There’s a certain picture of stage Mikey that turns Y/N on anytime she sees it, Michael knows that, so he sets the picture as her phone background.

To get him back, Y/N takes a very /sexy/ picture of herself with only his favorite guitar, turned upside down, covering her naked body and proceeds to set it as his home screen background.

Of course, Michael doesn’t realize this until the utmost inconvenient time, when his mother borrows his phone to make a call.

Deck the Halls

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That night, and the next morning, Enzan made several calls to various stores and a couple of restaurants, as well as an ice skating rink, and a theatre. Any possible diversions on this date were accounted for. (“Mm, yes, you’re right. Since the decorations are better downtown, set up that store the same way, just in case.”) He pulled a lot of strings to get together, which he hadn’t done in a very long time.

Once that was all settled, he assured that his home field was set up. Blues help, of course, making sure all the staff was ready (they all had a grand time, and took it as permission to dress up a bit).

The more he worked, the more nervous he got. He’d thought preparedness would have snuffed out the nerves, but no dice.

In the airport terminal, Laika stood still for a moment and took in the scene. Festive advertisements and decorations reminded him just what time of year it was. New Years and Christmas, at least he didn’t have to work through it all. Even if it was a forced break on his part, he was wise enough to know that he needed it. 

Besides, it gave him a chance to figure things out with Enzan. That dinner date was still on his mind. Often. 

Laika took his PET out of his jeans pocket, and shot off a quick message. 

[ SMS ]: “Landed and at the airport. Should I come by the office?”

The last onscreen lines of each Star Trek Series
  • TOS - Capt. Kirk: Her life could have been as rich as any woman's. If only... if only.
  • TAS - Sarah April: Our trip into the negative universe gave it a second life. It gave all of us a second life.
  • TNG - Capt. Picard: So: five card stud, nothing's wild, and the sky's the limit.
  • DS9 - Quark: It's like I said: the more things change, the more they stay the same.
  • VOY - Capt. Janeway: Set a course... for home.
  • ENT - Cmdr. Riker: Computer, end program.
Love At First Sight [Bokuroo drabble]

Genre: romantic comedy.

Fandom and pairing: Haikyuu!! (Bokuto Kentarou x Kuroo Tetsurou)

Word count: 1623 words.

Author’s note: I don’t know what this is. Inspired by this post.

It hadn’t been the easiest of days and Bokuto is tired.

He walks his way to his car stretching his neck and popping his shoulders. The parking lot is almost empty but that’s normal at this time of the day. The sun has already set and everyone’s gone home. Except, of course, for Bokuto, who had to stay until late to fulfill his ugly boss’ demands. Okay, yes, maybe his ugly boss had told him a week before that this particular report was due today but man, everyone procrastinates a bit. It ain’t Bokuto’s fault if he left the report for the last second of the last day so he had to rush and stay till late to get it done.

But you know what, it’s Friday night! Job’s over until next Monday and he’s definitely texting Akaashi to hang around and do something tonight.

He’s taking out his phone, thoughts of bar and drinks in his head when someone clutches his shoulder and presses something cold and circular against the low of his back.

He startles, heart snapping, and turns around mumbling, “Yo, what the fuc-”

But is cut off by the golden eyes that pierce him from underneath a black hoodie.

“You know how this rolls,” the stranger says, voice smooth and even. “You give me your money and everyone walks outta here happy.”

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A few weeks ago, Craig Owens made a small acoustic tour through Texas, and me being a fan of Chiodos for several years now, was thrilled to death because I knew I was finally going to be able to meet one of my biggest heros. He went to 4 cities, but of course, Dallas, my home, was the last. His set that day was incredible, I’ve never been to a concert where I felt so close to the performer, and I got to experience a different side of both Chiodos’ music and I got to see Craig at a much more personal level. Afterwards, I was the first person in line to meet him. I was shaking and had the hugest smile on my face, he smiled back and before I even spoke a word he held out his hand to me and said said “Hi I’m Craig.” I shook his hand  and told him my name was Megan and had him sign my poster. As he did, I pulled out my gift for him, which was a box I painted and put the names of all his songs on, inside was 5 different letters I wrote for him and a bracelet for ovarian cancer, which is what my mother has recently been diagnosed with. When he saw the box and opened it, his face lit up. I began to tell him my story, how my mother had cancer and my grandmother had recently passed away too, how I fell into depression and had recently been struggling with alot, and also how Chiodos was something I am always able to rely on and go to in my most desperate times of need. Craig put his arm around me and said: “I’m so sorry. The fact that you spent that he time making this means more to me than anything” and then he gave me a hug. I teared up a bit, but was so incredibly happy as well. Craig is the most sincere and kindest person I’ve ever met, and though I never will know if he did read all those letters,  I do know that this really was one of the greatest moments in my life. He was so gracious and polite, and I cannot wait to see Chiodos again in September. Thank you Craig, for being my inspiration everyday.

“We did it”

Speaking of finales that we were robbed the emotional impact of I’ve always felt we needed one more episode of Voyager that sets the course for the family we’ve come to know.

I will though admit the following exchange is somewhat poignant… 

JANEWAY: Mister Chakotay, the helm. 
CHAKOTAY: Aye, Captain.
JANEWAY: Set a course for home. 

I’m actually very happy with how this came out - sadly there is just no way I could capture the whole crew in that last scene no matter how much I bent the idea.  But Aunt Kathy’s expression just melts my heart.

The original without the quote is available over on the Etsy store. sold sorry!!!


Of the Pleasure of Traveling Elegantly

Traveling has been part of the DNA of Parisian Gentleman since we began this project seven years ago.

Sonya, Greg and I have been roaming the world tirelessly for the needs of our editorial work as well as for a number of side activities related to Parisian Gentleman – ranging from university conferences to private receptions, various “sartorial” events, PG events, and book signings, to visiting a staggering amount of workshops and manufactures for my books (as well as attending international trade salons, movie sets, interviews for the press—traditional and digital). As a matter of reality, we’ve been on the road more days then we can count.

Last year, for the research work for my upcoming “The Italian Gentleman” book and for the various signing events for “The Parisian Gentleman”, we traveled for a solid 9 months without setting foot back home. We trekked all over Italy of course, but also we spent significant time in Spain, the UK, the US, Asia, South America, Canada, and in Eastern Europe.

Of course, “on the road” is a figure of speech here. We mostly took the plane. And by mostly, I mean an obscene amount of time over the past twelve months.

Yet we never compromised with one of our internal rules – that of always traveling well-dressed. Be it with a full suit or sports jacket, a tie, a pocket square, or at the very least, a pair of well-shined shoes and a nice, freshly ironed shirt. This rule we wouldn’t cheat on, no matter the destination or the duration of the trip.

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