Hello everyone!

Mod Set0 here,
So yeah
Some of you might know about the other GVRP group here on tumblr…
*cough* @gloomversediscord *cough*
but uhm, petty differences aside, this blog is a discord group/Ask blog hybrid for a Gloomverse AU I just made up. Its called Shiftverse and the premise is that the all the main character’s countries of origin are rotated.
This goes in the order


This means that for example, Wallis and Harold are now stratoversian,
Cirrus and Nim are Inversian, Cocos and Pi are Gloomversian, etc

our Admins/Mods are Me, @akingoftrash as Wallis Zephyr and @avalonssoul as Cake Bitch Princess

Rules are taken directly from the Discord, and will be updated every time a new rule is added. The character list will be updated every time we receive an entry, and we will notify you once we both evaluate it whether we accept you or not!
You will be asked to type up a paragraph in first person as the character, but it’s usually pretty simple! And you don’t really need to keep up the act the entire time(please still be in character tho!)

here are the important links:
Rules : Here
Character List : Here
Submit page : Here
Asks : Here