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I just saw this video.. They’re the hottest and sexiest OT3 for me. SeKaiTao / SeTaoKai / TaoSekai or whatever you call them. Lol.

Short Analysis: TaoKai moment. *Q* Tao’s hand on Kai’s back while they’re talking. Then there’s Sehun glancing at Tao’s hand. I smell jealousy there, hunhun. *coughs* TAOHUN.

At the last part, Sehun’s hand is sooooo close to Tao’s! And he shakes it like he wants to hold it so baaad. Ha-ha. Poor hunhun. O u O

So random. I just want to share thoughts. /runs

Sehun and His Instagram (11 August 2014)

Out of 79 photos…

with Cony: 1 photo

with Chen: 1 photo

with Xiumin: 1 photo

with Stylists: 3 photos

with Chanyeol: 3 photos

with Suho/ Suho alone: 4 photos

with Luhan: 4 photos  

with Donghae: 4 photos

with Kai: 5 photos

with Tao: 12 photos

Sehun with himself: 31 photos

Conclusion: Sehun ships maknae line. 




  • insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible: Among the three of them it’s Tao. Sekai always get really to into their dancing and sometimes Tao wings it and makes a fool of himself to make them laugh.
  • likes to watch reality tv: All of them; but only when they’re all together and they can make fun of how ridiculous some of the shows are. If they can’t do that then they have no interest in it at all.
  • refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone: Tao. Sekai always tell him to at least put some decent shorts on, but after a while they give up and just accept it.
  • is the jealous / protective one: It’s a tie between Tao and Sehun~ They love each other of course, but their shared love of Jongin makes him their top priority. If something were to ever happen to him they would feel incomplete.
  • goes all out on the holidays: Tao! Sekai are mostly indifferent, but Tao won’t let them get away with not having a tree during christmas time or chocolates on valentines at least.
  • cries over books: No one. Even among the three of them they hardly ever pick up a book, let alone get invested in one enough to cry. When they’re bored there’s always movies to watch or video games to play.
  • is terrible with kids: All of them. When they’re on their own they can usually handle it, but when they’re together they’re an unorganized mess and kids know it.
  • drinks too much caffeine: No one~ Sure they drink soda when they have pizza and chips, but other than that they’re surprisingly good about not drinking too many caffeinated beverages.
  • could sleep for twenty-four hours straight: Jongin; and puppy eyes would be all it would take to convince Sehun or Tao, or even both of them, to join him.
  • never wears matching socks: Sehun. Sometimes he only ever wears one sock and he’s the total middle ground to Taokai: Jongin doesn’t wear socks and Tao always wears matching ones.
  • punches a tree when they’re angry: Probably Sehun; Taokai would comment on it though and Sehun would never live down the day he punched a tree.
  • gets scared by the toaster: Jongin. Sometimes Taohun set the toaster with no bread in it just too see Jongin jump when it pops up.

Susoo here!

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Setaokai SFW: 12,13,14 NSFW: 5,10,13

12. Can they stand silence? Who talks the most? Who talks the least? They can stand silence, but that doesn’t mean there’s ever a lot of it. Between the three of them they usually always have something to talk or laugh about, and in the odd chance they don’t, the silence is usually filled with a movie, music, or video games. The only time it’s ever truly quiet is cuddle time. Tao is easily the one who talks the most, always eager to talk to one or both of the others, getting into playful arguments or saying lovey-dovey things to fluster or annoy them depending on their mood. Jongin is probably the one who talks the least, often just listening to Tao and Sehun converse and only replying if he’s asked directly.

13. Who stays up late? Who sleeps the most? Does the other have to force them to sleep/wake up? It hardly needs to be said that Jongin is the one who sleeps the most among the three of them. As for staying up late, most often would be Tao. Unlike Jongin and Sehun, Tao takes a while to fall asleep, so he often lays awake a while after the others have fallen asleep. Despite this, he’s still the first one awake in the morning. It’s kind of his job to wake Sehun up so in turn the two of them can wake Jongin up and get him out of bed. Jongin of course uses all of his cards; pouting, whining, anything to get him a few more minutes of sleep before Sehun and Tao literally have to drag him out of bed.

14. Who is the highest maintenance? Does the other mind? If they’re all honest, they all have things they’re known to do, want, or need that would classify them as ‘high maintenance’. But out of the three of them it’s Jongin. If Jongin isn’t given enough attention over a certain amount of time he begins to feel like he’s no longer wanted. He doesn’t mean to feel that way and he tries his best not to, he always knows that he’s loved, but it’s just something he can’t help. Tao and Sehun are very aware of this though and smother Jongin with as much affection as they can so he never has to feel that way.

5. Favourite positions? Spitroast, in any and all of its forms, and any other position with Jongin in the middle where Tao and Sehun can both have at him but still also have at each other if they want~

10. First to orgasm? Last to orgasm? Who comes the most? Does someone ever end up unfinished? It all depends on who’s putting their attention on who. However, with Jongin usually in the middle, when Tao and Sehun are both making him feel good it’s hard not to be the first one to come. If it’s a contest as to who can hold out the longest, it’s Tao. Most of the time he and Sehun reach their peaks at close to the same time, but if they’re seeing who can fight the need to orgasm on will power alone it’s Tao. As for who comes the most out of the three it’s Jongin. For the same reason he usually orgasms first, he just can’t hold out with Tao and Sehun ganging up on him. The only time one of them would end up unfinished is if the other two want it that way as a form of punishment or even just to see how needy and desperate they can make the one on the edge.

13. Who’s loud? Who’s quiet? Does one try to make the other louder/quieter? How? Surprisingly they’re all on pretty much the same noise level. Depending on who’s making noise, the other two tend to wait and listen before making noises of their own, it’s an odd vocal rhythm. Out of the three of them though, Sehun is probably the quietest while Tao and Jongin are just a little bit louder in their own ways. As such, Tao and Jongin are the ones who team up on Sehun to get him to be louder and more vocal~

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Setaokai !!!!

The umbrella, when it rains: They have a system. They own one umbrella and one raincoat, so they play rock paper scissors. First place gets to stand under the umbrella, second place gets to hold the umbrella, and third place gets the raincoat.

The popcorn at the cinema: They each get their own! If they didn’t all hell would break loose with the three of them trying to eat out of one bag.

The baby, when it cries: All of them do pretty equally~ Sometimes the baby wants to be held by one of them in particular so they have to pass the baby around until they get it right.

The ice cream cone, when they share: Again, they each get their own. One ice cream cone is not enough for three boys who love to snack.

The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie: They put it on the coffee table because if they don’t it gets lost. That, and movie watching sometimes turns into pillow fights or throwing chips at each other.

The basket, when they go shopping: They don’t use a basket because they need a cart all the time. Tao and Sehun fight over who gets to steer it while Jongin chucks stuff in.

The door, on dates: Whoever happens to get to the door first, they don’t really think about it much.

The other’s hand, most often: They all hold hands a lot! Tao is usually the one who initiates all the hand holding though~

Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day: None. They understand that the three of them getting married is not exactly possible; and even if it was they probably still wouldn’t do it because it would be too weird. They’re pretty content just being together as they are~

The camera, when they take pictures together: Zitao~ He loves taking pictures with his boys~