just accept the reality that your fave is never going to have a redemption arc as perfectly written as prince zuko’s


Who is it that Bbong Ssuni is saving?
A prince that lives alone in a castle.

What if they are secretly annoyed by me?
I honestly am so annoying. What if they think I only want attention? Maybe they are right. I don’t know what I want. There are so many people who are feeling worse than me. I am only wasting everyone’s time. Always. Other people need help. I probably don’t. I should just pull myself together and figure things out by myself. Without being a useless burden.

Fitness is not about how many crunches you do or what number shows up on the scale. It is not even about fitting into smaller clothes sizes. It should be about gaining back your confidence and belief that you can do anything you set your mind to. Fitness should be about getting stronger, both physically and mentally. It is about learning to get back to work after setbacks, failures, and times of inactivity. Learn to accept and love obstacles on your way and you will find the true meaning of fitness.

Things that can Destroy your Motivation

1. Not having goals. You can’t reach your goals if you don’t know what they are.

2. Choosing goals that don’t inspire you. You won’t be able to keep on going if the prize at the end doesn’t really matter to you.

3. Expecting immediate results. Anything worthwhile is a battle and a struggle. It takes times and effort to bring about a change.

4. Lack of support. We all need someone to believe in us and to be our cheerleader when we start to feel discouraged.

5. Not believing in yourself. As Henry Ford so wisely said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

6. Feeling bored. Most success involves a lot of humdrum work, and repeatedly doing the same kind of stuff. But each day brings you closer to achieving what you want.

7. Inaction and laziness. You have to work the plan before the plan will work … and dreams are only dream till you turn your thoughts to actions. Also, it’s crucially important that you manage your time well, and you don’t get distracted or procrastinate.

8. Being around negative people. There are plenty of people who only see the flaws, and whose eyes are on the problems, and the absence of solutions. If you hang out with them, you will lose your zest and passion, and your positive outlook will soon be undermined.

9. Comparing yourself to others. We each are individuals, and we start from different places; we all face our challenges, and work at different rates. Remember “it’s your journey”. Be patient with yourself.

10. Encountering setbacks. No matter how great your plans, or your level of commitment, you’re bound to face some setbacks and encounter obstacles. That’s a normal part of growth – just keep going when life’s tough.

Dear future wife…

I been trying to figure out a way to write these words for like the past 5 years now. I think it’s because that’s when I turned 21, when things were fun for my peers but I was consciously dreaming on how to spend my life with you explicitly. I’ve been extremely patient while battling temptation from a world that tells me “fuck a wife” and “it’s cool to have a grip of girls” — yet I’ve still been roaming the ocean just to prove why waiting for you was worth my world. I can’t tell you how many nights I stayed up visualizing a life, one where I’d never leave your side. Can you imagine how many pieces of paper I balled up out of frustration because I thought I met you in someone else only to give my all, then end up back by myself.

See when you finally look into my eyes, I want you to know that I was the walking definition of persistence. No matter how many times I was told “just fuck these hoes” I resisted. Because I couldn’t imaging myself trading in a night for what’s missing. When you look at me I want you to see the queen within yourself that reflects from my pupils but penetrate your soul. A sight that magnifies your queendom, so if your love were particles and I was blind I could still see them.

You have no idea how many times in my mind you said, “I do” without me even meeting you.

This is beyond fate or a first date. My soul is so entangled in your spirit that even from heaven I can feel it. I need you to know that the last love I believed to be you stabbed me so intensely that life wasn’t worth living. However, your hand touched my faced and it was in that feeling that I found hope. The journey for you became my solace to exist, my reason to persist, my will to resist, my heart to risk.

Never forget I risked it all for you before you knew I risked it.

So no matter where you are in the universe, I’ll find you. No matter how long it takes, I’ll search for you. The reason why is because I can feel you too. You’re searching for me and you’re dealing with heartbreak, fake love, regrets, and setbacks. Once I find you, I’ll set back your setbacks. I’ll make you fall in love so deeply you’ll forget those regrets. Any fake love you’ve experienced will become realer than any HD romantic film you’ve experienced.

On that day you take my hand in marriage I’ll smile and say, “We’re married.” I’ll remind you that your love was always mine to carry. That the men you’ve experienced in your past was exactly what the universe needed you to experience to be the women you are now. I’ll kiss your forehead a million times, to make a million rhymes; you’ll lay next to me and I’ll write you a million lines on this same sheet of paper.

The love I give you as your Prince Charming will become realer than your reality. You’ll never need love as a supplement. Your smile will shine the darkest of days. Your aura will shine the darkest of ways. The love we create when we have children will validate every word I say. I’ll love you like the seeds you grow for 9 months, as if it were a 100 years and we were old and gray. I still hold your hand each and every day.

I don’t know when I’ll find you but I know when I do every single minute will be worth the lifetime you deserved to have me there while I desperately searched this desert.
Believe me when I say on that day we’ll be in love forever…

My future wife.

push yourself to do the hard yards. if we always listened to that sneaky part of ourselves, humans never would’ve achieved anything. stay up a little later, wake up a little earlier, turn on that website blocker a little longer and always remember that success is something you need to work for every single day, no matter how you feel or how many people tell you that you can’t do it, even if one of those people is yourself. no one is guaranteed to stay in your life, not even the people you think will be with you forever (especially those people), so how about you set up your life instead of wasting it away focusing on other people. and always remember that setbacks are a given, but you’ve gotta get out of there, for your own sake. 

Bad day yesterday, mitigation today

So, yesterday sucked.  It was busy at work.  I was hungry and pissed off.  I raided the candy drawer and ate 3 servings of junk food! (Going by the serving size on the bag of mini candy bars)

Originally posted by itadakimasu-letmeeat

Obviously this is not ideal.  But I was pissed off, and I figured I’d blown it anyway, so why not just eat ALL THE DAMN THINGS, and besides, I was having a bad day so I wanted something sweet. 

Today, I’ve tried my best to mitigate that.  I brought a buttload of fruit to work, and it’s right on my desk.  I also brought almonds, so I can eat them with the fruit and stay full.  And on top of that, I brought tea, a kind of tea that doesn’t go well with chocolate (it’s lemon ginger).

Still, I’ve been kind of predisposed to bad moods lately.  I blame pain.  I feel like it’s unfair that I keep gaining weight (5 lbs. in the past month), even though I walk and swim and I don’t drink pop and I rarely eat fast food.  I know for a fact that it’s unfair that I have chronic pain…but that’s what I’m stuck with, and it’s only one crappy little part of an otherwise awesome life, so it’s time to focus on working around it.  

Tomorrow, I get my steroid shot.  (YAAAASS)  My neck might feel better!  I might be able to lift again!  I’ll definitely still be able to walk, whether I feel better or not!  And I’ll have four days off, so that’s four days of having a little more control over what and when I eat.

as someone with a lot of experience with abuse and predatory people, this apology is a scam

a 26 year old adult asking an 18 year old for sexual favors doesn’t “become” insidious. it’s insidious from the start because nick designed the situation that way. he’s a sexual predator, full stop, and he feels no remorse over what he’s done. he doesn’t even feel remorse about being caught

he’s been inconvenienced. nothing more, nothing less. it’s a setback for him that the work he’s put in ingratiating himself to polygon has unraveled. and now he’s doing what he can to build that base of power back up

do not take this to heart. tread lightly and please, for the love of god, stay as far away from this man as physically possible


Eric Kripke on “Dream a Little Dream of Me”
SPN 3.10 DVD extra + S4 Gag Reel for the Jason costume

How to Find your Purpose

1. Take time to ponder the questions “What really matters in life; what do I want to have achieved when I look back over my life?”

2. Make time for solitude and silence. Filling every minute makes it hard to listen to our intuition, or that inner guiding voice.

3. Seek out people who inspire you – and then learn from them. There are many people who live inspiring lives. We can learn from their experience, and what they have to share.

4. Consciously monitor your progress. It is easy to slip back into unproductive habits. Hence, we need to be committed to sticking to our plan.

5. Accept that struggles and setbacks will be part of your experience. There will be times when you are tempted to give up and stop trying … but choosing to keep going will lead you to your dreams.