Guys I’m so pumped about season 3 like filming starts within a month from now and we’re gonna get set pics again and all the cast will be together and we can start theorizing for season 3 and we’ll get casting announcements and they’ll probably go to nycc and we’ll get the trailer for season 3 then and we’ll get character posters (and a character poster for MAIA) and we’ll see their new looks for the season and I’m! Just! So! EXCITED!!!

Mrs FF#1

Anna: WAIT! Hold your horses!!!!
Who claims to have taken the pic where he’s reading surrounded by greenery???

Mrs FF#1: The uber stalkerina herself CBuddy posted the pic and claimed it was one she took. Then a Nan posted a bunch of set pics and put that one right at the top and put in the description that they were set pics from the DVD. She took her pic down right away. I laughed myself silly over that one. I had already recognized it as a set pic from that DVD. Clearly others did too. And @jazziedu there were trees in the background does that count? 😁

Anna:  Trees of Proofiness™  always count FF#1.  

P.S.  That might actually be the most hilarious CBuddy-related story I’ve heard.  I hope someone has gotten screencaps of that incident…

can u imagine harry and fionn floating in the middle of the sea, life jackets and all that, taking a break from filming and harry is like “aye gonna take a quick snoozie, make sure I don’t float away” and fionn is like “what” and when he looks over to harry, it’s too late, he’s already a napping and floating towards 20 extras