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CBJ Halloween costume compilation 2017

(Wenny, Boone, Andy, and Seth)

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(Cam, his wife Natalie, and Fliggy)


(via Seth Harrington on Instagram: “Kittens make my heart feel full. ❤️ #kitten #kitty”) submitted by @sethharr

Seth Harrington will forever be 19 years old, is single, and is straight.

"Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?"

When the mysterious shooting star landed on the school’s building, Seth was in one of the janitor’s closet, making out with one of the cheerleaders whose name he hadn’t bothered to learn. He had her uniform unzipped and his hands were wandering down her back, ready to unclasp her bra, when the whole building was rattled and they were thrown around the room, and the sound of rock on cement made him tear his lips away from her neck and look around. He straightened himself up and opened the door, ready to investigate just what the hell stopped him from almost getting laid. But when he did, he immediately retreated back into the janitor’s closet, holding onto the door-frame. Why? Because where the floor was supposed to be, there was a gaping hole in its place, separating the janitor’s closet from the rest of the building. It took the rescue team a couple of hours to find a way to get them out, and by the time they arrived, Seth had already gotten his daily fuck. Two days later, he and a couple of other students were called by the school, and he found out that because of the radiation caused by the meteor’s landing, he was not going to age past his current age, which was nineteen. Overjoyed by this, he put on a smirk and reclined in his seat even further. The whole situation was just going to work out in his favor.

"Life is a short trip; the music's for the sad man..."

In actuality, Seth wasn’t even supposed to be born. He was an accident, a mistake between a married businessman and his maid. The businessman allowed his maid to keep the baby, as long as she, along with the child, disappeared from his life. The maid agreed, on the condition that he would at least provide them financial support. Nine months later, on the 18th of February, a beautiful baby boy named Seth Harrington was born. Growing up was hard for him, not knowing who or where his father was. The only thing that his mother let him know about his father was that he had his father’s eyes. And that was what Seth told everyone who asked about his dad—he had his dad’s eyes. When he was 10, his mother left at the dark of the night, saying that she got a new job. It was only when he heard moans and screams and noises at dawn that he knew what his mother’s new job was. And that was when he started rebelling. He became a jerk and a womanizer—he became every girl’s dream and every teacher’s nightmare.

Seth is that guy. The guy who gets high grades even though he sleeps through most of his classes, the guy who every girls would want to sleep with, the guy who all of the guys either looked up to or hated. And if you were going to look up the definition of jerk and womanizer on the dictionary, you would see a picture of Seth. He doesn’t know how to treat a girl right, and quite frankly, he doesn’t want to, except when he’s horny and wants to fuck someone. He’s a flat out douchebag, and he’s proud of it. But underneath all that jerkiness and douchery, he’s actually a sweet guy who appreciates girls. He’s only just actually waiting for the right girl to come along. But who says he can’t have fun while waiting for her? 

"Some are like water, some are like the heat, some are a melody and some are the beat..."
  • Effie Beaumont → There are only two words to describe his relationship with the innocent beauty: sexual tension. Seth is probably one of the only people who’d intentionally rub her the wrong way and try to use her affection against her: he’d brush up against her in the hallways, corner her while she was on her way to class and hit on her, and Effie is the only person who’d have the nerve to reject his advances multiple times. He knew exactly what to say to get her all riled up, and she’d know exactly what to say to bruise his ego. There was this one time, though, he got to kiss her to shut her up, and there’s a part of him that wants to feel that again.
  • Victoria Wilson → No matter how much these two deny it, Seth’s mom will still be Victoria’s father’s sister, automatically making them cousins. Seth despises this fact because he doesn’t want to be seen within a fifty-foot radius of our favorite bookworm, and Victoria doesn’t even want to dream of being remotely related to an egoistical, womanizing, football-playing jerk. Which is why they deny it on school grounds, and the ‘close cousin’ act they execute during family reunions is just a way of making sure that they don’t get forced to really interact. Seth would gladly shove Tori in the dumpster, and Tori would happily kick him where the sun don’t shine.
  • Kevin Flowers → Seth is Kevin’s number one torturer. Well, him and Rachel, actually. He’d always shove the poor guy in dumpsters and verbally (and sometimes physically) assault him. Kevin would always cower while Seth was in the vicinity, and Seth would have a swell of pride every time he saw fear in the poor guy’s eyes. Seth revels in the fact that he can cause fear in other people, and Kevin just wants to be left alone, so he accepts the assaults, not bothering to fight back, hoping some reverse psychology would make sure that the guy would leave him alone.
  • Rachel HolmesTheir relationship is completely beneficial to them both. Whenever Seth’s temper is fueled and he has nothing to take it out on, he pushes Rachel up into a wall and fucks her until she can’t walk. On the other hand, when Rachel feels frustrated, and there was nobody worth telling her frustrations to, she drags Seth into the nearest available place and takes out her frustrations into him. It was a no strings attached, friends with benefits relationship, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Kate Davide The King and Queen of sarcasm, Seth was one of Kate’s friends, and was one of the first people he was able to let in.
  • Eric Davies Eric is Seth’s reality check, in some sort of twisted way. Whenever Seth walks down the hall and Eric spots him, he’s not afraid to call the guy out and remind him that he’s not the king of the world or something along those lines. Seth appreciates this, though he may not admit it, and may even go as far to say that Eric is one of his friends.
  • Darcy Tate Seth is practically the embodiment of everything Darcy hates. She tries not to think much of him but he always ends up sneaking into her late thoughts. And Darcy despises him with her whole heart. He’s one of those guys, he drools in his seat, his jokes are tasteless, his grades are higher than hers even though he sleeps in every bloody class, he’s a total jerk with no manners, he paid her no attention (as if she was somehow lesser!). And there is also the fact that he looks like the male counterpart of her ex-girlfriend.
  • Justin Thompson These two, they actually get along, best friends even. Surprise, surprise, right? Well, not really, to others. But this is why these two like their friendship so much. Their friendship doesn’t live up to expectations, they crush it and burn it to the ground. Seth and Justin are those misunderstood guys and perhaps that’s why they get along so well.
  • Alani Olsen Alani barely even knew Seth Harrington… Not personally at least. The few classes that she did have with him, he was always asleep in. And somehow, he still managed to get good grades. She wishes to get good grades as well, so she might as well suck it up and ask him to tutor her.

Seth Harrington resembles Logan Lerman and is currently available.