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Elsewhere University: changelings? Like, fairies who get swapped for humans? Just wondering if there might be anything on that?


I’ve been thinking about this all day actually, your timing is A+

A changeling, although you know they’re fake and they know they’re fake and all your classmates know they’re fake, will keep on living in your dorm until you directly call them out on it. If you’re polite about it they’ll leave; usually they drift around campus for a while, attending classes at random and sleeping in the gardens. There’s a whole meal plan set up for them, which the Courts pay for yearly in…things. Odds and ends. Trinkets. On the whole best not to ask. What it comes down to is that any changeling lacking a dining hall card can pick one up on the third floor of the Languages building, and your dining halls have more fresh produce than anyone others that you know of.

And sure, sometimes there’s times where your roommate and best friend is gone and in their place is this monster-thing that looks just like them but isn’t, and you’re angry and scared and you just want them out of there and maybe could they give you a tip on who to talk to to get Serafina back?

But there’s got to be others (especially for freshmen) where your roommate was that guy who left half eaten tins of tuna fish all over the place and vapes incessantly and you had ants by October and he won’t stop making off-color jokes to any girls you bring over - and then suddenly he’s replaced by this thing that, ok, sometimes puts thumbtacks in your bed and laughs about it, and eats literal sticks of butter as snacks, but also is very quiet and fastidiously clean. They jam the fuck out to all your music and they’re a riot at parties and they’re teaching you how to climb trees better and they always repay favors - if you clean the shared bathroom they’ll bring you a very fancy coffee the next morning in a flavor you’re pretty sure the school cafeteria doesn’t have. Or you buy them a bottle of sweet wine while you’re at the store and the next week they help with your essay about 12th century poetry. You’re buddies. You’re teaching them a secret handshake. Maybe you can hold off on reporting your official roommate’s disappearance for another week or so. And this goes on until school gets out and the RAs have to do the yearly troll the the Elsewhere for anyone who hasn’t come home yet.

And on the flip side of the coin: RAs. RAs and changelings are in some ways each others mirrors. They’re both in-between things - student/authority, human/fae, etc. - and in-between things, things that are in balance, merit some respect. A pact was made several decades ago that allows each safe passage up to a point in the others’ world, as ambassadors of a sort. Accidents can happen - you can still be careless, still be rude, still make enemies. But unprovoked violence towards either is very strictly prohibited by both sides. So changelings  can replace students with relative safety and in turn RAs can, at the end of the year, go hunt down any students from their floor that still haven’t come back one way or another and either do their best to ransom them or at least get the necessary forms signed.

On the note of RAs - Elsewhere U has a special fund for end-of-year bargains. This has been used, in past years, to purchase a deck of illustrated tarot cards and a book of 1001 Card Games To Play Alone, sixteen pounds of durian fruit, a very soft fleece blanket, a lot of movie posters with Harrison Ford on them, bodice rippers involving dinosaurs, and $800 of random shit from the dollar store.

The RAs, once they’ve found the students, will try to buy them back if they can (the success rate is not 100%). But once in a while students refuse to come back - they’re in love with a person or in love with the whole world; they’ve found a purpose here or they refuse to return for other, darker reasons. At this point the RA will do what they can to ensure they’re staying of their own free will. If this in in fact the case they get signatures on the form and leave empty handed.

  • ESFP: If you guys have a family one day what kinda stuff will you cook for them? Or will you order pizza everyday?
  • ISFJ: I'll cook for them everyday! I'll make sure my kids get balanced and nutritious meals, and teach my kids to cook too of course!
  • INTP: I will first purchase jelly. After I arrive home I shall prepare the jelly according to the packet instructions, but I shan't set it. I'll drink it. The first born will then slit my throat 7 times, confirming my eternal rest. The second born will next toss my lifeless corpse into the snowfields of the harsh, unforgiving winter. Then, they shall wait.
  • INTP: ..
  • ESFP: ...
  • ISFJ: ...
  • ESFP: Are you done ye-
  • INTP: Only when the children of man have waited a sufficient period of time, shall the third born slash open my now icy-cold abdomen. The previously prepared jelly will pour out accordingly, now set. The meal is ready. They feast.
Tips For Surviving Thanksgiving With An Eating Disorder

The holidays can be a very stressful time if you’re recovering from an eating disorder. Here a few tips to help you get through and stay recovery focused.

Trust The Process

If your following a meal plan set by a dietitian trust that they know what they’re doing. They went to school for this and their goal isn’t to make you gain too much weight, their goal is to get you better. If you rely on your parents to serve you, trust they know what their doing. Remember that even if you end up eating more than what’s on your meal plan, it won’t have an affect on your weight. The body knows how to handle more food.

Focus On What You’re Grateful For

Our society focuses heavily on the food aspect of thanksgiving. While that is a part of it, the most important part is giving thanks for the blessings in your life. Try to focus on all the things you’re grateful for rather than the food. I’m thankful how far I’ve come in my recovery process and for all the support I get.

Create A Code Word With Someone You Trust

There’s lots of “Fat Talk” that goes on around the holidays with can be very triggering. Due to the culture we live in it’s almost unavoidable to hear this negative commentary even if you are surrounded by people who understand what you’re going through. To help you through this, find someone you trust and create a code word with them so they know when someone has said or done something that triggers your urges. This way they can help redirect the conversation without you having to draw attention to yourself.

Prepare Yourself For Stressful Comments

As stated in the tip above, triggering comments are sometimes unavoidable. However, you can avoid using urges. One to do this is to prepare yourself for anything someone might say about food/weight/body image. Try making a list of all the comments you might encounter and think of ways you can challenge those.

Continue Eating The Rest Of Your Meal Plan

There might be people who eat very little or nothing at all through out the day in preparation to eat a lot at dinner. These people are not recovering from an eating disorder and will not spiral back into a life threatening illness by doing this. Remember to stick to your meal plan no matter how loud your E.D voice and urges get.

Stay safe this Thanksgiving! You can get through this, you can recover, you are worthy of recovery! You can message me at anytime if you need help!!

voltron+food headcanons!!! bc why not!!!!!:::

  • hunk is seen as the most ‘food’ centred character bc yes he does love food but a huge factor for him is the experience of food!! he likes the act of setting up communal meals and bonding over making food and getting snacks to watch movies with or going to lunch with someone he just really loves how it brings people together nd it always has positive connotations for him tbh !!
  • lance fairly enjoys food and the food/socializing combo that hunk does except lance is. just. So Distracted by people he’ll walk around talking to someone with a sandwich in his hand for like 40 minutes and the other person will be side-eyein like u gonna….eat that or……and at meals shiro CONSTANTLY has to be like ‘lance sit back down’ and lance will be like ‘oh yeah, yeah, cool’ and then TEN MINS LATER shiro will be like ‘lance finish your food’ bc hes FORGOT AGAIN and h o n e s t l y
  • pidge is still in that Super Picky phase that younger kids kinda go through. she’ll be grateful for food but she’ll play with it for 20 mins rather than say anything and shiro will be like ‘pidge whats up?’ and pidge’ll be like ‘oh! nothin, nothin….’ and shiro will be like ‘……….’ and pidge is like ‘just uh…whats this. Green Stuff. on the side’ and shiros like ‘its vegetables and its good for you’ and pidge is like wrinkling her nose and shiro is like :))) you literally ate them yesterday why are ppl :))) testing :))) him :)))
  • the team is collectively sure keith has like. zero taste buds. did the sand wither them away. is it an adaptive mutation. no one knows?? like he will literally eat Anything you place in front of him ANYTHING and eat it with a straight face like ‘yo thanks for the food’ and everyones staring at him like……surely not….surely he jests……the team thinks this is in equal parts hilarious and disturbing so they give him increasingly questionably edible stuff until one day they give him something like lol guys wanna watch keith eat this weird rock flower i found and he does but it makes him INCREDIBLY sick for like a week and shiro has to intervene like ‘keith is the equivalent of a dog that will eat what u give it bc it doesnt know any better. is it entertaining to watch the dog eat chocolate toffees bc it cant chew them? yes. yes it is. but we are Responsible pet owners.’
  • the team learns the hard way shiro is fiercely protective of his food. he doesnt mind sharing at all as long as you ask or he offers. if u steal chips from his plate tho. boi………wyd………shiro HATES himself for doin this he just really really cant help it ?? in a way that makes him kind of panicky like he just needs space when he eats and hes fine its fine okay!!

my mom signed me up for this over-the-weekend jesus camp thing oh boy


“Look at you…” Sam hovers over you, the look on his face is one of pure adoration. If there was ever a doubt about his feelings for you, it’s erased in this moment. “So beautiful.”

His hands trail down your naked body, the rough pads of his fingers tracing the curve of your breast. He stops when he gets to your stomach, cupping the growing belly. You’re five months pregnant and the more your stomach swells, the more Sam worships you.

It’s amazing to watch the changes in him, the way he looks at you, touches you, pleases you.

His morning runs have been replaced with a more gentle yoga that the two of you can do together. He cooks special meals and sets out prenatal vitamins and rubs your back as you fall asleep at night. Everything he does now is about you and this child that’s rocked his world.

And the sex. Oh Lord, the sex. Sam’s rough kisses and hard fucks have turned into a soft, slow love making that makes your brain boil. 

He settles between your legs, pressing kisses over the mound of your stomach and then lower, until his tongue is warm and slick on your clit.

“Sam.” You groan, knotting a hand in his hair.

“Love you so much.” He mumbles, his mouth pressed into the most sensitive part of you.

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Can yo do ship for Nobunaga x MC ? C:


  • Who’s the cuddler?: Nobunaga, but he tries to act like he’s making a reach to do it. GOSH, MC, I guess if you WANT me to lay on your lap I WILL… So NEEDY… MC is tired af.
  • Who makes the bed?: Nobunaga, but that’s because he sleeps in later than MC. He’s horrible in the morning, but he pays for the good food by cleaning up here and there. He’s grumpy after he’s done his chore, but he eats the whole meal she sets out for him.
  • Who wakes up first?: MC, always–Nobunaga sleeps in as long as he can like a lazing cat. 
  • Who has the weird taste in music?: Oda Nobunaga went through this Emo Ass Phase and was a pretentious 13-year-old who listened to American alternative bands. “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” comes on the radio and he cannot help himself, it’s literally embarrassing.
  • Who sings in the shower?: Nobunaga, but like, MC can’t say anything because he’s actually a really good singer? Could belt a beautiful rock ballad perfectly (he was a choir kid).
  • Who cries during movies?: Both of them, though Nobunaga tries really hard not to–MC lets him hide his face in her shoulder because, “I’m not crying, I just don’t want to watch the rest of this stupid movie!”
  • Who spends the most while out shopping?: Nobunaga because… why shouldn’t he? He has money, he’s gonna spend it. MC sort of wishes he wouldn’t splurge so much, but she looks good in this dress so he doesn’t care? Sold, he’s taking it.
  • Who kisses more roughly?: Nobunaga, but MC quickly learns to bite back to keep up–he likes it that way.
  • Who is more dominate?: Usually Nobunaga, but with his power, he likes to give the lead to MC at times. Nobunaga likes being spoiled.
  • My rating of the ship from 1-10?: I feel sort of half-and-half on this pair. I think there was a lot of possible potential, but I’m not so fond of how his main route actually went about their development. I liked that MC was willing to stand up to him and (despite another caste issue) was willing to defy being swayed by his material way of winning her favor. But I feel MC just didn’t quite steel herself just enough, and I think she lets Nobunaga get away with certain things he shouldn’t? It’s also another issue of a clash of morals (because MC rarely changes from her “war is bad my father died”), so I think the end product of the route was also sort of… bland? Anticlimactic, even. However, I actually quite liked the beginning of the route and some of their moments together, so I find it better than some. I can give it a 6/10.

Dwayne Pride seducing you would involve:

  • ‘Seducing’ is a strong word for what Pride does. He definitely isn’t in it for just sex or whatever. Pride is too much of a gentleman for that
  • If he is planning to end the night in that way, he’ll go through a hell of a lot of trouble to set the mood. Baking a great meal and setting the tone with some candles or something cheesy like that
  • Definitely shows off the fact that he can play the piano and will play a dumb little romantic song that will make you both blush and laugh at the same time
  • Constant compliments. And he means every single one of them
  • He’ll try his best to make you laugh throughout the night. Either with dumb jokes here and there or telling you a funny story. Pride is a great story-teller
  • As the night goes on and the two of you are getting a little tipsy from the expensive wine Pride made sure to buy, he’ll definitely get a little more touchy-feely than usual. Innocent touches, like on the hands or arms or back
  • And then comes the kiss. Soft and sweet and slow enough for you to back away if you want but passionate enough to let you know exactly what Pride is planning to do
  • As the kiss goes on, he’ll finally touch the rest of your body. Hands curving over hips and through your hair
  • And that is the only way I can see Pride seducing somebody; by wooing the fuck out of them

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My Study Routine

First, I sit down and pull out of my books and whatever else I need.

Next, I study.

No, I don’t sit out a nice bowl of fruit and cold glass of water. I just study with the required materials. Yeah, I may get up and eat some food for a few minutes, but I’m not gonna set up a whole picnic so I can read about political participation.

You don’t need to have a nice aesthetic set up to read a textbook and do a worksheet.