set of sushi



Omigosh, you guys! I actually built something decent without custom content. A sushi restaurant with a sushi bar inside! :)

It is a 30x20 lot, and I used content from “debug mode”, Get to Work, Get Together, Spa Day, Cool Kitchen Stuff and Dine Out (obvi).  

I hope you guys like it as much as I do. Remember to put in “bb.moveobjects” when you want to set the build down. 

This build has NO CC, but for those of you who would want to use custom content with this, I recommend the sushi created by @ohmysims to put on the menu and the decor sushi set by @purplelovesims to put in the sushi bar.

If you use it, please tag me in the photos, so I can see. :) 

Notice me, @poponopun :D



Sushi Tableware Set

Thown pottery is wonderful, but it is not all you can do with clay. Sculptural and hand-built pottery can be a lot of fun too. These sushi plates and complimentary soy sauce and wasabi dishes were rolled out of a groggy B-Mix clay. They all have feet! And if you stack them they look like a pagoda. I love sushi, but it’s not really something I make at home. I mean I don’t cook at all whatsoever to begin with, so… 

I love the glaze. It looks like molded rust. 

(I am a great fan of fungi and have a degree in metallurgy so it’s actually not that weird)


Speaking of bratz playsets: I’ve been wanting their sushi set for a long while. I finally found a decent priced set on eBay. The werecats are very happy. Lagoona, who’s peering through the window, really isn’t. Sorry fishies.

And I finally had a reason to buy that Barbie chef fashion pack.