“"oh dear evan hansen’s lighting and set design is so simple omg!1!!!”“ like?? bitch where ?? the lighting and set design of dear evan hansen is one of the most complicated, intricate, and innovative that has ever been on broadway.


My new project of animation !

林正 Jan Lin【罐頭工廠】Can Factory | official music video

導演 Director:小油 Little Oil
劇本 Script :小油 Little Oil , Neil Wang
美術監製 Art Director:小油 Little Oil
動畫 Animation:小油 Little Oil
後製 Post-production:小油 Little Oil
標題字幕設計 Logo Designer : 小油 Little Oil​​​​​​​


show curtains

legally blonde // lion king // hello, dolly // sweeney todd // matilda // wicked // something rotten // sunset boulevard // book of mormon // gentelman’s guide


  “In contrast to the opulent interior, with its voluptuous curves and gilded surfaces, the space just outside of it is the exact opposite- cold fluorescent lights flicker onto hard concrete walls covered with fading puck rock posters, like a club that has taken over an abandoned underground bunker…We have designed the lobby and entrance path to be of the "other” Russian aesthetic- rather than lush, czarist Russia, its post-Cold War era.

  For us, the contrast between outside and inside was important to define spatially, and is the reason for the two environments- its literally “war” and “peace.” Inspired by Dave’s lyrics: “There’s a war going on out there somewhere,” and “The war can’t touch us here.” -Mimi Lien, A Total Environment