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This Start Line

Title: This Start Line

Note: The song I used is Susume Tomorrow from Love Live which you can check out here. I do not own it or Pokemon. I just had to do this ok. I had to. And I did, so here you go. If you want more feel free to request things! Specific songs even! I’ll see what I can do.

Pairings: Gladion x Reader or Gladion x Sun/Moon if you prefer.

[Y/N] is your name.

I feel we have chance…yes, let’s push forward.” You whisper, stepping up onto the stage. Whispers follow you as you make your stand at the centre with the lights all around you leading you to this moment. The moment you’ve wanted to have, the moment that’s been just a part of your dreams until now. You can set your heart free to everyone and let them decide which path to take. “I don’t want to regret it later.”

“Isn’t that the Champion?” You hear someone say but you shake your head and face them head on.

Our future lies right ahead.” You point forward and smile as the drums kick in and you soar.

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Over board to a past sensation
Open my head to a new liberation
Lost in a sea of a mass complication
Take me home to be free
Drift in and out with esse
I feel your soul
Flowing through me
Faster then my blood
My heart pumps
To the sink
As i wake up
To a dream
To your eyes
I’m set free