set: emotional

Imagine your OTP in a situation resembling Tangled - Person A of your OTP has been imprisoned most of their childhood for selfish reasons of someone else, Person B breaks them out. Person A finally has the opportunity to see the world they were sheltered from, finds a new dream and purpose thanks to Person B and eventually falls in love with them. Bonus: Person B also freed them for own, not entirely clean interests, but as they get to know A, they start to care for them and change their mind. Bonus 2: Person A finds out about the original plan and completely loses trust in Person B. How the situation is resolved is up to you.

Person A gets sent back in time for some sort of mission (you can decide what they’re doing there). Whilst traveling and settling into the new time period, they meet Person B, who, whilst confused about Person A’s modern expressions and weirdly specific knowledge of future events, falls in love with them. Does Person B find out about A’s mission, or that they aren’t from their era? What happens when Person A’s duty is done?