set design for screen

my opinions on Beauty and the Beast since I saw it today because why not:

  • visuals, cgi, costumes, set design, literally everything your eyes see on screen: 12/10 
  • casting was amazing and i was pleasantly surprised how diverse it was, relatively speaking. when Plumette became human again and she was black??? nice
  • i was really really worried about LeFou being gay for the same reasons we all were– that the villain’s dumb sidekick would be the token gay character which is in very poor taste. but i was again pleasantly surprised how his character arc was actually about realizing he was worth more than Gaston’s treatment and finding a boyf in the end. so this aspect wasn’t even a fraction as terrible as i was expecting
  • the triplets. the triplets <3
  • the beard line at the end + the sexy growl???? got me feelin some TYPE of WAY
  • the yellow ballgown was disgusting but we all knew about that in advance so moving on 
  • Emma Watson’s voice was so autotuned it sounded like a vocaloid but eh nothing’s perfect 
  • the pacing was too fast in certain parts and it made some scenes a lot less compelling than they could have been 
  • but overall I think it was a very faithful adaptation of the Disney movie, while at the same time having enough tweaks and elaborations that it stayed fresh and new and exciting and not just a word-for-word rehash of the original
  • honestly it was lit and idk what negative reviews are even talking about

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