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All I Ever Needed

Paul Lahote Imagine

Paul x Reader

Prompt: A good old opposite’s attract story.

Word Count: 1,071

Authors’s Note: This is pretty messy because I really needed something to be up- so here it is. Sorry for not posting been so busyyyyy. Lovessss xx

Warning: None

You went to the same school as the pack, you had easily became friends with Seth and that had drawn you to La Push. You were timid and shy, only speaking when spoken too and were use to keeping thoughts to yourself. People thought that you were so cute and innocent, a lot of people becoming protective of you.

One night you were invited to one of the campfires that the pack were doing. You easily gave in when Seth gave you puppy eyes and a little pout. “Cool! But uh wear something warm!” He said giving you a little cheeky smile before bouncing of to class.

Never in your life have you ever met Paul. You always heard Seth and Embry going on about him but you never questioned about it.

When you showed up, e/c eyes cast down your h/c hair covering your face as shifted from foot to foot. “Y/n! Seth told me you were coming.” You glanced up in surprise to see Embry who immediately wrapped you in a hug. You smiled up at him as Seth joined next to him,

“C’mon! The stories starting soon!” Seth chirped a massive smile on his face. You giggled when he grabbed you pulling you towards a log. “We’re just waiting for the others to show up.” Embry sat next to you, food somehow in his hand.

“What’s the story about?” You asked softly as you watched the fire, returning your eyes to Seth.

“Well it’s a legend between our tribe. Saying that we are descended form wolves.” Seth said, watching your face. You raised your eyebrows curious about it. He flicked your nose, “No spoilers for you.” You giggled rolling your eyes.

The sound of crunching leaves alerted you, you looked up to see a group of boys, with no tops on coming out the woods. A blush was on your face as you hid behind Seth’s arm. Embry noticed, as did Seth and started to giggle at your shy state. 

“Don’t worry. They won’t bite.” Embry teased lowly to you. All you did was poke out your tongue. As your e/c eyes wandered back to them, they were shoving each other until your eyes landed on a pair of brown ones.

Paul was surprised to see a girl seated between Seth and Embry. He could obviously see how shy you were, just by they way you tried to hide behind Seth. “Awe look. Someones got a girlfriend.” Jared teased beside Paul, immediately getting shoved by Paul. Paul looked back up only to lock eyes with your pair of e/c eyes. He sucked in a breath, stepping back in surprise, eyes widening. 

His imprint

“Awe Paul has his imprint.” Jared teased shoving Paul forward who immediately shoved him back. “Quit it!”

Your eyes widen in surprise. There was a tug pulling at your heart. A tingly sensation coming over you as Seth and Embry watched you with knowing eyes.

Seth and Embry eyed each other and nodded. 

Months later you and Paul had grown closer. So close that he and the pack revealed their secret to you; shifters. It took a while for you to take complete hold of the situation but then on out- everything was good.

Everyone knew about you and Paul getting closer, everyone trying to warn you that he was no good. He’s a hot-headed, violent person and can hurt you easily. This was mostly from people at school and from a few of the pack members.

Again you heard it. Seth wanted to hang out but you were hanging out with Paul in the woods, “I’m sorry Seth… But we can hang out tomorrow?” Your voice was soft, you e/c eyes peering up at his brown pair that seemed a little bit hurt.

“N-no. T-that’s okay…” He walked away before you could say anything, a coat of guilt covered you and your heart started to throb.

You soon started to listen. Everyone was telling you to keep your distance, so you did. You even stopped going to La Push. Only hanging out with Seth, Leah and Embry. 

Guilt still ran through you, you hadn’t even warned Paul and that’s what made it worse. At school you had seen him get angered more easily, get into fights, all the while people were telling you had done the right thing. But it didn’t feel like it.

As you sat at your desk away from Paul who was staring you down, you placed in your earphones even though your phone was dead, just so it was a sign of, please don’t talk to me. A pair of girls sat beside you,

“Oh my gosh. Did you see Paul? How he beat up that poor boy?”

“Girl, yes! He’s fucking crazy.”

You glanced over at Paul who’s, fists were clenched. The girls tried to seem quite but he heard and you knew he did.

You couldn’t take it after hearing a certain comment, 

“Good Y/n leaving him.” Anger boiled in you when she said that.

Ripping out your headphones, slipping out your seat, you glared at the two girls who were shocked at your outbursts, everyone was. You weren’t like that. Always calm and collected. But they had pushed it.

Stomping towards Paul who also sported a shocked face, you grabbed it and smashed your lips against his. Everyone gasping in surprise.

He kissed back immediately, a smirk against your lips.”I’m sorry,” you muttered drawing back from him, “about everything I put you through. That I listened to what they all said…”

Instead of saying anything else, he dragged you out the room, grabbing your bag in the process, as soon as you both were hidden in the woods. He turned to you and picked you up into a kiss. 

Sweet and long with so much want.

“I missed you. God I fucking missed you.” He sighed, nuzzling your cheek.

Wrapped into each others warmth you realized something, “Paul my grades! Paul the rumors!” You panicked bouncing in his arms. He groaned as you tried to climb out his grip.

“I thought we were having a moment!”

“I thought I wanted a good school history!”

“It’s just one period!” He whined. You shifted to look at him with a pout. A roll of his eyes, “fine. But you owe me a lot of time.” A smirking plastering his face, sending a wink to you. “Lucky for you…It’s Friday.”

🌳 What are THRESHOLDS? 🌳

Thresholds are border areas where one force, power, or element encounters another. These meeting areas are potentially the most highly magically charged of all. Thresholds exist everywhere: the seashore, that transitional area where ocean meets land; the foot of mountains, where land begins to rise; and caves, the subterranean thresholds between Earth’s outer and inner powers. There are architectural thresholds: doors and windows. There are thresholds in time: twilight and dawn, where an incoming power approaches before the out-going power has completely dispersed. Life cycles are thresholds: the birth of a new baby, particularly a first child whose birth transforms someone into a parent. Death is a threshold between one existence and the next. Someone who lingers in a halflife is described as having a foot in both worlds, straddling the threshold. Any transformative ritual is defined as a threshold, by virtue of its very capacity to transform. There are thresholds on the body: the mouth is the threshold between thought and speech. Thresholds are simultaneously the areas of greatest magical potential and also of extreme vulnerability. A vast percentage of protective amulets, rituals, and spells are designed to guard thresholds and the transformative process. In fact, every magic spell can be perceived as a transformative threshold, from a past that has left something to be desired toward the future that the spell hopefully produces. Most thresholds consist of a simple boundary: with one foot you stand inside the house, with another you stand outside. If your feet are small enough and your balance is good, you can stand poised, neither inside, nor outside. With one foot you stand in the river or ocean, with the other, you stand on the land. The ancient Egyptians called their country “the land of the red and the black,” because there was a distinct division, a visible dividing line between the black fertile land of Nile silt and the stark red land of the desert. You could literally stand with one foot in each color. Each color also typified a different kind of magic and a different spiritual ruler. The black belonged to Osiris, with his arts of orderly civilization; red belonged to his brother Seth, anarchic, chaotic Lord of Magic. These are simple boundaries: you can hop from one to the other. There are also expanded, exponentially super-magically charged thresholds.


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“My son will be teaching us how to fight against these Newborns, as he and his sister have experience dealing with them.” Carlisle explained to the wolves. Edward spoke before Jasper could get a word out. “They want to know who Y/N is. They’ve never seen her before.” He translated for the wolves.

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Kingslayer (Seth x Reader)

A/N: Wrestler real name is Colby so I switch between the two names in this imagine. Also needed to write something for his great win.

  It was finally time. Seth Rollins was going up against Triple H and you couldn’t be happier. It was his time to shine at WrestleMania since he missed out last year. This whole knee injury was a nightmare come true it was causing Colby so much stress. It was making him miss out on all kind of events and it was breaking him. All you guys wanted was to see Seth Rollins back in action.

Colby was told weeks ago that he was able to get back in the ring but with the biggest show of the year coming back up he wasn’t going to risk it. WWE decided it was best for him to be held off of wrestling until the show, plus it also added to the Seth and Triple H freud if he couldn’t fight. So now you were here in the stadium waiting for the match to start.

“You excited?” Colby asked as walked out next to you waving his torch in his hand.

“I’ll be better if you stop waving that thing around” You stated taking a step back.

“Don’t worry Seth Rollins won’t let you get hurt, plus it’s not on fire yet babe” He said as he flick it back and forth into his hands. Seth was going to be a Kingslayer tonight or at least you hoped. Everyone knew how this match was going to end but you. Seth refused to tell you and made sure no one would since he wanted it to be a surprise

“I’m starting to wonder if you should change your name to Mr.Gold” You teased as you stare Seth down. His new gear wasn’t your favorite thing in the world. All gold with his symbol in the middle just wasn’t doing it for you. Seth face got serious and for a minute you thought he was mad until he took a step towards with a smirk on his face.

“Babe I’m a King, gold is my colour you should brow down to me” Seth pointed the torch at you as he spoke. You mockley browed down to him trying to hold in your laughter but you didn’t feel bad when you couldn’t. People all back stage were looking at you two admiring the loving couple in front of them.

“Seth you’re on in one” Someone shouted, Seth nodded his head and gave you a kissed before he made his was over to the opening of the stage.

“Good Luck Baby” You yelled just before he went out and all Seth could do was smile.

“YES” You screamed from backstage as Seth pinned Triple H for the count of three. He finally did it and you couldn’t be happier. You were jumping up and down while watching Seth on the TV his face was radinenting in happiness. He could finally be his own person again without Triple H always being on his back. Sure he had help Seth become who he was but it was time for them to part ways. You saw Seth walk back up the ramp taking in all of the cheers from the fans so you made your way over. As Seth appear you could only say one thing

“COLBY LOPEZ, HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL ME YOU WERE GOING TO WIN” You shouted as you marched your way over to where he stood. Colby looked around at the use of you shouting his real name. People were staring again but more in confused at your reaction.

“I ummm…” Seth started to say as he scratched his neck not expecting this but before he got a chance to finish you butted in.

“You loser, I’m so proud of you” You fell into his arms giving him the biggest hug ever. Colby wrapped his arms around you after he sigh of relief knowing that you weren’t actually mad at him.

“Sorry babe I love surprises” He said looking down at you. You didn’t care he was sweaty at this point you both would just get a shower after anyway.

“Ready to celebrate?” You cheered as you pulled away showing him your happiness.

“Here or in the bedroom?” He asked with a smirk on his face.

“Colby” You said smacking his chest. “Your such an idiot sometimes”

“Idiot that you love.” You rolled his eyes because you knew it was true. You watched Colby for the rest of the night being Seth. He was meeting fans and doing interviews on his big win. You couldn’t help but smile at the man you loved, he finally got what he wanted. His fans were happy and so was he. Everything was great now that Seth Rollins was a free man again

Late Night Drive

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Soft snores emitted from (Y/N)’s plump lips, her hair covering part of her face and her pillow covered in drool. She seemed restful and the faint smile on her face showed she was having nice dreams that she’d surely forget in the morning.

Her peaceful slumber was disturbed when a sound came from her window, quiet and almost inaudible until it echoed throughout the room again, over and over until the girl sat up quickly in a defensive stance. Her eyes were wide but still showed how tired she was, her hair was sticking up in several directions and a side of her face was moist with drool which she quickly wiped away with the sleeve of the sweater she was wearing—or more precisely, her boyfriend, Justin’s sweater.

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