Kitchen Decor Set [The Sims 4] by Dara Sims

The set consist of 17 objects. All meshes is created in original game and should work with any addons.
Each object are possible to recolour (all recolors are shown in the pictures below).
The archive contains .package formats.
You can find all kitchen decor in category:
Decor - Wall Sculptures/Clutter/Misc Decoration (all items for 2 simoleons).


The Department of Extraordinary Upcycling loves these hand-altered bone china art plates from Lavinia’s Tea Party. After collecting countless sets of vintage china tea sets Lavinia began embellishing them with decals of anatomical illustrations, creepy clowns, kitschy kittens, magical unicorns and octopuses, illustrations from Alice in Wonderland, and more. She also converts some vintage plates into clocks.

Visit the Lavinia’s Tea Party Etsy Shop to check out many more examples of her delightfully unconventional china.

[via So Super Awesome]


I hope my writing wasn’t too hard to read (I promise, it is neater on papers). So I finally got the chance to put together a list of supplies I use for my bullet journal as requested by whatthehallbob! If anyone has further questions about bullet journals, please don’t hesitate to ask! :)







Just a quick reminder that all you really need for a bullet journal is a pen and a notebook. Don’t feel pressured to spend money on popular brands, decorative tapes, or colorful pens because the most important thing is creating a system that works for you. The bullet journal can’t help you no matter how beautiful it looks if you spend most of your time decorating it instead of working on the tasks written in it. However, if you believe that decorating and color-coding your bullet journal will improve your system and your overall experience (I personally find it fun and relaxing), then you should absolutely go for it! :)


Leinster Road Ailtireacht

This home, an a eighteenth century in-fill Victorian house, an architectural oddity, presenting as a novelty of colour and decorative flourishes set into the somber adjoining streetscape.

The restoration and adaption of the house is framed as a response opposing the evolution of particular condition within the typology in Dublin of two storey over basement period houses, where a suite of contemporary living spaces housed in the lower ground floor or basement are entirely disconnected from the main spaces of the ‘piano nobile’ over. 

Images and text via Ailtireacht


Tahitian inspired ocean-to-lake estate in Manalapan |  Homeadverts

Situated on approx. 1.6 acres with 150 feet of ocean frontage, the property offers a tranquil setting with its many water features including waterfalls, water floors, swimming pool, reflecting pools, an incredible 2,000-gallon aquarium, and much more.


Created By jomsims

Sweet Valentine Bedroom

Created for: The Sims 4
For valentine. This year laces soft colors and romanticism.
in 3 different colors. double bed with integrated headboard.
lace bed linens. End table. dining table. wall stickers deco x4. heart floor deco. Gold dining chair. heart deco table gold textture. Laces cushions bed. balloons deco.


Created By Severinka

Victoria Nursery

Created for: The Sims 4
Sets of furniture and decor to design a child’s room in a romantic style with elements of Shabby.
3 colors
The set includes 15 objects:
- baby crib (decor, use a mod)
- blanket for baby crib
- soft chair
- chest of drawers
- dresser
- wardrobe
- cabinet for toys
- mirror with butterflies
- hanging toy with butterflies
- toy horse
- small toy horse
- 2 boxes
- small box
- photoframe with baby
- letters BABY