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Just a heads-up: One of the most eagerly awaited Disney history books of 2017, Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation by Mindy Johnson, is now available for pre-order on Amazon!

Publisher’s description:  Established in October 1923, the Ink & Paint Department set up shop at the first Disney Studios on Kingswell Avenue in Los Angeles before moving to the Disney Hyperion Studio, and finally to the Burbank Studios in 1940. At the height of production, the staff was comprised primarily of women, numbering more than 250 artists and technicians.

In this glossy volume, featuring never-before-seen photos, artwork, and detailed accounts, the process, techniques, and contributions of the women-and men-who defined the Walt Disney Studio’s legendary Ink & Paint Department over the years, are carefully explored, preserved, and shared for future generations.

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Prince Charming - Brenda
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Bucky Barnes has quite the charmed life. He has a thriving tattoo shop, a son he adores, the world’s best dogs, and a great group of friends — almost all of whom are in relationships. And maybe he’d been the one nudging them towards each other, but there’s nothing wrong with a little match-making. The world could use more romance.

As for him personally, well, he doesn’t need anyone for the long haul. Not when every girl he comes across is someone who he thinks would be perfect for someone else.

But then Steve Rogers comes into his shop looking for some ink, and maybe that’s the problem right there. Maybe what he’s looking for in a relationship isn’t a girl at all.

Loved this! It’s great how the “Great Bisexual Crisis” isn’t a crisis at all haha! Really good ensemble fic, all the “side” characters are great as well :)

Finding the drabble I started for this prompt and finish it. (´⊙ω⊙`) 

IwaOi coffee/flower shop AU

“Morning, Kyoko-nee,” Tooru greets cheerfully as he strolls into the coffee shop, several pots of full bloomed daisy in hands. “I’ve got your flowers.”

“Morning, Tooru-kun,” Shimizu, the coffee shop owner, says and peaks out from behind the espresso machines. Seeing the florist’s searching gaze, she smiles knowingly and adds, “Hajime is in the kitchen.”

“That obvious?” Tooru asks sheepishly, placing pots of flowers on the counter and rubbing his cheeks.

“Well, you did look me in the eyes when you greet me,” Shimizu says. “But maybe next time you could try to hold it for more than a second.”

“I’m not that bad,” Tooru retorts but his eyes betray him and turn toward the kitchen the next moment. Tooru catches himself this time and bites his lips as he looks back at Shimizu. “Okay, I got it. I got it bad. But can you blame me?”

Shimizu nods. “Hajime is indeed an attractive young man.”

Too attractive,” Tooru complaints half-heartedly, flopping himself in a counter stool. “I wish he is uglier so I could have my easy life.”

No, Tooru has lied. Iwaizumi Hajime can have all the glory of attractiveness with his sharp features, tan skin, beautiful green eyes, and that perfectly-proportioned body.

Don’t forget that pair of swallow tattoo you just discovered the other day behind his ear, a small voice reminds him in the back of his mind (helplessly).

“Cheer up,” Shimizu says, pointing at the general direction of the kitchen. “Hitoka-chan is baking today. Heard it’s chocolate.”

“Chocolate,” Tooru says. “Oh, oh chocolate. That’s why Iwa-chan is-”


Tooru turns to see the small blonde emerging from the kitchen. He waves at the girl, whose hands are busy carrying a big chocolate cake.

“Good morning,” Yachi greets with a bright smile.

“Morning, Ya-chan,” Tooru returns the smile, which only grows wider when he spots his favorite barista (and person) trailing behind the petite girl. “Morning, Iwa-chan.”

Said barista looks up, lips pulled into a lopsided smile. “Oh hey, Oikawa. What’re you doing here?”

“I am here for Kyoko-nee’s flowers,” Tooru says, gesturing proudly at his flowers. “And to bring a greater start for your day.”

“As if,” Iwaizumi scoffs but doesn’t bother to hold back the brighter smile blooming across his features as he moves to the coffee machines.

“Oikawa-san, have you had breakfast yet?” Yachi asks while she cuts the cake into even pieces. “Do you want some chocolate cake?”

“Of course. Ya-chan’s cake is the best,” Tooru says, thanking Yachi when she hands him the cake, before he turns to Iwaizumi and calls over. “See, Iwa-chan, this is how you should treat your favorite customer.”

“With pity?” Iwaizumi quips back while he pours the coffee beans in the grinder and Tooru has to distract himself by shoving a forkful of cake in his mouth when Iwaizumi doesn’t comment on the ‘favorite customer’ part.

God, this crush is getting worse, Tooru thinks before his eyes goes wide when he registers the rich taste in his mouth. He turns to Yachi. “Ya-chan, this cake is amazing! Has Iwa-chan tried some?”

Yachi laughs. “Oh, believe me he has. Iwaizumi-san volunteered to test-taste two whole pieces already.”

“I wish I have the talent in baking like you do, Ya-chan,” Tooru concludes, slouching across the counter with a pout while sneaking another glance at the barista busying himself with a brew of coffee. “Maybe Iwa-chan would be nicer to me if I fed him.”

“You give him flowers,” Yachi remarks, like it is something truly impressive. “Iwaizumi-san really likes the forget-me-not you gave him.”

“He does?” Tooru perks up in his seat.

“Yes, he does,” Yachi answers, nodding for emphasis. “Have you seen the little water spray he bought to water the flower? Iwaizumi-san also moves the pot so the flower can get the best sunlight everyday.”

Tooru is beaming. “Did Iwa-chan mention about the color? I just got a pot of hydrangea that has the perfect shade of blue matching the forget-me-not I gave him. On second thought, I am getting it before the shop opens.”

“You are leaving?” Iwaizumi’s voice cuts in suddenly as he places a cup of coffee in front of him, along with a pitcher of milk. “Here, you might need this. Your dark circles are greeting.”

“No, they are not,” Tooru protests more on principle than anything. “And where’s my sugar? You know I don’t like my coffee black.”

“You got your cake and a whole pitcher of milk,” Iwaizumi says, sliding the pitcher closer to Tooru. “Or you could always exchange your cake for sugar.”

Tooru laughs. It’s so easy to laugh whenever he’s with Iwaizumi and he feels warm and lucky again to get to know him. “So that’s your plan? You should be smarter than that, you know, Iwa-chan. You disappoint me.”

Iwaizumi hums and Tooru makes a show of cutting another piece of cake, flaunting it in front of Iwaizumi, before shoving it in his mouth.

He gives a challenging smile as Iwaizumi quirks a brow but Tooru’s smile falls into a pout when he goes for another piece and his fork misses the cake because someone has moved it away at the last minute.

“Iwa-chan, what are- hey!” Oikawa protests out loud, watching Iwaizumi grabbing a fork for himself and taking nearly half of the remaining cake in one bite. “You can’t just steal my cake and didn’t even give me my deserved sugar.”

Iwaizumi sticks out his tongue at Tooru. “I made you coffee. I even know you like your milk hot so I’ve heated it up for you. Be grateful.”

Tooru doesn’t respond, Tooru can’t respond as his brain has short-circuited the moment he caught a glimpse of silver between pearl white teeth.

A tongue piercing.

Iwaizumi with hidden tattoo, knowledge to talk about star signs, loving chocolate with a passion, and a tongue piercing.

Tooru drops his face into his arms, letting out a silent scream.

“… You okay?”

Tooru’s refuses to raise from the shelter of his arms because the air has already felt colder against his flushed face and oh god he knows how red his face would become when he’s flustered.

“Please just take the cake,” Tooru mumbles.

“Okay,” Iwaizumi says, a bit hesitated.

Tooru stays hidden but strains his ears to catch any indication of Iwaizumi’s movement. He still gets started at the hand suddenly on top of his head.

“Here you go,” Iwaizumi says, ruffling Tooru’s hair before leaving.

Tooru reaches a hand and takes down the thing Iwaizumi left on top of his head. He smiles as he sees the sugar packs, two packs, and the little drawing on the white package.

It’s a doodle of Tooru (he only recognizes it by the wavy hair and the cowlick on top) with big (dull) eyes and even bigger dark circles under them.

Drink up” is scribbled under the doodle and Tooru smiles as he takes a sip from his only-milk-added coffee.

I guess one pack of sugar is enough for today, Tooru decides.


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