Stunning Faceless Mural by Seth Around the World

French muralist Julien Malland aka Seth (previously featured here) has traversed to the far corners of the world, leaving his faceless urban tapestries from China to New Zealand and beyond. Seth’s murals are symbolic of the unfinished stories and  forgotten identities of the memories they represent, and more so of the skin of the walls they adorn. Each building, location and street is deeply immersed with history, trauma and human interaction that has eroded with time. Seth’s art seeks to re-explore the emotional tales left untold at the scenes as his obscure figures watch reality unfold.

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(Requested by Anon)

“My son will be teaching us how to fight against these Newborns, as he and his sister have experience dealing with them.” Carlisle explained to the wolves. Edward spoke before Jasper could get a word out. “They want to know who Y/N is. They’ve never seen her before.” He translated for the wolves.

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