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How can I tell if I'm actually going through emotional abuse and not just being overemotional?

well, here’s a few signs:

  • if you are scared of somebody 
  • if they call you names, invalidate your feelings, apologize insincerely for upsetting you, or manipulate you
  • if somebody has ever called you “worthless”, “useless”, “good for nothing”, or any other variation of telling you that you don’t have value
  • if you think about all your actions in words in terms of “will this make them mad at me” because they tend to get mad over small things
  • if you feel like you have to change your demeanor and personality to suit them because otherwise they’ll be angry
  • if you can’t set up boundaries like “take time to cool down when you’re mad so you don’t call me names”
  • if you don’t have a space that is just yours for at least some time during each day because they invade it
  • if you fear they will go through your phone, diary, journal, etc
  • if you are asking “am i being emotionally abused” that’s also a pretty big indicator that you are
Is Bed Sharing Altruistic?

Part One of the Great Fic Writer Scavenger Hunt

In a rare twist of fate, Castiel was actually in the same vicinity as the Winchesters when another mass hunter’s gathering was announced. Evidently other hunters had no problem with networking. According to Mary, the gatherings happened at least once a month, with plenty of hunting tips, advice for hospitals that would look the other way with injuries and, more importantly, plenty of free beer.

While Dean still preferred to keep his distance, Sam rather enjoyed the few gatherings they’d manage to attend. In part because the guy geeked out over any transfer of knowledge, and in part because a certain Eileen was often present as well.

“Besides,” Sam argued as he packed his duffel, “It would be nice for other people to meet Cas for a change, being an angel and all.”

Dean glared. Sam had a good point. “Fine,” he muttered, before turning to Cas, who merely watched their conversation with confusion, “But we’re going to get you in some new clothes before we go.”

“Why?” Castiel tilted his head, protectively brushing his white and blue striped tie.

“Cuz we want you to come off as relatable,” Dean rolled his eyes, “And you aren’t doin’ that looking like an accountant. So.” He gestured vaguely with his hands in an attempt to make his point.

Castiel opened and closed his mouth, trying to come up with something to say before meekly poking his head into Sam’s closet instead. Sam chuckled, setting down a shirt he was folding. “You’ll have better luck wearing Dean’s stuff.”

With a very serious expression, Castiel emerged from the closet with a nod and wordlessly made his way into Dean’s room.

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If your walk with God is becoming secondary, you have to set up some boundaries. Never let someone become an idol, because what you cherish above God will hurt you in the end. Keep Christ as your priority and He will take care of you.

The hardest part about dealing with toxic family members is that they are family and we feel we have to treat them differently, or put up with their behavior because we are related. Remember, family can just mean that they are blood related to us, and THAT’S IT! Giving yourself permission to only keep positive and supportive people in your life is the first step in managing those toxic family members.

Now let’s get into some hopefully helpful tips on keeping healthy boundaries with toxic family members!

1. Figuring out when you know your boundaries have been crossed. Usually our body gives us signals, like feeling anxious or wanting to avoid certain people. We may feel angry all of a sudden or even sad. Whatever it is, it’s usually our body’s way of telling us that this isn’t right or we don’t really like that person. Listen to it!

2. Pretending that their behavior is okay, is not okay! It only ends up hurting you. If we don’t tell them that speaking to us that way isn’t acceptable, they may not know. That’s why communication is so important in setting up and maintaining healthy boundaries.  

3. Give yourself permission to not have a relationship with them. I know I talked about this a bit at the beginning, but it’s an important point. Permission is at times all that we need, but we can struggle to give it to ourselves. I think this is what should be worked on in therapy most :)

4. Toxic people are toxic. It doesn’t matter if we happen to be related to them. When it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. The only way that a toxic relationship can become healthy is if both parties are willing to work through it and better manage the way they interact with each other. If one or both don’t want to, it’s not going to get better.

5. Passive aggressive behavior is what they thrive in. Not communicating things to you, and instead saying it behind your back, or any other time when they do something hurtful instead of expressing what’s going on, it’s all passive aggressive behavior. And it’s NOT OKAY! Communicating directly to them and calling them out on it will stop the behavior. They may not respond well to it, but then again, they aren’t really being nice to you, and that’s not okay.

I hope this is helpful as we go into this holiday season. We all deserve to be respected and enjoy our holiday, and I hope these tips help you do just that. Please share! You never know who may need this information. xoxo

Anyone in melbourne want a pet rabbit?

His name is Kouji. He’s a housetrained, vaccinated, fixed, lovable ball of fluff who needs a home that will love him back. I’ll be moving to Queensland where they don’t allow rabbits as pets. He’s a house bunny, and he loves nothing more than falling asleep on my lap while I write or play videogames. If I lie down in his pen with him, he’ll come over and lick my face before flopping down with me. He loves the occasional trip to the backyard. His favourite foods are dandelions, kale, chinese broccoli, apples, strawberries, and bamboo.

He comes with: a rug for him to run around on (so he doesn’t damage your floor), a split-level cage, litterbox, metal fence (to set up the boundaries of His Space), carrier cage, food bowl, water bottle, leash and harness, brush, nail clippers, towel, food container, kitty litter, bag of hay, and a huge box of spare newspapers and plastic bags (for daily littlebox changes).

I love this guy, and he’s been with me for over 6 years. He still has a lot of life and love left in him, so I don’t want to abandon him to a shelter or have him put down by the government. He’s quiet, clean, soft, cuddly, and I am going to miss him terribly.

Please help if you can! Contact me ASAP, I need to find a home for him in the next 2 weeks!

How to be Hated by An RP Community: A Guide for Assholes by an Asshole

Do you RP?

Do you hate being ignored when facing the slightest bit of emotional distress?

Do you enjoy having people notice your characters but hate the pesky effort of treating your peers like actual people?

Congratulations, dear reader! You’ve taken the first step in becoming despised by every roleplayer you come into contact with! This truly is a thrilling and triumphant chapter you’re stepping into. Why there are many perks to being your grade A RPing asshole, which include crippling self esteem, isolation, depression, damaged eating/sleeping habits, decreased work quality, lower grades, loss of contact with loved ones, and even permanent emotional trauma! For some of us, this all comes naturally. However, some wide eyed newcomer walking into the RP community might not understand the basics of becoming a massive thorn on everyone’s side.

With just five easy steps, you too can become the grade A asshole your mother spent hours in labor forcing out of a narrow vulva while sobbing in sheer agony.

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i also have a REALLY hard time setting up boundaries and like. i’m going to have to do that and tell him it’s not ok to comment on my appearance the way he does and other things but like. i don’t know how and i’m so stressed about it

Take Time to Nurture Your Soul

There is a lot of craziness going on, comments are flying, people unfriending, unconscious triggers getting stuck in the crossfire. I’m personally avoiding the fb vortex for this reason  but in general, i strongly advise, take time to nurture your soul in this energy. 

There is a lot of hate and judgment being thrown out like candy at a parade. It’s really sad. I have never seen us so divided and polarized. It is an illusion of entropy and resistance build and building.
 Take time to connect back to your own energy. Set up those boundaries. 

Detach, unplug, don’t get stuck in the vortex. Go read a book, do something fun. Take Time to nurture your spirit while the collective flails in chaos. It is crazy. Don’t feed on this energy. 

This is an energy where if we continue to focus on the problems, we create more problems, we continue feeding the fire into a ball of chaos. Let’s focus on the solutions. Be the change. Rise up your energy.  As lightworkers and cosmic warriors, we need to stay strong and raise our vibrations to help be the change! 

How do you help raise your vibrations? 

Staying in a higher emotional place than fear, judgment or anger. 

We are starting to prep for another eclipse season, it’s starting to become obvious to me, that’s why emotions and bio-rhythms are off. Everyone is being triggered by something, you just have to hold strong, let it go. detach. Let it all go.  

Nurture your vibrations, stay positive, express gratitude during this bizarre time and Hold strong. 


A Quick PSA About Freelancing

As some of you may know, I do a lot of freelance Graphic Design, and am trying to work in animation as well.  I get a lot of crazy clients, but for every crazy one I have 5 amazing ones.

For the past two weeks I have had a client who has made my life miserable.  Because of her potential connections I went way above and beyond to help her meet a deadline, that she did not tell me about when we agreed on a contract.  In fact, her contract says that there is no deadline and that I am not responsible for helping her meet one.  Going that extra distance has been a huge mistake.

She approved her file last week saying how everything is perfect and that she is planning on hiring me for her next book.  She has since called me late at night and emailed me several times because she has changed her mind and that she needs everything to be done immediately because she still has her deadline.  I told her that our contract has been fulfilled and that I would need to charge her more and if she needs it rushed I will need to charge extra for that as well.  She balked at this and demanded I work for free.  Each time she contacts me, I give her the same answer.  

She has also tried different tactics and admitted to trying to manipulate me into dropping everything and doing extra work for free.  

  • She called and told me how perfect my work is to try and butter me up, but when I said I wasn’t available she played the angry customer so that I would feel compelled to make her happy again by giving her her way.  When I asked why the sudden change of tune, she responded that she was trying to play my emotions to get me to do the extra and rushed work for free.
  • She later called me and said that she would like me to do another task, but that there was no rush on it.  I said I would send her the new file in a couple of days and this was the cost.  She responded by telling me that even though she had told me no rush she really needed it within the hour.  She had only said no rush to seem respectful of my time, assuming that I would drop everything to assist her to be nice.
  • She has threatened to put bad reviews online and telling everyone how unprofessional I am because I won’t push back my many other clients an do her work now, for free.  I have an excellent reputation online and am often known for being professional and accommodating as well as reasonable and speedy.  Also, I feel that at this point in time, that my portfolio also speaks volumes for the quality of my work.  
  • She has since broken her file in an attempt to change things herself, which is against our contract and now it needs to be completely redone as opposed to just tweaked.  I still have the unbroken file.   She went in and deleted functions and formatting and now her file doesn’t function properly.   She is claiming that even though I had told her how to use her file and that she knowingly did things I told her not to do, that it is now my fault her file is broken.  

Originally posted by veiledcuriosity

I am holding firm in that she will either have to wait until I have time or pay me for the extra work and an added fee for the rush.  She has demanded I work through the night.  I have given her options on timing and how much the work will cost depending on her chosen timeline.  She has decided to go elsewhere because she feels “entitled to have this done for free”.

Reasons I am telling everyone about this.

  1. This lady is straight up driving me insane, and it’s nice to vent.
  2. Plus, everyone loves the schadenfreude of hearing other people’s experiences with the insane.
  3. I have things set in my contracts and in how I work that helped me in this case and this serves as a great example why I do.
  4. There are lessons in this that I’ve learned that will also change how I do business in the future and are worth sharing.

Tips for freelancers.

  • Always work with a contract.  I mean, don’t trust anyone.  Not even family or friends.  Some of my best friends in the world have tried to screw me over.  A contract helps to set up boundaries and have them treat you more seriously instead of expecting a friend to do a favor.  Also, contracts protect you and your interests in sticky situations like the one I have been going through this week.
  • Make sure your contract has a detailed scope of work.  I usually work and charge per task instead of by time.  I set up in my scope a limit on the rounds of revisions.  This forces the client to make decisions and be more concise in their feedback.  If they know they don’t have to pay to see more options they are less likely to be wishy washy.  It’s like free samples.  If you tell people they can only have three and then after that they have to pay, then they’ll only take three.  But if you don’t put a limit they’ll eat the whole tray.  
  • Have your contract address the important stuff.  Spell out things like the ownership of the work, licensing of any materials, payment, liability, and timing.  You can add other things in there are well, but those are must haves.
  • Make sure to always get a deposit.  I usually get 50% upfront and then additional work outside the scope gets paid upfront in full.  Sometimes people will still ghost you out, but at least you won’t have lost out on everything.
  • Never send final files or files without a watermark until you’ve been fully paid.  People will try to take advantage of you and steal your work.  If there is nothing there to stop it from happening there will always be someone who will steal your work.
  • Stand firm and be careful with how accommodating you are.  I made a conscious choice in this case to bend over backwards for a client who I thought would both appreciate my work and also bring me valuable connections.  She has instead started doing what is common problem with freelancing.  If you are too accommodating, they will constantly expect it.  She emailed me at 9pm and demanded I send her new work by the next morning.  She essentially asked me to work all night and forgo sleep to do this work, that she wasn’t going to pay for.  When clients start making requests this ridiculous, they stop seeing you as a person.  They start to see you and treat you like you are their personal servant.  When this happens, be firm and stand up for yourself.  You have to ask yourself is this client worth that much work and the sacrifice for your personal time.  Or ask yourself how much money would it take for you to be willing to accommodate the ridiculous request.  If the client is not willing to pay the amount or compromise on the request, stand firm.  They will either change their request or go somewhere else.  Both outcomes are good.
  • Have professional boundaries.  This client somehow found my personal number and would call me late at night.  I had to ask her to stop calling me at home because I have a family (Carl and my puppy, Mabel) and she was interrupting that time.  I keep office hours and I have an office number via Google Voice.  If someone calls my office number after hours, instead of forwarding to my phone, it goes to voicemail and I get a text of the transcript.  While I may do a lot of work at night, I make it a point to wait and email people the next day during my listed work hours.  If you respond to emails at night, clients will begin to expect you to be at their beck and call.  Then you get phonecalls and emails on Christmas from clients wondering why you aren’t available or responding.  If you act like you are a business people will respect those boundaries as if you really are a business.  And those boundaries are important for your mental health.
  • Treat yourself with value.  If you don’t treat your work and your time as valuable people will treat it the same way.  Honestly, getting people to value your work and time is one of the hardest parts of freelancing or even just art in general.  If you value yourself, your time, and your work, other people will start to follow suit.  Albeit, others are a little slow on the uptake, but it does help.  Don’t give out a lot of stuff for free, and be sure to price things out fairly for you.  Don’t sell yourself short and you’ll get clients who’ll appreciate you even more.

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To hear more freelance stories and get more tips, make sure to listen to our next episode of The Animator Life Podcast.  

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My boyfriend knows I was physically abused but he doesnt know a lot about it. Hes super gentle with me and always asks if I'm okay while we make out and stuff but sometimes he'll jokingly pin me down which causes me to panic. I dont know how to talk to him about it or about what all happened without coming across as attention seeking or just annoying. Any ideas of how to start a conversation/say it?

he was the first person I told and talked about it out loud (it was 2am over a call) and i almost puked from the fear of it, so im terrified to talk about it irl. Idk im so scared. I dont feel valid.

hey, it is okay. He seems to be understanding, so you can surely sort it out with him. If you need to do it over the phone or through texts, that’s perfectly okay and you’re valid for needing to do it this way. You aren’t attention seeking for setting up boundaries at all. Attention seeking isn’t bad, anyway, but this is different. You need to set this boundary up to feel safe.

When you feel like you can, say something like “i appreciate you being so understanding about what i told you happened to me” (you don’t have to name it if that’s too hard) “i appreciate you being so gentle and for making sure you know i’m into and okay with what’s going on. i need to let you know that i get freaked out when i’m pinned down even jokingly. it isn’t because i don’t trust you personally or anything. it just makes me feel like i’m back in that moment”

i’m sure he will be responsive and good about it! don’t worry. you don’t have to talk about things. you don’t have to relieve the memory/memories that caused you to feel this way. you just have to communicate that you can’t be held down. just imagine you’re having a conversation about being tickled or something like that. you’re aren’t doing anything wrong or inconveniencing him by asking him to stop. you’re just making sure you enjoy every way that he touches your body and you’re not just “tolerating” or “handling” some or any of them!

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Can you tell me how is it that Brandon started everything? Callie is the one who kissed him first, and she was going to tell him about her feelings in 1x09. I just want to see it from your pov, thanks.

This will be the last time I explain this because I’m actually pretty tired trying to justify why I dislike Brandon and how he started everything, especially because it shouldn’t need to be justified.

So when Lena first introduces Callie to Brandon, she tells him how Callie will be staying for a bit. But after a while, things start to get more serious between Callie and the family so Brandon should have stayed away from the start. He should have set boundaries.

Then 1x05 happens and Brandon picks up Callie after hanging out with Wyatt and Brandon throws a tantrum saying shit like “You just had me pick you up from a date with Wyatt! This isn’t even about Wyatt. I don’t want you dating anyone”. Gross ass Brandon started that, especially because Callie shut that shit down by saying that she can’t. Guess what Brandon says? He says “Too bad”. But thankfully Callie makes it clear - even by having the conversation, she and Jude can get kicked out of the house.

Callie set up a boundary and Brandon crossed it and took emotionally advantage of a girl who was going through a hard time.

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Hey so a couple weeks ago there was an entity that followed me back from astral travelling and they've been stalking me ever since but not talking/communicating at all, and they creep the hell out of me. I've asked them to leave and tried to set up boundaries but they keep coming back. Any tips for dealing with them?

I would definitely consider banishing them, since they won’t listen to you asking them to leave. We have made a banishing masterpost right here.
~Mod Moon


He’d definitely have to keep himself wary at all times. I think if we’re imagining all these different characters in one place, we can at least assume him talking to someone like John or Dean wouldn’t break the eardrums of the other little guys around.

Extra tiny Jacob probably wouldn’t even be able to see his giant counterpart properly. He’s literally too big to comprehend at that point. Imagine the others trying to convince giant Jacob and mini Jacob that the other even exists. That’d be such a trick.

Really, if someone wanted to set up boundaries for Jacob, though, he’d probably watch in amusement as they did. Imagine tol Dean trying to protect all the other little guys by drawing a line on the floor or something. Do not cross, Jake. Not allowed. And Jacob just says “Can you use a thicker marker, I can’t see the line.”


And while Dean is giving Jacob the bitchiest look, smol Sam will decide it’s just easier to tote around extra smol Jacob, sometimes stuffing him in his satchel, occasionally just carrying him around like a teddy, that way he doesn’t get left out of any of the fun with all these giants.

Have a question for us? Ask away! And don’t feel like it has to be just about the stories! We’re open to talk about anything!

Yesterday we ran more than 6km and then we climbed up 15 flights of stairs back to our apartment. Sun is very motivated to push himself and to push me but he’s always so patient and kind even when I’m whining and being a big baby. He gives me little goals I can concentrate on throughout the workout. By the time we finished, I had finally taken control of my breathing and was able to jog for a considerable amount longer than Saturday. Then we stretched at home, showered, and passed out.

Sun has a huishik on Thursday to celebrate his return to the Seoul office. We’ve agreed on a limit for his sake and mine so we’ve agreed on only one bottle of soju and to be home by ten as a general rule for huishiks. Relationships are about compromise and I find myself struggling with workplace expectations here both with my own job and Sun’s. I’m lucky Sun also feels the same way and is trying to steadily set up boundaries with work.

This month is gonna suck at work. One of our foreign teachers is putting in her notice today. I understand her decision; most of the issues this year have had to do with her class. Our school also decided to schedule every event ever for April.

Today I have to finish a ton of work, then study, then work out when we get home. I really hope we can keep this working out up because I’ve been trying to get into this kind of routine for forever. Also, becoming a morning person who has time to do things in the morning is slowly becoming my reality. We wake up at 5:45 and do things together until Sun goes to work at 6:30ish. Then I have time to do my stuff and get ready. It feels amazing. Then on weekends, we wake up early, too. We have a lot of time to do all the things we want to do. I guess this is what being an adult is like??

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Still loving the Sheith Family AU! I have to admit I'm worried about Keith and Shiro though (I was up last night thinking about it and everything). Like that amount they had after Shiro accused him of cheating felt like it left some things open. Will Keith learn to set up better boundaries with clients when his husband doesn't feel comfortable? It's clear that they love one another but sometimes you need more, and they CANNOT break up so they have to make it work. lol.

Oh my gods. Dude, don’t stay up late just thinking about it! ;A; Now I feel responsible for your lack or sleep. OTL Dammit Sheith/Voltron Family is supposed to be happy not make you worry about Shiro and Keith :((

So right after that scene where Shiro felt Keith was cheating, (am i the only one who feels like this is some continuous on-going episodic fic? ahaha) they both felt bad, but Keith mostly. So they talked about it before going to sleep.

Keith: We need to talk. *joins Shiro in bed*
Shiro: *closes book* *takes off reading glasses* That line doesn’t always end well. I don’t like where this is going, Keith.
Keith: *rolls his eyes in amusement* It’s not like that. I’m not divorcing you.
Shiro: *places hand on chest* Oh thank god. You got me worried.
Keith: *kisses Shiro on the lips* In your dreams. You’re stuck with me.
Shiro: *smiles* Aren’t I just unlucky or what?
Keith: Anyhoo, enough of that depressing thing. *blinks* God, now you just made me sad thinking about it. *looks at Shiro* *gulps* Unless you want to divorce me?
Shiro: Never. *pulls Keith to give him a peck on the lips*
Keith: Good. Phew. Glad we sorted that out. *pretends to wipe his sweat* Got me really worried there for a sec, Champ. Thinking I’m pretty selfish keeping you here with m–
Shiro: *taps his husband’s cheek* Keith, you’re blabbering. 
Keith: *sighs* Right, sorry. So anyway, I’ve been thinking about it, recalling some signs when you said the way my authors looks at me. His name is Liam btw. *looks pointedly at Shiro* I think it’s because he doesn’t know.
Shiro: Doesn’t know what?
Keith: Doesn’t know I’m married. *frowns*
Shiro: Oh. Well, do you want him to know? I’m pretty sure you don’t want a repeat of that… *winces* other writer who said some stuff.
Keith: *nods* Yeah, that way you’ll be at ease. 

Keith gets a call from Liam and asks him if they could meet. Shiro suggests he should just come by to their house. Apparently Liam lives on the same village. It was around 8pm and the kids and Shiro are by the living room. So when Keith opens the door…

Liam: Whoa. *whistles* You have such a big fancy house.
Keith: *smiles* Thanks. Do come in. 
Liam: *enters* *sees the family* *looks at Keith* You could’ve just told me if your relatives are here visiting. I don’t wanna take your time.
Keith: *waves him off* Oh it’s nothing. Better introduce you.
Liam: *follows Keith* *smiles* Okay.
Keith: *clears his throat* Liam, this is Shiro, my husband and our kids Pidge, Lance and Hunk. *smiles* Family, this is Liam. He’s the new author under me that I was talking about. 
Family: *waves and a few hellos*
Liam: *sweats nervous* *waves* *turns around* Oh god.
Keith: What?
Liam: I’m such an idiot. *groans*
Keith: What do you mean?
Liam: *sighs* I’ve been kinda trying to hit on you for quite a few weeks now.
Keith: Oh, I see. I kinda noticed. Well, my husband did. *looks at Shiro pointedly who was acting all smug about it*
Liam: I’m guessing this is what this whole invite-you-to-my-house kind of thing? To tell me I don’t stand a chance?
Keith: *blinks* Yeah, what else did you think it was? We were gonna do work though, aside from letting you know that.
Liam: *blushes* Obviously I wasn’t thinking about that.
Shiro: *joins them* He was kinda thinking he was gonna get laid.
Keith: *eyes widens* Oh my god. NO. Liam, I’m married! *scandalized* 
Liam: I know that now! I’m so sorry! This is such a mess. Stupid stupid feelings. I never should’ve in the first place. Keith, you’re just so… *gesticulates widely while blushing like a dork*
Keith: *frowns* Are you g-going to ask for a different editor now?
Shiro: *rubs Keith’s arms* 
Liam: *jaw drops* What?! No way! You’re pretty great at what you do! I’m not going to stoop that low just because I got rejected by you–indirectly. *looks at Shiro* I’m so sorry. You probably want to punch me or something now.
Shiro: *laughs* Nah. I am, however, very amused at this crush of yours on Keith. I must admit, I got jealous but this is just clearly amusing.
Liam: *laughs nervously* You prolly know how I feel huh?
Shiro: I felt that in college, yeah. He’s just so adorable isn’t he?
Liam: He is. *smiles* *stops himself* But don’t worry, Keith. I’ll get rid of these stupid feelings and act professional with you. That is if you’ll still have me?
Keith: *smiles* Of course. You’ve got such potential for a hit series.
Liam: *beams* You think so? 
Keith: I know so. I mean, cmon, I’m your editor.
Liam: *laughs* I know right! When the company told me I got Keith Shirogane for my editor I kinda cried. Everyone under you are best selling authors and I’m scared to break your record. You’re just so amazing, yknow? 
Shiro: He is. Keith is the best at what he does. And everything else.
Keith: *pinches Shiro* I’ll get you for that later.

So when Liam left.

Keith: *rolls eyes at Shiro* Don’t you dare say it.
Shiro: *shakes his head* Sorry. But I’m gonna do it. *pulls Keith closer*
Keith: Fine. Do it quick.
Shiro: I told you so. *kisses Keith* You’re just so irresistible. It’s not fair. I’m already married to you, yet there are still so many people who want you. 
Keith: *snorts* Don’t worry, bro. I’m all yours.
Shiro: *looks disgusted* I hate it when you call me bro. It ruins the mood.
Keith: *laughs* I know. Can’t let you be some sap machine. But you’re sure with the new arrangement?
Shiro: That Liam will just come to our house when he needs to meet up with you for his book when me and the kids are in?
Keith: Yeah.
Shiro: I’m okay with that. Plus, it does save money for gas.
Keith: *laughs* I know! Who knew he lives here too? That butt. 
Shiro: *snorts* That butt. Oh my god Keith. The kids are asleep now. You know what I’m thinking? *wiggles eyebrows* I think you owe me one.
Keith: Oh god. *gets dragged towards their bedroom while smiling*

Yes. To answer the possible question. YES. They finally had sexy times. :)) *wipes tears* Shiro finally got it.

[PART 02]

Tips for Incoming College Freshmen

Entering your freshman year of college can be a bit scary! There will be so many new experiences, people, professors, and more, all of which can seem intimidating. I know that I was terrified, but I have learned a lot since my freshman year, and I want to share the tips and tricks that I found to be the most helpful:


1. Try to arrive to your class 10 minutes early. Sure, that may seem excessive, but trust me. Professors tend to arrive to the classroom before the designated start time, and students begin to trickle in at around five minutes before class starts. In order to ensure that you find your classroom (especially at the very beginning of the semester), and get the seat that you want, arrive 10 minutes early. 

2. Introduce yourself to your professor. At the end of your first class, go up to your professor and say “Hi! I’m [name], and I am really excited to be taking your class this semester! The topic really interests me, and I can’t wait to learn more about […].” Your professor will remember that you did this, and it gives a great first impression.

3. Take notes. During your classes, it is important to listen to what your professors are saying. It is also important to write down key points, especially if a powerpoint is not being provided to you through Blackboard, Google Docs, or another type of sharing platform. You can refer to these notes when completing assignments, studying for exams and quizzes, and as a refresher before your next class as to what you had previously discussed. 

4. ATTEND CLASS. It is so easy to skip classes in college, especially if you go to a larger university with 200+ people in your lectures. The snooze button is so easy to press, beds become comfier when it is time to wake up, and Netflix is much easier to sit through than a bio recitation. However, it is so difficult to make-up what was discussed in class. Really important conversations can happen that are hard to explain or re-create after they occur. Additionally, skipped classes can impact your final grade by a full letter score (with some professors). If you are sick or have to miss class for another important reason, email your professor and attend office hours to go over any content you may have missed. 

5. Try to go to office hours. Everyone says this. Everyone stresses that office hours are so important. They are, don’t get me wrong, but they are not necessary to go to for every class. I have found that I go to office hours religiously for classes that I am struggling with. It truly helped me, and it reflected in my final grade. The one-on-one time with my professor to try to understand the content that I wasn’t comprehending on my own was amazing, and something that I definitely needed. However, I felt that there were some classes that it wasn’t necessary to attend office hours, and that is okay. You have to judge for yourself, but you also have to be honest and utilize office hours when needed. 


1. Set up rules with your roommate right away. It is important that during the first weekend that you are with your roommate, you set up boundaries and rules. You must know what you can and cannot tolerate or handle, and make it clear. It is also important to be able to compromise, and remember that you are sharing a space with another person. 

2. Be respectful in communal bathrooms. Clean up your hair from the shower. Wipe your toothpaste out of the sink when you are done. Keep your shower caddy out of the way of other people and their caddies. Don’t sing in the shower (loudly) after 11pm when people may be trying to sleep. All common-sense things that people seem to forget when they have to share a bathroom with 20 other people.

3. Use command hooks and strips. These are amazing, don’t damage walls, and last the whole year. I used the hooks for jewelry, jackets, towels, and umbrellas, and the strips for posters and cork boards. They worked fabulously. 

4. Talk to your RA. Get to know them, as they can be a great resource for when you have roommate issues, or want advice about classes. They are older students who know a lot about the campus and academics, and are eager to help.

5. Buy fans. Buy so many fans. Especially if your dorm does not have central air. In the early fall semester and late spring semester, dorms tend to get super hot, and it makes being in the room uncomfortable. I recommend two window fans and a standing fan, and I suggest having those be the first things you un-pack and plug in when moving into your dorm.


1. Buy a planner. Use it. These are so helpful in planning ahead for exams and due dates, as well as important events. They help to keep you on top of your assignments, as well as allow you to write down important information. I love my planner and take it everywhere, and I don’t know how I would have survived college without it. 

2. Keep a calendar in your dorm room. Write down due dates, exam dates, events happening on campus, and meetings. This will serve as a visual and will definitely help to keep you on-task and motivated. 

3. Keep your notebooks or binders neat. Make sure you have a spot for your notes, handouts, exams, study guides, and anything else you may need. It really stinks to be scrambling to find something you need right now, and not being able to find it in a mess of papers. 

4. Save your papers and projects onto a flashdrive. In addition to saving them on your computer, saving important documents onto a flashdrive helps to make sure that in case something happens to your computer, you have everything that you need. My friends computer completely shut down and broke this past semester, and she lost all of her lesson plans in the middle of student teaching. Luckily, everything was backed-up, or else she would have had a HUGE problem on her hands. 

5. Keep your work-space organized. Make sure that everything has a place, and that everything is easily accessible. Studying and completing assignments is a lot less stressful when you know where everything is, and can get to it quickly and easily. 

Health and Fitness

1. Make healthy choices in the dining hall. It is so easy to succumb to the pizza, burgers, desserts, and ice cream. Of course, it is fine to have a slice of pizza for dinner or a brownie for dessert every once and a while, but it is important to take care of yourself. Utilize your dining halls salad bar, and try healthier options, such as grilled chicken, vegetables, and fresh fruits. 

2. The gym is free! Thats right, for the first and last time ever, you have a free gym membership. Try to go three times a week for about an hour to make sure that you are staying active. Exercising not only helps to keep you healthy, but it also helps clear your mind and give you a break from schoolwork. 

3. Use your campus health center. It is really easy to get sick when you are at college, where you are constantly packed together with other students and professors. When you do get sick, visit the health center. There are always doctors and nurses there, and medicine is usually inexpensive, especially if you have your insurance card. 

4. Talk to a counselor. Most schools have a counseling center where students can sign up for therapy. Going to therapy does not mean that you are sick or weak. It is perfectly normal, and extremely helpful. A lot of people use this service, and it helps to have an unbiased person to talk to when you are facing some difficult challenges and decisions, as one typically does when they are at college. 

5. Take some “me” time. It is easy to get caught up in everything that is going on with classes, clubs, and more. It can be hard to remember to take care of yourself, so it is important to schedule in at least some “me” time every day. This can be painting your nails, watching an episode of a show on Netflix, talking to your parents on the phone, or getting a coffee with a friend. Don’t neglect yourself and your needs.