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I can’t believe we are at this point right now. Simply, thank you to this beautiful show and everyone that has continued honoring its legacy. May this gem of a story continue to shine.

August 5, 2003-February 22, 2007

Tangerine Express (Stone)

Brewery : Stone
Beer : Tangerine Express
Style : IPA / India Pale Ale
Variance : Packed with Whole Tangerine Puree and a Hint of Whole Pineapple

9 / 10

Please, don’t confuse this beer with Pineapple Express, the movie in which Danny McBride was the only good part of because this beer is on a whole other level than that movie. Also, this beer is not going to shove a James Franco and Seth Rogan bromance in your face which was funny to start and now seems way over done, but instead this is just going to swoon your taste buds with it’s incredible flavors. This is the newest beer in Stone’s year round releases and thank goodness it isn’t seasonal because I don’t think I could go more than a few weeks without drinking this again. At this point I think it’s safe to say that Stone is the master of the hop and every IPA they put out just gets better and better and this beer is no exception to that rule. A fantastic bitter hop wave starts this off wiping out your tongue like it was 2010 in Sumatra before some tangerine flavor mixes in with other citrus hops to lighten up the flavor while also keeping the intense bitterness before some sweetness creeps in with some more fruit and oniony floral hops to wrap things up. I wish there was an express train directly to Escondido, California so I could visit Stone whenever I wanted because with beers like this and Ripper coming out, I need to make sure I’m ahead of these releases and tasting them at the source. If you are an experienced IPA drinker or a lover of those little bundles of joy known as humulus lupus make sure you pick this beer up because even though it has some delicious fruity additions, this does not shy away from the style and delivers completely. As for you newbies, this is probably going to be a bit too much for your weak ass mouths but make sure you keep this on your radar because you’re going to want to come back to this ASAP. Enjoy!!

Written by: Steve B.