I’m not trying to call anyone out, but this reply I got on my “DO NOT REPOST” post is part of the problem:

“I get why you’re angry but when you don’t properly put a watermark on all your art that is big enough and in bright enough colors to see, what do you expect? It only makes it easier for the people to repost the art to claim that it’s not yours.”

Artists shouldn’t feel the need to paste ugly ass watermarks all over their beautiful artwork/creations! But many do or have started to because of reposters and art thieves!  This statement is BLAMING THE VICTIM, WHICH IS 100% WRONG. And no offense, but this is the EXACT reasoning reposters use, and it is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT.  So, please educate yourselves before you start whining about how artists ‘should know better’ and cover their art with their urls 50x over so that ignorant little shits don’t steal or repost them.

Even if you don’t repost, you are still part of the problem if you think this way.

pop punk bands in high school
  • Green Day, Blink-182, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, and Panic! At the Disco:the pop punk seniors that everyone loves (and tbh, kinda tries to emulate)
  • Twenty One Pilots, Pierce The Veil, Tonight Alive, Set It Off, As It Is, Halsey, and PVRIS:the pop punk juniors that are really up and coming and getting more and more popular everyday
  • Neck Deep, The Story So Far, State Champs, and We Are The In Crowd:the angsty and rebellious pop punk sophomores that aren't super well known by the mainstream, but are still gaining status quickly
  • All of the more underground bands that not that many people know about (pretty much any band not listed above):the pop punk freshmen that are new to the scene, but still very intriguing to everyone
  • 5sos:those fucking annoying ass teeny bopper middle schoolers that always try to hang out with you and your squad because you're friends with their sister; they try wayyyyyyy too hard to fit in with you and your friends; they're uneducated and ignorant as fuck about social justice issues and things that actually matter and they always say the most terrible things; they have no idea how the world works at all; then when they get called out they cry uncontrollably and just like that sobbing girl from Mean Girls, they don't even go here…
  • ***this can also apply to the age/grade level of the bands' fans

he’s not what he seems ; After losing trust in both his Grunkle Stan and Mabel, Dipper drifts away from his family. He spends more time in the mysterious forest, hardly sleeps or eats and is more paranoid than usual but when a certain omniscient being offer’s him a deal, Dipper accepts without hesitation.

(artwork by starfleetrambo)

Gold - Imagine Dragons / Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing - Set It Off / Come With Me Now - Kongos / Body - Mother Mother / Girl With One Eye - Florence + The Machine / Up In The Air - 30 Seconds To Mars / Wires - The Neighbourhood / Howl - Florence + The Machine / Serial Killer - Lana Del Ray / Long Way Down - Robert Delong / Dead To Me - Melanie Martinez / Bad Romance - 30 Seconds To Mars / Dream - Imagine Dragons / Pure Imagination - Maroon 5 / Fineshrine - Purity Ring / Take Me To Church - Hozier