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NEW EPISODE! Episode 52: That Time I Met…

Kyle, @melaniealbertsonart, and I talked about some of the cool animation industry people we’ve met over the years.

Lucky to call this man my friend.

“There’s magic in you. You are powerful. You were made for greatness. Do not let thoughts that you’re anything less than you are set in for even a minute. You need to understand that you were born as the result of a magical, grand conspiracy of love. People stormed the beaches of Normandy for you. You sit in the shade of trees you did not plant. You drink deeply from wells of freedom that you did not dig. Many people will try to seduce you into mediocrity. Don’t fall for it. You have a choice: You can either grow fat, dumb, and happy off of the sacrifices of others, or you can metabolize what you’ve been given, rise up, and go claim your place in the world. And in light of all of that, there is no greater achievement, no higher honor than to love. No award, no job, no money, is greater than this. You weren’t born to be an actor or a businessman or a politician or a millionaire. You were born to love and be loved. THAT is magic. THAT is power. THAT is greatness.” - Seth Maxwell


4th Annual THIRST Gala with Pauley Perrette, Audrina Patridge, Drake Bell, Charisma Carpenter (by maximotv)