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Seth & Kisa | Thinking About You. [3x08]


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Is it just me or did Seth letting Kisa feed from him seem really odd considering that he's been pretty obvious about how much he hates Richie's vampire status? I really hope Seth and Kisa don't become a "thing" because 1) sleeping with your bros ex is kind of gross, 2) everything Kisa did in season 1/2, 3) I think Richie would be very hurt, not because he still has romantic feelings for Kisa but because for him it would just be another instance of Seth being perceived as 'better' then him.

You pretty much hit the nail on the head anon.

Those are basically my feelings on Sethtanico although I have nothing against its shippers. I’m glad 3x08 gave them a little something. But story-wise I’m going to be critical of it based on Santanico’s treatment of Richie in the past seasons of Dusk. Seth should not be with the person who abused his brother let alone feed that person his blood BEFORE his brother! That just does not sit right with me. 

And furthermore I’m a little peeved that the writers have had Seth accept all these other culebras BUT NOT RICHIE. Did you see his face when Seth walked out with that bite mark?! He looked hurt. I mean yes this was great character development for Seth. And I know there was a hint of Richie feeling proud of his brother’s acceptance because it means he’s one step closer to accepting him. HOWEVER being a culebra is one of the reasons Seth rejected Richie in the first place! Seth dropped all of his affections for his brother mainly because of the whole culebra thing and revered to him as a monster.

Its just disheartening that Seth’s relationship with Richie isn’t what’s helping him to warm up to culebras. The brothers already have so many unresolved issues between them and Santanico is yet again adding another layer to those issues. Richie hasn’t forgotten the way she treated him and his resentment towards her is growing steadily. This had to have stung because again she’s messing with the most important relationship in his life. For me this felt like Kisa/Santanico was treading on forbidden territory which is the Geckos sacred bond with each other. 

Richie’s face was literally like “WTF that is my brother! no one but me should be feeding on him to regenerate!” and can you blame him?? Richie’s been suffering all season, desperate for someone to talk to and the one person he’s needed the most has been rejecting him so much. This moment for me was more salt on the wound because Seth should not be all fuzzy towards the woman who not only hurt his brother but tried to take him away from Seth. AND HE STILL HASN’T FORGIVEN RICHIE FOR LEAVING HIM!! So that is why I have major issues with the Sethtanico relationship. I would have a different thought process had she’d been written more remorseful and guilt-ridden of the harm she’s caused Richie emotionally, physically, mentally and psychologically.

We were just reminded of this 2 episodes ago when Amaru kidnapped Richie in 3x06 and f**ked with his mind in a similar format that Kisa/Santanico did in S1 and S2. But Dusk fans seem to have a short memory of that and that’s what’s so infuriating. Richie is always held to a higher standard than everyone else on this show. Fans paint him as the monster and the ultimate villain when Seth, Santanico, Sex Machine and others are just as bad if not worse. Santanico has demonstrated more monstrosity than Richie and is yet revered as a goddess, queen or a saint. Just goes to show you double-standards. 

Anyway those are my thoughts on that anon.
Seth & Kate I Twin flames
"After all the madness that happens in the first season…they have more in common towards the end than anyone else.” - DJ Cotrona. "By the end of the season, ...

Thank you Soledad for this. This is why so many of us are passionate about SethKate. When I see Seth and Kate I see two souls destined to be through love.  Kate is Seth’s humanity. Kate will be Seth’s redemption.     


We have regrets and lost moments and the words we should of said hanging on the edges of our lips,
hidden in the cracks, never to be spoken
We lick our lips and the words are gone forever
People like me, we give only half a smile
We think of all the soulmates that come and go and but our hand’s to our chest to hide the pain
We beg for one day, that someone will regret losing us like we lost you
But we don’t make it to that day.
People like me, we don’t make it.


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