well, not much has changed folks! hats and flowers, and hats WITH flowers please and THANK YOU 🙏

From Renee’s Instagram

Submit: Hamlet set pics


Ballsy:   Did the bird come from Benedict’s collection?

BTW this account is now private.  Did someone get in trouble for posting these?

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Just want to say I love you and love reading all your threads, but right now I'm stalking all your Joel/Gia things because I missed them somehow. But that pic set made me want to know everything.

AjdsakjdkaKdKadkasjdKASJDKAjdkls!! Thank you anon! I needed this bit of positivity!

That pic set is AAAAAAALL REE! The fabulous joelgxran who was really the mastermind behind this crossover. Joel and Gia are precious and they’re so good together/with each other/for each other.

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I mean, look at them. They’re perfect.