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A safe place to cry over Matt’s handsome face, his cuteness, and Alec Lightwood of course. Also anything related to Shadowhunters. Set pics? Let’s get excited over the accuracy. Cast pics? OH MY GOD LET’S TALK ABOUT HOW PERFECT THEY ARE. (and there might or might not be sleepover days where we just talk about ourselves and do stuff together online)

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RAW STUFF [x] / Second Collection:


• A4 Size / All color
• Around 180 pages
• Imported Paper
• Hard Cover
• Materials not included in AURORA HUNTER - EXO'LUXION TOUR Released + Unreleased images


• 2CD / Around 60 mins.
• Materials not included in AURORA HUNTER - LOVE ME RIGHT (EXO'LUXION TOUR Incl.)
 Released + Unreleased images


• A1-size poster(Full Body Vertical Poster)
• A4-size poster
• L-holder
• Photo card - A SET (10 ART PICS)
• Sticker Kit
• Snow Blossom Bottle
• Photo card - B SET (10 PICS)


The more people that join the group order the less you pay for shipping.

I’m definitely in the FEEL ZONE when it comes to Shamy today. I’m mean I have Shamy feels every day but to day I’m really FEELING it in my heart with every fic/gif set/pic/interview I see. Constant Shamy feels and it feels grrrreat!!! I am soooo ready for Season 9. My body is ready!

anonymous asked:

I wish mindy would tweet a pic of her and messina. I really miss seeing them together 😔

Anon #2: Are there fewer BTS pics than usual? I want more but I don’t remember how many are typical. It has been so long since we’ve seen everyone together, these few pics are just not cutting it for me! :-) Also, I really want a pic of Mindy & Messina!

Well, we are only at the start of Week 2 but I know what you mean. I feel like she really set the bar high by having that straddling pic be the first bts of the season last year. We got a pretty hefty amount of set pics every week from there on out too. 

It’s no secret I’m also DYING for a pic of Mindy and Messina together but perhaps one of the reasons we haven’t gotten one yet is because it could spoil what happens after the cliffhanger. Remember, last we saw Danny and Mindy, they were on opposite continents both physically and mentally, if you will. So far, the only pics we’ve even seen of Messina are at the practice with co-workers…a totally spoiler-free scenario. 

I don’t doubt we’ll get TONS more set pics (yes, of Mindy and Messina together too) throughout the season. I just feel that for now, they’re maybe just being cautious about what’s put out there. As we’ve seen time and time again, MK is VERY strategic with what she teases. 

oldmanmurphy asked:

oh god.. I hope you didn't post that because I said "TAG YOUR PORN"... no no no... I do that whenever I see something that is EXTREMELY appealing. I mean like EXTREMELY appealing... food pic sets, audio witchcraft, pictures of charlize theron where the light's hitting her just right so you can see how perfect her body is...

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I made that post after getting a message in my box from one of my lovely Moon Children who almost had an anxiety attack due to one of my posts which I went back and gladly tagged, I am just looking out for the health/mental health of my followers is all. 

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Hi! There's nothing I don't love about this blog, but I especially love its theme. Would you mind explaining how to set different sidebar pics on each page? I absolutely adore it. It's awesome.

Thank you so much, sweet! It really means a lot to us. ♡ And please refer to this message. (: