set: emotional

Feelings are not meant to be ‘dumped’ on certain things or people. They are not there to leak into others’ minds and cause harm. Feelings are there to be taken seriously, managed delicately, and acknowledged wisely, for they do truly hold so much power.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

/Shall we beat this or celebrate it?
You’re not one to talk things through
You checked your texts while I masturbated
Manelich, I feel so used/

Why did everything happen the way it happened?
The unspoken bond between us was broken. The promises that things would change were empty. The effort and time put into this were halfhearted.
I could feel myself clutching onto a rope hanging from a cliff for my life. You were at the other end. You knew what I was going through. You knew my past. And you did nothing.

/On the sheet, I see your horizon
All of me pressed onto you
But in this light, you look like Poseidon
I’m just a ghost you walk right through/

I let go of the rope and let myself fall into the abyss. All of the accusations, all of the fights dissipated with my fall. It’s easy to blame someone for various reasons, ridiculous reasons, reasons you can’t even expect, when you no longer want them close in your life.

There’s always that little voice inside my head that thinks, ‘I’m not enough for anyone. That’s why they never feel the same way I feel for them.’
But we accept the love we think we deserve. And I deserve more than this. I deserve more than you.

/Now all of me thinks less of you/

—  An unsent letter