set fire to the capitol


You stopped running when you reached the top step of the Lincoln Memorial, wiping sweat from your forehead and finally catching your breath. You took the headphones out of your ears and put them in your pocket. It was only 6:30am, a little earlier than you’d planned on getting there- sunrise wasn’t for at least another 20 minutes. It was your absolute favorite time of day, you always thought watching the world come alive felt like magic.

You’d woken before your alarm and started your run earlier than anticipated. As usual, there were few people around- some had dogs, others were running. However, unlike usual, there was another person atop the steps of the Lincoln. He had his back to you, reading the Memorial Wall, so you could only see that he was tall, with tousled brown hair and a messenger bag thrown over his shoulder. He wore jeans and a light jacket and would run his hands through his hair ever so often. Without thinking, you stepped toward the wall, standing next to the guy.

“You know, the word ‘future’ was misprinted up there- they spelled it with an E accidentally. You can still see where they tried to cover it up,” you said, even though you rarely spoke to strangers.

“What? Uh, oh yeah. I did know that!” the stranger said softly, his voice oddly soothing, “you know the Lincoln Statue itself is nearly double the size the original plans had intended?” You smiled, already knowing that.

“Yeah, and about 40% of the Memorial is actually underground- even though most of that is just supports for the external structure” you quipped back happily. The man finally turned to look at you, surprise written across his face.

“Yeah…” he said, still speaking softly, “I’m uh..Dr. Reid..uh Dr.Spencer…uh Reid”.

“Dr.?” you said incredulously. Seeing his face, you would have thought he was an undergrad, maybe a new graduate student.

“Uh yeah I have um 3 PhDs…I um…did them young,” he blushed, which you found endearing.

“Well hello Dr. Reid. I’m Y/N. I actually thought maybe you were a student at GW, too”.

His eyes followed your glance to the sweatshirt you were wearing, which displayed your school name. Conversation flowed easily between the two of you for a while- you learned that he worked for the BAU and loved Washington, DC but had grown up in Las Vegas. He had told you to call him Spencer, and had stopped stumbling over his words as he realized how interested in them you were. You, in turn, told him about growing up in a tiny town and coming to DC for college and how you had loved undergrad so much, you were staying for a master’s degree. He asked the perfect questions and seemed genuinely interested in your answers.

In what felt like 5 minutes, the sun you had come to see was ascending over the Washington Monument, setting the Reflecting Pool on fire with its reds and yellows and illuminating the Capitol Building, in all of its scaffolded glory. You watched the sunrise with a smile, fixated on how the Mall just seemed to light up, but you could feel Spencer’s eyes on you. Once the sun had taken its place in the sky, you turned around to face him. He looked mesmerized, exactly how you felt about seeing the city awaken.

Suddenly, you felt his arms around your waist, pulling you closer- and slightly off balance. You laughed out of surprise and he steadied you and tilted your chin upwards, before pressing his lips to your own. You were stunned- you didn’t exactly make a habit of kissing strangers in public places- but the kiss was soft and sweet and you reciprocated until Spencer pulled back, blushing furiously. He took two steps back and looked at the ground before mumbling.

“Y/N, I..I’m sorry, I..I um I don’t do things um like that. Never. I don’t k-know what came over me… I’m sorry!” he looked like he was worried you were going to slap him or call the police. 

“Don’t! Don’t be sorry, it was…nice. I don’t make a habit of kissing strangers though, so I’m going to have to see you again. Here,” you said boldly. It wasn’t like you, but there was just something about him- and he was an excellent kisser. You handed him a business card, since you always had at least 1 with you, “call me soon.”

He accepted the card with a smile and promised he would. With that, you waved and made your way down the stairs of the Lincoln and jogged toward your apartment. Sunrise had solidified itself as your favorite time of day.


On the Mockingjay part 2 set in Ivry-sur-seine, France.

As you can see it here they announced to the neighborhood the shooting of a fake film named “Seashore” and filmed Mockingjay 2 during two days : wednesday (05/07/14) from 5pm to 1am and thursday (05/08/14) from 2pm to 1am.

See more pictures here.

I am so excited right now.

Excavated in Central Park: Traces of the War of 1812

It was August 1814. Panic held New York in thrall.

After two years of incoherent fighting, the War of 1812 was being waged in deadly earnest. No longer preoccupied with the Emperor Napoleon, who had been forced to abdicate the French throne, Britain trained its full military might on the ill-prepared United States. British troops captured Washington, setting fire to the Capitol and the White House. Twilight’s last gleaming was fast approaching in Baltimore. And the enemy’s control of Lake Champlain made clear that its route to New York City would be from the poorly defended north.

Kingsbridge Road, a rudimentary highway that ran from the mainland down Manhattan Island to New York City, suddenly looked like an invasion route. Read more.


June 1st 1812: Beginnings of War of 1812

On this day in 1812, the US President James Madison sent a message to Congress listing American grievances against the United Kingdom. This led to Congress issuing its first declaration of war, which began the War of 1812. The tensions between the two nations arose out of the Napoleonic Wars, with grievances including impressment of American sailors into the British Navy and the UK stopping American ships from trading. The US also feared a resurgence of British control over the fledgling nation. It was during this war that British troops set fire to many public buildings in Washington DC, including the White House and Capitol building. America’s victory inspired Francis Scott Key to write the national anthem ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’.

Thrown into the arena along side of those on the rebels side and those meant to win the games, Katniss and Peeta along with many others scramble to fight for their lives. Their main goal? Keep the spark alive and well. With Katniss’s every move to protect Peeta and the allies chasing her to make sure she survives the arena, it’s not as easy as it looks.

The rebellion is already underway, it’s key members already knowing their main cogs in the hole, so to speak, now all they need is their spark to ignite the flames and let the fire catch.

                            It’s time to set the Capitol on fire.

TheVictorsFightBack is an AU version of the Hunger Games which includes OC’s, gladly, and is set during Catching fire and progresses into an AU version of Mockingjay. Currently accepting male and female characters as well as peacekeepers!