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Well between yesterday and today Alex has been tweeting up a storm. He replied to some people. Tweets from Fueled By Ramen,Jack and All Time Low in response to them being on late night with Seth Meyers May 2nd. Bonus response from Tyler from State Champs.

“Guys My Age” Jeff Hardy  – the reader has been flirting and playing games with Jeff Hardy for months, but Jeff has always had just enough hesitancy about the age difference between the two to actually act on it, but will that change?

a/n: listen to the song “guys my age” by hey violet when you read this, I promise it’ll make the experience a thousand times better. also it’s a long one, so buckle up for he ride and enjoy

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WARNINGS: language, spanking, smut, lap dance, etc.

I sat in catering with my girls, leftover food and drinks scattering the table in front of us. We were all laughing and catching each other up on our lives and then some. Renee was currently dishing the details of her and Dean’s fun, spur-of-the-moment marriage, but I was only partially listening to the story (that I already heard on the phone the night it happened) because I could feel his eyes on me.

“And that was it; it was perfect. It was exactly who me and Dean are and I’m… I’m just so happy,” Renee gushed. She was met with a chorus of “Aw’s” from the girls around us, but I just rolled my eyes.

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Set WIP sculpture. Clay and the first coat of paint is on the armature! I can’t wait to sculpt his legs and bake the figure to harden it (which, knowing Set, he probs wouldn’t have a problem with anyway)

I’m going with a black and gold color palette with maybe a bit of red here and there. I really hope he ends up liking it; this is going to be the center piece on his altar!

Rooming Together (SETH ROLLINS)

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Seth Rollins for anon


Seth and Reader hate each other but have to share a room together. Will one night rooming together change things? :ANGST AND FLUFF




“What the hell do you mean you have Seth Rollins booked with me?” I whispered threateningly to the desk clerk. “You need to fix this or else there’s gonna be some bloodshed for your little friends to clean up.”

The desk clerk picked up the phone. “If you’re gonna threaten me, I’m gonna have to call security, Ms. Y/L/N.”



Seth rolled his eyes just thinking of what mess Y/N could have gotten herself into.

But thank goodness he walked up just in time.

“No. Security’s not necessary.” Seth spoke looking at the lady being the desk, all the while flashing a smile. “She won’t be a problem tonight.”

The lady behind the desk smiled in return. “No bloodshed Mr. Rollins?”


Seth gave Y/N a what the fuck look.

Then shook his head at the clerk. “I don’t know what my friend has told you but of course not. ” He said grabbing Y/N from behind and pulling her away from the desk.

“Ew. Get off me Rollins.”

Seth lowered his head. “Stop making a scene and walk.”


“What the fuck was that?” Seth’s voice screeched through Y/N’s ear. “And bloodshed? Are you trying to cause a publicity hell for WWE?”

Y/N scoffed. “If I didn’t, in sure it wouldn’t measure up to your leaked nudes.”


That was a low blow, Y/N thought scolding herself before Seth could.

“Seth, I’m–” She started to apologize but couldn’t finish from being cut off.

“No fuck you.” Seth screamed making her jump a little. “I should’ve just let that woman call security so they could take your ass off to wherever.”

Y/N stood there frowning for a second trying to process Seth’s outburt.

They’ve had their share of arguments.

She’s even took a swing or two at him in the ring.

But damn.

This kinda topped all of that.

“Well.” Y/N said crossing her arms. “Why didn’t you? Then you could have the room to yourself.” She finished in a petty tone.

But she couldn’t help it.

Petty was a defense for her.

“Cause I fucking like you.” Seth said in a low whisper but since there was literally nothing but silence in the room, Y/N still heard.

She just pretended she didn’t.

Until pretending started to eat her alive.


The next morning Y/N got up early, slipping on some sweats and a t-shirt to go downstairs for some breakfast.

“You look like shit.”

She turned around from putting her hair in a messy bun to see Seth now awake and sitting up in bed.

His thick upper body on full display.

“I barely slept.” She mumbled.


Seth smirked playfully. “Too scared I was gonna roll over and try to cuddle with you last night?”

“Nope. Couldn’t stop thinking about you saying you like me.”

“Oh.” Seth replied his breath hitching in his throat.

Fuck man, did you have to say that? He asked himself.

Especially knowing she was probably gonna hear?

Or did he want her to hear?

He’s been keeping his feelings bottled up for so long, maybe he wanted to get it out in the open.

“Yeah…” Y/N mumbled coming over and taking a seat on her side of the bed. “So what gives, Seth? You just said that to get under my skin right? You didn’t mean it?”

What did she mean just to get under her skin?

Was she trying to convince herself of that or…?

“I said it because that’s how I feel.” Seth finally replied. “I do like you, and have for a long time.”

He searched her face for any kind of sign as Y/N satyed quiet.

Finally she did but it wasn’t what he was hoping for.

“I’m sorry Seth.”

Seth nodded.

He wasn’t used to being let down especially now that he was The Man but hey, you can’t always get what you want, right?

“Oh.” Seth faked a quick laugh. “It’s fine. I don–”

Y/N placed her index finger to his lips, signaling for him to shut up. “I’m sorry for last night. You know the nudes thing? You wouldn’t let me apologize then so that was it.” She smiled a little. “And I kinda like you too, Rollins.”


“Kinda?” Seth said out loud.

“Kinda.” Y/N giggled. “I’m not 100% sure but maybe after a couple of test dates, I will be.”

Seth smiled. “Test dates are good.”


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