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Dear Connor Murphy Part 4: Heidi

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I can’t even imagine what you’ve been through. Your family is very worried about you.

Evan and I worried about you.

I know we don’t know each other, but…

Maybe after you get home and have some time to readjust, you and he could talk sometime.


(to be continued)

(( Heidi played by @askatruegryffindor ))


Teaching day covers. I always forget how much I love these guys! 🎶🎶
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Are Dobermans Easy Dogs?

To raise? Actually, they’re not that hard. In my experience, Dobermans are fairly easy puppies. They are biddable little sponges who love their people more than life itself.

To own? Again, they’re not Difficulty Level Extreme. They need training and exercise, but all dogs do. Properly trained and exercised, they’re very easy dogs to live with. They’re a joy. There IS same sex aggression in males, so it would be unwise to buy a male unless you’re committed to exercising him without the use of daycare or dog parks.

To afford: Here’s where it can get dicey, folks. Unless you’re going with rescue, the purchase price of a well bred Doberman puppy is $2000+. Then, annually, there are tests that ALL Doberman owners should be doing, which will run anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars each year, depending on your resources. I am NOT being ‘elitist’ when I say that every Doberman should have an annual echo and holter. Why? Because more than half of the breed dies from DCM.

Let’s repeat that on it’s own line, so it is not missed. MORE THAN HALF OF ALL DOBERMANS DIE FROM DCM.

Many of those dogs die young. Many of those dogs will seem fine, then stumble and die at your feet, which is one of the most traumatic and gut wrenching things that can ever happen to a dog owner.

If it’s elitist to want to know if my dog is at high risk of dropping dead anytime soon, then I will wear that label with pride. Furthermore, testing annually means you have a better chance of catching the disease early, which means you can medicate sooner and have years with your dog instead of months or weeks. Or days.

Your regular vet cannot do echoes and holters. Do I need to emphasize that? I should emphasize that.


You will either need to spend thousands at a specialist or teaching hospital every year, or you need to make friends with the “elitists” so they’ll lend you their holters and tell you when the echo clinics are being held.

So please, if you’re going to get a Doberman, worry less about how hard they are to raise, and start worrying about how you’re going to be handling their cardiac testing. I’ll admit that didn’t used to do cardiac testing. I had a breeder/mentor who didn’t believe in it, so I stuck my head in the sand and told myself It Would Never Happen To Me.

Then it did happen, and I will never forgive myself for not testing.

anonymous asked:

Will you be continuing the DCM AU after all the letters are done? Will there be tree bros?

((OOC: Hopefully, yes, I will be continuing the AU. I don’t have anything set in stone yet, but I do not plan on including any tree bros. As much as I love the idea of the ship, I don’t think Evan and Connor could realistically be in a healthy relationship, and I’m not about to write an unhealthy relationship with characters I care about so deeply, just for the sake of angst. If/when the AU continues, the focus will be on recovery: benefits of professional help, friendship, healthy vs unhealthy coping, acknowledging mistakes, and learning to navigate young-adulthood while mentally ill. 

This AU has never been a lead up to a romantic happy ending. Shipping is fine, but I’m not going to strip this AU of what it needs to be for the sake of  “lil gay tree bbys uwu” or whatever. I’ve seen too many Connor Lives AU’s that make Connor live just to have him suffer more and eventually end up with Evan. I’m over it, honestly.))


Damassaclan | Funkero “História Oculta” (Prod. NeoBeats)

“6:27 p.m.: I ask Jason Mantzoukas (The League) how he would die in The Hunger Games and it immediately becomes clear that he has an extensive knowledge of all things Panem. He wants to know what district he’s from, what resources he has, if Katniss is there, if he’s his young self or if it’s like Catching Fire where older people also participate, and what the arena is like (“Jungle? Water? Desert?”). He then decides he wouldn’t die. He would win by outsmarting his peers.” – A Survivor’s Guide to a 56 Hour Comedy Festival