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I’m still not completely sold on the idea that Bum is now a cold-blooded killer in the same way Sangwoo is, and that he’ll now suddenly, enthusiastically start killing like Sangwoo. I’m not sure that’s the immediate route, because Koogi writes Bum with a lot of nuance.
Bum killed Jieun in a really intense emotional breakdown he was having, he was triggered by her and lashed out and he acted extremely impulsively. This was an awful manifestation of the hurt he’s been bottling up for years. There will still be the aftermath, he still has to reflect on his actions which we haven’t been shown yet. Bum has surprised us before with his words and actions from one chapter to another, so at least for me, there’s nothing set in stone.

What I would like to see in Chapter 17 :)

Ji Eun:.. S-Sangwoo… who’s that?
Sangwoo: My friend, obviously ^-^
Friend 1: *side eyes Bum* Alright….
Girl: Well since we are all here, Let’s play a drinking game!
Friend 2: Like what?
Girl: Never have I ever!
Friend 1: How do you play that?
Girl: Simple! We go around and say “never have I ever…” and something you actually haven’t done but if we /have/, we take a shot. For example, “Never have I ever… Skipped school.” So if you /did/ skip school, you take a shot. Easy!
Friend 2: Alright, let’s play. I’ll go first…
*A few rounds later*
Girl: Me next! Okay, never have I ever had my first kiss!
*Everyone except Jin Eun takes a shot*
*Jin Eun gets embarrassed*
Sangwoo, being the asshole that he is: Awww how cute~ Don’t worry Jin Eun, I got one just for you~~~
Jin Eun: *blushes* :D
Sangwoo: Never have I ever messed up on a performance live ^-^
Jin Eun: :c *sadly takes a shot*
Friend: Okay, okay I got one! *Looks straight at Bum* Never have I ever broken a bone
Bum: *Looks Sangwoo dead in the eyes as he takes two shots*
Girl: Why did you take two?
Bum: *tipsy (bc let’s be real, Bum is probably a light weight)* One for each of my broken leg *side eyes Sangwoo*
Friend 1: Alright, it’s your turn
Bum: *pretends to think* Hmmmm…. Never have I ever….. murder anyone, kidnap, torture anyone in emotional or physically abuse, manipulate them into sucking you off, humiliate, degrade them, forcing them into female clothes and cleaning your fucking dirty ass house and have them fear for their life constantly. :)
Everyone else: …..
Bum: *grabs an unopened bottle of Soju and slams it infront of Sangwoo* :) Drink your shot, honey :)

To add to the KS acting au,
Bum is the one on set who is always cracking jokes and pulling pranks on the crew and cast members. He is always trying to make Sangwoo laugh because Sangwoo takes his acting very seriously and is a little bit socially awkward at times and Bum wants to make him happy! Not only that but Bum loves Sangwoos laugh and he’s one of the only people on set who can bring out that childish and humorous side of Sangwoo. He even gets Sangwoos help with pulling pranks on set!

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get to know your author: 1?? ^^

Ack, I somehow missed this last night! I’m sorry.

1) is there a story you’re holding off on writing for some reason?

I’m literally never going to write the rest of this burro fic, so here, have 600 words of burro related ridiculousness.

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