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James Flint is a retired Royal Navy sniper. During his years with the Navy he encountered, quite by accident, a hidden treasure. In recognition for his find, he was given a hefty reward, enough to allow him to retire and become a private art collector. Enter John Silver, a young man with sticky fingers who’s been on the run from the FBI for the last several years, and he’s taken a contract to steal a painting from Flint. It’s just another job, just one more in a string of long cons, but what happens when they meet and sparks fly?

The Manhattan Job is now up on Ao3:

Rated: E

Notes: This AU wandered around my head and when it came out, it based itself very heavily on the Thomas Crown Affair (the remake), and was mostly written to the tune of Nina Simone’s Sinnerman which I highly recommend you listen to. Surprisingly, I was not actually watching the movie while I wrote this, but I guess since I’ve seen it fairly recently it didn’t need to be watched.

hi im several weeks late but happy pride month!

anonymous asked:

can you pLEASE show me your brush settings ?? They look hella neat and I would like to try them out too ! :D

- sketch ( lineart, very rare)

- sketch/lineart  ( usually for lineart but its very nice for sketching too)

- for coloring ( you can use it for lineart too if you want asdfgh )

- usually for soft gradients, clouds and blood/ink/spilled liquids

- sketch/lineart ( i actually rlly like this brush tbh)

Those are my brushes, have fun trying them!!


Full set of concept art for Kageyama and Hinata’s fancy togas!

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Art by me. Words by @esselley. Our collab blog is @essiecorking​!