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Alternate Descendants Song Titles
  • Rotten to the Core: Vandalism Set to Dubstep
  • Evil Like Me: Kristin Chenoweth Was on Broadway!
  • Did I Mention: Love Potions Make Me Sing
  • If Only: Damn It, He's Cute
  • Be Our Guest: The Whitest Thing In the Whole Movie
  • If Only (Reprise): Emotional Cupcake Baking
  • Set It Off: They Won't Kiss Until the Sequel

The History of Eos  -  click to enlarge

So Luna was only instated as Oracle shortly after the Kingsglaives were founded and not very long before the boys set off on their journey. The game/movie made it seem like she was already Oracle her entire lifetime.  Niflheim had also already conquered the lands of Tenebrae long before they invaded Luna’s House of Fleuret.

Also, Luna’s mother’s name is Oracle Sylva  ☾

If you find yourself constantly looking for the next news item, anxious about doing anything else or enjoying things because something might happen while you are gone, that is the intent of this wave of policies.

It’s a method of fatiguing the electorate. Notice that not a single effort of congressional due process has been considered in the last five days. It’s only been executive order after executive order. This is not how democracy is supposed to work - this is fascism.

Set specific times to turn off your technology and recoup. Watch a movie, draw, read, write, walk, etc. Then come back. There are a lot of us fighting the same fight, when you tag out, we’ll still be here.

If you are really worried set up a system with a friend. If there is something serious happening in the moment, like tanks rolling down Washington or the police have started mass arrests, start a call chain. Everyone call the next person on the chain. That way you know you will be notified without constantly coming back to check your devices.

Rise up. Resist.

Lost In Star Wars

Part 1: Lost in Poe Dameron’s room

Summary: Poe Dameron x reader. Lost in Austen au. You love Star Wars. You love everything to do with it. You love all the characters except one. You know which one I mean. One day you hear a noise coming from the bedroom in your flat and you go to investigate.

A/N: Lost in Austen was a 4 part mini series for ITV on British tv. It was crazy and it was pretty much a reader insert. You can find it online. Darcy has a big hat. This will contain several new characters and is set just after TFA. Also i’ll mostly base this off just the movies because I don’t know much about the extended universe or anything else. This will be my first series that’s neato. Female pronouns. You live in England just because I wanted to make one single joke.

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It is a truth generally acknowledged that we are all longing to escape. You escape always to your favourite franchise, Star Wars. You’ve watched it so many times now that you dream of it and it’s like you’re actually there. It’s a galaxy you know so intimately, that you can see it and that you can touch it. You can see the Skywalkers, the lightsabers and that time Anakin was shirtless…….Woah there! You thought. Let’s take this down a little. Now where were you?

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