So after some set spoilers came out, this is how I picture this event going down. If you’re spoiler free, skip this one!

“So, why are we out here? I didn’t think I was the person you’d want to take a moonlit stroll with.” He teased the pirate and was rewarded with a grin. They were leaning against the railing staring out into the water, David could feel the nerves radiating off Hook’s body. Finally, the man sighed and turned to him.

“I want to ask Emma for her hand.” David’s eyebrows shot up in shock. That was not what he had expected.

“Are you- asking for my permission? That doesn’t sound like you-” He couldn’t hide the confusion from his tone, or his face when Hook shook his head.

“No, no, Emma is her own woman and makes her own decisions. No offense mate, but our love passed a test from the Gods themselves.” That was new information to him. Apparently more happened in the Underworld than Emma had told. “I don’t need your permission, but,” David had never heard this man so nervous, “I would like your blessing. That you believe I’m worthy enough.”

David stayed silent a moment, contemplating his thoughts. After everything they had all been through, all this man had done for them, and he still questioned his place amongst them.

“I knew this Prince once, back in the Enchanted Forest, he convinced me to break into the Evil Queen’s castle to rescue his Princess.” Hook scoffed fondly and David couldn’t help but smile. “Granted his Princess had stolen my ring, but I could tell how much he loved and cared for her. He too was worried that her parents wouldn’t approve of him. Do you know what I told him?”

“That they would be crazy not too.” Hook’s voice was quiet as he echoed David’s words back to him.

“Yes, of course. It might have been a rocky beginning, but I cannot picture anyone more worthy.” David clapped Hook and the back with and chuckle. “Try as I might to repress the thought, you’ve been part of this family since you turned your ship around and helped save Henry from Pan.” He chuckled then at the surprised look on Hook’s face. “I’ll deny that if you ever tell anyone.” Hook chuckled and he watched the man’s shoulders relax. “Let’s go get a beer or something. It’s too cold to be out here.”

“Aye, first round’s on me.”

“Does the Rabbit Hole even take doubloons?”

“Oh, shove off, mate.”



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Barret Foa (via James Hanlon) & Renee Felise Smith admiring the Scorpion episode 3x15 set at the Paramount Studios lot - the famous BLUE SKY TANK 


1. “Scorpion”-s home is at MBS (Manhattan Beach Studio), where the Garage  Garage set and all soundstage sets are. 

2, NCIS:LA-s home is the Paramount Studios (stage 9), where the Headquarters/OSP sets are on the soundstage. 


Josh, Colin, and David Cubitt on set 11/15/16 for 6.12 Murder Most Foul (x)

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He reports that Robert Charming is a ghost in this scene.


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.08 | Ray Palmer

I think we can all agree if anyone here looks like a G-man here, it’s me.



“Jesus Tony, how old is this guy?”
“I don’t know, I didn’t carbon date him! He’s on the young side.”

Hit The Diamond
  • Hit The Diamond
  • Rebecca Sugar
  • Steven Universe

i can’t believe they leaked the new musical number for hit the diamond???