“In contrast to the opulent interior, with its voluptuous curves and gilded surfaces, the space just outside of it is the exact opposite- cold fluorescent lights flicker onto hard concrete walls covered with fading puck rock posters, like a club that has taken over an abandoned underground bunker…We have designed the lobby and entrance path to be of the "other” Russian aesthetic- rather than lush, czarist Russia, its post-Cold War era.

  For us, the contrast between outside and inside was important to define spatially, and is the reason for the two environments- its literally “war” and “peace.” Inspired by Dave’s lyrics: “There’s a war going on out there somewhere,” and “The war can’t touch us here.” -Mimi Lien, A Total Environment

(Re: the clip of he watson’s flat in the parenthood video (x)) No, you’re not going mad, there certainly wasn’t a door under those stairs in John’s flat in ‘Many Happy Returns’. There was a dresser right up against the wall with the TV on:

(the picture of the fern is still in it’s place, though!) So, they’ve obviously gained a back garden and a back door since we last saw the flat.

in ‘His last vow’ here is the front door & the view through the kitchen to the living room:

To me the staircase looks different, much closer to the wall and to me it looks like the stairs change direction (behind John’s head in that last cap) much lower than in the parenthood video.

Has John been doing DIY in his spare time? ;)


On works like Samurai Jack it’s very easy to forget that animation is a collaborative medium.  This has started to change recently as seen on Steven universe where I argue that the board artists are just as well known as Rebecca Sugar. Samurai Jack is so very linked to Tartakovsky and his vision that i have to force myself to remember that my favorite part of the show (the landscapes) were done by Scott Wills and co. Anyways, watch this guys work and be amazed that this was done traditionally instead of digitally. Last i heard his new backgrounds are gonna be made digitally while trying to retain that hand drawn approach.