Number 22: 3/24 Late

I have a lot to say about Friday night’s performance that I probably won’t get the time to put out into the open… I seem to have little time to invest in writing these days, and I’m turning into one of those people that bullet points their recaps, BUT: 

-Nick Dillenburg is the freaking funniest speakeasy I have ever seen (besides Zach or Jeff)… I feel sort of bad for the set dec people who have to put everything back together after a shift where he’s been on, because he just throws so many things in seemingly random places (which is honestly fantastic, because it shows the animalistic nature of his character as Hecate’s familiar…even to the point where he crouches during certain scene as if he’s and animal waiting for the kill!)
-Nick slamming Agnes’s door in my face may have been the highlight of my night, because it went on for about 3 and a half minutes, and even though I knew it wasn’t a 1:1 after 22 visits, he had me praying that it would be. 
-He dealt 9 people into the card game instead of 3, and it was phenomenal. It honestly made an otherwise sort of weird night very, very amazing for me, even though none of us won, which may have been by his design it was even better than seeing someone win his affections… (was anyone else on Tumblr a part of that?) I haven’t belly laughed in the hotel in an ironic situation in a long, long time (maybe since Zach grabbed my necklace and pulled me toward Agnes’s door only to slam it in my face about a year ago?)
-To the girl who accidentally stepped on my foot in the bar– I totally appreciate your grabbing my hand after our awkward moment and squeezing me for a good 30 seconds as if to say you were sorry. We kept seeming to bump into each other when we were both very invested in scenes, which was hilarious, and I’m totally glad you were so invested in the story yet totally unwilling to use your voice even in such circumstances! :) *GOOD AUDIENCE BEHAVIOR DOES EXIST!*
-Malcolm's 1:1 scares me to death as a woman (which I don’t even heavily identify as). I would love to discuss this with any of you if you’re down/have theories of your own about his character, but it is especially threatening with Adam as Malcom, simply because he is so tall. (I’m almost 5″11′, so it’s hard to make me feel short, so I can’t imagine a five-foot woman getting this 1:1 and feeling any ounce of stability or safety! I found it so incredibly compelling!!)
-Does anyone else have any interesting thoughts on the way in which your outward gender changed perceived notions/interactions in 1:1′s? The one’s I’ve noticed the most are Malcom and the Porter, but I’m sure there are other ones I’m not picking up on cause I’m more gender neutral than female or male. 
-Austin as Boy Witch… very different from Stephen or Tyler, but equally as entrancing, and intimate in a TOTALLY different way. I shared a wonderful dance with him that felt totally personal and loved it, though I felt much more heavily invested *personally* rather than the spellbound feeling I’ve gotten from flirtation with Tyler or Stephen! 
-Finally got the Sexy 1:1, which has honestly taken me 3 years to get (yes, I’ve been coming that long… I can hardly believe it!)
-One of the people I went with emerged from the hotel not realizing that SNM was an interpretive dance version of MacBeth, so I decided that I most definitely need to be more engaged when bringing new audience members to the hotel, even when I’m attending with friends of friends. ^.^
-(I must admit, I laughed at this quite a bit because as an English major with a concentration in Shakespearean tragedy I’d like to think even if I didn’t know walking in that it was the story of MacBeth, I would have figured it out… but I do feel bad she was sort of lost the whole time). 

Sad to see I missed so many tumblr people, but hopefully I’ll get to hook up with all of you in the future to discuss shows! Glad you had great nights! <3

The Time I Cried Laughing: Dec. 2016

Set the scene. Our Christmas tree is up, our parents aren’t home, and so I decide to take over the TV and play YT videos. I haven’t watched the Gingerbread House Challenge with @crankgameplays and @markiplier yet so i decide to open that.

Now my sister comes down. She’s 13 and doesn’t watch gamers or basically anything on youtube unless it’s beauty. She looks interested and decides to sit and watch with me.

Then we get to the part. Ethan SCREAMS “CAN WE HIT ONE BILLION LIKES” and SMASHES his house! Both me and my sister laughed so hard we were crying. After that me and my sister will cuddle up on the couch and watch that video and a few others, and she’ll whisper to me “That’s not the baddest pussy I’ve seen” at school everyday.

Summer Carnival!! release!!

The next entry in the Starlight Master series has been officially announced, Starlight Master 07 Summer Carnival!!. The release will have the title track from the event, sung by SummerPri (Mizuki Kawashima, Akane Hino, Yuko Hori, Suzuho Ueda, and Emi Namba) as well as two new original songs by Kirari Moroboshi and Chieri Ogata. The album is set to release on Dec. 7.

  1. Summer Carnival!! (M@STER VERSION) - Mizuki Kawashima, Akane Hino, Yuko Hori, Suzuho Ueda, and Emi Namba
  2. Nyowa Nyoworld☆- Kirari Moroboshi
  3. cherry*merry*cherry - Chieri Ogata
  4. Summer Carnival!! (Karaoke Version)
  5. Nyowa Nyoworld☆ (Karaoke Version)
  6. cherry*merry*cherry (Karaoke Version)
  7. Summer Carnival!! (Game Version)

David Dances - Part 2 (or Part 3 if you count The Doctor Dances too)

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Gwendoline Christie Joins Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Darkest Minds’

Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie is in negotiations to join the cast of Darkest Minds, Fox’s adaptation of the YA trilogy by Alexandra Bracken.

Christie will play a bounty hunter of fugitive teens who takes immense pleasure in her vicious job.

The actress is best known for playing the noble warrior Brienne of Tarth on HBO’s Thrones. She also plays the enigmatic Captain Phasma in the new Star Wars movies, a role she reprises in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which is set to open Dec. 15.