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Did you know Kyla had a 6.6 start value for bars in 2012 but Marta made her lower it? Her mom mentioned it in the gymcastic interview. Why would Marta worry about execution with Kyla and make her down grade? Not back in 2012

I know Martha kind of limited SVs when it came to how well they could hit? Like Gabby was trying to get to a 6.8 on UB and kept attempting pirouette skills and Martha was like PLEASE NO, stick to what you had. I think her whole thing was like, set your routine by Dec, and then don’t make changes, so even though gymnasts were still trying to frantically add skills throughout that spring, Martha was pretty adamant about it not happening because she didn’t want people really taking risks. Her whole thing was consistency, which is also why she suggested Kyla do the DTY instead of the Amanar.


More from “Man Up.” I love the attention to detail that the art department always provided. From set dec to props, they clearly understood how these characters think, and how their world looked. I speak in the past tense again because 99% of the art team moved on after season 3, but I’m sure the new team is great.

(Photos by Fun Kelly)