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So it’s almost been a whole year since I first ever heard of the avett brothers. I’m a huge fan of jimmy fallon and regularly watch his show (which I have to get up at 4:30am for to watch due to my location 🇬🇧) and luckily I was watching the show when this incredible band was on. At this point they were not my style of music particularly and I hardly ever watch the performances at the end unless it’s someone I specifically like. But ever since I stayed to watch Scott, Seth, Bob, Joe, Tania, Mike and Paul absolutely KILL IT, I never miss a performance because I never know what I may find…

I didn’t think I’d ever make a FANBLOG about them, I never thought they’d come to London 2 months later and I’d get to see a show and I never thought I’d have fallen in love with them as much as I do.

I love hearing stories about how people/lifelong fans first fell in love with the avett brothers and I’m so glad I get to say it was because of Jimmy Fallon; a man truly close to my heart who has helped me through the darkest days.

I have been blessed with the most true, pure talent of the avett brothers and I am so pleased to be part of their journey (even though I have years to catch up on, I’m getting there ☺️)

They are the best and my views on music have changed drastically in the past year. This is thanks to these guys. And I hope they come back to London soon so I can see them and actually be able to sing along to their songs (last time I’d only heard of them two months before and had only heard True Sadness and The Carpenter albums lol)