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The 5 Components Every SMART Goal Contains

Most people tend to set goals, but do not think about how to set up their goal in a successful manner.  The acronym SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Based.  Setting your goals around each one of these concepts can help ensure success with a goal, but there are also other actions you can do to be sure that your goal gets achieved.

1.    Writing It Down 

Writing down a SMART goal can make the goal seem more real and tangible.  If you decide not to write down goals, it can lead you to forget them, or even lose focus towards the goal. Post the goal in a place you can see it every day so you can more easily stay on track.  

2.    Have A Purpose

The purpose of each goal you set should be clear.  For any goal to be reached, there needs to be a powerful reason behind it.  In order to gain energy and motivation to work towards your goal, look at the pros and cons of achieving it and determine how important this change could be in your life.  Once the full effects of accomplishing your goal are realized, it will be easier to motivate yourself.

3.    Rewards

When setting goals, make miniature goals that will lead up to the result. Each miniature goal you accomplish should earn you a reward that will help you build self-esteem and reassure you that you can accomplish the goal.  Good examples of goal-achievement rewards are going out to the movies or buying new shoes.

4.    Accountability

Identifying the people in your life that can help you become successful in your goals is especially helpful during the process.  Ask your friends to help and encourage you stay to on track.  For fitness goals, workout partners act as an extra layer of accountability who will meet you at the gym, encourage you on days you’d rather not go, and discouraging your next brownie binge.  If you surround yourself with people who appreciate your goal, the support can help you through the rough patches.

5.    Look It Over

Take time to look at the method you’ve decided is best to achieve your goal and be sure that the method fits your lifestyle and commitment level. Lack of motivation occurs when people are overwhelmed and overloaded; so be sure you choose a method that fits your pace for the best chances of success.

Goal-setting can be difficult because habits and behavior change is slow and gradual.  Use these tips when setting your next goal. Always stay focused and be confident in your ability to reach your targets for the best chances of success. If your goal is fitness-related – weight loss, cross-training, or improved health, Aqua Boot Camp can help you achieve that goal.



GUYS!!! I just uploaded my very first YouTube video :D It’s on the 5 top habits that will change your life. 

I made this after I started implementing the things I mention in the vid and noticed how much better my life started getting. From my skin clearing to my productivity skyrocketing. 

So check it out and hopefully the tips can help you too :)

Happy Monday!

April 3rd, 2017

Good morning, all! I’m a little recharged. Y’know, I’m really happy I journaled last night. I feel like I averted a complete panic attack. Talked with my sister more, which always helps. We’re in this together. My fiance is working from home today. Man, as much as we really love the Subaru, stuff keeps happening to it. A pebble hit our windshield so now we’re waiting on Safelite.


Steps: I’ve been keeping up with the gym for a few weeks now, but I think I need to keep my steps between 10,000-15,000. Now, I’ve been getting between 20,000-25,000 very often lately and I know you’re thinking, “Why on Earth move less?” I simply do not rest enough and I seem to eat much more appropriately for an activity level around 10,000-15,000 steps and what I do at the gym that morning.  

Squats: I’ve decided since last month was all about doing push ups, I’m going to take it upon myself to do squats this month. So, 100 squats every day in April. I’ll probably still do push ups on my upper body days. They’ve sort of just fallen into that routine and that’s awesome because I actually saw results!

My Monthly Workout Challenge: I am so excited to get started with this. I don’t even know what team I’m on yet, but I’m so ready!

Bits and Bobs

Migraines: They were much better this weekend. The weather really improved, which is the bulk of it. I felt like I was coming down with one last night because I was so emotional (it’s stupid how easy it is to trigger one sometimes) but I sat in a really dark room for a while and it called down. I’m becoming better at identifying triggers and my more subtle prodrome cues. It’s easy to tell when you have an aura, y’know? It’s not so easy to connect every little dull ache, tingle, or mood swing to prodrome, though.

Results of Push Up Challenge: I didn’t take any pictures, and the results are only really palpable because of my skin, anyway. I’m actually really happy with the result after one month. It’s made more progress on my triceps than most things have all year, so I’m going to keep doing them regularly!

Things That Make Me Smile

It would have been easy to convince myself to eat a lot of stupid things yesterday, but I sat down and wrote down everything I was thinking and feeling. That’s what that post yesterday was all for and about. I really recommend that anytime you’re feeling strong emotions to write something down, even if it’s a few sentences. At the end of the day, the “streak” is just a number but I’m really proud of that ‘24′ this morning.

Writer’s Block is not a Demon

Writer’s block. That dreaded time where it seems you have angered the muses and they have left you high and dry with that little blinking cursor staring at you. It happens to everyone. Nobody can be totally on their game every time. It sucks, but you know what…you have to deal with it. Like I said, nobody can be on their game all the time but that doesn’t mean you should just sit back and let the block consume you. As much as I would like to believe that the muses are actually out there guiding the arts, they aren’t and as such it’s up to us to keep the words flowing. I know it sounds harsh and I’ll admit that I have definitely shut my laptop in frustration when I couldn’t quite figure out where I wanted the scene to go, but the truth is that the only way to get past a creative block is to keep working. How else can you expect to solve your problem if you don’t work at it? It’s like working through a difficult math equation: you won’t solve it by dreamily gazing out the window, you have to work it through. That said, there are a few tips that you can use to help you work out your block and get back on the road with your characters.

  • Actively search out inspiration. If you’re at the stage where you are facing a completely blank screen and have literally no idea what you want to write about, this is probably where you need to start. Yes, sometimes the idea for a wonderful story that you just absolutely have to write appears to you in a dream or while sitting on the bus. But sometimes you have that creative writing assignment for school or you’ve just finished your previous project and are looking for something new and the well is dry. This is when you can actively go looking for inspiration. Search the internet for writing prompt ideas (*ahem* such as at certain blogs), look for intriguing photographs that can spark your interest, read through song lyrics, poems or look at your book collection. As a history student, I find that there is lots inspiration in the misguided adventures of those before us. It doesn’t have to be a fully-fledged idea right off the bat but if you can find a spark of something it will make the next parts much easier. That is, possible. Be warned because this step can easily go wrong. One minute you’re looking at writing prompts the next you’re watching a dog learning to swim. Stay. On. Task.  
  • Don’t be afraid to be stupid. Okay, so you have a tiny inkling of an idea. You have no idea who is going to be in it, what the plot points are or where it’s going to go, but it’s a start. Now sit down, write down the idea you have and then go crazy writing down anything that comes to mind. Literally anything. It doesn’t have to make sense, it doesn’t have to be good, and you certainly don’t have to use it all later. All you’re looking for is one good idea that you get another idea from and then another…until you actually have something resembling a plot.
  • You don’t have to go chronologically. I know this might sound odd to some people or maybe, like me, it’s not something you would have considered until someone points out that it’s an option. Just because you’re writing a chronologically linear story (or maybe you’re not, whatever) doesn’t mean you have to write it that way. I once had this idea for one point of one scene basically at the end of the story. I can’t remember exactly how it all unravelled but basically that idea expanded somewhat until I had the idea for two characters and then I worked those two out and quite some time later I actually had a story out of it. It’s a way to help you think in a more fluid way. If you can’t think of what happens next, maybe think about what happens before. This isn’t for everyone, I know some people really like to stick to the story scene by scene but it’s an option worth exploring if you’re stuck.
  • Take a step back (but not for too long). Breaks are good. When you work yourself for too long whether you’re studying, writing, practicing a musical instrument or sport, it’s important to take occasional breaks to keep yourself from getting drained. However, a mistake some people make with writer’s block is to shrug, close the document/notebook and say “eh, I’m sure I’ll have an idea tomorrow.” Maybe you will, probably you won’t (see actively search out inspiration above). If you’ve been on a roll and suddenly find you’ve hit a snag, maybe you’ve been at it for too long and need a few minutes to refresh. But just like that test you need to study for or essay that’s due tomorrow, this doesn’t mean you should completely walk away. But how long should you work for?
  • Set goals. Some writers like to set daily word count goals to meet. Events like NaNoWriMo, which encourages writers to write 50,000 words in the month of November (or 1,666 words a day. Isn’t that a lovely amount?), can help train you to set goals for yourself and to work on your writing every day. You can also set a goal to finish a chapter by a certain day, or reach a point in your outline. Personally, even though I did participate in NaNo one year, I don’t like this set up even though others swear by it. There are days where I can pump out pages and pages and there are others where I need to stop and rethink a few points, feel like I need to develop a character a little more or something else of that sort which means the actual word count doesn’t go up much despite the fact that I’m still working on the project. I’m also a full-time student with a part-time job so I feel like this doesn’t quite suit me. This is why I personally prefer to set a certain time to work instead. Sometimes I go over and others, such as around finals, I can’t make all of it. And that’s okay. We all have lives and stuff happens, so don’t beat yourself up if you can’t make the goal every day. But this is why it’s important to set realistic goals that fit you. If the goal is there and you really make the effort to stick to it as much as you can it will go a long way to keep you focused on the project when you need to be. Writing even a little bit is way better than nothing at all.

I have been trying to get a little healthier. I want to be as badass and amazing as my favorite women on tv, but I haven’t been able to be very consistent with my jogging or exercising. I don’t really care if my weight stays the same–I just want to by physically stronger. So I am not worried too much about counting calories. But I am still struggling with making healthy choices.

I have decided to keep what I am calling my “Healthy Choices” jar! Every time I make a healthy choice, I drop a pebble in the jar. This morning, I took my dogs for a 2.5 mile walk. Pebble in the jar. Later, I plan to do some very pathetic looking exercises and yoga. Another pebble. When the jar is full, I’ll find a small way to reward myself and switch to a bigger jar for a bigger reward next time.

I have no idea if this little scheme will create enough motivation, but it is a way to visually see what I have done and what I still need to do since I am not worrying about weight goals or monitoring my measurements or anything like that. (I mean, sure, I could afford to lose a few pounds, but I don’t want to worry about having to buy new clothes… Pants are expensive.)

I want to get stronger and I want being active to become more of a habit. This is a small way to make exercising more of a habit and less of a “when I feel like it” thing.

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Happy Monday!

February 27th, 2017

Happy Monday, everyone! I think I’m going to make these posts regular installations since Mondays are almost always rest days for me. I like to start the week with refreshers, goal setting, little bits and bobs, and things that make me smile.

My boyfriend is nearly recovered from the flu and back to work in his office now. Not going to lie, it’s nice to have the apartment to myself again. I work out of a home studio and I just cannot focus when he’s home. I love him but he’s loud, and I sort of use my ears at an extremely high level to work. So far, I show no symptoms of catching his flu. That will make me flu-free since 2009. It’s not like I’m keeping a tally and trying to rub it in, but it’s pretty damn impressive, right? I should somehow find a way to submit my immune system for official study.

Goal Setting

Push-Up Challenge: I’m starting this today. 100 push ups, 1 month. Arms have always gotten special attention from me. Though, I think I’m going to have to do modified wall push-ups at first. The plan is to build up enough strength to eventually attempt the challenge with traditional push-ups.

Eat at My Table: So, this will sound a little depressing, but people who grew up in dysfunctional families may know exactly where I’m coming from. Anyway, I’ve never really eaten at a dinner table! When my boyfriend and I rearranged the living room and cleaned up, we actually cleared our table. I’ve set it, and you know what? I don’t associate with toxic people anymore so I’m going to stop using my table as a “put all the crap you can’t find a place for” area.

Bits and Bobs

A Few Random Health Apps I Love: I just wanted to give some shout outs to some helpful health apps that I use. As it might be obvious, I use Fitbit. If you also use Fitbit and want to add me, PM me and we’ll set up this digital walking friendship and race each other! If you’re a migraineur, I recommend Migraine Buddy. I think this might be the most comprehensive digital migraine journal and it’s helped me nail down a few of my triggers and kept my appointments with my specialist highly informative for both parties. I sucked at keeping paper ones. If you have anxiety problems and want to track your mood, a habit’s effect on mood, as well have some small pocket-sized CBT exercises, check out Pacifica. I’ve been using this a lot the past few months and it’s an excellent little app to pull out when you’re getting yourself stuck in a bad thought. It will make you re-word your negative thought into something else and have you identify the thinking traps you’re using. 

Reminder: If you have any student loan payments due on the 1st, or Hell, your rent, February ends after tomorrow!

Things That Make me Smile

It’s a bit eclectic but here’s our little table (picture below). I’ve set it with several porcelain flower sculptures that were left to me after my aunt’s passing. Many of the ribbons and fake flowers in the basket came from her funeral. My aunt took my sister and I in during particularly tumultuous times of our adolescence, and we actually did eat at her table. She was a master gardener and loved all things to do with nature and forest critters. I probably would have ended up in foster care without her. So, I’m going to continue eating dinner with her.

justnormalguylikingthings  asked:

How do you fix an unhealthy infj ?

(Gif: Sherlock, Eurus. ISTP, INFJ. Sherlock.)

You asking for yourself or someone else?

If the latter: you can’t. Fix them, that is. The only way people change is if they decide they want to change, they are sick of the person they are, and they are willing to put in the hard work, emotional development, and discipline required to step beyond their former damaged selves and achieve total wellness.

In those situations, all you can do is wish the best for them, decide whether or not to stick around (if you believe this person WILL change, or has the potential TO change, or WANTS to change), and help them with emotional development if they ask for your help. (Often, when an INFJ is unhealthy, it’s Fe that’s poor.)

If you are asking for yourself, decide who you want to be, in a better version of yourself. Fix that singular vision in your mind. Use your intuition to lay out the steps necessary to get to that point, set smaller goals that fit into that framework, and work toward it, in a long term journey toward wholeness.

Decide what about you is unhealthy.

Is it Ni detachment from reality / lack of realism / too much reliance on the unseen? Develop Se. Learn to notice people. Things. Places. Pay attention to your environment. Pick up on social cues. Look at people. Truly see them. Notice their mannerisms. Read tons of information, learn all you can. The more knowledge you have, the more grounded your Ni will be.

Is it poor Fe? Learn to share your emotions in healthy and encouraging ways. Learn to step outside your perceptions and merge with other people. Practice resolving conflict or telling the truth in compassionate ways. Read books or study people who have Fe that you admire, and emulate them.

Is it poor Ti? Read books on logic. Study higher thinkers that you admire, pick and choose what you can use, and back up your arguments with facts, and specifics, instead of vague generalizations.

Is it reckless inferior Se? Practice engaging in your sensory environment in controlled ways – allowing yourself a sweet once in awhile, instead of binging one weekend. Taking up dirt biking or rock climbing, something to engage you with the environment and help you pay attention. Practice sitting in a room, and mapping out where everything is, noticing every detail. Study your surroundings. What pattern repeats in a Columbine flower? How does the bark differ on the two trees in your yard?

You only get one life. One chance to be the best you can be. Make the most of it.

- ENFP Mod

For Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Hoo, boy. This is yesterday’s stats. Still trying to get back into things. Due to my cold, I’m mostly walking for exercise until that’s through. Yep! Truckin’ along. I think my cold is past the worst part. My sore throat is feeling better and I no longer feel like I’m constantly choking on mucous (sorry). I am not at the height of deep, introspective thoughts, but I’m here. 

Slow and sleepy. Three day weekends are amazing but they’ve always put me in a strange head place. Y’know, the “yay, it’s almost the weekend again” space–so, my mind keeps wandering. 

I think I’ll try to write up some guides this week since I don’t have any recipes. We’ll see. Life happens, but I don’t want my blog to be as slow as it has been the past couple weeks!