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  • Albus Dumbledore: I'm hiring Alastor Moody to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts next year. Was that a surprise?
  • Minerva McGonagall: I don't know how to tell you this, Albus, but no. Thirty years into you being headmaster, the part of me that can be surprised is dead. If you had hired a rabid bat in professor's robes, I would have said, "that tracks."
March 16th, or the day on which Bella nearly dies

In which book, you ask? Two of them!

In 2005, in Twilight, Bella is tricked by James into meeting him at her old dance studio.

In an effort to torment Edward, he videotapes himself torturing Bella. (Because he’s just a swell guy like that.) Then as he goes in for the kill, Bella feebly raises a hand to ward him off.

And he somehow is warded off, despite his vampire speed and strength, and bites her wrist instead? By accident?? Because surely he didn’t intend to bite her there, did he? Wouldn’t it take a really long time to exsanguinate someone through the wrist?

I don’t know. Maybe he just likes to savor his food as opposed to gorging himself. I would have thought the latter would be more his style.

Fortunately, Edward comes and saves her. Twice, really, since he stops James from killing her and then sucks his nasty venom out before she starts transforming into a vampire.

Bella would have preferred to be saved from James and not from vampirism, but Edward is firmly in the HUMAN BELLA 4EVAH!! camp. ;)

Then in 2006 on this same date, Bella goes cliff diving. Victoria is also in the water, perhaps hoping to save Bella from drowning so she can kill her personally, but much to her dismay her prey is rescued by one of the stinky wolves.

Oh well, she always has her back-up plan. Out of control newborn army, here she comes!

Also on this day in 2006: Leah transforms into a wolf, the horror of which is magnified 1000-fold when the shock causes her father, Harry, to have a heart attack (and her little brother to also transform). Jake and Bella almost kiss later that day (boo hiss). And Alice, thinking that Bella is dead, returns to Forks to help Charlie through it. (That’s one thing I really wish was in the movies– Alice and Charlie’s relationship.)

(And ha! I’ve caught up!)


SLYTHERIN: “Icarus. The original myth had two parts. Daedalus said to his son, ‘I fashioned these wings for you. Two rules. Don’t fly too high, or the sun will melt the wax. But, more important, son, don’t fly too low. Because if you fly too low, the water and the waves will surely weigh down the wings, and you will die.’ We’ve left out the second part of the myth. We don’t say to people anymore, ‘Don’t fly too low.’ All we do from the time they are 4 years old is warn them against hubris. We have created this industrially-led structure that says: How dare you.” -Seth Godin

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