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2032 and 2040 Knight Sabers artwork scanned from the inserts bundled with Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 LD volumes 5-8. All four illustrations are by TV series character designer, Yamada Masaki.

Haikyuu!! Novel Volume 5: Before Our Representative Playoffs - The Blazing Dodgeball Highschooler Bokuto “Dodge” Koutarou (Summary)

Bokuto. Dodgeball. Team Fukurodani vs. Nekoma. What can possible go wrong? 

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Matsuhanaiwaoi #25 with iwaizumi saying it please

“I’m fine.”

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The last thing any of the younger years would expect was that their senpai spent every Friday night in the gymnasium after hours.

Until midnight.

Perhaps entrusting Oikawa with a key hadn’t been the wisest idea, but at least on Friday, he was never left alone. He and his fellow third years would sneak in about 8pm, set up the net, and play 2 vs 2 for the whole 4 hours, occasionally switching things up in their teams.

Currently, Iwaizumi and Matsukawa were on one side of the net and Oikawa was setting to Hanamaki on the other.

“Take this!” He spikes hard and fast, but Iwaizumi is already leaping into position, having guessed the trajectory, and receives it with ease. The ball goes high, but Matsukawa is there, and instead of setting, he dumps it over the net right at Oikawa’s feet.

It surprises him so much that he startles, and fumbles his volley. It touches the top of the net and Matsukawa just has to tap it for the ball to fall again.

But the duo have prepared for this. Oikawa jumps backwards at the same time as Hanamaki lunges forwards, hand flat against the floor and saving the ball with a pancake.

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Hello! Idk if it's open but may i ask a Aomine + atsushi (seperate) scenario of playing with their baby boy along with their wife

Hello! Here it is, I hope you like it!

Aomine: As soon as your son could walk Aomine had gotten him one of those small kiddie basketball and basketball net sets. Despite your efforts, you weren’t able to convince Aomine to stop encouraging your son to do as he did when he performed his formless shot on the tiny sports set.

“Daiki, he’s only a year old he doesnt know how to get into the zone…”

Murasakibara: It always made you smile when all three of you were just sitting around together. Murasakibara would randomly pick up your son and hold him high up in the air above his head making little woosh noises, pretending the little boy was a plane as your son erupted into a fit of giggles every time. Of course your own motherly instincts would be sure to make themselves known.

“Atsushi, be careful not to drop him”