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Week 23: Night Light

First, before we talk about this week’s challenge, I want to send a heartfelt thank you to @rkcustom1 and @theshyxibitionista for stepping in while I was away.  I know this blog was in great hands and I never worried once that they would let me down.  When I asked RK if he wouldn’t mind filling in for a bit, he didn’t hesitate at all to say “of course!” He didn’t know how long I’d be gone, or if I was even coming back.  But he and Shy jumped in head first!  This blog is just as much theirs as it is mine, and I’m so grateful for them.  Please take a second to thank them for jumping in for TEN challenges!!  

Also, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!   I’m just speechless at some of the creativity and talent you bring to our blog.  Without your participation this blog wouldn’t work.  I’m so appreciative of you guys who look forward to seeing these challenges and taking a step out of your comfort zone to take pictures of subjects you wouldn’t have thought twice about before.  You seriously make my day!!  THANK YOU!!!!  If I had to option to go back and “like” all the pictures, I would!  But Tumblr doesn’t let me.  Poo. So just know I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!

Lastly, I realize we have a lot more followers now!  So, for those of you who are saying to themselves, “Who’s this chick?” HI!  I’m Monchichitamberine!  I started this blog because I’m an amateur photographer who LOVES challenges!  I noticed I had lots of friends here who’s skills were top notch and I wanted a place for us to just enjoy the hobby.  This blog brings me great joy and I’m glad I’m back.  :)


Week 23: Night Light

There’s something about photography at night that makes you feel like you’re in another world.  The world quiets for a moment and details you wouldn’t have noticed before, seem to pop before your eyes.  There’s so many different types of night photography that I’ll leave this up to you to show us what your view of the world is after the sun sets.

Street Night Light - Great way to achieve the bokeh efffect (remember what that means?)

Look how the colors pop against the dark! Contrast. :)

Natural Night Light - Check out all the challenges this guy fulfilled in one shot!  Can you name them?

Pictures like this require a bit more elbow grease, but it’s so well worth it. 

Light Trails - Try it!  This will require longer exposure, filters, and even a tripod, but don’t let that scare you!  Smartphones are equipped with long exposure settings and filters.  Use your timer and prop your phone to achieve the look you’re going for.  (Head’s up: Long Exposure will be a challenge soon!  Think Boom Boom Boom!)

Let’s try to keep these photos in color this week.  The night is already dark enough, so let’s bring some color into it!

Because this challenge requires you to venture out at night, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful.  Don’t go out alone if you can avoid it.  Bring a buddy, or plan a night out ahead of time with friends so you’ll be with someone at all times.  I have a friend that has literally chased the moon and stars with me for challenges in the past and we always have a laugh about how crazy we look. :) Safety first, okay?  

I hope you guys have fun with this one!  Take LOTS of pictures and play with those settings!  @rkcustom1 will have some great tips for night photography, so keep an eye out for those!

Submissions are due Saturday, June 10th!  Happy Snapping!



Les Catacombes - Paris 2012

400 ft below the surface of Paris exists one of the scariest and coolest places on earth.  The bones of over 6 million people are still interred here.  Now they are organized and placed respectfully, but in the beginning the officials of Paris were just cleaning up the surface of the city by dumping the remains from full graveyards into the old rock quarries that built the city.  Spooky!  Great place to pop the question to your girlfriend!

All of the photos in this set were long exposures with no flash.  If you ever get to go, don’t forget the remote and/or tripod!

On October 12th, I witnessed the northern lights for the first time. While taking some images, I heard my friend Katie start yelling “What is that?!” and I turned to see this “meteorite.” Pretty amazing. It moved slowly, taking around 30 seconds to cross the sky. We watched it break up into about five pieces as it moved along. This was the best image I got (my camera was set for long exposures for the northern lights so I had a hard time getting a good image).

Turns out it wasn’t a meteorite at all. It was a Russian satellite from 1980 that the Russians decided was space junk and decided to have come down. Apparently, it was supposed to burn up over Mongolia, but entered the atmosphere 13 minutes early so it was visible over Svalbard. I’ve never seen anything like it. 

This is a recreation of an old photo I took in 2010. Instead of editing the bokeh lights on afterwards in Photoshop, I tried to create them on set with long exposure and a small flashlight. The time and movement of the light wasn’t quite right and I still had to overlay three exposures on top of each other to create the final image, but it was a pretty nice experiment!

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  • Bunny - Doll-zone Bunny