Little Bumps

WWE Imagine

Requested: Seth x Reader- You and Seth are best friends, you end up fucking like animals in the hotel room, 3 moths later you tell Seth you’re pregnant and have sweet love making sex for the first time.

Word count: 2385
Warnings: smut, language feels overload
Author’s notes:  I loved writing this one, super awesome thank you for the request!

 As you wait outside his locker room, you sit on the cool, hard metal of a folding chair, your mind wondering back to what got you in this situation to start with.

   You had been out drinking with a couple of the other wrestlers, and your best friend Seth. You ended up in a club downtown, drinking and dancing. You and a couple of the other Diva’s decided to get out on the floor an dance after a couple rounds of shots, and so, you reluctantly followed them onto the floor, and after a moment of awkward movement, found your rhythm and swayed with the changing beat, your hips moving in slow circles as you raise your hands over your head.

  You smile as Seth wraps his arms around you from behind, pressing you into his familiar body.

“Hey there.” You purr, your rear pressing into his crotch as you dip low, then shimmy back up, raising your hand and dropping it back to his neck, his facial hair tickling your neck as he leans in to speak into your ear, his breath hot and heavy as he speaks.

 “Jesus, Hey.” the words tickle your ear as his teeth graze your lobe, his hands pressing into your stomach, just over your mound, pushing you further still back into him.

You blush as your friends giggle tipsly behind you, following their dates off the floor to the bar. You continue to dance with Seth, your body’s pressing and melding together perfectly. With every brush of exposed skin you felt your body light up, desire pooling between your legs.

  “How about we get out of here?” He asked huskily, his dark eyes hooded by lose strains of chocolate brown locks that had fallen from his bun.

 “Let’s get one more drink.” You say, leading him off the floor as you head straight for the bar.

You shiver as your memory blurs a little, you had ended up having a few more than just one more drink, and the night from there was a little fuzzy.

 You remember walking into his hotel room, and him pressing you into the wall as soon as the door closed, how his hands tore the fabric of you dress, greedy and full of need as he explored every inch of your body, his eyes never leaving your face as he asked permission.

 “Y/N, I want you, hard, now, please?” He purred, his fingers sliding easy under the fabric of your lace panties, his rough digits massaging your sensitive bud perfectly for a moment, sending waves of pleasure through you, settling at the apex of your thighs.

Suddenly, his hand was gone, leaving you wanting. “Seth! No, no please, please I need you!” You begged, writhing between him and the wall, your mouth finding his urgently.

“Say yes?” He growled, his now bare knee pressing between your legs, pressing against your now soaked mound as he speaks, dropping his shirt on the ground after yanking it over his head, exposing his perfectly sculpted chest, and thin line of dark hair running from his chest all the way to his boxers, disappearing under the elastic line of the waist.

  “Yes, Yes, please.” You moan as he spins you dropping you to back onto the bed and flipping you over, your ass exposed as he pulls your hips back so you’re positioned in front of him.

 You remember the sting of his hand as he let it come down hard on your ass, sending little waves of tingling pleasure to your dripping cunt.

You weren’t sure when his cloths had finally come off, and at the time it didn’t really matter, you wanted him, needed him.

The night fades a little, and you recall his voice soft but strong in your ear as he finally pushed into you, how he filled you, how his hands felt on your hips a he gripped you hard, slamming into you, his hand coming up to wrap around your hair, yanking you back into him.

 “Who’s my good little slut? Who loves this huge cock slamming into their soaked fucking cunt?” He had growled, his teeth latching onto your ear as his other hand grips your throat hard, making you whimper out a moan.

 After that you cant recall a lot, you remember him pushing into you as he finished, how he held you after.

When you woke the next morning Seth was still asleep, snoring slightly. You had snuck out, collecting all your things and getting dressed in what you could find of your cloths quickly. You tried to act normal that day when you seen him later, like nothing had happened. You were terrified that you had ruined your friendship. But he seemed to either be playing along, or he truly didn’t remember because everything went back to normal.

 Which lead you to where you sat today, four months later, pregnant and scared. After what seemed like a eternity you heard Seth come down the hall, his cheerful voice carrying down the hallway as he seen you, a smile on his face.

 “Y/N! Hey! What are you doing out here? Come on, I’m going to shower at the hotel, want to get out of here.” He laughed, taking you under his arm as he lead you through the hallway of the stadium, and to his car, opening the passenger door for you.

 The ride back to the hotel was a nearly silent one as you shifted uncomfortably in your seat while Seth sung along with some song on the radio talking about heathens.

 As you walked into the hotel room after Seth, you finally cracked, throwing your things down on the floor by his bed, starting him. Was he going to act like nothing happened from now on?

“What’s wrong Y/N?” He looked worried as he took a step towards you, dropping his bags next to yours.

“Well Seth, I’m really confused.” Your voice raises a octave as you throw your hand in the hair, letting them fall loudly back to your exposed thigh, your dress had ridden up, to just about mid thigh.

“Well that makes two of us, I thought we were fine, more than fine, what’s gong on with you lately with you Y/N?” He matches your tone.

“Well, Seth, what’s going on is we had a drunken fling and you haven’t so much as mentioned it! You’ve pretended it never happened!” You yell, stepping forward so you’re nearly pressed into him.

“Oh no you don’t! You arent blaming that on me Y/N! I woke up to a empty hotel room and a pair of lace panties shoved in my pocket! That was your choice! You could have stayed!” He growls, his dark eyes gleaming.
 You had never thought about that. Tears well in your eyes. This was so much to deal with, and the major issue wasn’t even out on the table yet. You take a deep, shaky breath, trying to calm yourself.

 “Y/N, I’m sorry I yelled ok, I just, I was upset that you left without saying anthin-” You cut him off before he can finish In a breathy terrified voice.

“Seth I’m pregnant.” The words come out in a rush, threatening to suffocate you as they claw up your throat.

“What?” Seth’s face drops to a dead stare, his eyes dropping from yours to your hands, which were wrapped protectively over your mid-section.

“Are you, are you sure?” He asks, his eyes slowly coming back up to meet yours. You stare at him a moment, and then giggle a little hysterically. You had asked the same question four months ago when your doctor read you the results of the test. You had looked at her in complete disbelief.

“4 tests and 5 doctors appointments. I’m-I’m pretty sure.” You finally manage, plopping down on the bed next to Seth. He sits beside you after a moment, the argument completely forgotten.

“Is-is it mine?” He asks quietly, almost so quite you didn’t hear it. “Yep. You’re the only guy I’ve even come close to sleeping with in the last year.” You sigh, dropping our face to your hands, finally sobbing.

 “Hey, Y/N, no! Don’t cry! W-We will work through this, I know it will be hard, but we will. If-If you want to.” He coos softly at you, his large hands pulling you up and into his arms, pressing you tightly into his chest. You did want to. You wanted it more than anything.

 “Seth…” You try, your voice cracking as you look up into his dark eyes, and suddenly his lips were on yours, his hands not gripping but cradling you, protectively.

“Seth.” This time your voice is different, need clear in your tone as you push his shirt up and over his head, his mouth still pressed softly to yours as he grips the hem of your dress, pulling it up and off you, dropping it into a pool of soft material at your feet.

“Y/N, I love you, I always have, we will work this out I promise.” He breaths softly against your mouth as he lowers you to the bed, his fingers trailing down your body, pulling your panties down your legs and off.

He stared down at you, a small but distinct bump formed on the lower of your abdomen. You sucked in a loud breath when Seth suddenly leaned down and pressed his lips to the exposed skin, then moved back up your body to press the same tinder kiss on your lips.

 “Seth, I want you. I love you too.” You whisper, bringing your hands up to his neck, pulling him back down to your mouth, tongues intertwining as you groan softly into his parted lips, his bulge biting into your hip as you grind up into him.

 “Fuck Y/N. I’ve dreamed of this every single night since the first time, having you again, being buried in you, hearing you moan and pant out my name as I make love to you.” He purrs, his lips pressing into the base of your neck as and his fingers tracing the line of your bra, his expert fingers hooking the strap and unhooking it, pulling it off your shoulders slowly, taking each of your nipples in his mouth in turn, sucking gently, and working his ay down your body he slides between your legs.

 “Jesus Y/N, you’re already soaked.” He growls, blowing on your dripping mound softly, running his finger gently between your folds, pushing into you, and pulsing his fingers, curling them slowly inside you, making you whimper.

“Please Seth I need you.” You beg as his tongue flicks over your sensitive knob, making you arch your back off the bed, your fingers wrapping into his hair, pressing him into your core as he continues to lap at your mound, sending sharp sensations of pleasure through your body.

  “Seth, I’m, I’m going to c-cum!” You cry out, your fingers tightening in his hair as your orgasm ashes over you, your body shaking.

 “You taste so good. I need you, now.” He growls as he climbs over your body, pulling your knee up with him, and resting it on his hip as he lines himself up with you.

 You moan as he runs the head of his cock from your dripping core up to your clit, and then back down several times, teasing you as he nips at your neck, your hands still in his hair.

“Seth please, I need you, please?” You beg, pressing yourself up against him, trying to push him into you.

“I know you do baby, I know you do.” He purrs in your ear as he pushes all the way to the hilt into you, taking your breath away. He slowly rolls his hips and pulls almost all the way out, then pushes back in, repeating this slow torture over an over as tension builds in your stomach, aching for release.

 Seth groans as he picks up his pace, his hands resting on either side of your head, weight on his elbows. He bows his head to kiss you, and you take that moment to pull him in deep, then roll so you’re on top of him, his cock still buried deep in your pussy.

 “Fuuuck Y/N. That’s perfect, right there!” He moans out as you begin to bounce on him, bringing his large hands up to cup your breasts as you ride him. He rolls the hardened peaks of your nipples in between his forefinger and his thumb, pinching them slightly, making you wail out his name as you rise and fall on his cock, his hips raising to meet yours as you pick up the pace, a loud slapping sound reverberating though the room.

 “Y/N, I’m going to cum! Oh shit, please don’t stop!” He growls low, pulling you down into his chest, dropping your knees to either side of him you adjust so that he is hammering into you from underneath you, your breasts crashing into his chest as he drills you, making you scream out his name, a second orgasm rocking through your body as rope after rope of hot cum fills you.

 “Jesus Christ Y/N.” He pants after a moment, you’re still draped over his chest, but you’ve positioned yourself so that just your upper body is pressed against his. You sigh contently, waves of pleasure still rolling over you.

“You’re, you’re really pregnant then?…Is..Is it weird that I’m kind of already excited to hold it? I know it will be perfect if it looks even a little like you.” He says shyly after a moment, peeking down at you from under long lashes.

Love swells in your chest, and flutters in your tummy. “No, I am too… and She will be beautiful.” You say quietly, eyes trained on his face.

“Wait, she?” He exclaims, a smile spreading across his face, his eyes lighting up like Christmas trees.


Stunning Faceless Mural by Seth Around the World

French muralist Julien Malland aka Seth (previously featured here) has traversed to the far corners of the world, leaving his faceless urban tapestries from China to New Zealand and beyond. Seth’s murals are symbolic of the unfinished stories and  forgotten identities of the memories they represent, and more so of the skin of the walls they adorn. Each building, location and street is deeply immersed with history, trauma and human interaction that has eroded with time. Seth’s art seeks to re-explore the emotional tales left untold at the scenes as his obscure figures watch reality unfold.

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(Requested by Anon)

“My son will be teaching us how to fight against these Newborns, as he and his sister have experience dealing with them.” Carlisle explained to the wolves. Edward spoke before Jasper could get a word out. “They want to know who Y/N is. They’ve never seen her before.” He translated for the wolves.

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A/N, Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me and for 500  followers. You’re all amazing <3

It had been about 7 years since you had last been at La Push. You had been about 9 at that age. Of course you could still remember most of the inhabitants like the Blacks and the Uleys but the one which wouldn’t leave your mind was the Clearwaters. It was the fact that you’d spent most of your childhood with Leah and sometimes Seth. Despite the fact that Leah was older than you, the two of you always had fun playing games like football for hours.

Seth had been close to you too. When the two of you were together, trouble tended to follow. You were always up to something. However, the two of you would be found arguing often too. Sometimes there would be weeks where you would refuse to talk to each other because “they took my toy without asking!” Essentially, you were found with one of the Clearwaters.

When you had moved away, you had been only really been upset to leave them. You did occasionally talk to them on the phone or try to send them letters but after a while these occurrences became less and less often.

If you were honest, you were terrified to go back. Your parents had persuaded you to go down to the Clearwater’s to say hi. You weren’t sure if they even knew that you had come back but you made your way to their house and hoped that they hadn’t moved.

You rapped on the door and heard some yelling before it opened. “Jacob, you’re kind of earl-” began the boy you knew to be Seth. He paused, staring at you with a gaping mouth.

“Hey, Seth. How’s it going?” you asked as you pushed his chin up to close his mouth.

“Y/N? Wow, you look so different and older and taller and prettier. Would you like to come inside?” he babbled as he held the door open. You walked inside and gave him a small smile. “Obviously I look older, it’s been nearly 7 years since I last saw you!” you laughed as Seth walked you towards the living room.

He stammered, “So would you like something to drink. Maybe orange juice, or coca cola? Or would you prefer food, I can make you some toast if you’d like.” He stood expectantly in front of you as he wringed his hands. “Just water is fine please,” you smiled as you turned towards the TV where SpongeBob seemed to be playing. You heard a high voice yell Seth’ s name and heard the sound of feet banging on the stairs.

“Seth, where are you?” shouted Leah. Her voice had always been distinctive.

“In the kitchen,” replied Seth. For about 30 seconds, there was silence. Then you heard Leah yell “You imprinted on Y/N?!” and the sound of glass breaking.