set goals

Write a letter to your future self. What do you see yourself as 5 years from now? Will you be the same? Different? What kind of person will you be? Write a letter to your future self – 1 year from now will be a good start – and seal it. Make a date in your calendar to open it 1 year from now. Then start working to become the person you want to open that letter.
—  Celestine Chua, LifeHack.Org

Hey, here are my tips on time management. I will try to do more posts related to time management such as dealing with procrastination among others, so stay on the lookout for that. Hope this helps some of you. 

xoxo, G.

Set Goals – Set goals to beat your past records in distance ran, push-ups or chin-ups you can do, weight you can lift or degree you can stretch. Fitness goals make the gym a game where you strive to beat your previous high-score.

So I was going through my facebook pictures because I was thinking of adding the boy I have a 😍crush😍 on as a friend and I came across this picture on the left.

In the left picture I was going to see Sex And The City 2 with my bestie and we dressed up because, hi have you met us? I was 20, maybe 21, when this was taken and I was probably close to my highest weight, maybe around 330-340.

The picture on the right was from New Years Eve, about 4-5 years has passed, I’m around 100-110lbs lighter and 100,000% happier. It’s not the best picture but it’s angled like other picture and with another friend so I chose that one to showcase.

There are days I can’t believe this is happening; I’m losing weight, living a healthier life style, enjoying exercise and learning to be happy. I used to dream at night I would wake up and be 100lbs lighter and now I wake up every day 138lbs away from my highest weight. I can run up stairs, I can chase my niece and nephew, I can lift boxes and fit comfortably in opera house seats. This picture motivates me to loose goal of 50 more pounds because if I’m this happy 75% of the way there, I can’t imagine how much my life will change, how much I will change when my goal is 100% met.

“Most people never really get focused about fitness,” says Mike Robertson, MS, CSCS, co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training in Indianapolis. “They switch programs every few days or not at all. They miss workouts for weeks at a time.”

As a result, no matter how earnest our intentions, many of us miss the mark. Not for lack of trying, but because we don’t have a winning blueprint or a strategy. “It’s only when you focus on one or two well-defined goals and follow a clear plan to accomplish them that you start to make real progress,”

Robertson, along with many other leading trainers, is articulating a fitness truth grounded in the basic tenets of business: If you want to accomplish any complex, challenging objective, you have to set clear goals, approach each of your hurdles systematically, routinely assess progress, and course-correct when necessary. Source