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Summary: Brian’s a pain in the foot. TJ is an angel with a cute grin and an even cuter heart… That apparently is all yours.

Warnings: Fluffiness. Protective TJ (may cause: melting, swooning, and grinning uncontrollably). A little language. Weirdo Brian. Pizza. Mega fluff piece!

Set during: Brian’s title reign in the cruiserweights.

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Ok so in essence you’d have a completely dark stage, illuminated by ghost light, with set pieces from other shows scattered haphazardly. (think the set from Oh Hello, but eerier).

At preshow, four musicians warm up on 4 platforms on levels that are all around the stage, as each musician steps up to their podium, a blue special lights them.

After a little bit of tuning, I don’t know is performed, when the line “where’s my ghost in the mirror” is sung, smoke rises and in silhouette against a medium strobe we see 4 figures floating a foot or so above these musicians

The cast is now eight people. The 4 musicians who stay at their places, and 4 “ghosts” all in baby blue, each of a similar body type and in similar dress as one of the musicians. these are actor/dancers who act out the story in pantomime and choreography over the music, and perform the book scenes. When there is a number with few singers, the “Ghosts” stand behind their musician.

Changes in character of the ghosts are conveyed with unsettling Commedia masks.

There are lots of sort of dirty looking harsh light, as well as a ton of hyper stylized lighting effects

The actors “find” their props scattered about the stage (think man of La Mancha)

I don’t have a ton of specific moments planned, but that’s a rough sketch of what I was thinking.

“There was a fire on stage…”

That’s it?

That’s all we get of Odette’s backstory?

Like everyone else, I’ve been wondering just how a little fire caused someone to become crippled. Anyone else craving a flashback?

On the plus side- theories galore!

“A fire on stage’ could mean different things…

A set piece is set on fire and falls on her

Or Her costume catches fire

Or the stage lighting sets off a gas explosion

And/or the opera house burns down

… ok, let’s talk about that last one.

This here is the Salle de la Peletier, the previous home of the Paris Opéra (also known as Opéra Le Peletier). This is where Mérante (and likely Odette) would have danced and Mérante began his career as choreographer.

On the night of November 29th, 1873 it burned to the ground.

This was just one of hundreds of theaters that burned down during the 1800′s from the new gas lighting. Some interesting notes about this fire…

Burned for over 27 hours

Source of the fire- unknown

Injuries/deaths- none (???)

Other theater fires resulted in the deaths of hundreds, injured thousands. It’s possible I just haven’t found the right source, but so far nothing, and that’s unusual.

Also note the timing- this would have happened about 10 years before the movie. Remember who’s been working with Mérante for 10 years?

So, one theory for that ‘fire on stage’

                  … might have been an understatement.

Yall realize the black panther movie is going to be the most aesthetically pleasing and visually colorful superhero movie ever made. Did you see the costumes? The set pieces? The background? The natural scenery? That futurist uncolonized african inspired wonderland? Plus the most beautiful cast to ever be filmed in front of a camera, now and forever. 


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.14

Wait, Haircut’s on the moon?


Luffy’s outfits through the series 

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