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“I have had the privilege of meeting so many young girls that have visited set this season and I’m always blown away by their faces when they see the cape and the ’S’ and the whole costume and just how excited they are to be there. That is really moving and I always kind of… have to go to my trailer and cry a little bit.” [x]


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“I have had the privilege of meeting so many young girls that have visited the set and I’m always blown away by their faces when they see the cape and the ’S’ and the whole costume and just how excited they are to be there. That is really moving and I always kind of… have to go to my trailer and cry a little bit.” - Melissa Benoist

 Arrival to UK ∙ 120916 

I have finally set foot in UK! Visited Swindon, Winchester, London and now Leeds within the past three days so I’m quite tired. Actually we’re only staying for a day as well before heading to Snowdonia, it’s a busy schedule but I can’t complain, I’ll soon be in Nottingham and probably be stuck there for the next three years (unless I quickly learn how to drive soon) so I might as well travel while I can hehe. ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌

A glimpse at last week’s spread, and also a glimpse of my face, I honestly can’t be bothered to pixelate(?) it and well I’ve shown my face on this website before so I don’t really mind anymore… Have a very nice day everyone~!

Song of the Day: Russian Roulette - Red Velvet

Dating Tom Holland would include..

..longs walks with Tessa.

..marathons of your favorite movie series.

..Tom reading to you on rainy days while cuddling under seven blankets. (hot chocolate and fire not included)

..stealing his shirts.. and hats… and jackets.. basically all his clothes

..him secretly loving it.

..visiting marvel sets and becoming the ‘Avengers’ otp.

..billions of snap stories and insta pics featuring each other.

..calling him your hero.

..him calling you his little warrior.

..DANCE PARTIES. (ft. Tess, Paddy and occasionally Sam)

..going for coffee with Harry.

..his family adoring you.

..him being jealous of Tessa’s love for you. being jealous of his fangirls.

..him reassuring you that you’re his one and only.

..sneaking kisses. Every 20 seconds.

..him never judging you for the blog you used to have devoted entirely to his existence. (”NO TOM DON’T LOOK AT THAT!!” “Aww! You used to write those little fan stories about me?” *you dying* “Oh and what’s this? You needed medical attention because I give you breathing problems?” *you’re dead*

..holding hands wherever you go.

..him feeling like he isn’t the best role to play something as big as Spiderman. setting up a hashtag and live stream so he can see all his fans and what he’s doing for them. Also reassuring him in another way. ;) being a singer and are asked to sing for one of his movie’s soundtracks.

..jam sessions or lessons with guitars.

..being the cutest couple ever cuz Tom Holland would treat his girl RIGHT.



Sprouse also weighed in on why Jughead helps Betty out — and revealed what’s in it for him. “It’s because Betty has the journalistic resources from her parents and the background of her lineage and Jughead is an objective character on the outside very much of their school society and of their society at large,” he explained. “It gives him an interesting angle to approach writing about the town, writing about the students, writing about how people treat him and — by association — treat the rest of their classmates and the citizens of Riverdale.”

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Interview with Lauren, Alexis and Scott and set visit through stars hollow which looked super cool!

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Dean x Reader (it’ll make sense, I swear)

Summary: After seeing Jensen dressed as 1940′s Dean, you suddenly have an idea to bring this version of your husband into the bedroom.

Word Count: 1,441

Warnings: roleplay, oral sex (female receiving), smut, cursing

Submitted by: @sgarrett49

Jensen decided to let you visit set that day. They were filming a time jump episode and he wanted you to be there to see the way they changed the set. You were an aspiring artist in the film industry, wanting to be the one to create and switch out the sets when scenes changed. What you weren’t expecting was for them to throw Dean back into the 1940′s, part his hair and slick it to the side, and make him wear that fucking delicious outfit.

When he walked onto set from the wardrobe trailer, your jaw dropped. The shirt hugged his biceps so damn well. The vest showed off his broad shoulders but pulled in around his trim waist. And the hair. For fuck’s sake, that hair. You shook yourself from your daze as you sank back into your chair, thighs clenching together. 

You sat back and watched Jensen slide perfectly into his character, ending the scene when Bob called cut, wrapping for the night. Sliding down out of the tall seat, you practically ran to meet Jensen.

“Baby, you were so good!” You stood on your toes and kissed him. “And you look even better.” 

He smiled against your lips and wrapped an arm around your waist, holding you to him.

“That’s not just a prop gun in my pocket, ya know.” He winked as you giggled.

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Ok so after some not so gentle prodding in my DMs (I know, I know, I’ve neglected Tumblr 😉😂) here is another wee snippet from my set visit.

At the end of the day I went up to the 8th floor to watch them film the short scene with the Pakistani Prime Minister talking to his computer screen whilst on the call to Elizabeth and Conrad. During this time Téa was in one of the rooms changing out of that gorgeous ball gown into her regular clothes (shirt, jeans, raincoat and those damn cowboy boots). When she’s ready we take the elevator together back down (not at all weird that I’m in an elevator with Téa on my own 😂😂). She sighs and says ‘Man that was a fuckity fuckfest of a long day’, and we both laughed. I told her I had a blast and she said ‘Really? You weren’t bored? Cause you know I feel like they should make acting students work on a film set all day. It should be birth control for all new actors’. Oh Téa! Haha. The stuff that comes out of that woman’s mouth.