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Guess who finally revamped his SoundCloud? This dude. All of my original stuff is on there now, including everything from Trial&Error and the recent Homestuck pieces I’ve been doing. Haven’t added references yet but I’ll do that soon. 

Anyway here’s by far the longest original piece I’ve done.

As I say a lot, Grimbark Jade has waaay too few songs, even with Tensei’s Heel Girl and WMM’s Grimbark. So here’s a theme for Grimbark Jade, in all her furry glory. 

References Dissension by David Ko, English by Toby Fox, and Courser by Seth “Beatfox” Peelle and Alexander Rosetti.

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Finally managed to do a full Sunsetter/slammer tribute!

Arrangement of:

Songs belong to their artists and/or What Pumpkin. Sunsetter by Toby Fox, Sunslammer by Seth “Beatfox” Peelle.