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Kidge Week, Days 1 and 3 (Jealousy, Change)

Strolls up with unedited fic for Day 1 of @kidgeweek two days late, desperately clutching an empty can of Red Bull

Fandom: Voltron Legendary Defender
Paring: Keith x Pidge
Words: 4528
Tags: Jealousy, post-war, swearing, innuendo, translation errors

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“Hangin’ in there, man?”

For someone who out-massed and out-muscled most, Hunk could move with surprising delicacy when he set his mind to it. Keith had been in the line of fire - figuratively and literally - enough by now not to startle when Hunk’s voice piped up right at his side, but the serene smile on Hunk’s face told Keith that he’d been caught. His fixation on the beings clustered throughout the ballroom had left him blind to Hunk’s approach.

“I’m fine,” was Keith’s curt reply.

Six years was a long enough time for both to know that Keith meant no offense and Hunk took none; Hunk laughed and pointed to the small plate in Keith’s left hand.

“You may be fine, but what about that poor napkin?”

Keith’s right hand stilled. The napkin on his plate had been torn into a fine crumble, the victim of a racing mind and a need to fidget.

“I guess I’m a bit bored,” he conceded.

That wasn’t quite it though, and Keith’s words must have been even less convincing than his voice, given the way Hunk shook his head and let out a short hum. Keith sent up a prayer that Hunk would question no further, and for once the universe seemed to answer: Hunk opened his mouth, and at that exact moment, a familiar voice rose up from the other side of the room.

“Hunk! This one requests your presence for the purposes of an introduction!”

Even in a room crowded with aliens of all types, Shay stood out from the rest. Like Hunk, she towered over the more diminutive species present, and it was as impossible to miss her waving hand as it was to miss the way Hunk’s smile softened as he waved back.

“Well, I guess I gotta go over there for a bit, but try not to be a wallflower all night. Go ask Pidge to dance or something.”

Keith blinked, then whipped around to face Hunk, scowl fixed to deliver, but Hunk had already begun to leave as stealthily as he’d arrived.

“But no one is dancing!” Keith called after him.

“I know!”

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The FC Barcelona 17-18 home kit has finally been leaked. Made by Nike and sponsored by Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten for the very first time, the Barcelona 2017-2018 jersey is set to be released at the same time as last year. The Barcelona 2017-18 jersey features a totally new fading stripes design after the current home shirt re-introduced classic Blaugrana stripes. Besides the dominant stripe theme, the Barcelona 17-18 kit also returns to darker shades of blue and red after the classics-inspired 2016-17 edition.

You And I

anthony ramos x reader

prompt: being from new jersey, you always overlooked the shores that were always a convenient drive away. john never experienced this luxury before.

a/n: finally getting around to write about this cutie


Nothing could ruin this moment.

The sky was an array of pastel colors. Blue, orange, pink, purple, the list went on and on as the canvas before your eyes changed as time ticked by. The ocean breeze was gentle and smooth against your skin, the warmth of the air settling and making a calming and light ambience.

You and Anthony sat upon a blanket placed on top of the even sand that went on for miles, the tidal waves crashing upon the shore acting like white noise to the comfortable silence that surrounded you and your boyfriend.

His hand was in yours and your head was rested upon his shoulder. Both of your eyes were focused on the sun setting beneath the ocean that stretched on for what felt like forever, the glistening water capturing every last bit of your attention and keeping it hostage by its beauty.

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Cheesecake Shirt

The last time Niall dated was back in high school but that was years ago when everything was simpler.Now he’s dating again and it feels like a brand new experience because all the things he knew about dating felt obsolete.

Niall remembers his date from hell with a girl Louis set him up with a few weeks ago.The girl,Megara, waltzed in the restaurant,to the back of the room for privacy reasosn, a few minutes late in a blue velvet dress that was clinging to her body and a pair a undeniably painful transparent heels.

The conversation was flowing fairly well throughout the wining and dining and Niall was having a good time until the waiter brought out the desert and Megara asked ,in her thick New Jersey accent, am I your bae or nah?The waiter was still setting the plates in front of them and Niall briefly caught the jump of his eyebrows the smallest trace of a shock on the young man’s face.Megara was straight backed in her chair,one hand holding the stem of her wine goblet.Her voice seemed so casual like the question was just off the top of her head but her eyebrow was was rapidly rising to touch her hairline said something differently.

Now,Liam educated Niall well enough for him to know that bae means shit so obviously Niall said no.Plain and simple then reclined coolly in his chair.The poor girl in front of him stared at him with her mouth wide open and eyes blown wide ,momentarily reminding Niall of a goldfish.Recovering,she smiled darkly,eyes narrowed like a leopard’s when angry.She pressed the bowl of the wine glass to her cheek before laughing lowly.Niall chuckled nervously before starting to ask what was wrong.The following series of events went by in a haze and Niall had no time to dodge the slice of cheesecake that was coming his way.

 Megara burst into a fit of anger before leaving in a huff,heels clacking against the flooring and muttering that Niall was a fuckboy.

Driving home,Niall was confused even more so when Harry came over the next morning to hear about the date.

“She asked you what?”,Harry asked ,his head turning to watch Niall, voice higher at the end and his face scrunched up in confusion.

“She asked if she was my bae,”,Niall said trailing off.

They were out on Niall’s back porch,the sound of the mid morning birds chirping and leaves rustling in the breeze.They were leaning against the railing on the elbows, drinks in hand.Harry head retracted to meet his neck giving him a double chin and his eyes looked bewildered while he mouthed the word bae. “Then when I said no she threw her cheesecake in m'face,”,Niall continued. Harry was serious for a second before giggling.In a moment’s glance he was hunched over the railing laughing his lungs out when he heard Niall got cheesecake in his face.

“Oh ho!You got cheesecake in yo face-”,Harry rushed out,voice coated in giggles but was cut off my his own bout of hyena-like laughter.

Niall rolled his eyes and looked away from his curly haired friend,cheeks and ears burning a scarlet red.Harry laughed and sputtered before coughing and heaving with tears at the corners of his eyes before the laughter picked back up again.When it died down to giggling then he composed himself,clearing his throat and wiping away his tears with his ringed fingers,leaning on the railing.

“Niall,she means before anyone else…you know bae,”Harry said,”It’s a term girls like to hear guys say to them.”

Niall looked dumbfounded,”How tha bleddy hell was I s’ppose t’know that?”

Harry draped a loose arm around Niall’s shoulder,”Niall,calm down mate,I’ll enlighten you..but first hit me with that cheesecake story again…oh-aha hit me!’’

As Harry goes over some phrases and terms Niall thinks of himself as a bit silly for letting himself become so rusty in the dating department but can you blame him?His job keeps his schedule packed and when he wasn’t working,bet your ass he was sleeping or watching a series on Netflix and that regime didn’t allow much free time to brush up on his knowledge of the dating world.

The second date was planned badly because Niall did a half-assed job of absorbing some of Harry’s teaching and the girl was glued to her phone the entire time.Niall stayed 30 minutes,(trying to engage her in conversation but she wasn’t interested in it) before going to a Burger King to get dinner for himself instead.

He and the boys laugh about it over some beers and Niall feels a lot better after he talked to them even though it was embarrasing.They give him some pointers and some terms the “hip youngsters” use and set him up on another date.This time it’s with one of Liam’s friends ,y/n.

When Niall enters the posh restaurant he’s buzzing with energy and confidence because this is the face of a man who knows what he’s doing.Harry leant him a white button up but the light wash jeans and shoes are both Niall’s.

Somewhere between him striding across the hardwood floor to the table his confidence fizzled out and his eloquence was gone with the wind.Maybe it was when he saw you and how beautiful y/n looked under the soft golden lighting,hair down and cascading around her shoulders like waves.You stood and shook his hand,a pleasant smile on your face before smoothing out her mossy green t-shirt dress to sit again.

Louis said to start conversation with a joke but did y/n get the joke?Does she not like llamas?Was that one of Harry’s jokes?Shit please don’t think I’m not funny… or crazy.Niall’s already nervous and now he’s overthinking everything.

y/n asked about sports Niall is interested in and he starts saying things like Neymar’s hairstyles are goals and you know they are but why say ‘goals’ there?

Y/n says she loves Beyonce because Queen Bey encourages positivity in people and he says Beyonce slays.

Y/n’s confused because Liam talked about him in such high esteem,why was he being so shallow?

Niall’s tapping his foot anxiously because he wants nothing more than to crawl into bed and watch Game of Thrones now.He’s already shamed himself enough.This isn’t like Niall it’s like an idiot using all these dumb references.It may have worked for the other guys but not for him.

“Niall,are you ok?’ve been acting off all evening,”,y/n asks eyebrow arched perfectly in question,pink luscious lips slightly pouted.

“Yeah,never been better…am I you’re bae or nah,y/n?”

She looks up at him with a bitch really look on her face because did he really just ask that?

Niall is grateful they haven’t ordered desert yet and there’s nothing to ruin this shirt because it’s Harry’s and he needs to return it clean.

“You do realise bae means crap right?”

Niall is red with embarrassment and wants to shrivel up and cry and hide under the table.

“Be real with me here,why have you been saying all these things?You sound like a teenager.”

Niall tells her everything.Every cringy detail about the past two dates and the boys ‘helping’ him with his dating.You don’t laugh you just smile and sigh.

“Can I tell you a secret?”,you ask.


“If it were up to me,I would have happily eaten a box or two of pizza with you or some jello no bake cheesecake because this joint is far too fancy for my liking,”you say scrunching up your nose at the silky red table cloth,chandelier and the waiters buzzing around.

Niall laughs whole heartedly,smiling a toothy grin.

“If we’re still being real,I’d be wearing sweat pants too because God knows I can’t dress myself,”,you continue.

“But you look so pretty…I don’t get it,”,Niall says shocked because you look stunning even in this simple outfit.

“Oh my friends dressed me and did this make-up,“,she says smiling and waving a dismissive hand,“everytime I try to do that winged eye thingy I poke myself in the eyeball,I don’t know how though,“she laughs at herself and Niall laughs along with her.

“Harry dressed me tonight in one of his shirts.I,personally, would have liked to wear my grey jumper and be all cozy,”

You gasp and nod in quick succession,“Sameee,but my friends told me the restaurant is too fancy for that,”

It’s half past nine when you leave the restaurant with Niall and he waits with you for a taxi.It’s late and you’re wearing heels that are waging war against the soles of your feet so you strip yourself of them and surrender.Niall’s holding your heels now and you’re wiggling your toes happily against the cold concrete.Niall’s just standing there listening to the sound of the car horns while trying not to look like a creep when he’s inhaling your strawberry scented shampoo.Out of the blue you wrap his free arm around your waist and he blushes but you smile contently,feeling little sparks go off where his hand lay and squeezed the skin the softly.

You pass the time playing I spy and talking about football but your cab pulls up and you have to go.You kiss him goodbye and slip him your phone number telling him to call you tonight.Niall nods and you take your shoes from him,clambering into the back of the cab.

Niall sighs happily and when he gets home he calls you making sure you got home safe before he gets into bed,smiling into his pillow before drifting off to sleep.

The thought struck him late that night and wakes him from his slumber.He’s a hopeless romantic but that doesn’t mean he’s useless.In the new fangled days of relationships he may not know everything but he knows he’s a true gentleman…and the owner of a cheesecake stained shirt.


1. His favorite meal was chicken noodle soup, but the noodles had to be flat, not round.

2. He was obsessed with crime and criminals. He had friends in the police department who would call him up if there was a murder or a robbery and they’d let him ride along in the police car to the scene of the crime, and he’d hang around and observe as they did their work. 

3. He hated to wear top hat, white tie and tails. This image was born when he was a child performer in vaudeville with his sister Adele, who was older and taller than him, and because he was supposed to be the man, they decided to put a top hat on him to make him look taller.

4. He picked up skateboarding in his late seventies and was awarded a life membership in the National Skateboard Society. At 78 he broke his wrist while skateboarding in his driveway and was so embarrassed about it that he didn’t want anyone to take a picture of him for as long as he was bandaged up.

5. If he wouldn’t have become a dancer, he would have liked to be a professional golfer.

6. He was an amazing drummer and kept a drum set in his bathroom.

7. He was home-schooled by his mother and only visited public school for two years while living in New Jersey. After his first week there, he could skip a grade.

8. He was good friends with David Niven, Clark Gable, Randolph Scott and James Cagney.

9. He was really self-conscious about his disproportionately large hands and would always curl them while dancing.

10. When he saw himself on the screen for the first time, he said: “Gosh, I look like a knife!” 

11. Second Chorus (1940) was his least favorite of his movies.

12. Kim Novak, his co-star on The Notorious Landlady (1962) gave him a Siamese cat as a gift and he named it Caryle, after her character’s name.

13. Though generally mild-mannered he liked to destroy furniture and throw handy things when he lost his temper.

14. He loved to watch soap operas, his favorites being Guiding Light and As the World Turns and he would call his housekeeper if he couldn’t see the show to find out what had happened.

15. He hated mushy love scenes and rarely kissed on-screen. 

16. He really suffered the fact that he didn’t have a good head of hair.

17. His legs were insured for 75.000 dollars each, a huge amount of money at the time.

18. He had a reputation for being the worst celebrity to interview because he was extremely shy and reserved and refused to talk about himself or share anything about his personal life. In his earliest interviews, he stuttered.

19. He loathed social dancing. 

20. When starring on Broadway as a young man, he used to rollerskate up and down Park Avenue at night, trying to avoid the press who might have spotted him during the day.

21. His wife Phyllis died of cancer shortly before he was supposed to begin filming Daddy Long Legs in 1954, and he was so distressed that he offered to cover any financial losses out of his own pocket if they would shut down production. Eventually he was persuaded to do the movie, but in between takes he would often retrieve to a corner and weep, which is why in some of the scenes his eyes appear swollen and red.

22. He had restless legs syndrome, and even wiggled his toes when he slept.

23. He didn’t exercise.

24. Michael Jackson dedicated his autobiography Moonwalk to Fred.

25. Fred Astaire died of pneumonia on June 22, 1987, on the anniversary of his Easter Parade co-star Judy Garland’s death (June 22, 1969).


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Taking My Life Away  Part 1

Originally posted by closer-to-the-edge-of-glory

Summary: Reader gets a job in another city, leaving her best friend behind. How will they do without each other? Will their long distance friendship last? Will it become something more? (Do I really suck at summaries? Yes.. Yes I do..)

Reader X Bucky

Word Count: 763

A/N: I’ve decided to write a short (I think it will be short?) series involving Bucky. Naturally it may not be awesome. It will be angsty. It may get smutty. I’m sure at points it will be fluffy. I’m working through some things… If you like it let me know if you want to be tagged :) Anways, here goes. 

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anonymous asked:

Facts about Abe Lincoln?

  • Lincoln invented a device to free steamboats that ran aground. 
  • He practiced law without a degree. 
  • He practiced law without a degree. 
  • He was a big animal lover. 
  • He didn’t drink, smoke, or chewed tobacco and he never drank in the White House.
  • He hated being called Abe. Apparently, he preferred being called by his last name.
  • Lincoln established Thanksgiving as a national holiday.
  • He was the first president born outside of the 13 original states.
  • Lincoln’s cat Tabby ate at the White House dinner table.
  • Lincoln was the first president to use the telegraph.
  • Lincoln’s shoe size was between 12 and 14. But does foot size really matter- yes. 
  • Lincoln was shot on Good Friday.
  • Lincoln was photographed with John Wilkes Booth at his second inauguration.
  • Booth’s brother saved the life of Lincoln’s son on a New Jersey train platform.
  • Someone shot at Lincoln in 1864 and put a hole in his stovepipe hat.
  • Lincoln battled depression for much of his life.
  • He was set to take part in a duel, but it was cancelled at the last second.
  • Lincoln kept his important documents inside his hat.
  • Lincoln’s guest at Ford’s Theater was Ulysses S. Grant, who cancelled at the last second.
  • Lincoln’s assassination took place in a plot to also kill the vice president and the speaker of the house. The speaker of the house was stabbed multiple times but survived and the person mean’t to kill the vice president chickened out in the last moment. 
  • He was the tallest president, he was 6′4
  • Of Lincoln’s four children, two died before he did, one died six year after his passed and only one lived past to adulthood. 

Sources: (x) and my past US history courses. 


My Chemical Romance / Rare Original Photo Set 4 of 4 / Gerard Way

I cropped a few I liked

Photo shoot back story:
Jusitn was hired by Kerrang magazine to follow Gerard and Ray around and revisit the making of their latest album (I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love). They visited a hospital, the bar where they played their first gig, their childhood homes (Ray’s childhood bedroom is pictured), their practice space, and a diner that they ate at a lot when making the album. Most of these images were never run or seen by the public.

This might be Justin’s favorite set. He loves the images of Gerard and Ray holding up business cards they found at the diner.
This set includes 18 prints, and he’s offering 3 more sets of 18 in other listings running at the same time. Each set is completely different, featuring 18 unique images.
These prints are vintage and were made from the original negatives. All the prints he’s offering are in good condition (they’ve been handled over the years, so fingerprints may be present/visible)

Print size: 4" x 6"
Shoot date: 2004
Location: New Jersey
Shot for: Kerrang Magazine

(100+ follows!!!!!! I love you all aaaaaaaaAAAA thank you for listening to me ramble about patater and other check please nonsense. Have some more patater nonsense!!!! Also some Steve Grand as bgm)

The 365th Day

It’s probably when Tater brings him the bacon ashes and what used to be egg byproducts that Kent knew that Tater was it.   

Kent had long considered his dating experience to be rather limited, shady hookups not included. Not that Kent was keeping track in the back of his mind, but waking up next to Alexei for 365 nonconsecutive days with their respective schedules meant that not only has Alexei Mashkov been the one human who has put up with Kent’s nonsense longer than any one else, but they’d been together for far longer than a calendar year. Almost four, in fact. They’d been together for so long that he’s started to buy those Breathe Right strips for Tater to save himself from the snoring. Tater’s Kit Purrson battle scars has averaged from a high 11 scratches per feeding to about 5 or less. He’s stopped packing underwear on his visits because he left underwear at Tater’s place. And toothbrushes. 

So here he was, in Providence after a nonstop flight to visit his secret-ish boyfriend (their teammates know; there’s only so many times they can play oblivious after walking in on them making out) who is trying to scrape burnt bacon off the skillet. He’s sitting on the island counter top in an oversized Mashkov jersey and nursing a glass of orange juice like it was a normal summer Sunday for the two of them. And Kent wants it to be like this for a long, long time. 

 “Hey, Tater, idea,” Kent says. “One, we buy you a new skillet.” 

Tater stops scraping the remains of the pan for a millisecond, then resumes even more vigorously. “No, this one still good.”

“Ok, next idea. When do you want to get married?” 

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Fancy A Surprise

Originally posted by rizzo1d

The use of Eleanor and Sophia are present in this imagine, so if you don’t enjoy them, please skip those lines. I know Danielle and Cheryl make Liam and Louis happy but I can’t bring myself to write about them… not yet. Hope you understand x

The days have been passing within the blink of an eye whilst being on tour with Harry. You hold a love / hate relationship with it, but you wouldn’t be anywhere else but on the road, watching your boyfriend do what he loves.

“Fancy a dip in the hotel pool?” You taunt your boyfriend, who is usually very suggestive after a show.

He shakes his head, pushing his lips inwards as he lays a juice box back on the side-table.

“ ‘ve got some things I need to take care of.” He grunts, keeping his eyes trained on the iPhone in front of him.

You frown, normally he’d be charged with adrenaline after a show. He’d actually be the one to suggest a late-night swim if it were allowed.

“They can’t wait till tomorrow morning? I bribed the workers in charge of the pool so we’d be let in.” You poke his cheek.

“They can’t, I’m sorry.” His eyes don’t leave the small screen in front of him. You pout, leaning over in attempt to peek at what kept his attention.

He furrows his eyebrows, locking the screen before glaring, “Nosy.”

You throw your hands up, “Sorry! I just wanted you to glance at me before rejecting me.”

A guilty look is thrown at you before he returns to studying his phone. You pout for a moment then decide otherwise.

“I’m going to go visit the girls.” You inform him, only to receive another grunt in reply.

Eleanor and Sophia had invited you for a film night but you told them you’d be with Harry. Changes of plans, as the universe would have it.

“Y/N!” Eleanor squeals around you, happy to have you join them. It would just be the three of you since Liam and Louis were well, Liam and Louis.

“Changed your mind about us?” Sophia winks.

“More like he rejected the pool before I could even change into a swimsuit.”

She frowns, “Why’s that?”

You shrug, “I don’t know. He’s been sneaky lately and if I’m honest, I feel like I should be worried about it.”

“What do you mean by sneaky?”

“Like, him disappearing for certain amounts of time and not sharing much when I ask him about it. He tells me not to worry but I’m starting to. Last night on the bus, him and Niall were huddled together, talking very secretively. Even when I asked Niall about it, he told me not to worry as well.” You explain whilst seated at the edge of the bed.

Eleanor pulls you in for a hug, “I’m sure it’s nothing big, just a bit of Harry being Harry?”

She isn’t sure what to say because she knows exactly what’s going on. Both her and Sophia, but they were sworn not to say anything. Harry would kill the two of them if anything slipped out.

With a sigh, you respond, “Maybe. I don’t know. He’s not normally like this, you guys know that. We don’t keep things from each other and  I know privacy is still a thing but still, he feels… different.”

“Don’t worry,” Sophia smiles, “It’s Harry, he wouldn’t hurt you.”


You wake with an absence the next morning. Harry is nowhere near his normal position of being up against you, snoring softly with a tender grip.

Instead you’re alone, with a note in replacement of your boyfriend.

“Didn’t want to wake you, baby. Got to take care of some stuff, I’ll be back as soon as I can. Love you.x H”

The paper crumples in your hand before you lay it on the bedside table. You sigh out of frustration. There have been a lot of things Harry had to “take care of” recently, but he wasn’t sharing any of it with you. Not that you wanted to be nosy, but this secretive behaviour concerns you more and more each time.


MetLife Stadium is buzzing with the 1D crew, all working frivolously to set up in time. You’re in awe of the seating capacity as you sit at the edge of the stage, proud of how the boys are able to sell out such a venue.

“Do you know what city we’re in?” Eleanor asks, laughing to herself as she plops next to you.

“Erm.. it’s somewhere in New Jersey, I’d like to think. I’m not sure, I know as much as you do coming into this tour.” You giggle, swinging your legs back and forth like a child.

“Right, right. I’ll have to google it. Or maybe ask Mark, he always knows where we’re going today.”

You hum to yourself, trying to enjoy yourself in the midst of the set-up storm around you. Various sounds from drilling to heavy-duty lifting. It amazes you each time, how efficiently they work to dress the stadium up and down in such short time.

“El?” She glances over at you.

“Does Louis ever do.. business? Outside of what the boys have to do.”

She nods, “Yeah, mostly with charities if not football. He’s always donating and offering himself to certain places, finding out what he can do to help.”

“Aside from that, which is fantastic, but I mean does he tell you that he’s doing them?”

“Most of the time, yeah.” She replies, “Other times I’ll just find out through Twitter. I don’t think he does anything else though.”

You bite your lip, Harry has done some of those things as well. But he’d be as open as Louis if anything, possibly even more.

“Why?” Eleanor pokes your side, “Harry up to something?”

“Yeah, just what I told you last night.” You pick at the hem of your blouse, “This morning he left early and I haven’t seen him since. He said he had some ‘things’ he needed to do?”

Her eyes widen as she knows the meaning behind his behaviour.

“Ah-um.. I wouldn’t look too much into that.”

You shrug, “I don’t want to be a pessimist and see think of the worst but he’s been like this for a couple weeks now and becoming increasingly distant over the last few days.”

She gulps, searching for an excuse. She wouldn’t be the one to let it out, oh no.

“Well, whatever it is-”

“I think I’m going to go look for him.” You cut her off suddenly, hopping up from the platform.

“What? Why?!” She speaks anxiously, tugging you back.

“To talk to him about it?” You give her a weird look at the sudden outburst.

“No! Don’t do that!” Her eyes widen, she can’t let you find him. It’s partly her job and a few others’ to keep you distracted for the time being.

“If you bring up something personal like that then it’ll be like you’re accusing him of something we both know he’s not doing, you don’t want him to think that you don’t trust him, do you?” She rushes.

You stammer, quite alarmed at her words, “Uh-n-no? I trust him completely-”

“Then let him tell you. Or show you, rather. When he wants to.”

“I… ugh.” You roll your eyes, “Fine. It’s just, he’s never like this. That’s all.”

Before Eleanor can answer, Lottie approaches the two of you from the side of the stage.

“El, have you seen Har-” She cuts herself off once seeing you next to her.

“Harry?” You question, jumping down to the gravel where she stands.

“Y/N!” Lottie deflects, panicked at the situation she put herself in.

“I’ve been looking all over for you!”

“You literally just said you were looking for Harry.” You’re confounded as you peer at her.

“Would you mind coming with me? I’d love to do your makeup today.” She pulls you along, signally for Eleanor to tell Harry that she’s got his girlfriend.

“Actually, I-” You say in an attempt to stop her but she continues on.

“I’ve got this idea for a new look that I think’ll look fantastic on ya, I’m really excited to try it.” She babbles on about a certain shade of eyeshadow you hadn’t really heard off before but believed her nonetheless.


Eleanor scours the backstage portion, seeking the room where your boyfriend is located.

“Harry!” She calls to the curly-headed man, who is wears a face of stress in the centre of a crowded room.

“Lottie’s got her now, so-”

“What?!” His eyes bulge, “She wasn’t supposed to get her for another hour!”

“Yeah, well, change of plans. I’m sort of glad Lottie got her, she was getting doubtful of you.”

Harry lets out a breath, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Fook.” He paces around the small but he could.

“I-I could help you! What do you need?” Eleanor offers, throwing him a hopeful look.

He eyes her with exasperation, “More time.”

For Harry, preparation began weeks prior to the current day. It took a bit of convincing on management’s part to allow such a thing aside from their busy schedule, but he managed to charm them through.

It has to be amazing. He consistently told himself. She deserves that.

His journal is filled with many notes regarding this event. From the proper decor to his prepared speech, everything that he could think of was planned precisely. Gathering the proper team wasn’t as difficult as was the prospect of making them promise that they wouldn’t tell you. The surprise is the key to things like this.

“Fancy a dip in the pool?” You asked. It took everything in him to deny you, considering all he wanted was to go night swimming with you. However, plans for the day’s event had to be confirmed and so he was forced to stay back.

Although it killed him, keeping something like this from you. You two share practically everything with each other, being best friends and lovers. Every time he left to keep planning, he knew you were becoming resentful. He wanted to let you in on all the plans but well, that would defeat the whole purpose. He had come too far to let it all go now.

“Harry, I think you’re making a bit too big of a deal about this, I don’t think she’ll mind-”

“Even if she won’t, I will! Her cake isn’t even here yet!”

Eleanor giggles to herself, “You’re acting like the mother of a pageant queen rather than her boyfriend. It’s just a party, mate.”

“She’s only going to graduate from University once!” He argues, “Well. Unless she decides to pursue something else but that’s not the point. She’s worked so hard to get where she is and she deserves to have this be absolutely perfect, especially since I wasn’t there for the ceremony.”

Unfortunately for the both of you, tour rehearsals landed on the same day as the day of your graduation ceremony. You were crushed to not be able to celebrate it with him but eventually had your own not too late after that.

With a sigh, Eleanor pulls out her phone to text Lottie. “I’ll tell her to take her time then redo Y/N’s makeup again so that you’ve got more time. But instead of freaking out, we should just get started.”

He nods, revealing several different streamers and banners he bought the day before. Days were spent carefully choosing a colour scheme along with the proper pattern and other things to go along with it.

“Oh my god, she’s going to love these!” Eleanor raves, taking out the rest of the decor.

“I hope so.”


“Wow.. and are you angry about it?” Lottie inquires, brushing the top of your cheekbone with a bit of highlight.

You chew on your bottom lip before responding, “Erm.. I don’t know if I’m really angry about it rather than just hurt he wouldn’t trust me with whatever information is so important to him. I mean, I get privacy is a thing but he’s been sneaking around for weeks now so it’s just like… ugh.”

She nods, understanding a bit of what you’re going through with her own boyfriend.

“I wouldn’t doubt him, though, because he treats you better than any other man I’ve ever seen in a relationship.”

Her words are true. If there were mandatory guidelines on how to treat your partner in a relationship, they’d be written by Harry. Indubitably, Anne raised him to regard people with the utmost respect, especially the ones that he loves. He looks upon you with genuine  kindness. You’ve never known anyone to be more of a gentleman than your gentle giant.

A buzz from Lottie’s phone stops her from brushing your face, excusing herself for the moment.

“Shit.” You overhear her groan, going over to Lou to explain.

“What? What’s happened?” You attempt to investigate but no one replies, simply scrambling around, all aware of Eleanor’s orders.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N! I screwed up so I’m going to have to redo all of it!” Lottie blurts out.

“All of it?! Lots I can see half my face in the mirror and it looks fine!” You scoot your body sideways, trying to view the other.

“But your other half is not, so I’m going to fix all of it.” She tells you rapidly, running around the rest of the room to tell Lou.

You turn to Lux, who plays with her dolls in the corner.

“Lux, love, you don’t think it’s that bad, do you?”

The young girl makes a face and you breathe out. All you really want to do is see Harry.

“Oh, god.” Lou studied your face, pretending as though Lottie made the biggest mistake of her life. “We’re going to have to fix this, it’ll take a bit of time but don’t worry, you’re still in good hands.”

Your eyebrows frown as you speak, “Will one of you please just tell me what’s going on?”

Lottie carries a wary look, throwing it to Lou. “Don’t worry.”


“Oi! Styles! Ya want this ‘ere?” A Welsh worker man shouted at him from across the room. Several chairs are in his grip so the decision had to be hasty.

“Sure!” Harry calls back, pursing his lips afterwards. It isn’t really where he pictured them being, but he can’t always get what he wants.

However if he’s being honest, the room came to be grander than he thought with the time constraint. Your school colours festoon the room with “2016” amongst them in bold font. Gold balloons line the back table, with photos of you through your school time. Harry’s taken most of them, always telling you you’re his muse when he shoots candids.

“Anything we can do to help?” Liam offers once entering the room.

“Yeah, erm…” Harry points out the door, “I think Sarah’s almost finished, maybe help her carry the food in?”

He agrees, exiting as quickly as he arrived.

Harry stands with his hands on his hips, admiring the appearance of the room. Licking his lips, he smiles to himself. He remembers the proud feeling of seeing you in your cap and gown, a degree clutched in your hands. He recalls the countless nights of you remaining sleepless on account of revision, always begging you to come to bed. You’d reassure him that bedtime would come soon, but spend another half hour scribbling down in your notebook. All of it paid off, and he’s so happy to have supported you through it.

“Five more minutes!” Eleanor announces, iPhone in hand.

“Fook.” Harry swears again, dashing to lay food on the table. His hands move with speed as he lays the champagne glasses on the table, little caps on all.

“Everyone!” He yells, grabbing the attention of all volunteers. “Hey, hi, erm..” He rubs the back of his neck, “As you might’ve heard, Y/N is coming shortly so thank you for helping me put all of this together, I couldn’t have done it without each of you.”

The people clamour in cheer, admiring the great lengths Harry went to in order to set everything together.



You shift your head to find Sophia sprinting towards you, a bag from Primark on her side.

“I got you this outfit,” She pants, “and I really think you should wear it tonight.”

“Wait,” You pause to gape at her, “you got me some clothes?”

She nods slowly as if you’re the strange one.

You sigh, taking the held out bag into your own hands. “What the fuck is going on with everyone.”

Sophia displays a look on confusion, “What do you mean?”

“Everyone’s been odd lately, like Harry’s been closed off, Eleanor, Lottie and Lou all rushing to get me places and now you’ve gone out of nowhere to get me something to wear. It isn’t my birthday nor is anything else special happening to me, so..” You cross your arms, unable to identify the situation.

“Oh just put it on.” She pushes you into an empty room. “Don’t question the good things.”

Once finished changing, you thank Sophia before walking out.

“Y/N!” You hear, causing you to snap in frustration.

“If I hear one more person trying to distract me from finding Harry, I’m going to shoot something.” You threaten, glaring at Eleanor.

“Sorry!” She retorts with sarcasm, “I’ve just come to bring you to him but if you don’t want that then..”

“No! No. I want to see him.” You jerk her backwards. She laughs, taking you into a different direction to reveal your surprise.


“Do you think she’ll like the flowers? I went to a florist this morning and spent an hour trying to get the perfect arrangement but-” Harry’s sentence is snipped by Louis, who warns everyone of your distance.

“She’s coming!” He announces, rushing back to his place in the room.

“What’s, why are we going-” Your boyfriend listens to you mumble, quickly flipping the lights on.

“Surprise!” Everyone cheers, leaving you in shock.

You stand with your mouth ajar, taking note to the vanity of the room. It’s magical, turned from a dingy worn out dressing room to a Pinterest-worthy background.

“Surprise, darling. Since I couldn’t throw you a graduation party at home, I thought we could do one on the road.” Harry grins cheekily. You’re unsure of how to react but at least your impending question has been answered. This is what he’s been up to.

“I-Thank you!” You echo to everyone, noticing the beauty in the room.

“You did all this?” You turn to Harry, who nods shyly.

“Well, I mean they all helped but I planned it so.. do you like it?” You nod frivolously, leaning to give him a peck on the lips.

“Thank you.” You whisper discreetly before the boys come to embrace you.

“Congrats, Y/N!” Niall greets you, teeth present as he beams.

Liam hands you what appears to be a homemade card, “This is from us three.”

“Aw, I love it.” You thank them, running your fingers across the scribbles from each of them. Most of the space is occupied by random drawings from Louis, leaving Niall and Liam to write in their own corners.

Several more members of the tour crew approach you with smiles. All of them have become an extended family while on tour, taking you in with ease.

Harry’s hand does not leave yours as you make your rounds in the room, thanking everyone for being present and helping out. You’re in awe of the room itself, the furnishings and colour scheme transforming an old locker room to something spectacular.

“I can’t believe you did all this.” You murmur to your boyfriend, whose eyes do not leave yours.

“Why’d you say that?” He smirks jokingly.

“It’s all so.. wonderful. You put all of this together whilst I was out thinking other things of you, which I shouldn’t have. And I’m sorry about that.”

Harry only pulls you closer, resting his chin on your head. A kiss to the top is gently placed whilst gripping your body against his.

“I know you are, and I know what you were thinking. I would’ve too had I been in the same position. But it’s alright, I’m just hoping you like all of this.”

“God, it’s perfect.”


From the stage, Harry’s attention never leaves you as your body shakes to the beat of each song. Ocassionally, he’d run over to your section, bending down to get as close as he can to you. The proxcimity would drive the fans crazy, but he’d go through with it anyways as the tease he is.

He can’t help but be amazed at you for all the things you’ve done for him. Now he’s glad he can give back just a bit.

The party was put on pause for the few hours of the concert but pulled back with more cause for celebration afterwards.

“Everyone having a good time?” His voice booms into the microphone, receiving screams in return.

“I see you, woman in the front with a polka dot dress. Don’t think I didn’t hear you scream, “no”. I’m keeping an eye on you.” The fans laugh at his mockery, a smirk making its way to his face.

“So, erm, over the past several weeks I’ve been planning something completely on my own and being very secretive about it if I may say, which in itself sounds slightly suspicious now that I’m saying it out loud, however, it all came down to this day in lovely East Rutherford, New Jersey, where I’ve planned a surprise graduation party for my amazing girlfriend, Y/N.” The camera focuses on you, whose cheeks turn vermillion at the mention.

“Darling, you don’t know how proud I am of you for working so hard to get your master’s degree at University so congratulations on receiving it. It feels incredible to call myself your boyfriend and I hope you enjoy the party. I love you so much.”

You grin at the loss of words, tears pooling to your eyes at the beauty of the situation. The fans’ screams are deafening but all you feel is the unconditional love for Harry reigning through your mind.

“I love you!” You shout, and though thousands of voices surround you, you know full well that he heard as well.


“Oi oi, you’ve graduated!” Louis slurs, a pint in his hand.

“Slow down Lou, you’ve only been at it for an hour and a half.” You laugh, wrapping an arm around his waist to support him.

“Can’t help it,” He hiccups, “your boy pulled out all the goods.”

Harry did not stop at any expense, with several bottles of tequila, vodka, beer and other assortments of everyone’s favourite booze on a separate table of its own next to the food.

“Has anyone seen the grey adidas bag I brought to the stadium?” Louis calls, suddenly searching around feverishly for the item. “I’ve packed a few joints in there for this party.” You hear him mumble, causing you to giggle.

“DON’T STOP ME NOW!” Harry screams whilst whirling around you, pissed drunk as he sings along to Queen. “I’m havin’ such a good time, I’m having a ball!”

You roll your eyes, eventually making eye contact with Eleanor across the room.

“Who let him buy this much alcohol?” You mouth, chuckling afterwards.

“It’s a bit funny though, seeing them all like this.” She tells you once in right next to you.

You chortle, “I’m going to need evidence of this day.” Snapchat is pulled up and you begin recording.

“Oo I’m burning through the sky, yeah! Two hundred degrees, that’s why they call me Mister Fahrenheit!”

“He’s just the gift that keeps on giving.” You laugh, posting it on your story.

With a glance around the room, your heart becomes filled with admiration for everyone. Your loving boyfriend has gone above and beyond to prepare all this for you, with everyone else working to put it all together. They’ve all come together to celebrate all the years of stress and hard work that comes with suffering through school, and you couldn’t be more thankful.

“What’re you doing just standin’ there, c’mon!” Sophia pulls you into the centre, filling a cup up with your favourite concoction.

“Right, right.” You laugh off the thoughts, deciding to give everyone thank you presents later. Now is the time for complete madness.


“Good morning Mister Fahrenheit.” You whisper once Harry’s eyes meet yours. They flutter open in a cautious fashion, afraid to be hit by the gleaming sun that streams inside your hotel room.

“Shh,” He mumbles, stuff his mouth into a pillow as his words are muffled out, “don’t even mention it.”

“I can’t stop thinking about it.” You giggle whilst patting down his feral curls.

He grunts in response, enjoying the sensation of your hand caressing his head.

“I feel a bit bad about it all though, still.”

Harry looks to you with hooded eyes, softening as you smile at him.

“I was telling the girls about how I felt with you being so secretive when in truth you were just out being the best boyfriend. Granted, they knew so they were trying to mitigate my doubts but I didn’t want to have them in the first place about you, H.”

A sigh escapes his lips as he shifts positions from on his stomach to on his side, full face of compassion whilst meeting yours.

“I’m sorry, baby.”

“Don’t, love. Don’t even apologise, you have no need to.”

You furrow your eyebrows lightly, turning your head at him in confusion.

“If this were the other way around, I might’ve been worse by trying to mask resentment for you sneaking around. But I wanted to tell you, baby. I really did because I knew it was affecting you. But I also knew that you wouldn’t want something like this to be spoiled, so as long as everything is okay now, I don’t care about anything else.”

You lick your lips as the corners of your mouth curve into a smile. His hand reaches over to lace with yours, rubbing the back of it gently.

“You’re so good to me. You’re too good to me.” You speak with adoration dripping through your voice.

He shakes his head, “It was just a party, my love. That’s never enough to make up for how much you’ve supported me through everything else.”

“Hey,” You pout, “don’t think you haven’t been supporting me as well. If it weren’t for you, I don’t know if I would’ve survived the intensity of Uni. I know some nights I’d miss out on us cuddling but just knowing you were there for me whenever I needed one is more than I could ever ask for.”

A kiss is shared between your lips and his. You’re both incredibly grateful for each other that no one would win the argument over what’s what.

“Thank you, H.”

Harry says nothing but flashes you another one of mesmerising smiles, one soon being replicated onto your own face.

“So,” He breaks the pause of silence whilst scooting even closer to you.

“Hm.” You hum before burying your head into his strong chest.

“Still fancy that dip in the hotel pool?”

When reading this, my friend thought Harry was cheating, then going to propose after a bit. Talk about being played ;-)

Anyways, I’ve realised that none of you really know much about me so I figured I’d share five facts to start :)

1) My name is Isabel, but if you call me Izzy or Iz then I’d love you just the same if not more.

2) I’ve been a fan of the boys since early 2012 and the love has only grown exponentially since. 

3) I’m from California but part of my dream is to someday live in London, which is why I write the way I do about some of the things I do, if that makes sense hah.

4) My fav films are About Time, Notting Hill, Edge of Tomorrow, Inception aaand I forgot the last one lolz

5) Besides the boys, I listen to a lot of Indie / Alt. / Rock / EDM / Whatever the fuck you’d classify Coldplay as. 

Now I’d love to hear a few things about you guys so please, please send me a message on yourselves as well!! If you’ve got any questions on me or you just want to talk, I’m always here :D

Love to you,

Iz xx 

fake ah crew aesthetic >> michael vincent jones

Michael was like a ticking time bomb. If you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when so much as a glance from a complete stranger set him off, there’s a high chance you’d end up in the hospital. Ramsey had heard stories about this curly-haired kid from New Jersey, more specifically about the paths of destruction he left in his wake and the rage that never quite went away. So when he bumped into him whilst drunk at a bar one night he offered him a job… only to be turned down. Ramsey shrugged knowing it was a hit or miss with Jones. A few months later, Michael showed up at his door with a bag slung over his shoulder and a bazooka strapped to his back. “So do you still want me on the fucking crew or not?”


SZA Holds Court at Coachella

To see more from SZA, check out @justsza on Instagram.

When SZA (@justsza) went to Coachella (@coachella) for the first time in 2014, she spent most of the day running around the grounds of the three-day festival. This weekend, the 25-year-old singer from New Jersey was on the lineup to perform. “You just don’t want to blow something that important to you,” she says. “It was on my bucket list.” No worries: SZA killed it during her 50-minute set on Saturday night. The next item she wants to check off her list is releasing a full-length studio album, which she will do with her debut, “A,” later this year. “Everything is about to start up,” SZA says. “I have been on snooze … well, not really. I have been home and just working and taking singing lessons — things that are important for my growth as a woman and human being.”

––Instagram @music

The revealing statement from Antonela Roccuzzo after Leo Messi quit the NT

Unlike the World Cup in 2014, Antonella Roccuzzo was not near Lionel Messi, his partner during the 2016 Copa America. While “The Flea” guided the National Team to yet another final and rebelled against the leadership of the AFA, she was spending time with her two sons in Rosario. She only set foot on American soil shortly before the final against Chile, when the national team was already in New Jersey. She walked around Manhattan, enjoyed her stay with people close to her and arrived at the stadium with Thiago in hand, the eldest of the heirs. 

There was no public meeting for the couple, but several witnesses described as heartbreaking the embrace that occurred after the final. The tears of Messi’s son only made Leo cry even harder, tears that had started in the locker room and had only stopped to announce his farewell to the NT. He looked for her, his ground wire, the person who understands him better, in the most difficult moment of his career. She knew what he thought, what he felt. It’s true that she’ll never say anything publicly, although a short sentence revealed much more than if she had given a long interview. 

Messi quickly returned to Argentina on a private flight with his teammates. Antonella, however, went back on Monday afternoon on a flight line. With the plane about to take off for Buenos Aires, and unwillingly, she gave a clue to what was going through the head of her partner. When a passenger told her that Messi should go ahead without heeding those who did not support him and insisted on him not to listen to the “few” who criticized him, she replied: “Yes, they’re a few, but they carry a lot of weight”. 

The criticisms, increasingly less for Messi, were a determining factor for him to quit the NT. The popular clamor, which has been reflected in countless expressions of affection, also weighed, for his return.

In Your Arms

Requested by anon! (ily too) This turned out ridiculously fluffy, but oh well. I hope it’s what you were looking for :)

Summary: Will and Nico get sent to a high school in New Jersey to recruit a new demigod. Nico gets annoyed and Will gets stressed so they use a calm Friday night to relax.

*Note: It was pointed out to me that I wasn’t clear on Will & Nico’s relationship status in this fic. To clear it up, they’re not yet dating. Sorry for any confusion :)

Warnings: Only extremely fluffy fluff :3

Word Count: 1115

Read on ao3

Nico di Angelo in no way considered himself a lucky person. There were small things, however, that he felt extremely lucky about. Things like the fact that he’d actually managed to find people who enjoyed being around him. Things like meeting Will Solace. Even trivial things like never having to go to American high school.

Until now.

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DIY Macrame planters

Spruce up any corner of your home with these gorgeous planters! The perfect pop of colour with a touch of green.

– Jersey Knit Fabric
– Ceramic Planter
– Tape Measure
– Hook Screw

Additional Tools (not included):
– Scissors

1. Cut your fabric length-wise into 8 total 1.5-inch strips.
2. Then stretch each fabric strip into round cords.
3. Tie all 8 cords together in one big knot, about 4 inches or so from the ends, and pull tight to secure.
4. Group your cords into 4 sets of 2 and tie a knot in each set, approximately 2 inches away.
5. Now separate these sets into new sets of 2 and tie them together approximately 1.5 inches away.
6. Repeat for a third time and tie each new set of cords together 1.5 inches away from the previous.
7. Stretch over your planter and tighten your knots to adjust.
8. Tie all 8 cords together at the top to finish.
9. Plant a succulent or two in your planter and hang up using a hook screw.