I thought I was gonna be a funny little smart ass and sneak away from mommie and her co-workers and there boyfriends this weekend at the mall and go in the bathroom and takes this pic so I can send to mommie and ask her if this was how the big boys go potty. So I went in the bathroom in younkers after sneaking away from them all. It must have took longer to get my phone set to take the pic cuz soon as it started counting down I heard laughter and just as it took the pic someone said omg are you wearing a diaper and before I turned around they were taking pictures themselves and laughing and teasing me like you wouldn’t believe. I hurried to pull my pants up grabbed my phone and walked out of the bathroom with them following me calling me a baby and making comments about being in pampers still. I made it back to mommie and she did not look happy. She swatted my ass and said just what and where in the hell did you go. Before I could say anything the 2 other guys held up there phone and said he was trying to be and big boy and go the bathroom like a man when he’s clearly just a baby. They all started laughing and telling mommie sorry she had to deal with a pathiec little diaper boy. Mommie looked at me and said well let’s see you if we’re big or not and stuck her hand down the front of my shorts and said nope just as I figured your not your diaper is soaked. Everyone else stated laughing again and mommie spoke up and said to me because of your little stunt I will not be changing you until we get home tonight so u better hope you don’t leak. The rest of the day I was getting swats on the bottom by her girlfriend’s well there boyfriends made fun of me and they kept telling mommie if she needs a real man they could take care of her. I’m not sure how many people got the pic they took prob more then I cam imagine.


Did a Boku no Hero Academia prom pic icon set for me and my cosplay group!!! BOY am I GLAD AND PROUd OF THESE KIDS! Look how cute they all are!!! I might do more that my cosplay group doesn’t have if people want them! 

Feel free to use these icons! Please credit me!