piece i did in the livestream tonight!! thanks for tuning in, everyone! this was super fun, and the first of the two sketches to be colored ⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒

anonymous asked:

Could you give like a brief summary of the battles John was involved in and what he did in each of them? Thanks! :)

Of course!  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Battle of Brandywine
    • American loss
    • Suffered an ankle injury from a musketball
    • Marquis de Lafayette on Laurens’s conduct: “It was not his fault that he was not killed or wounded; he did every thing that was necessary to procure one or t’other.”
  • Battle of Germantown
    • American loss
    • Redcoats had gone inside a stone house and blocked the doors; they used the second-floor windows to shoot at the Americans
    • Laurens gathered straw to place by the house and tried to set the house on fire (failed)
    • Took a musketball to his right shoulder and to his side
  • Battle of Monmouth
    • Inconclusive result
    • Bruised on the right shoulder from a musketball
    • Lee was a coward and his actions here led to his court-martial and the Laurens-Lee duel
  • Battle of Coosawhatchie
    • Laurens was ordered to escort troops back to camp
    • Attacked the British instead
    • Got shot in the right shoulder but continued fighting with his sword in his left hand and killed 10 men
    • Eventually had to be carried off the field because of his injury and recklessness
  • Siege of Savannah
    • American loss
    • Laurens led a light infantry and militia
    • Many of his men retreated so he threw his sword on the ground, stood with his arms outstretched, and proclaimed, “My honour does not permit me to survive the disgrace of this day.”
  • Battle of Yorktown
    • American victory
    • Attacked redbout no. 10 from the rear (Hamilton attacked from the front) and captured a commanding officer
    • Negotiated the surrender of Cornwallis
  • Battle of the Combahee River
    • Laurens was leading his men down the river when they were met by a troop of British soldiers
    • Outnumbered 3:1 but attacked anyway
    • Fatally shot

Lamb of God - Set to Fail (by RoadRunnerUK)