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The kids exposed us last time. Might as well do it ourselves this time. - NamJin probably

imagine yoongi’s face when jin brings the sugar gliders home, like he can’t believe jin would bring a living thing into their dorm when they’re always working and always away on tour and “who the fuck is going to take care of it?” “we all will yoongi, like a family.” so yoongi reads all the articles on how to properly care for a sugar glider because the members can hardly take care of themselves much less a pet and he doesn’t want the fucking things to die, not on his watch. and late at night or early morning when he comes home from the studio he lets the critters out of their cage and plays with them because he knows, he knows, he’s read about it, that these nocturnal creatures need time to bond with their humans for them to feel like a family so he feeds them, plays with them, lets them run around on his side of the room then places them back into their cage without jin ever waking, until one night his eyelids get too heavy with exhaustion and he falls asleep while their pets are still loose.

imagine jin’s face when he wakes up one morning and finds the cage open and empty and he panics because sugar gliders, as cute as they are, can be stupid enough to fall into the toilet and drown, so he panics some more and rushes to wake up yoongi to ask him if he saw them when he got home but all he does is sigh in relief and coo a little bit at probably the cutest shit he’s ever seen: eomuk and odeng, curled up on the space beside yoongi’s head on his pillow, fast asleep.

later that day everyone comments on how yoongi looks like shit more so than usual and yoongi complains loudly that he was shouldering someone else’s responsibility while that someone slept like a log the entire night. but jin only scoops up yoongi’s face and kisses him on the nose and says you’re going to be a great dad someday yoongi leaving yoongi flustered and sputtering for a full ten seconds.

Sometimes I forget that these people

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were born the same year as these people

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But then again

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In conclusion: everyone’s a dork