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“My son will be teaching us how to fight against these Newborns, as he and his sister have experience dealing with them.” Carlisle explained to the wolves. Edward spoke before Jasper could get a word out. “They want to know who Y/N is. They’ve never seen her before.” He translated for the wolves.

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“Actually, Esme wouldn’t care if you had a third eye or webbed feet. All this time she’s been worried about me, afraid that there was something missing from my essential makeup, that I was too young when Carlisle changed me… She’s ecstatic. Everytime I touch you, she just about chokes with satisfaction.” - Edward Cullen, Twilight, chapter 15.

Most adorable scene ever.

Jacob: Just go away, Seth.

Seth: Is that an order, Jake? *pouting face*

Jacob: *grunts* Whatever. Do what you want.

Seth: *grins* Great! I got your back! How cool is this?! Two-man pack! Two against the world!

Jacob: You’re getting on my nerves, Seth.

Seth: I’ll shut up.


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It had been about 7 years since you had last been at La Push. You had been about 9 at that age. Of course you could still remember most of the inhabitants like the Blacks and the Uleys but the one which wouldn’t leave your mind was the Clearwaters. It was the fact that you’d spent most of your childhood with Leah and sometimes Seth. Despite the fact that Leah was older than you, the two of you always had fun playing games like football for hours.

Seth had been close to you too. When the two of you were together, trouble tended to follow. You were always up to something. However, the two of you would be found arguing often too. Sometimes there would be weeks where you would refuse to talk to each other because “they took my toy without asking!” Essentially, you were found with one of the Clearwaters.

When you had moved away, you had been only really been upset to leave them. You did occasionally talk to them on the phone or try to send them letters but after a while these occurrences became less and less often.

If you were honest, you were terrified to go back. Your parents had persuaded you to go down to the Clearwater’s to say hi. You weren’t sure if they even knew that you had come back but you made your way to their house and hoped that they hadn’t moved.

You rapped on the door and heard some yelling before it opened. “Jacob, you’re kind of earl-” began the boy you knew to be Seth. He paused, staring at you with a gaping mouth.

“Hey, Seth. How’s it going?” you asked as you pushed his chin up to close his mouth.

“Y/N? Wow, you look so different and older and taller and prettier. Would you like to come inside?” he babbled as he held the door open. You walked inside and gave him a small smile. “Obviously I look older, it’s been nearly 7 years since I last saw you!” you laughed as Seth walked you towards the living room.

He stammered, “So would you like something to drink. Maybe orange juice, or coca cola? Or would you prefer food, I can make you some toast if you’d like.” He stood expectantly in front of you as he wringed his hands. “Just water is fine please,” you smiled as you turned towards the TV where SpongeBob seemed to be playing. You heard a high voice yell Seth’ s name and heard the sound of feet banging on the stairs.

“Seth, where are you?” shouted Leah. Her voice had always been distinctive.

“In the kitchen,” replied Seth. For about 30 seconds, there was silence. Then you heard Leah yell “You imprinted on Y/N?!” and the sound of glass breaking.

Dating Seth Clearwater would involve...

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-Him being really embarrassed to talk to you at first

-All of his pack being ecstatic to meet you

-Him imprinting on you and not being able to get you off his mind

-Him constantly offering to carry your bag in school

-Using him as a heater during the winter months

-“Stop cheating at this game!” “It’s not my fault I’m so good at Mario Kart.”

-Helping him to deal with the loss of his father

-Accepting the fact that he’s a shape-shifter without any qualms

-“But are you really a shape-shifter if you can only become a wolf?”

-Buying each other loads of presents for your birthdays and anniversaries

-Riding through the forest on his back

-“Stop kissing on the sofa” “Stop watching us kiss then, Leah”

-Making him promise to not put himself into too much danger

-“Wait, does this mean the rest of your friends will know about everything we do?”

-Random hugs from behind and kisses on the forehead

-“I got you a chocolate because you seemed a little upset yesterday”

-Sending notes in class which the teacher always manages to read

-Being an adorable couple!