around him. He growled as he slammed into you once more, releasing a torrent of hot cum into you.

 “Fuck baby, God you feel good.” He pants, his voice husky as he pulls out of you slowly.

“Dean, that was..” You giggle, trying unsuccessfully to turn all the way around to see his face. He had walked into the bathroom.

“Dean, please come untie me?” You called again, you were still tied to the bed, your dripping pussy hoisted into the hair, exposed.

“Oh no, I’m not done with you yet, the way I count I still have two holes to fill.” He is grinning when he walks back into the room, his shirt and tie gone, his shaggy red hair in his face.

Walkers Amongst Us (Part 2)

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A/N: Part Two mofos! 

Pairings: Seth X Dean X Roman X Reader. (Mostly Seth and The Reader)

Warnings: Swearing.

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Seth handed you a empty backpack and just before you walked out the door, Dean came over to you.

“If you can, get me some twinkies” Dean whispered in your ear. You smiled and nodded your head.

“I’ll try.” You whispered back, before walking out the door and jogging to catch up with Seth.

“So where are we going?” You asked.

“Town.” Seth said.

“Oh. Well I was in town a few days ago and it was over run with Walkers.”

Seth didn’t say anything at first. just continued walking. “I’m sure they moved on now. Don’t worry about it.”

You walked with him for a while, quietly. “But what if they didn’t?” You asked. 

“I’m sure they did.” 

“Yeah, what if they didn’t? What do we do then?”

“Like I said. I’m sure they did! And if they didn’t then we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

You didn’t like that, you liked to have a back up plan, and Seth didn’t have one. You began to think about another place you could go, just in case the town was still over run. 

But you were drawing a blank. “Are you really sure that they moved on?” 

Seth pinched the bridge oh his nose and sighed hard. “Didn’t I just say that I was sure?!” Seth asked, irritated.

“Sorry….” You mumbled. 

You and Seth walked in silence for the rest of the way into town. You really didn’t understand that. He was just smiling at you back in the cabin and now he’s acting like a jerk just because you were asking weather or not he was sure. You really didn’t want to die, you stay alive this long and you weren’t just gonna die just because he want to go into fucking town.

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Seth and you walked quietly and quickly into town. From what you could see there wasn’t any Walkers to be seen or heard. You bit your lip as you looked around.

“Sick close to me, Y/N. I don’t want you getting hurt.” Seth said, quietly as he grabbed your arm and pulled you near him.

You grabbed your knife out of the holster and held it tightly in your hand, as you stuck closely to Seth. 

You walked over to one of the stores and walked down the side of it, back to back. Seth spit on his hand and went to wipe the window when a Walker banged on it, scaring the two of you.

“It looks like it’s only one in there. I think that we’ll be fine.” Seth whispered. You nodded your head in agreement. 

“Yeah ok. We can handle that.” 

You and Seth went in quietly, the Walker came stumbling towards the two of you. Seth shot an arrow right into it’s head. He walked over to the Walker and put his boot onto it’s head and pulled the arrow out.

You walked behind Seth, looking down at the Walker as you passed it.

“Just grabbed whatever you can. Put it in the bag and then wait for me at the front door. Scream for me if anything happens.” Seth said, looking you dead in the eyes.

You nodded your head. “You got it boss.” You said, you shot him a smile before looking around the store.

You were throwing canned food into the backpack, you looked up and seen one box of twinkles. You smiled and pulled the box off the self, tossing it into the backpack. Dean would be happy with that.

Once you cleared the self of all the canned food you went and waited by the front door like Seth said. 

You leaned against the wall near the door, you seen something move out of the corner of your eye outside. You looked and your eyes went wide.

There had to be, twenty, maybe thirty Walkers outside, all in a herd. 

“Motherfucker!” You hissed. You ran looking though the store for Seth.

You seen Seth looking though the small pharmacy in the back of the store. You ran over and slid over the the contour. 

“Seth! We need to leave NOW!” You whispered yelled at him.

“What why!?” Seth whispered yelled back.

“Because they has to be at least thirty Walkers outside! We need to leave before they know we’re in here!”

“Ok, ok! Crap! Just give me one second! I need to find this!” 

“Seth we don’t have time! We need to leave NOW!” You said, through clenched teeth.

“I said hold on!”

You looked back towards the door and seen the Walkers were getting closer to the doors.

“Seth! Come on!” You were watching the door.

Seth was still looking though the self as you bounced on your feet.

“Goddammit, Seth! Let’s. Move!” 

Seth found whatever it was and tossed it into the bag, zipped it up and then he ran by you and over the contour. You slid over the contour and ran behind him. 

Seth shoved open the door and you two made a break for it.

The two of you ran and ran and ran. Suddenly you realized that you were nearing the woods where the cabin would be. You and Seth ran into the wood and then slowed to a walk.

“You think we lost them?” You asked, out of breathe.

“Yeah, yeah we did.” Seth answered.

The two of you huffed and puffed as you walked.

“Why didn’t you just leave?” Seth asked suddenly. 

You pulled your eyebrows together and looked at him.

“Why would I leave you? I’m in your group, I wouldn’t leave someone behind.” You said. 

Seth looked at you and smiled. “I don’t know, I guess I just thought that since, we’re all fighting for are lives, you were leave. Save yourself.” Seth said, shrugging his shoulders.

“You guys saved my life, I wouldn’t dream of leaving one of you behind. As much as I didn’t want to die, I wasn’t leaving you.” You said.

Seth smiled at you, happy with that answer. You looked at him. 

He was quite handsome, when he smiled, and his voice was nice to listen to and- Wait, no I shouldn’t being thinking these things! The world is ending and I’m thinking about how cute he is! You thought.

You bit your lip as you watched him walk, he that way his arms flexed when he shift his crossbow in his hands, the way his eyes would drat over to you and then away. 

Fuck! Stop thinking about him! 

You sighed softly and looked ahead, trying to think about something that wasn’t Seth.

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You made it to the cabin just at night fall, the town was farther away then you thought it was. Dean was sitting outside, smoking. Dean looked up and seen you and Seth making your way towards him. 

“Hey.” You said, walking up the steps.

“I wouldn’t go in there if I were you.” Dean said, putting his cigaret out.

“What? Why?” Seth asked.

“Ro is pissed you didn’t listen to his order.” Dean said.

“What order?” Seth asked, annoyed.

“The order that said to have your asses back before night fall! That’s what order!” Dean said, clearly he was upset to.

Dean stood and shook his head. “You better think of a pretty damn good reason why you weren’t back before night fall.” Dean then went into the cabin. 

You turned to look at Seth, who just rolled his eyes. 

“He gets like this all the time. Don’t worry about it.” Seth said, squeezing your shoulder.

You both walked into the cabin. Roman was sitting in a chair, he glare was set on the two of you the second you walked in.

“Why weren’t you back?” 

“Roman, we were a little late, it’s not that big of a deal!” Seth said, sighing and tossing his bag on the ground. 

“I don’t care! Damn it! I’ve told you countless amounts of time! TO BE BACK BEFORE NIGHT FALL!” Roman raised his voice and slapped his hand off the arm rest.

Seth just rolled his eyes and sat on the couch. Roman looked to you.

“Where were you?” Roman asked. 

You suddenly felt like child being punished by their father. Like you were out partying for a night and he caught you.

You stiffened slightly and bounced on your feet. “We went into town and-” Roman cut you off. 

“You went into town! How many times have I told you Seth?! No one ever goes into that town!” Roman growled.

“We got quite a bit of stuff and-” Roman cut you off again.

“I. Don’t. Care. He knows no one goes into that town! EVER!” Roman growled, he then stood, making his way to the hall where the rooms were.

Seth stood and walked after him. Trying to reason with him. 

You were now left with Dean. Dean was sitting on the couch, he patted the space next to him.

You sat next to him and leaned against the back of the couch.

“Why does he not want anyone to go into the town?” You asked Dean. 

You noticed the he seemed a little more upset that the two of went into town, more then that fact that you came back late.

Dean sighed and looked at you. “That’s something he needs to tell you. It’s not my story to tell.” 

“Do you think he’d tell me if I asked?” 

“I don’t know. Me and Seth are his best friends and he didn’t even want to tell us.” 

“Oh” Was all you said. You sat there in silence, before remembering that you got him the twinkies he asked for.

You grabbed your bag of the coffee table and opened it, pulling out the twinkies and setting them in Dean’s lap.

Dean smiled from ear to ear. “You found them?!” 

You nodded your head. “Mmhm!” 

Dean hugged you from the side and then opened his box and pulled two out.

He handed you one and said. “You get one because you got me them! Every time I ask Seth or Roman they alway tell me no! And now you got them for me!” 

Dean was so happy that you got him twinkies. He was adorable. You didn’t know him long, but you had a feeling that the two of you would become close.