Cast members from “Hamilton: An American Musical” will set up voter registration tables this week outside Manhattan’s the Richard Rodgers Theatre, where Founding Father Alexander Hamilton has been saluted for more than a year in rousing song and dance.

“I’m just like my country,” Hamilton says on stage. “I’m young, scrappy and hungry, and I am not throwing away my shot.”

Cast members will deliver the same message outside the W. 46th St. theater Wednesday and Saturday between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. The volunteers were trained by the Hispanic Federation, a community service organization.

They will provide national registration forms, which will allow people from all 50 states to register in time for Election Day in November.

So I mentioned this awhile back. At my warped tour date, Ghost Town had a signing and I was utterly embarrassing, I was so shy, but I didn’t explain this drawing when I set it on the table for them. My little sister had been going through some things when she discovered Ghost Town (she introduced me later on) and I drew this for her because I sort of owe this band a lot. They helped my sister when I couldn’t help. I was too shy to say this all when we met the band but I’m saying it now. Thank you.

Monday Mug: green tea

I’m working from home this whole week – woohoo!! – and enjoying tea at my (originally my great grandmother’s) claw-footed dining room table.

I hope this set (the table and the buffet behind me) will fit into an apartment/condo/townhouse in a year or so and won’t have to stay with my parents, but we’ll see. It’s pretty big … and definitely I-need-to-hire-movers heavy.

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Headcannon. Thinking that Robert must miss the finer things in life, Aaron surprises Robert by planning and cooking a romantic fancy dinner with all the works - posh table setting, candles, full suit ... the works.

Awww I love this!

When Aaron decides to do it he spends half the day on the internet looking up recipes and realising that fancy food is way overpriced so he chooses the easiest looking thing and gets Victoria to keep Robert busy while he does what he has to.

By the time Robert gets home he’s shattered, with Victoria turning up and taking up all his time, all he wants is a beer, something fatty to eat and Aaron. But the smirk on Chas’s face when he walks in tells him he won’t get that.

He goes in the back and the room is lit with candles and there’s acoustic music playing and Aaron is stood there with a suit on and the table covered in plates of food.

“What…is this?”
“I can see…is that lobster?!”
“Uh yeah…some. The rest kind of…there was a blowing up-it doesn’t matter. Sit.”
“Did I forget an anniversary?”
“No….I don’t think so anyway. Sit.”
“You did this for no reason then?”
“No, not no reason. I did it for you. Because you like this posh stuff. Or you did. Then you started slumming it here.”
“Aaron…this stuff…the posh stuff…that doesn’t bother me anymore. You know that don’t you? That the life we have is more than enough?”
“Yeah I know…but you did like it and I wanted to do something for you. If you don’t want it-”
“No no! I do…I’m starving, Vic kept me busy all…ah…now it makes sense.”
“Yeah sorry about that. Needed you away so I could poncify the place.”
“I bloody love you Aaron Dingle.”
“Yeah I love you too. Now eat. This took me forever.”

Four courses later,
“Woulda been five but even you’re not poncy enough for a sorbet in the middle of dinner.”
And Robert is absolutely stuffed. He is lounging on the sofa watching Aaron make him proper coffee and he can’t believe how lucky he is. He gets up and walks over to him, turning him around and kissing him,
“What was that for?”
“I really really love you. Doing this…eating stuff you probably hated-”
“Some of it was alright. Once I picked the gross stuff off.”
“Aaron you’re amazing…you did all this for me…no ones done anything like that for me before.”
“Yeah well….I like you don’t I?”
“Thank you.”
“You know…I uh picked up these chocolates from the posh shop as well…what do you say we take them upstairs?”

They do take them up, but they’re so full that they end up falling asleep in the middle of a film instead of anything fun. The next day Aaron comes home to find Robert has got him burger and chips and a pint and they slouch on the sofa eating and watching the footy.

How was that? ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Getting up there

Santana pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose as she read the news on her tablet and kept an eye on her daughters while Dani did.. well she wasn’t entirely sure what her wife was up to but she figured she was around somewhere. “What’s this baby girl?” She asked in a sweet voice and took the toy her Camilla handed her as she set her table down so she could play with her. Santana loved moments like these with her daughters since there had been a time she thought she’d never have a family and she was so happy that Dani was the one that gave it to her.

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let’s talk about phil saying he had gifts sorted for “our friends and family” in the livestream today bc like wow melt my heart okay

YES OMFG and then he said my family, but I love how his first instinct was to include dan, DAN IS HIS FAMILY TOO, IT’S FINE …….
when those two use the words our/us/we i am just…. so…. Weak
imagine being their close friends and hearing them talking about everything they do like a married couple who has been together so long they don’t even realise it they say WE so much; our this, our that, we are thinking of getting a koi pond and a dog, dan we have a shrimp pet!!!, phil broke our couch, we are going to watch this tv show next after we finished that one, we went to this restaurant, dan set fire to our table, ,,nature is amazing

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Andy and April go on a double date with Ron and Diane because they're my two favorite couples on parks and recs lol

Here you go!  I hope this came out okay. :D

[AO3 Version]

This was going to be as awkward as awkward could get, April just knew it.

Ron and Diane were already waiting for them at the restaurant.  April hadn’t been too keen on Andy’s idea from the very beginning.  Neither was Ron.  She and the Parks Director tended to have these things in common.

Seriously, a double date?

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