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mm boys reacting to MC on her period?

Author’s note: this is relevant bc I’m on mine :’)


  • but he would still be so so sweet to you
  • lot’s of chocolate


  • he INSISTS that he has sympathy pains
  • both of you completely veg out on the couch 
  • your freezer is ALWAYS full of ice cream


  • he goes out and buys you pads/tampons
  • and doesn’t even blink 
  • this boy don’t care
  • he also makes sure you take your cramp medicine bc he hates to see you in pain


  • he knows when it’s coming
  • he has that date circled on his calendar
  • and as soon as it starts he makes sure to tell ZERO of his jokes
  • and tries his hardest not to set you off because the first time & last time he made a joke about your period you ALMOST KILLED HIM

I don’t really care if people miss the point or disagree with the think-pieces that I write, but it did sting me a little that I’ve been called “naive” because the way I postulated Jul’s arc playing out involves more of an examination of the innate goodness that has to potential to come of him rather than just keeping him around longer so Thel can run him through later in the game.

And apparently we can’t have a redemption story for Jul because Thel already had one almost 12 years ago…

Jul has both done and enabled some terrible things, but, to quote a favourite writer of mine:

“if you could make people as evil as Bin Laden and Hitler […] understand their own awfulness and seek to reverse it, that would be a BAD thing? Dear God, it would be the greatest triumph in human history! It would be EVERYTHING. If you don’t believe that the good guys can radicalise the bad guys back again, then you don’t believe anything at all.”

I’m not a cynical person. I generally don’t enjoy cynical stories. And as dark as things can get in Halo, it’s just not a cynical universe.

I don’t think that reflecting that in an antagonist’s character arc, which has really built up the potential for that kind of turn-around, is naive
Jermaine Carby’s family suing Peel police for $12 million | Toronto Star
Two years after Jermaine Carby was fatally shot by police following a traffic stop, his family has filed a $12 million lawsuit alleging racial profiling by the Peel officers involved.

Two years after Jermaine Carby was fatally shot by police following a traffic stop in Brampton, his family has filed a $12-million lawsuit alleging racial profiling, claiming Peel Regional Police service’s practice of “carding” has disproportionately targeted racialized people, especially young black men.

In a statement of claim filed Tuesday against the Peel Regional Police Services Board, Chief Jennifer Evans and seven Peel officers, Carby’s family alleges he was racially profiled and subjected to an unlawful “street check” by police on the night of his death, setting off a fatal chain of events.

Far from an isolated incident, Carby case was “just one example of a systematic and co-ordinated policy and practice employed by (Peel Police),” at the direction of Evans and the Peel police board, according to the statement of claim.

“In this case, the unlawful street check led to a confrontation which ended when Mr. Carby was shot and killed,” the lawsuit, prepared by Toronto lawyer Davin Charney, alleges.

Carby’s family also claims police failed to employ de-escalation techniques to avoid a dangerous confrontation with a man they knew was suffering from a serious mental health issue.

Lorna Robinson, Carby’s mother, is seeking compensation for psychological injuries including depression, anxiety and nervous shock.

“It’s affected me a whole lot, as well as my family, and we deserve compensation,” Robinson told the Star. “We miss him.”

None of the allegations have been proven in court. A statement of defence has not yet been filed.

real talk, guys

why is it that when a female hero takes off after trauma they ALWAYS get called out for ‘abandoning the team’, even if there was no immediate need for them, while their male counterparts are generally met with more understanding?

like, is it, maybe, and correct me if i’m wrong, because women are supposed to be the ~caretakers~ who are straight out expected to put their own needs aside in favor of others? and therefore get called selfish for trying to deal with trauma on their own?

just a thought

ngl @celticpyro is the entire reason I actually bother to read and look at stuff about and by Set It Off. like if you know me, you know that I just listen to music for the music, not the artists behind it. but celtic has reblogged so much stuff about them that I actually genuinely care about the dorks of SIO and their antics.

@celticpyro how dare you do this to me???

let me introduce to you my fragile reality

my eyes are giant now,
i have a tiny mouth and
a tiny nose,
i make cute sounds,
like a little kitty but
certain things set me off,
i mean, certain things make
me defend myself,
i surprise myself and
i do things i shouldnt.
im sorry, but
i have some sort of vectors
and multiple ghost hands,
they are meant for repopulation but
if humans keep trying to kill me, well
im programed to live,
so i use my hands in ways i wish i didnt,
im programed to procreate,
i just want to procreate!
please stop trying to kill me!

Rivals Or Not

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by parilu

It’s 2 o'clock A.M., around 12 degrees outside, and someone at Brockford University decided it would be hilarious to set off the fire alarm. Lance has no trouble at all in being vocal about how he’s gonna make that fucker pay.

Or: Keith (The Douche™) is baking cookies in the communal kitchen at this wretched time and Lance is still very angry but also really hungry.

Words: 5116, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Have either of you two gotten seasick yet?

After getting tossed through dimensions and going days on end in universes without gravity you kind of get used to motion sickness. I basically already had my sea legs the moment we set off. Stanley, on the other hand, did not.


        We live in a society ruled by the media. At every turn we’re bombarded with images of what a girl is supposed to look like, what she’s supposed to wear, and how she’s supposed to act.  Models range from stick thin to plus size, with no representation of average size six girls to be found. All around the world, girls are starving themselves to look a certain way, with terms like “thigh gap” and “collarbones” running rampant in their minds.  But why? What are those things really worth?

           All too often, I’ll be sitting around with my friends, when one of them starts complaining about her body. “My thighs are too big!” exclaims the girl on my right, and pretty soon the girl on my left chimes in with “Your thighs are perfect but have you seen my stomach?” That one small complaint sets off a chain reaction among the group. By the end of the discussion, there is not one person left who has not bashed her body. We reflect on those shopping trips that left us in devastation, crying tears of frustration because we didn’t fit into jeans sized a certain number and our usual size dress left us squeezed so tight we were barely able to breathe. We fail to realize that these numbers are just that; numbers. It is not until we assign them a value to our self-worth that we leave the store feeling downtrodden and disgusting.

           It’s considered normal to complain about your body, to have low self-esteem, to suddenly go on fad diet that could be potentially detrimental to your health just to shed those few extra pounds. Every day, more girls are being diagnosed with eating disorders while still more suffer in the silence of their own home, forbidding themselves from the nourishment of their own pantries. Gym memberships are purchased every day by girls who run miles and miles on treadmills and still find themselves in the same place they started, simply because they can’t learn to love themselves. The root of the problem is the media’s propagation of perfection.  Every time a girl opens a magazine, turns on the TV, goes to the movies, or walks into a store, her brain is bombarded with this image of a stick thin girl, with perfect hair, a bleached white beautiful smile, and a face perfectly airbrushed beyond recognition of any human’s natural state. It is constantly drilled into her mind that this is the singular form of beauty, the only way to become desirable, and if a girl does not meet those standards than she shouldn’t be able to love herself.

           A girl cannot be forced to love herself – she must make the choice on her own.  She must become a butterfly, and set herself free of the cocoon of self-hatred and insecurities. However, this doesn’t mean that as peers and educators we can’t guide them to a path of self-acceptance. Change starts on an individual level.  Instead of building on our friends’ negative comments about their bodies as a springboard to relieve our own insecurities, we should counter with positivity. The next time a friend starts to utter those all too familiar complaints of “My thighs are too big!” the appropriate response would not be to brush off their comment and instead launch into your own rant about your appearance, but to tell them that you think they are beautiful regardless of the size of their thighs.  While such a small comment may seem insignificant, it is the reinforcement of positivity that begins the change in how a girl sees herself.  Girls should be encouraged to participate in activities that make them happy, regardless of what other people may think.  Instead of casting wistful glances at their reflection day after day, hoping they will see something different, they should be taught to look in the mirror and think “Wow, I really am awesome!”

           In order to overcome these predisposed notions about beauty and appearance that we are taught from a young age, we must educate girls that this is not so.  The things we are taught shape our minds and our perspectives, and if we are taught that we are not good enough, it is what we will believe.  In fact, it is what many girls believe because they have been exposed to nothing but the media and have had little to no education in matters of self-image, self-esteem, and self-acceptance.  If classes and units were implemented in school curriculum from a young age, it would help to develop a stronger sense of self in the individual as they grow older.  Just as we do not learn math from simple addition to calculus in one day, self-esteem skills cannot be developed in a short period of time.  They are a set of skills that must be practiced throughout life, and implementing this skill set at a young age and continuing these practices will be the best way to reap the benefits of self-love.

Girls have been taught to hate their bodies.  In order to reverse this, they need to be taught to love their bodies, flaws and all, instead.  We should acknowledge that there is nothing special to be found in “thigh gaps” and “collarbones” but that there is something to be found in the uniqueness of an individual. We shouldn’t disown the beauty of the models of the world, for they are girls themselves, but we should embrace our own individual beauty. Happiness is not found in mirroring the pages of a magazine, in having the perfect body or the prettiest face.  It is found in accepting yourself for the best of all you are, and loving yourself regardless of your imperfections and flaws that are a mark of your individual character.  True happiness comes from within, and every girl should have the privilege of experiencing it.

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You wrote: "the same adaptability that allows for PTSD, if taken up to eleven." I take this to mean that neuroplasticity plays a role in PTSD development. Could you explain a bit more, please? BTW I'm enjoying the hell out of your woo book teardown!

Not exactly what I meant, though I see how it can read that way.

But it’s essentially just like any learning. The same mechanic that allows us not to repeat dangerous stuff if we got a serious enough scare or a serious enough hurt the first time (classical example: burning your hand on the stove) is at work when PTSD forms, because it’s an experience (or a process of experiences) that makes your brain go ‘THIS IS BAD MISSION ABORT’. 

It’s essentially the same avoidance pattern but it’s taken up to the maximum, past the point of it being useful to you because it engages behavioural patterns that might in fact be inappropriate in the situation if a perfectly innocent stimulus sets it off. That’s what I meant. The same learning process that allows us to learn that touching the hot stove hurts and avoid it also can teach us that that a specific, otherwise harmless input (a scent, a sound, an item etc, the list is hella long) heralds Bad Things the reaction to which can be extremely disruptive, depending on the person/case. 

But the underlying process of memory formation and learning isn’t really any different. And much like with the hot stove example above, you don’t even need to consciously remember the thing that gave you PTSD in full clarity for the brain to engage. I don’t remember when I learnt that hot stoves are ow, but I sure know that they are. Your brain knows and that knowledge is enough to set off the reaction. 


Do not keep watching the TV if there is an advert for Persona Synthetics if you have derealisation/depersonalisation, or if you have psychosis at all. Please stay safe. It is Uncanny Valley central and has set off major issues here. 

The ad is a marketing ploy for an upcoming Channel 4 tv show called Humans, and looks like a real ad. it features a recall for a product called Synths from a company called Persona Synthetics. The Synths are human looking robots that act and look completely human (though, vacant blank facial expressions and robotic green eyes) that assist well-to-do families around the house, with children etc. It’s deeply unsettling.

On top of it being on TV, “Persona Synthetics” (Channel 4) have set up a store (warning: the video is on that site, if you’re in a vulnerable place and/or easily triggered by unreality, please don’t watch it) and have an eBay recall page (linking only because if people stumble upon it, it will trip them the hell out and I don’t want that to happen). They’re really going all out to get this advertised in the most fucked up way, so please, please be careful. 

The video tells you to go to the website, which I’m going to link just because again, if it’s somehow stumbled upon it can set off all kinds of bad. If you’re in a bad place and/or easily triggered by unreality, do not look. Only if you’re in a safe place, please please. 

Oh god, please be safe. Please also reblog this to spread the word, even if it’s a British show, look out for your followers. 

Can you believe Niall’s been psyching us out. Here we are thinking he’s just playing golf and having tea with old guys in some Midwest golf course cafe. All the while, he’s already got his album recorded and printed off. Setting up interviews, and is about to launch his Playgirl spread, using nothing but golf clubs and balls as props. Amazing. Who knew the cheeky little Irish devil would be the one to hit us with content first?