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So because of set spoilers and stuff (I'm so sorry if you don't look at spoilers) there's a theory going around that Emma is going to rebound from Killian with another guy. Do you think they might go there? I'm so nervous 😩

Hi friend! 

No, I’m not following spoilers but honestly, I will just direct you to this moment

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when Emma Swan’s heart and her choice revealed that Killian Jones is her True Love.

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And this moment when Zeus sent Killian Jones back to Emma Swan because they are True Love

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and this moment when Emma Swan and Killian Jones had a True Love’s Kiss for the ages and I’m just saying that this is a story about fairytales and magic and hope and not a regular story.

I trust these writers with my OTP so much because they haven’t disappointed me yet and I’m certain they won’t in the future.

Also, if you wanna give it a shot, staying spoiler free has been wonderful for me and I have been able to enjoy my show so much more without a million different theories that almost never happen making me anxious. 

Idk if that helped but *hugs*

Hang in there, the angst will sooo give us a good pay off :)

I…really don’t know why I made this. But now it exists so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯