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For it is in passing that we achieve immortality. Through this, we become a paragon of virtue and glory to rise above all. Infinite in distance and unbound by death, I release your soul, and by my shoulder, protect thee.
(Here’s the Pyrrha goodies I promised…I really wanted to memorialize her. ❤️)




Pan Jinlian [潘金蓮] is a protagonist in the Chinese classic novel Jin Ping Mei (The Plum in the Golden Vase), and a minor character in the Water Margin, another classic. A well-known figure in Chinese culture, she represents the quintessential adulterous wife, and has become the patron goddess of brothels and prostitutes.

Pan Jinlian was the wife of Wu Dalang, whose younger brother, Wu Song, eventually became one of the major marsh rebels and a most memorable hero. While Wu Song was a handsome, stout and tall young man, Wu Dalong was an unsightly dwarf, making a living by peddling bread. Pan Jinlian, young, beautiful and graceful, was always jeered by neighbors as “a flower planted in a cow’s dung.”

Pan, dissatisfied with her marriage, has an extramarital affair with Ximen Qing, a handsome womanizer in town. Wu Dalang learns of the affair, but Pan and Ximen murder him by adding poison to his food. They bribe the coroner to conceal the true cause of his death. Wu Song grows suspicious of his brother’s death and carries out his own investigations to eventually discover the truth. Wu Song takes the law into his own hands in revenging his brother after his failure to bring the case to a corrupt court: he slays Pan Jinlian and her lover.


Marilyn Monroe in “We’re Not Married” - “ The Winner "Miss Mississippi”

Marilyn Monroe in her 15th movie appearance “ We’re Not Married” 1952. This is the full part of the movie segment that Marilyn was in. The movie is about 5 couples that are surprised to find out they were never legally married


Reasons I love Megan Denise Fox.

Her passion for acting stemmed from the classic film The Wizard of Oz and it’s positively one of the cutest things, ever. She’s been saying she wanted to be an actress for most of her life from when she was very little. Recently she said she feels like she was an actress in a former life, determined to succeed this time in what she failed in her past life.


Reasons I love Megan Denise Fox.

She’s the cutest mama bear about her sons and she’s not afraid to admit it. (Also is Tiffany always like this or is she a Fox fan-girl? xD)