The Fallacy of Game of Thrones's ‘Women on Top’ Part 1

Also known as “Sexism & S6 Part 1,” for those who like repeating series.

Months ago before Game of Thrones (GoT)’s sixth season aired, many of us here at Fandom Following were a bit horrified by the show’s EW Magazine marketing campaign. As a happy refresher for those who don’t remember, these were the magazine covers with “DAME OF THRONES” written in big letters and promises of “WOMEN ON TOP.”

Okay, maybe some of us were more than “a bit” miffed.

For me, GoT’s fifth season was almost defined by its misogyny, a conclusion I came to after writing a nine-part essay series detailing the sexist tropes and storytelling conventions used by showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss, and their staff writers Bryan Cogman and Dave Hill (all of whom will be referred to as the monolithic “D&D”), which utilized the framework of ambivalent sexism. This framework allowed for the conclusion that while I strongly believe D&D have no malicious intent towards women and may even think their narrative is progressive, the results and implications of their writing betrays a sexist lens:

“But the thing is, I don’t have to assign malice in this case. Look at the pattern. These sexist tropes used in the Season 5 narrative are a product of D&D’s writing…they are all the result of alterations to the source material.

So there is simply no other explanation for their liberal employ than that this must be how D&D think men and women act, or that this is what they find to be entertaining. Which means that they understand human behavior from a fundamentally sexist position. Because they are sexists™.”

Too often, complains about GoT’s sexism are dismissed with the “but that’s how it was back then!” argument. However, as I also explained in my pre-Season 6 piece “The ‘sexism debate’ about Game of Thrones is anything but crushed,” there is a difference between a sexist setting and a sexist narrative, and my problem with GoT is firmly the latter.

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“Many people ask me, ‘Principal Figgins, with respect, why do you have so many brass birds in your office?’  I’ll tell you why. Because birds represent the dreams to which children must inspire.  This school is a place where wings take dream, because there is no ‘I’ in ‘misunderstanding’ and teamwork builds listening.” - "Welcome to McKinley” special feature, season 1 DVDs.

Changes, changes:

In the past 72 hours, the year-and-a-half chaotic free-fall that’s been my life has not only stabilized, but also done the equivalent of strike gold overnight. However, please know that the nature of said changes will involve far less frequent writing updates than you’re all used to. That’s just how it’s going to have to be; I do apologize for how cryptic I’ve been throughout 2016, but I’ve had to protect myself for a few months from intense negativity from a party that I’m now well rid of (and now I’ve got to protect myself due to a new and exciting career turn).

All that being said: if you want more meta or other discussion content from me, by all means ask for it. Write in. Getting me to talk off-the-cuff is always easy; I enjoy doing it. My GO meta posts in particular are picking up note-momentum again, as well as some of my meta for other fandoms. If that’s something you, my readers and followers, really want to see, prompt me for it. You know I’m happy to oblige. It takes up less time than writing, but it keeps my writing-brain switched on.

Much love to you all!

……seeing everyone rant about the twins’ dad makes me feel like I missed a memo. 

Like. This is a dumb hill for me to die on but all these assumptions that he’s the fulcrum of their bad memories in Syngorn, that he insults and belittles them and talks badly of them both to their face and behind their back, that he has no love for them at all….they make no. fucking. sense. For like a million reasons that I keep trying to articulate only to have them turn out five pages long and I don’t think anyone wants to read them anyway so…ugh.

All I’ll say for now is this: Vex cried at the thought of returning to Syngorn. Not seeing her father. When asked “who’s there?” she said “Everyone.” She didn’t even mention Syldor, not once in that entire conversation, and when she does speak of him (later to Iona, during her character intro, and waaaaaay baack during the Trail of the Take) it’s not with fear. It’s with disdain.

That’s telling, if you ask me.

This picture has actually a short story:

I sketched it some weeks ago at uni while we were allowed on the tablets (wacom) room, and one of my classmates was watching over my shoulder while I was drawing and at some point she goes “Oh dear, I would 1000% go lesbian for her”.

So basically Meta is that one girl other girls would go lesbo for. Osm to know.

Pool Set themed Meta because that set is my aesthetic. (from Love Live where else)

I invoke other FMA OCs (or even canons) to get in pretty pool party outfits~

anonymous asked:

I just don't know what to think, I was so convinced Hiddleswift was evil genius and set up as this meta stunt that would be resolved with her "revealing" that she was "forced" to stunt, most likely tied to a coming out at some point, and that would reset her image. But... after this Kanye drama, I can't imagine it would be a good idea to make herself look any MORE fake right now. What was she thinking, having a super fake relationship when she knew this storm was coming? IS there a masterplan?

These are literally my exact thoughts. I thought she knew what she was doing up until Kim exposed her… Now I have no freaking clue how she’s going to get back into the public’s good graces. I’m also pretty sure she’s releasing music this fall so wtf is she going to do?? Sure she will always sell music, but her image is so important to her and it’s literally gone down the toilet in a month. 

I could care less a out a lot of things. Who people ship together is one of them. But one thing I get incredibly frustrated about is the fact that people literally bombard the tag of their rival ship with their ideas or ship metas. Like great for you feeling passionate about this ship?? But I really don’t want to see it when I’m trying to scroll through my little tag.

anonymous asked:

Am I correct that you ship SanSan? I know it's not your OTP for Sansa but maybe a secondary ship. Think we might get SanSan on the show now that Sandor is going north with the BwB? My fingers are crossed.

I… have a complicated and fickle relationship with shipping SanSan lol. It was the first ASOIAF ship I really cared about, and I used to be really into it. I’ve drifted pretty far away from it now, although I do still find their relationship in the books interesting and integral to the development of both characters. I haven’t actively shipped it for a long time, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still get a tiny thrill in my shipper heart every time I see the words “I could keep you safe,” in a gif set or a meta and then I squirt myself in the face with a water bottle and remind myself of the context of those words. Like I said, it’s a complicated and fickle relationship on my part. ;)

As for the show, it’s a possibility! Anything is possible on this show, and as you pointed out, Sandor is literally headed in Sansa’s direction now, which is a point in its favor. However, even though it’s possible, I wouldn’t say it’s probable. The show has really downplayed their interactions and their relationship, and since they parted ways, neither of them seems to have ever thought about or talked about each other,* which is very different from what happens in the books.  In the books, Sandor is easily one of the most significant characters in terms of Sansa’s development, right up there with Petyr Baelish in terms of importance, but on the show… not so much. That, taken together with the significant age gap between the actors, makes me think SanSan is unlikely.

But there’s always a bright side! If Sandor does indeed make it up North, we’ll probably at least get some scenes of them interacting, which can be giffed and made as shippy as you like! It’s what the lovely people in my own OTP did, and I can assure you that that alone is loads of fun and deeply satisfying. :D

(*I could be wrong about that, because I haven’t actually watched the show for two or three seasons except for a few select scenes I’m interested in, but I feel like if Sandor or Sansa had mentioned each other on the show, the shippers would understandably have been squeeing about it all over my dash lol, so I’m assuming they haven’t.)