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I’ve gotta say, one of the things I really love about Katniss Everdeen as a heroine is that she’s so socially awkward. She’s not the People Person in the “team” – Peeta is – she’s able to win people over with her talents and the strength of her convictions, but she struggles with being Likable. Admiration comes easily, but genuine friendship? Not so much.

It’s a quality that I find really relatable but always struggled to find in heroines growing up. They couldn’t just be smart or athletic or creative or whatever their talent was, they had to also be socially adept and nurturing and all that “communicative” stuff women are expected to be. Even if they were “unpopular” it was never because they were genuinely awkward and alienated people. Their awkwardness was limited to cute awkward traits like “clumsiness,” and other Manic Pixie Dream Girl type of stuff. Male heroes could be socially off-putting, but not women.

The pressure is so high on women and girls to have amazing social skills and “emotional intelligence” – and I specifically mean not just good, but amazing, we have to be the carriers of men’s emotional burdens and foster their emotional growth. It’s incredibly frustrating and dehumanizing if you’re a woman who struggles with that stuff, like me, since I’m on the autism spectrum. (But it’s not just true for autistic women, and I’m not necessarily saying Katniss is autistic; the expectation that women coddle and nurture the emotions of men is toxic for all of us. This is why we really need to kill dead the pop-science BS that women are “natural communicators” compared to men.) These conversations about understanding social disabilities are always about men, and are always directed at you like you can’t possibly be a part of the group in question, like you’re the one who needs to learn to be more open-minded about what you find “creepy” or whatever. This is why the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope is so toxic to me: even if you’re weird, even if you may have a mental illness, you’ve still gotta have conversational skills and making friends and dating down pat to be acceptable as a character! You’ve still gotta be inspirational to men!

So, long story short, it’s great to have a pop cultural heroine who can tell girls it’s not only okay, but normal, if you’re the awkward one. And boys too! I hope boys take some lesson from Katniss that they can’t expect women to do the emotional heavy-lifting in their lives, and that those women are still totally cool and worth knowing and maybe even falling in love with if that’s the case. And that that emotional lifting can be your responsibility, too! You can be the nurturing one like Peeta.




Dean’s Birthday - You decide to surprise Dean.

Dear Cas - You and Castiel (platonic).


A Soul for Sale - You sell your soul for your brother.

Tired and Scared - Dean x reader. You can’t sleep.

College (Imagine) - They’re dropping you off.

I Belong Way Down Below - You return from hell, but things doesn’t play out as well as your brothers dared to wish.

You’ve Gotta Let Me Fight [1] - You and your brothers go on a dangerous hunt. What they don’t know is that you have a secret weapon. 

You’ve Gotta Let Me Fight [2]  

Drifting Apart - You’re at college when you get a sudden urge to call your twin brother Sam.

It’s Okay To Cry - You’re with your brothers when a sudden, unexplained sadness hits. They, mainly Dean in this one, convince you that it’s okay to feel sad.

It’s For My Little Brothers - You keeping up a silly tradition throughout your life as the oldest Winchester sibling. Angst.

Protective (Imagine) - Imagine standing up for your brothers.

Crossroads [1] - Something really bad happens, and you find yourself at a crossroad - making a deal.

Crossroads [2]

Little Sister - You show up in Sam’s apartment at Stanford, looking a whole lot different than you did the last time he saw you. De-aged sister!reader. Mainly Sam. 8 parts. SERIES.

Not fearless  - About your life as the oldest Winchester. Mostly out of John’s point of view. Angsty. 

Christmas Tree (Imagine) - Imagine decorating the Christmas tree with your brothers.

Jody’s Place - Jody is your good friend, role model and sort of the closest thing you have to a parental figure. You adore her, but the stay at her place doesn’t turn out as you had expected.

I Should Have Noticed - AU where the reader and Dean keeps hunting after Sam goes to hell. Both are exhausted, angry at everything and mourning Sam, which has consequences when you get hurt on a hunt.

Time out - Request. Sam and Dean deal with their sister who’s been de-aged into a toddler.

Old Photographs - Request. Dean is a demon and gone, and back at the bunker you find Sam looking at some photos from your childhood, reminiscing. Fluff, angst, comfort.

The Secret [1] - Request. Reader is the Winchesters’ adopted sister, who’s secretly a supernatural creature. Can the secret be kept forever?

The Secret [2]

Lost and Found - Dean and the reader reunite after being separated for years. Fluff.

Sam’s reaction 

First Day of School - Dean drops sister!reader off at her new school. Child reader.

Angst Deluxe - Angsty drabble. Major character death, nothing graphic.

I Thought You Were Gone - Set in 5x16. Angst and character deaths. Reader is trying to cope.

1997 - A high school AU where the reader is Dean’s twin sister. Set in 1997 and featuring characters from After School Special and OC characters. SERIES.

Hurt - Request. Songfic: Hurt by Johnny Cash. The reader is alone, and in bad shape. Set between season 3 & 4.

Prank Backlash - Drabble. Not angsty at all, promise. Just Dean’s little prank backlashing.


Samulet - Drabble. Angsty, character death. Featuring demon!dean. Season 10.

In Another World (THG AU) - An AU in The Hunger Games setting featuring Sam and Dean. Angsty, character death.



The Game - You and your brothers playing in 1864.

What Ever Happened To You - Your brother Stefan remembers you and decides to figure out what you did with your life.



Some of Us Are Human - Scott is concerned when he notices something you don’t want him to see; that you are planning to take matters into your own hands.



What If They Met 

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anonymous asked:

I'm trying to create a character that can control fire but I can't come up with concepts on how to use fire without feeling like I'm plagiarizing something else that already exists! Any thoughts? :(

Hey there!

I love that you asked about plagiarism. That scary “P” word gets thrown around often, so I’m thrilled to address it.

This is the second time in a week that I’ve pulled out the old dictionary, but I think it’s especially valid in this case. So definition time, per Google,

“The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own"

Most people are fully aware that they can’t just copy a chapter from a book and slap their name on it. Stealing words verbatim is clearly plagiarism. It’s that addition of the phrase “or ideas” where the water gets murky. Writers come up with ideas all the time, and when they realize that it’s similar to one that already exists, the fear begins to set in that they might be accused of stealing from someone else’s work.

I’m sure you’ve heard the point of view that every story could be considered “plagiarized” on some level if we went strictly by ideas. Books have been recycling storylines for centuries, and to be 100% original is 100% impossible. 

For you to be accused of plagiarism when it comes to ideas, you’d have to steal a lot of ideas from the same novel. 

The Hunger Games has famously been said to be a ripoff of Battle Royale. The term ripoff is subjective, but it could certainly be argued that the idea was ripped off. Both books center around the concept of a government that forces its children to fight each other to the death, for no other reason than to terrorize people into submission. There are some other expected similarities that bleed through from having the same plot concept, but there are also several key differences that keep it from becoming plagiarism. So ripoff? Depends who you ask. Plagiarism? No.

It’s not the concept that makes a story great, but the work that goes into supporting that concept, in this case, the development of Panem as a setting and the Capital as a governing body, as well as the pop culture surrounding the Hunger Games, and the way that tributes are chosen. Not to mention the revolution that comes following the first book of the series, and the characters that populate this world she built. 

If Suzanne Collins had set The Hungers Games in a fictional world similar to our own, where classes of students are chosen at random to be sent away for a military experiment, where they each are given weapons and strapped into deadly collars, and if she had structured the ending similarly - this would be a lot of ideas from the same book, as opposed to just a general concept, and that’s when we could start to argue plagiarism. 

Anon, your question about a character that can control fire? If you’re inspired by other characters that use fire, it’s not plagiarism to have your character use fire in similar ways. You just have to set this character in a unique world with unique circumstances. 

The creativity and work you put into all the other plot elements of your story will make it different than any other story that features a character that controls fire, and that’s why it’s not plagiarism. 

If you already have ideas, then use them. Experiment with them. See what you can add to them.