setgo asked:

i adore your blog already. this kind of brightness and beauty and polish just shines through in everything. love it.

Thanks lovely, you’re too kind!! 

Day Seventy-Two: Setgo Transport Bag

Details:  This is the ultimate urban bag. The efficiently cut shape and strategically placed pockets provide maximum convenience and ample storage for your gear. Perfect fit for an iPad mini or Kindle. “More a bandolier than a bag, Setgo’s Transport is ideal for those with a surplus of gadgets who need easy access without the bulk; it features two external and two internal pockets. “

  • Albeit an unorthodox review you can get detailed measurements of every pocket at: (beware the rabbit hole)
  • Excellent condition, rarely used
  • Two quick access pockets for cell/blackberry/ipod
  • Inside zipup packet for cash/other valuables
  • Inside Metro Card Pocket
  • Three Internal Gear Packets
  • Large External Pocket for Magazine/Papers
  • Retailed for $80.00 US
  • Non-Smoking Home

History:  Ahh another one of my husband’s bags and this one I kind of feel bad about selling cause I feel he could actually use it although he assures me that it “is a great bag, a great concept, but he doesn’t walk around anymore and it doesn’t fill his needs”. Now if you have been following my posts you know my husband has a bit of a bag obsession and he is endlessly finding bags he needs, likes, and are way out of our price range. He owns a wide variety of ones that will absolutely be the bag to solve all his problems and like this bag it is used less than a handful of times and is then lovingly hung up and forgotten. All that being said I actually think this is one he is going to be sad to part with but he assures me he won’t and I had no luck selling my bags so what the hell here we go.