I was rereading some magi recent chapters, and something caught my attention. So while Aladdin was talking about Alibaba:

then he said:

I was like, look at how amazing this magi is and how much he loves his king to the point that he doesn’t mind lying just to praise him in front of others, because if you look back in the manga, you will find reality is totally the opposite:

animemeanseverything  asked:

Hai! May I ask a scenario of Kouha reacting to his very small s/o being patronized for her height? Thanks!!

Yay more Kouha love! (ㅅ^᎑^)

If the third prince had anyone he would say really made him happy, it was (y/n). She was only about 146cm and he thought it was incredibly cute. Of course, Kouha was the only one allowed to point out her height to her, but he didn’t do it much after finding out she was insecure about her short stature. When he came across her and one of the servants, she kept looking at the floor and said nothing. Kouha entered the room without saying anything and listened for a moment. “You’re too short to be doing things like that! You can’t be of much use as a servant because we have to be able to reach everything. Why are you stil hanging around this place, we can’t put someone so small to work. You’re no use to the princes with your height either, you wouldn’t make a very good soldier. You’d get trampled by the others.”

Kouha cleared his throat and stepped in, pulling (y/n) to his side. “(Y/n) stays because I want her. She is my personal, and special, servant. She doesn’t do the dirty work like you. She is too precious to me for that.” Then he lowered his voice and his eyes got dark. “Never talk to her like that again. Anyone who talks badly of my (y/n), will suffer severly.” He then dismissed the servant and turned to his s/o. “(Y/n), what were you doing?” He asked before he realized she was crying and then pulled her in close. “Hey, come on, don’t cry. It’s not suiting someone as beautiful as you.” Between sobs, she choked out a small thank you and buried her face in his shoulder. He was always protecting her and all she ever could do was thank him.