The Gates of Bisexuality

I was looking at a gifset earlier, when I had a sudden thought. Now, others have speculated on many of these elements already, but I feel like I need to consolidate them. Take a look at this shot:

In this shot, we clearly see that the special suite Dean has ordered has two areas–a sleeping area and a living area. Now, the doors to the sleeping area (where sometimes things that, bear with me, are not sleeping occur) are saloon doors. In other words, they swing both ways. Also note that they are positioned directly in between two figures–one male, and one female. And Dean is the only person we ever visibly see open both doors (Jack only opens one when he goes to wake Dean)–in this shot, here:

In honor of this lovely design choice, I am officially designating these doors the Gates of Bisexuality. 

On a related note…Dean’s attire seems to match the male figure’s remarkably. They even strike a similar pose in the same shot…

Meanwhile, as Dean is standing on the side with the male figure, take a look at the female figure…

That tan coat…with blue pants…and short, dark hair…with a light (a lamp even) turned on right next to her (in the middle of the day)…why gee, doesn’t that remind you an awful lot of Cas? Cas, who happens to be sitting on the same side of the  room as that female figure?

So we have Cas and Dean paralleled in both appearance and placement to the two figures who frame the Gates of Bisexuality (I’m gonna trademark that, I swear). I wonder…what could it all possibly mean?

Okay, can we talk about this painting? It’s both historically interesting and Hannibal relevant, so something for everyone!

This is Le Radeau de la Méduse (The Raft of the Medusa), and the original was painted by Theodore Géricault in 1819. It’s a depiction of the aftermath of a colossal fuck up that took place three years earlier. The painting itself is massive - the figures in the foreground are twice life-size, to give you an idea of the scale. If you stand in front of the painting, you’re in the painting. It’s in the Louvre if you ever want to see it in person.

Hannibal Lecter’s version is much smaller.

The frigate Méduse was stranded in shallow water by a series of shitty sailing decisions by a very bad captain, about thirty-five miles from shore near Mauritania. The crew built a raft they called la Machine to put all the cargo on to try and lighten the ship enough to float it - but the ship started to break up in bad weather, so everyone panicked and all but 17 people out of 400 decided to make a run for it.

There were 6 boats, which held about 40 people each, leaving 145 men and one woman to cram onto a 20x60 foot raft that had not been designed or stocked to carry people. They had one bag of biscuits, two barrels of water, and six casks of wine. The raft sank below the level of the water pretty much immediately and stayed that way, with the majority of the deck under the surface, so everyone on board was stuck in the water or fighting for drier spots, and all constantly terrified they were going to sink further.

It got worse.

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Set design for Sheriff Notham’s jailhouse. At one point in my retelling of Robin Hood, Robin finds himself behind bars!

I’ve included two detail shots and the local color as well as a night color shot. 

Hope you guys enjoy seeing this, sorry to disturb the inktober posts.


The infamous ’Skyfall’ house from the 007 movie of the same name [2012 MGM/Sony/Columbia] is supposed to be situated in the barren rural lands of Glen Coe, Scotland, however the property was purpose-built from scratch at Hankley Common, Surrey, England. Interiors, designed by Dean Clegg, were shot on a soundstage at Pinewood Studios. 


On works like Samurai Jack it’s very easy to forget that animation is a collaborative medium.  This has started to change recently as seen on Steven universe where I argue that the board artists are just as well known as Rebecca Sugar. Samurai Jack is so very linked to Tartakovsky and his vision that i have to force myself to remember that my favorite part of the show (the landscapes) were done by Scott Wills and co. Anyways, watch this guys work and be amazed that this was done traditionally instead of digitally. Last i heard his new backgrounds are gonna be made digitally while trying to retain that hand drawn approach.

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