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Enma Dino and Xanxus falling in love with nerdy, shy college student?


I love shy s/o~~

// Admin Chrome



  • The two of you meet in a library. You are there studying for a class, and Enma is there searching for a book. When you go searching for a certain book, you and Enma bump into each other.
  • Enma is the type to fall in love at first sight. He sees your trembling body and blushing face when you accidentally bump into him, and Enma knows then that he wants you.
  • Enma waits everyday at the library to see if you show up again. It isn’t until a week later that you make an appearance once again. Enma makes his move to reel you in and catch you.
  • He manages to get you alone (you had went to search for a book, and ended up in a secluded corner, poor you). You are reading a book that you found, and he comes up, and takes the book from you.
  • Shocked, you notice that the man in front of you is very handsome, which makes you stare down at your shoes, feeling your insides twist with nerves. Your face feels hot, and you can barely form words.
  • Seeing you barely meeting his eyes and playing with the fringe of your shirt, Enma is having a field day. He loves it. Leaning against the bookshelf, Enma asks you on a date. Which you say yes to (a little too quickly, may I add), and Enma knows then that he has you in his grasp already.
  • Enma really loved making you blush and squirm. Seeing your reactions really made him fall in love with you. It also was a delight to see you getting all serious about your schoolwork, since it was nice having someone so intelligent around.


  • The two of you meet when Dino accidentally spills coffee on you. Dino had visited a cafe in Japan, but once he had gotten his drink, he caught sight of you, and tripped over his own two feet.
  • You were working in a little booth, your books surrounding you and were studying with some coffee to keep you sane. Dino had seen you from the corner of his eye, and thought you were so adorable. The way your face lit up in a blush and you panicked when he accidentally spilled the drink was so adorable that you had him hooked.
  • He kept coming back, and he would spy on you from a different table in the shop. You didn’t notice, and Dino got to see the serious attitude you took on while you worked. It was honestly endearing to him, and Dino wanted to know more about you.
  • Dino had finally decided to take the final move. One day, Dino had slid into the seat across from you, which immediately caught your attention. Your face heated up and you could feel your tongue twisting while trying to ask why he sat here. Why was this dude so hot? What did he want from you of all people?
  • Dino turns the flirt on high. He’ so suave that you can barely keep yourself together. You know people are staring at you, and you just want to crawl into a corner and die. However, you are enraptured by the handsome man named Dino Cavallone.
  • You barely even registered agreeing to the date, it just happened. Dino smiled in triumph, and was already planning ten different ways to get you to fall in love with him.
  • Dino could watch you for hours talk about the things you were so passionate about, and seeing how much knowledge you owned made him proud. Every time you blushed and stuttered around him made Dino fall in love with you all over again.


  • You had been in the wrong place, at the wrong time. You were walking home late from the library and, when turning into an alley (shortcut back to your apartment), you were suddenly grabbed, a knife pressed into your neck.
  • You were crying, and waiting for someone to come, and then someone stepped out from the darkness. There was a scowl of disgust, and a shot rang out. Before you knew it, the man was dead.
  • Trembling with fear, you finally took in the other man. He was tall, dark, and handsome. His glare pierced through you and you could see him scoping you out, but you managed to stutter out a thanks before another man with silver hair entered.
  • The man cast one more look at you before he left. You thought the whole ordeal was over with and you’d never see the stranger again. You were wrong.
  • Xanxus couldn’t forget about your face since your encounter. It angered him to be so hung up on you for only meeting you for a moment. Seeing how timid and helpless you were had Xanxus thinking about you everyday. You were also thinking about the stranger every day and night. It was honestly making you both crazy.
  • Xanxus finally gave up, and searched you out. It took a few weeks, but they managed to pin point exactly who you were. You went to a college in Italy, and placed high in academics. Xanxus set out to claim you. He waited in his car at your school, and while you were walking home, snatched you up. You were a blushing and stuttering mess at the whole event, but you couldn’t help thinking about how handsome and kind the stranger was.
  • After Xanxus made his move, the two of you started “dating”. Most of the time the two of you were in a room together and Xanxus would be napping and you’d be doing homework. If you needed help, Xanxus would offer. Sometimes, Xanxus would rile you up just to see the beautiful expressions of timidness, want, and embarrassment.

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Yes to minecraft! No to rp. I don't have the skill to do it but I'd like to idk

ok ok i have this percy jackson minecraft rp server you dont have to rp you can just look around. but its cool, we’re just setting up and you get claimed and a name and a cabin. message me if you’re interested

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Werewolf au smut with Jimin or Jungkook finding their soulmate....just an idea 😁 ur really good btw 😉 poor jimin got caught 😆

Here you go, dear♡ And thank you! 


Description: (Werewolf au) Jungkook may only have known you for a week, but he is positive that you are the one for him and he sets out to claim you straight away.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Werewolf au, smut

Warning: Graphic smut, pet names, dom sub

Originally posted by scaredful

“Hyung, It’s only been one week and I’m having a really hard time controlling myself..” Jungkook confessed to his elder Yoongi who sat beside him in the livingroom of their dorm. The older male looked over at Jungkook and rubbed the back of his neck. “What are you talking about?” The lethargic man barely paid any attention to Jungkook who had been complaining and attempting to tell him about his problems. No matter how many times he would repeat himself, Yoongi just didn’t understand.

“I’ll say it again,” he said with a huff, “I met this girl a week ago, and I’m pretty sure she’s one of us..”

“What do you mean?”

“A wolf, Hyung…she smells..- oh fuck, she smells so good.” His head tilted backwards and his eyes fluttered shut as the thought of your intoxicating scent flooded his mind. “And what,” Yoongi asked, “do you think she might-”

“Yes.” His eyes flew open again and he sat up straight, completely facing the older male. “All I can think about when I’m around her is biting her. I can’t ever focus because all I can think about is making her mine, Hyung. I’ve never felt this way before..”

“Then maybe she’s the one for you.” His attention began to stray and he shut his eyes again, wishing for a moments peace from the magnae’s rambling.

“I’m going to go see her later this evening.” Jungkook said with a small smile. “I think she is the one…I’m going to make her mine, I want to claim her.”

“Good for you.” Yoongi could care less by now. He was tired, and whenever he was tired he was little to no help to anybody. In seconds he was comatose and would no longer be respondent to the excited young werewolf. “Thanks for the help, I’ll just go now.” The brunette rolled his eyes as he stood up. It didn’t matter if he didn’t care that much. He knew what he had his mind set to do that night and that was where he was headed.

“Are you at home right now, I want to see you.” Jungkook asked into his cellphone. He walked the streets of Gangnam-gu quickly, hurriedly trying to get to your apartment that wasn’t all that far away from his own.

“Yeah..a-are you coming early?” You asked him curiously. It was only 5pm and you had scheduled for him to come around 7. However; you had been debating whether or not you should still have this date. Your estrus cycle had begun and the first few days was always the worst. You had yet to tell Jungkook that you too were a wolf, even when you already figured that he was one as well. His smell was so intoxicating that it made your knees weak. As much as you tried to seem normal around him, you couldn’t get over the strong urge to have him on top of you. And now that your heat cycle had begun, you knew it’d be too hard to control yourself around him this time. Would it be a good idea when you’ve only known him for a week?

“Is that a problem?” Jungkook asked as he was already eyeing your building.

“W-well actually…maybe we should postpone our date for next-”

“Too late, I’m already here.” You could hear his smile through the phone. He was at the front door and he strides happily through the lobby toward the elevator. “Mm…I can smell you from here.” He whispered, although he didn’t mean to say so out loud. He bit his lip, wishing on every star that you didn’t hear, but of course you had. “I’m on my way up, so don’t go anywhere.” He said before you could even respond, then he hung up without another word. You blinked when you heard the connection drop and chewed your lip nervously. His scent became stronger the closer he came to your floor. He smelled earthly, like pine and crisp precipitant air. Your inner wolf whimpered and groaned as the presence of what seemed like an Alpha was just meters away, and before you knew it, he was knocking on your door.

You stood to your feet from your place on the couch and you nervously walked to the door. After unlocking each bolt, Jungkook had pushed the door open before you could. His scent filled the room a you stumbled slightly as you tried to relax.

“Are you alright?” He asked you, and you nodded your head quickly to reassure him. He stepped into your apartment while you shut the door behind him. He rubbed the back of his neck almost nervously as he stood in the middle of the foyer. “What about you,” you asked him, “are you-”

“Let’s cut to the chase.” He spun quickly on his heels and faced you. “I know it’s only been a week and we haven’t even established anything but…you drive me up a fucking wall.” You hugged yourself and crossed your legs together where you stood. “You’re a wolf aren’t you? Don’t think about lying either because I already know.”

“Then why did you ask?”

“What’s a gentlemen if you don’t ask?” He smirked softly and walked toward you. “Come clean with me, little girl, just be honest.” His head suddenly tilted when he inhaled deeply. “Are you…-what the fuck is that smell?” You whimpered suddenly knowing exactly what he was referring to. Your pheromones where going out of control and your inner wolf growled furiously at you. You groaned and stumbled slightly, you couldn’t help yourself any longer, all you could think about was getting wrecked by an alpha wolf. You looked up at him and you could tell in his darkening gaze that this wasn’t a joke anymore. You watched as the muscles in his jaw clenched and a deep growl rumbled harshly through his chest.

“Y-yes, yes, I am!” You admitted finally, “I’m an omega, and I-…Jungkook, it’s starting to hurt. P-please, can I be yours?” You didn’t have to say anything else. He was already pouncing at you. He pushed you harshly against the door that you had barely even stepped away from and his mouth pressed hungrily against yours. You could barely wrap your head around the way his tongue explored your wet cavern. Fighting for dominance was out of the question, he was going to dominate the fuck out of you. “I’ll take care of you.” Jungkook whispered as his lips moved from yours and instead ran across the side of your neck. “I will claim you, and you will be mine. No one else can have you, do you understand?” You nodded and moaned out when he began sucking little purple blossoms into your skin. His hands snaked down your sides until they reached the hem of your leggings. He wasted no time in ripping them off of you, including your panties. “Don’t worry, I’ll buy you new ones.” He whispered, but you could care less. Your thoughts were hazy, but the only thought that was clear was what you wanted.

“Please touch me, Kookie..” You whispered but he only shook his head. You opened your eyes and looked up at him. His chocolate orbs were replaced with glowing golden ones like that of an Alpha wolf. Now you were certain. He was no beta or anything less, and he was going to make you his. Your thighs clamped tight together and a whiny moan left your lips, causing a crooked smile to appear on his lips. He lifted you up, forcing you to open your legs again and he carried you to your bedroom, as if he had been there many times before. Jungkook looked down the moment he felt something wet pool through his shirt. “How can you be this wet already?” He asked after putting you down on the bed. His eyes trailed up to your core and he watched as your juices leaked out of you and onto the comforter. He wondered if it was even possible for that to happen. “Take off your shirt.” He murmured and you obeyed eagerly. You sat up and pulled off the thin fabric quickly, discarding it from the bed, and then your hand went to the hooks of your bra. It was quickly discarded as well and Jungkook wasted no time in grabbing you again. He gripped your hips and he stuck out his tongue, licking you from the base of your center, over your navel, and in between your breasts. Your back arched upward into his touch and your moaned softly. Your hand reached up once he raised his head again and you tugged at his shirt. He sat up completely and he pulled off his t-shirt in one swipe before tossing it away somewhere to be found later.

“Jungkook..” You called him again as your legs began to close once more to find some sort of friction. His hands gripped your knees and he stopped you. He parted them wide once more and he held them there. He leaned down again and kissed you swiftly before leaving a trail of butterfly kisses down your neck to your mounds where he sucked one into his mouth, his tongue swirling around your nipple. You arched upward once more, trying to press closer against him as you whined and moaned. His right hand massaged the inner muscle of your inner thigh and trailed downward until he reached your core again. He coated his thumb with your slick before he ran the digit between your folds. He massaged your clit with the pad of his thumb and you gasped as the pleasure shot harshly through you. You whined and whimpered loudly, already almost brought to tears as you didn’t think you could handle any teasing. Your wolf cried out, causing you to writhe uncomfortably.

“Shhh, calm down little girl, I’ll take care of you.” The alpha whispered before switching and moving his lips to your other breast. You hummed and panted as excitement and anticipation swallowed you whole. His thumb slid downward to your hole and he pressed teasingly against it. You groaned and squeezed your eyes shut, gripping the sheets around you. Finally, he pushed the digit inside of you and your walls immediately clamped down around him. He hissed at the tight feeling before pumping his hand back and forth. “Are you that needy that you are taking my finger like this?” You panted and whimpered in response. His finger was simply not enough and you craved for more. Your hand reached down and gripped his wrist as you ground hard into his hand. “Kookie…h-how can you t-tease me like this?” You panted irritably. “I know you want t-to be buried in side of me as m-much as I want you to be. I want it, K-Kookie, i want your cock. St-stop playing around!” His eyes flickered and his expression darkened to something frightening. The control he had on himself to keep calm had suddenly shattered and he had snatched his hand away from you so fast you screamed. The sudden empty feeling caused you to growl, but he growled right back, something loud and menacing. This really wasn’t a game anymore. He wanted to be in you.


He was out his jeans in record time and his rather large member bounced free from its restraints. Your hooded gaze stared hungrily down at what was soon to come and you chewed your lip in anticipation. He hovered over your before gripping your legs. He rubbed his hard veiny length against your soaking core and without any hesitation, he relentlessly thrusted into you in one long stroke. Your breath hitched and you cried out loudly the moments he was sheathed, your hands gripping his strong arms as tight as you could manage. He allowed you only a small amount of time for you to adjust, a few seconds to be more specific, and then he pulled back again, grunting as he thrust back into you and repeated the motion, finding a rhythm quickly. You moaned loudly with every strong thrust he presented you with. Your eyes were squeezed shut and you wrapped your legs around his hips, willing him to thrust into you deeper. You were able to peek open your eyes enough to look up at him. He had already broken a sweat, the ends of his hair were stuck to his forehead. His bottom lip was pulled in between his teeth and his brow was knitted tightly together. The sight alone made you writhe and you moaned out louder.

“F-fuck..” Jungkook moaned when he felt your walls clamp tight around him. “How the hell are you this tight? God, your pussy is so good!” He growled loudly. His head rolled backward and he grunted and groaned with exertion. Wet slapping sounds filled the room and so had the smell of sex causing Jungkook to give an animalistic roar. He leaned forward, placing his hands on either side of your head and if it were even possible, he pounded harder into you. Your back arched and you cried out louder. You were already so close but you felt like you had only just begun. You could feel Jungkook’s breath hot against your ear and an uncomfortable tingling sensation burned somewhere in the juncture between the your shoulder and the base of your neck. 

You had to be claimed. 

Jungkook pressed a kiss to your bottom lip before trailing kisses along the side of your jaw. His hands supported your back while he re-positioned his hips and continued to snap hard into you. You squealed suddenly and your hand clawed into his back. “There!” You whaled. “Shit, I’m close!”

“Good.” Jungkook whispered in a sinister tone. You heard a soft clicking sound and you knew his fangs had snapped outward. It was almost time that he made you officially his. After only seven days of knowing him, you knew by the strong attraction you had for each other that he was the one. You were his soulmate and no one could convince you otherwise.

Jungkook hissed the moment he felt you tightening and loosening spastically around him. You were reaching your high quickly and it was time.

“J-Jungkook!” You cried as the knotting you felt in the pit of your belly began to fall apart. Jungkook grazed the tip of his fangs over the tender skin of your neck, and then

he bit you.

You cried out in pleasure and pain as you released around his cock. He road out your orgasm with long slow strokes, easing you down from your high until he steadily reached his own right after you. He let out a throaty moan as he filled you to the brim with his seed; you could feel the thick hot liquid ooze down your thigh. He released his jaw and then ran his tongue over the bite mark he had given you to ease any pain that you felt, then he looked at you, golden eyes shifting back to their natural brown. You looked up at him in a euphoric, drunken state and he smirked. “Who do you belong to, my love?” He whispered quietly.

“You, Jungkook,” you responded obediently, “I belong only to you.” He smiled at the slurred words that left your mouth and he watched as your eyes closed. Slowly, he pulled himself out of you with a little grunt and then he laid down beside you, pulling you into his arms and allowing you to fall asleep until he realized…he wasn’t ready to quit.

“Hey,” He whispered,

“What about round two?”

More Free Communications Advice - Hutcherson Edition

Hey Josh! Why do I care? But here it is anyway.

Since you obviously refuse to hire a social media manager, I am giving you some free advice on how to better use your Instagram account.  Feel free to forward this to Michelle or Amanda or Airica - which ever well meaning but utterly clueless person you have running things. 

1. Develop a plan - set up overall themes you may want to help guide your postings. 

2. You probably don’t need to post more than three times a week. 

3. Remember what your fans like to see and are interested in. Yes, they want to see what you’re into, but cater to your audience. 

Here’s even some suggested postings:

- Get to Know the Crew - post selfies with different FM crew members and profile who they are and what they do. The crew will appreciate it and we feel like we are a part of the process

- Short videos of what’s going on today on set

- You claim to love photography. Let’s see some of these pictures! Maybe pics of your favorite location shoots

- You’ve appeared with countless actors. Post pics w some of them and tag them. For example,there’s a guy named Dwayne Johnson that seems to have a few fans out there. 

- Post TBT or FBF of your past work. Behind the scenes would be great. You have fans who love you because of your past work. Remind them of what you’ve done. Jesus - who doesn’t love baby Josh pics?!  I’d love to just see a week of Little Manhattan pics.  A different movie a week!

See son. You need a plan!  Get one and stick to it!  We don’t need to see the dogs anymore.  Really.

Please feel free to take any of these and implement. Free of charge. It’s yours. I’m also available for freelance work. I have more than 15 years of communications experience. And I actually like you and want to help. You know where to find me. 


GAME MECHANICS UPDATE - Dress Shop [ Showtime Illusion ]

The Dress Shop has been released and you can enter it from the shop tab in the Menu! Here, you can buy outfit sets with 2500 PAID starjewels! You are not able to purchase each outfit individually! These can then be set to any of the featured idols of any form in the MV setting! Buying the outfit sets will also now give you one 180-day 10 pull ticket! 

The fifth set of outfits to be released is [ Showtime Illusion ] for ALL 183 idols! This outfit is the one currently featured in the current event and is the 2nd Anniversary’s official outfits! Instead of paid jewels, you need not purchase this set! You can just claim it from the dress shop!

In the abstract, one of red’s specialties is supposed to be emotion—the whole rich, complicated, fervently-felt spectrum of unique feelings. But in practice, a lot of red’s mechanical space is about dealing damage and killing your opponent so often that red tends to be about this one emotion:

RRAAAGGHGHHGHGH. Rage! Fury! Anger! (Lots! Of variations! Of one! Basic! Emotion!)

That’s not to say that Screaming Battle Rage isn’t a fine emotion to express sometimes! It is. But it’s not expressing the whole sweep of emotions that red’s supposed to be about. And we’ve heard from many of y’all that you’d like us to find opportunities for red cards to depict other kinds of emotion. OKAY WELL STRAP IN.

So like, what if a red spell were about tough and prickly emotions, like catharsis, regret, and homecoming? What if red card-drawing were flavored as the process of expunging a complicated knot of painful feelings that are now, finally, in the past, and about the dawning possibility that, together, we might just be able to labor through the lingering ache of those past tragedies – and maybe even dare to feel a wrenching surge of hope?


Cathartic Reunion art by Howard Lyon

Both mother and daughter, Pia and Chandra, thought the other had died long ago. They’ve been apart for years, living with that ache. But that’s in the past now.

Anyway I guess what I’m trying to say is YOU BROUGHT THIS ON YOURSELVES TUMBLR I love u bye

danseusesarabande replied to your photo: I don’t remember that part.

holy crap now i’m curious about that AU hahaha XD

*Opens word document*
Michael no you have neither the time nor the talent required to write this thing.

But no I’ve been thinking about it. Literally all I’ve thought out so far is Shiro is a god that ends up putting Yata through a week or more of total hell trying to help him lose his virginity and Sarumi is endgame. Shiro is a little shit throughout.

#96 Single Dad

Louis: He made sure to put it out there on the first date, rather than get his hopes up by waiting several dates into it, to the point where he’s quite interested in the girl to finally tell her the truth. He had learned that that was definitely not the way to go. That’s why he laid it out for you on your first date. “I’d just like to put it out there,” He started, prepared for one of two reactions. Either you’d be disgusted that he had a son or intrigued about it. “I’ve got a son and he’s my main priority and I dont want to sound like a jerk but I’d like to know your stance on that before we take anything too far.” A silent moment passed but it felt like a lifetime. Harry had set him up with you, claiming that you were his perfect match and arranged this entire date for you both. Harry had talked you up to him and he would even admit that he was excited for this. “Really?” You feigned disappointment. Louis sighed, this would be the option he was dreading. He nodded, focusing on everything but you while silently cursing Harry for putting him in this situation. “I’m kidding!” You laughed at his gullibility. Resting your hand on his arm, you giggled at his confused reaction. “Harry told me about Freddie. Even show me a picture and I nearly melted at the sight. He’s the tiniest little thing and I think he’s lucky to have a father who would sacrifice his personal relationships for him.” Louis smiled, unable to keep the grin off his face. This turned out much better than he expected and it had only just begun. Maybe Harry was right about this one…

Liam: “Bye, Daddy,” Little six year old Abigail said as she gave Liam a tight hug. “I’ll see you tomorrow since you better be asleep when I get back, cupcake. Uncle Harry will take good care of you, just try not to stay up too late because we both know Harry can’t tell you no.” She grinned innocently before running towards Harry. He instantly picked her up, throwing her in the air before holding her to his hip so her could converse with Liam for a moment. “Have fun, mate. You deserve the time off. And I’m sure she’s gotta be a special girl if she’s got you dating again.” Liam smiled, kissing Abby’s forehead before he shook off his nerves. “She is.” It had been four years since Abby’s mother died in a car crash and Liam doubted he’d be able to move past it—to move past her. But you seemed to mend the hole that she had left. And he found himself making excuses to visit the grocery multiple times a week in hopes of seeing you working there. He had been out of the dating game for so long but he was determined to win your heart like you had seemingly stolen his.

Niall: He was nervous as well as excited. In two days was his fourteen year old daughter, Ariana’s dance recital. She had been practicing at home nonstop, even when she had sprained her ankle and Niall had to bribe her to stop so that she didn’t worsen the injury any further. This was her first solo and she was determined to make it perfect. She was fidgeting in her seat out of excitement while Niall drove her to practice. Normally, he’d drop her off and pick her up and hour and a half later but she had begged him to watch her and Niall always had a problem denying her. She ran off to stretch as soon and the arrived, leaving Niall to take an empty seat among the other dance moms who were there to watch their daughters. “Who’s your daughter?” He heard from beside him, causing him to jump from his thoughts . He had been so focused on Ariana that he didn’t realize the assistant dance teacher had taken a seat beside him. “Ariana Horan.” You nodded, now observing the focused, brunette haired girl dance with such precision and skill that made it clear this was a passion of hers. “She’s good,” You said. “She really puts her heart into this.” Noticing that you were focusing on the girls, Niall took the opportunity to shamelessly stare at you. Ari had talked about a new assistant teacher joining and how nice and helpful she was, but Niall had never expected her to make his heart flutter with every word you said, despite how little he had spoken with you. He didn’t expect to feel these butterflies fill his stomach just because of the close proximity to which you sat near him. “She’s always practicing at home,” He continued, smiling fondly at the thought. “Always makes me watch her to be sure that she’s doing it right, as if I know anything about dance.” He said, causing you to giggle. “If you want, she could always stay behind here after the other girls leave and I could work with her a little more. I don’t think she needs it but I’d be glad to help if she really wants it.” Niall smiled and nodded. He knew that Ari was quite fond of you, and now he knew why, so he automatically knew she would agree to extra help from you. You quickly excused yourself when you saw another girl struggling with a certain step and you jumped to help demonstrate it better. Niall hadn’t been on a date in years (despite how unsuccessful the last one had been and he wasn’t sure if it should count since his babysitter fell through and his date had shown up before Niall had a chance to call and reschedule the date. That night was spent entertaining Ariana, who was eight at the time, with baking sweets and watching Barbie movie after Barbie movie. Needless to say, there wasn’t a second date). Since that, Niall hadn’t even willingly wanted to date but he couldn’t help but imagine what a date with you would be like. You seemed fun loving so a simple dinner or lunch date wouldn’t work. He’d need something memorable—maybe he could take you bowling or to the coffee shop’s weekly trivia night. That’s when Niall realized that he had planned out an entire date night with you despite not even having asked you out yet. And he assumed that that definitely had to be a sort of sign for him to make his move, his heart was telling him something his brain would have never considered so, after practice ended, he promised himself he’d ask you out. He had a good feeling about this.

Harry: Harry loved kids. Especially babies. And he was great with caring for them as well. But it seemed like the world wanted to put him to the test. He was soon blessed with two twin girls and had to adapt to single parenting quite quickly as it seemed like their mother wanted nothing to do with them. She was willing to put them both up for adoption but Harry would never allow that to happen. You were really his saving grace. Without you, he probably would have died from exhaustion because his eight months year old girls, Lilyana and Layla, have something against letting Harry sleep for 3 straight hours without any interruptions. At first, he had hired you as a nanny but he never expected such strong attraction to come from it. His girls loved you and just having you around to help with them and maybe even prepare dinner for when he returns home from work was yet another blessing he received. “Y'know,” He whispered, gently rocking Lilyana to keep her asleep as he spoke. “It’s late and the winter storm warning just went up so you could always stay the night if you want. Layla always seem to calm down for you better than she does for me anyways.” He held his breath as he waited for your answer. Secretly, he had wanted a way to subtly ask you on a date and he hoped that you staying the night would give him enough confidence to ask you out properly by the morning arrived. “I wouldn’t want to impose. Besides, Becca will be worried if I don’t show up home.” You politely declined as you patted Layla’s back, hoping for a burp before you had to hand her off to Harry and head home. “Please,”He pleaded. “I’d feel just awful if you had to walk in this storm and it’s too late for me to drive you without waking them. Just spend the night, the guest room’s spotless, and I’ll even pay you extra for the inconvenience.” “Nonsense,” You succumbed. “I’ll take you up on the guest room but I’m not accepting any money to sleep in a room that’s bigger than my kitchen and living room combined.”He would make any compromise if it meant you spending the night, but he’d be sure to sneak a few extra dollars in your pay. He smiled into Lilyana’s short tuft of hair at getting his way. Maybe, he’d make his move tomorrow…

Love Sick [EXO Unfair Series]

Originally posted by 12fools

Summary: Where you catch a bad cold and visit a doctor your friend recommends, only to find out that your new doctor is drop dead gorgeous. 

Word count: 3 757

Type: Doctor! Baekhyun, angst, fluff 

Member: Baekhyun from EXO 

A/N: Thank you once again EXO for being your amazing and irresistible selves and dressing up in different uniforms for different jobs, you really killed me this time (I’m talking to you baby stars from the dead, lol) I’ve decided that rather making this a joined series with BTS, I would do it separately because I think that would make things more organized and I could sort things out according to groups and not get disorganized and mess up the blog. After I’m finished writing this, I will immediately start with the BTS series inspired by their outfits from their music video, “Dope.” I hope you all have been okay, feeding yourself well, sleeping as long as your body needs to rest and taking care of yourself. I love you so much my baby stars, forever & always.  

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You coughed loudly which immediately drew attention onto your weak and pale figure, your best friend who was caring and kind enough to take care of you when you caught the worst cold in history looking over at you with the only facial expression you would see on her face lately, a sympathetic one as she watched you possibly almost cough out all the air in your lungs, your chest squeezing tight and harshly every time you coughed which almost had you in tears. You coughed over and over again, hoping and wishing the pain would go away and the coughing would stop, that wish coming true a whole torture-filled minute later when you didn’t feel the need to cough anymore, laying back on the bed and placing a hand over your chest, hoping your warm touch would heal the pain the cough always brought. 

“I’m booking you a doctor appointment right now.” Your friend stated firmly, afraid that the next time you will cough that you would possibly even cough out your lungs and die because of how serious your coughing, sneezing and everything else that came with having the worst cold ever was. 

No!” You whined loudly, your voice almost sounding like a child’s because of your blocked nose that always caused your voice to change its tone, wanting to stand up and stop your friend from booking you an appointment with the devil but quickly laid back down on the warm bed when you began to feel dizzy. 

I am going to! I don’t care about your fear of doctors! You’re basically on the verge of death here and you don’t even want help?’ You best friend dramatically stated, walking towards her large handbag that she placed at the door and pulling out her phone before she slowly walked over to you while typing on her phone. 

“…but I hate doctors.“ You reminded your best friend in a whiny tone but with a frown on your face, not even bothering to remember how long ago your last trip to the doctor was and how did it go because that just brought back bad memories, bad memories that you wanted to forgot for a lifetime and act if they never even happened. 

“I know you do and I understand that, but you’re dying here. You need to go see a doctor,” Your best friend advised you in a sweet and loving tone which made your heart feel warm inside as you really took what she had said into consideration, even if it wasn’t a choice that you would be visiting the doctor.

“And I know a really good doctor that’s very kind and caring and great with kids and stuff,” Your friend explained to you, hearing her type on her phone as you turned your head to look at her with your eyebrows furrowed and confusion written all over your face.

Why are you mentioning-” sneeze “this?”

“Because he’s actually really cute. I think you’ll really like him.” Your friend mentioned with a small smirk and a wiggle of the eyebrow as you rolled your eyes once again whenever she brought this kind of topic between the two of you, tired of all the empty promises she made about the men she tried to set you up with that never worked out. 

“Fine, do whatever you like.” You commented with your couldn’t be bothered or couldn’t care less attitude, throwing your hands in the air as you said this before they landed onto the surface of the mattress more harder than you expected, letting out a cry of pain at the impact of your bare arms hitting the bed surface. 


You currently sat in probably one of the cleanest and not very over-crowded waiting room’s to see the doctor your friend booked an appointment for you and also claimed was so cute that you couldn’t resist but go after him, which at this point in time, you highly doubted because her ideas of cute, handsome and sexy were proven very different from yours when you met the guys she tried to set you up that she claimed were one of those adjectives mentioned. You rolled your eyes at the memories of those terrible dates, wanting nothing more than to shrivel up in a ball and sleep away the memories of the most embarrassing dates you’ve ever had in your entire life. You sneezed just once, letting out a relieved sigh because you thought it was over then before you sneezed two other times and then to make matters worse, began to cough with your deep and throaty cough that would concern anyone which it did because after coughing so loudly and having your chest feeling like it was being tightened too much, the receptionist asked if you were okay and asked you if you wanted something to drink which you denied politely.

After you were called to see your doctor that you didn’t even know the name of, nervously walking down the hallway and into the room where the receptionist said to go into, resembling a small girl taking steps towards the biggest tower in an amusement park because she was finally going to face her fear and ride the thing, well you were just going to see a doctor. You knocked on the door, hearing someone yell beyond the door to come in before you opened the door, shutting it before you started to look around the doctor’s office. It wasn’t that different from any other doctor’s office except for it was brighter and you didn’t feel you were going to be the one killed by your doctor, it felt very welcoming and warm - just like home, you thought. You took a seat in front of the desk the doctor sat at, for several minutes watching the doctor write down more notes about the last patient he saw before he looked into your eyes and your whole entire body froze. 

You admit, this time the doctor that your best friend claimed was cute was indeed cute, resembling a cute little puppy that would you more than love to take home with his bright eyes that shined brightly as well as the cute smile that could only be crafted in heaven shined even more brighter than anything you’d ever seen in your life. You watched as the boy smiled a friendly smile which was also out of embarrassment because of your staring that caused both of you to flush a pink or red color in your cheeks and the doctor started the conversation, introducing himself first.

“I’m Doctor. Byun, but you can call me Baekhyun. I am aware that you have caught a serious cold but I’m not sure about serious it is, we’ll just perform a few tests to see, is that okay?” Doctor. Byun asked you in his sweet and tender voice that almost made you melt into a puddle right in front of him, just going ahead and nodding your head as to what he said because at this point, you didn’t trust your voice would come out nicely or at all because you were completely breathless about the fact that your best friend was right, she was actually right this time around.  

You two stood up from your chairs when he gestured for you to sit on the hard and cold bench in his spacious office, you walking towards the bench and easily sitting on it unlike other times where you needed the stool to help you sit on the bench, watching Baekhyun rip open a new packet of gloves before he placed his stethoscope around his neck and walked to the bench too, standing close to you before he asked you politely, “Could you please remove your jacket?”

You immediately flushed a pink color in your cheek when you heard this question being asked, embarrassed you didn’t do this sooner like the other patients he’d probably seen that day as you slipped your jacket off, hearing Baekhyun thank you before he took his stethoscope and pressed it against right in the middle of your chest. 

“Now, I just want you to breath normally. No deep breaths, just breath in and out just like you do everyday, okay?” Baekhyun instructed you in a tone that could make you blush even more as you were forced to be so close to the attractive doctor, even smelling his cologne that smelled like in the middle of sweet and strong which you found yourself falling for, as well as the doctor himself. 

The tests weren’t that bad if you might say yourself, just a little awkward when Baekhyun had gotten so close to you to the point you thought he was almost going to kiss you while you could feel his warm hand through the cold give he wore that was placed on the small of your back while he listened to your raggedy breathing, surprised to also hear that your heart was beating so faster and so loud all of a sudden. He didn’t ask why your heart was beating so fast and continued onwards with other tests to check your health, you hoping that you wouldn’t sneeze or cough in his face because that would be the end of your chance to be with the doctor before you two sat back down where you first original sat down at.  

“I recommend that you get a lot of rest, your body is lacking a lot of it which could be due to stress or over-working it. Drink as much water as possible because it seems that your body is also lacking and you need your healthy fluids in your body as well as eat more protein and less carbohydrates, protein is more important in your situation than carbohydrates, so, I would recommend that you would treat yourself to more protein, okay?” Baekhyun wisely advised you, the handsome man watching a cute and sick you nod your head in understanding before he heard you sneeze, unintentionally smiling because of how cute the sound was to him. “Bless you.”

“Thank you.” You smiled an embarrassed smile, pushing your hair back and focusing on what other things you needed to do in order to get better and healthier from Doctor. Byun Baekhyun.

“Here’s the list of your prescription medicine, there’s no specific times that I should advise you to take all of your medication because the medication is pretty strong and I’m sure the amount of times the people at the chemist will tell you to take how much and how many times a day,” Baekhyun explained to you as he handed you a list of all the medication he prescribed to you, his physically sick but also lovesick patient which was you. “Take care of yourself alright?I don’t like seeing beautiful girls like yourself getting sick, okay?”

You blushed instantly when you heard this being said, smiling a shy but happy smile as you avoided his eyes and looked down into your lap, nodding your head towards the attractive doctor that you definitely planned on seeing after this appointment, taking the list he wrote down all your prescriptions on and your jacket too as the appointment was brought to an end. You smiled sadly when you realized this, standing up from your chair and walking towards the door, standing at the door to say bye the doctor, the doctor letting out a beautiful chuckle that warmed your heart and already made you feel better before he waved and said bye with a cute and innocent look on his face that made you question how one human being could be so damn cute.  

You stood in the grocery store nearby your apartment, dressed in your sleeping clothing because you didn’t fill the need to get dressed up if you were going to the grocery store three minutes away from your house and stood still in the middle of the aisle as your eyes began to wonder all kinds of different vegetables and protein products, not making up your mind on which product you would purchase. Since you were both sick and lazy, you felt like taking one of every product just to get the shopping over and done with and retreat back to your home where you could sit back and relax with a mug of hot chocolate and just watch old movies, but you weren’t even close to that rich and plus, it seemed ridiculous to buy every kind of each item.

You bit your lip, thinking hard of which brand you should purchase that would be most beneficial to you before you happened to glance to your right and looked back to the brands stacked neatly in front of you, looking back in the right direction when you realized your eyes missed something you just realized was there, your mouth slightly gaping open in surprise while your widened eyes stared upon Baekhyun, the man that could whisk away all the air in your cold and tired lungs and bring love and happiness to your heart, standing only six metres away from you, this time dressed in clothing that would make you think he just went out for a jog as his eyes examined the various amount of vegetable brands that the grocery store offered. He happened to glance in your direction to check for other brands, surprised to see you in the same grocery store since he never had seen you here before a smile set onto his face, standing up straight as he walked over to you, every step you witnessed him take making you grow more and more nervous, especially since he was coming over to talk to you and you didn’t even bother to wear proper clothing for going out in public and chose to wear PJ’s, but that was long before you knew you would see Baekhyun, so at least you had an excuse.

“Hey, I didn’t expect to see you here.” Baekhyun said to you with that damned smile that had you under his spell and command, that angelic smile bringing a smile to your face because of how much happiness and love along with preciousness the smile held.

“Me neither,” You responded back truthfully with a nervous smile on your face, trying your best to look Baekhyun in the eyes so he wouldn’t feel like you didn’t want to talk to him or feel bad for ever spotting you in the grocery store, but it was so hard to look into those eyes you knew you’d lose your sense of reality staring into and only see the good this angelic doctor had in his beautiful soul, "Hey, you think you could help me out with choosing the right brands?”

“Of course!” Baekhyun spoke with a bright smile spread across his face, causing you to mirror the smile on his face as you felt your heart flutter at the site you began to spend your hours in bed thinking about and how you’d see the exact site as he laid right beside you, bringing you closer into his arms that made you feel safe and at peace before he kissed your forehead tenderly and whispered in your ear how precious you were to him. 

The rest of the calming afternoon was spent wondering from aisle to aisle, picking out foods that you could squeeze into your diet with your doctor that you so desperately wanted to be something more, something on a more intimate and loving level. The rest of the afternoon shopping for foods with your doctor was the most fun you’d ever had since you became sick, smiling until your cheeks hurt and laughing so hard that it took a lot for you to not fall to the floor because of how hard you wanted to laugh because you discovered Baekhyun was a type of person who helped anyone out of the pure and true goodness of his heart, was like a ray on sunshine and shined brightly when he flashed you a smile, didn’t stop at nothing to make sure that people around him were happy and laughing and was most importantly, a person that lit up your whole entire universe and brought new life and a new meaning to the words beautiful, art and love. 

As the afternoon came to an end, the sky turning from a light orange mixed with pink color to a light electric blue as the stars began to hang themselves amongst the moon that was slowly starting to appear, Baekhyun and you were finished choosing all your items on your grocery list, waiting inline at the tills to buy all the products. Your eyes scanned the items in the basket Baekhyun insisted on carrying for you even if you could carry it yourself, suddenly remembering that you had forgotten that there was no hot chocolate anymore. You alerted Baekhyun that you’d be fetching the item, watching him nod his head in understanding to you before you slowly jogged towards the aisle you knew they placed the hot chocolate, finding it exactly where you thought it was and took your favourite kind before you slowly walked back, slowing your pace when you felt a wave of nausea and dizziness wash over you. You stayed put for a moment, trying to get your head to stop spinning which worked when the next moment you where able to move once again and walked to the till where you left Baekhyun, confused when you didn’t find him there. 

You spun in a circle, glancing in different directions for the boy you gradually grew feelings for, not seeing his heart-warming smile and his bright yet soft presence anywhere before you heard someone call out your name, turning in the direction of the person who called out for you, your eyes laying open Baekhyun who was on the other side of the till, items you planned on paying for yourself already packed away in a plastic bag and paid for by him. You felt guilt immediately wash over your sick body, pulling an uneasy expression on your face at the thought of someone buying you something, especially your groceries. You cracked a nervous smile onto your face when you saw Baekhyun look at you, walking up to the till before you paid for your hot chocolate and walked off with Baekhyun, thanking him repeatedly for buying your groceries even though he didn’t have to.

“It’s no problem,” Baekhyun stated with a smile that could cause your heart to burst, taking a mental picture of the smile because of how precious it was and needed to be saved in something that could never be destroyed or ruined, “Hey, do you wanna come over for dinner?”


I’m gonna get going.” You alerted Baekhyun, standing in the kitchen and slipping on your jacket that definitely didn’t match your pajamas but kept you warm during the cool season that always caused you to catch a nasty cold, taking your groceries out of the refrigerator before you walked towards the door, wanting to leave before Baekhyun could make you fall more and more for him.

“Wait, you forgot something!”

You stopped just at the door, turning around and watching Baekhyun race over to you, accidentally knocking some things he owned over but he didn’t seem to care as he continued to rush over to you and not bother to place the things he knocked over back to where they originally were. You looked down at his hands, trying to see what thing you had left behind that you would scold yourself for leaving behind, especially at Baekhyun’s house but found nothing in his hands that belonged to you or nothing at all. 

You forgot this,” Baekhyun explained to you, taking a brave short breath and before you could even blink, your eyes watched as Baekhyun leaned in and pressed his lips against yours, your eyes widening and your cheeks turning a pink embarrassed color because of his unexpected yet spontaneous actions. The groceries in your hands dropped to the floor when your lips felt his lips on yours, your hands immediately gripped onto Baekhyun’s wrists as he cupped your face with so much fragileness that you even thought you might shatter if he held on any tighter and kissed your lips. It was unexpected and not planned at all, but you swallowed your shock and surprise as you let yourself relax into the kiss, finally moving your lips with his as your heart fluttered even more and a swarm of butterflies made their way into your stomach because of the extreme feeling of satisfaction and happiness he gave you. He pulled away once he knew that was enough for one day, glancing down at your lips again before he quickly kissed them because they were already something he became very addicted to and said to you, “You forgot that.”

You could only blush like an anime character and smile shyly at the ground in this situation, feeling your heart pound against your chest, trying to fight its way out of the confinement of your chest and finally be released and free. You felt your head being brought up, your eyes instantly looking into his that only held fondness for you and only you before he said with a sweet smile, “I might get sick now, but it was so worth it because I got to finally kiss you." 


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Falling For Me

Characters: Rob x Reader, Richard, Jensen, Jared, Misha
Words: 1041
Requested by Anonymous:   Rob Benedict x Reader base it off of Always by P!ATD 

          You watched him on stage, feeling like your heart might explode at just the sheer amazingness of him. He was talented in so many ways. He amazed you every day. And getting to watch him perform in front of the fans of Supernatural was one of the proudest moments you had for him.

           As soon as the song ended, Rob’s eyes found where you were standing at the side of the stage. He winked and smiled. You smiled and waved at him, mouthing an “I love you” that only he could see.

           You were waiting backstage for him, bouncing a little. You always had the excited jitters after Rob performed.

           “There she is,” Rob’s voice was like music to your ears.

           “Hi,” you giggled and skipped to hug him.

           “How was the show?” he asked.

           “Perfect. As always,” you said.

           “You say that every time we perform,” Richard said, “Do you really believe we’re perfect?” he asked.

           “I believe that Rob is,” you said.

           “Thanks, Babe,” Rob kissed the side of your head.

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It’s time for you to shine!

Seems like Sammy was right all along (Supernatural One Shot)

Based on anon request:

Author: dreamworldbridge

Word count: 1655

Warnings: none

A/N: I’m sorry for the wait, I had a bit of a writers block. I re-wrote the fic a couple of times and it never seemed good enough… so yeah. But anyways, i hope you enjoy and, as always, feel free to send in requests! :D


“Are you sure this is the place?” Dean whispered to Sam.

“Yeah, Garth said this was the place. It’s the only abandoned warehouse in the area, so there’s no way he made a mistake.” He told him, shrugging his shoulders.

“But look at this place, there’s nothing in here.” Dean said outloud. You punch his shoulder.

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You wake up to find a text from Abby on your phone. She asks if you’re hungover. You send her a selfie back of you resting your tired head on the table next to a glass of orange juice.

She tells you that she’s glad you’re alive and she has an early shift. You tell her that you wish her luck and many impaled people while you’re on the beach.

You take off for the beach right after you eat breakfast. You have Octavia’s bag in the back of your car. You’re not sure you’ll spend the night, but you’re looking forward to some time in the sun.

You have your windows down and your sunglasses on. You’re ready to have some fun on the beach. Your car roars underneath your hand and it makes you smile. Rebuilding it from nothing was totally worth it.

When you pull up behind Octavia’s Jeep, you see everyone on the beach. Before you get out of the car, you check your phone. Abby sent you a text, letting you know that she had her first impaling of the day. You congratulate her and ask what it was.

“Hey Raven,” Bellamy walks up to your car.

You open the door and get out, “Hey, I didn’t think you guys would be up so soon.”

“Octavia got everyone up to go surfing at eight,” he answers, grabbing Octavia’s climbing bag out of the back of your car. You leave the rest of your stuff, dropping your keys in the backseat.

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