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Louis’ Concert Report

So my thoughts after attending the Key 103 event tonight…

Firstly re the event - it was a bit strange. Maybe all multi-artist arena events are like this though, I’ve never been to one before so perhaps my expectations were too high. Very rushed and virtually no staging or set design just a plain stage with screens. John Newman and Louis came across much better because they had their live bands filling the stage, plus it made for better sound. (Left after Louis so don’t know if it got better for the remaining acts)

Anyway, the important bit - Louis!

He was a revelation. I’ve seen him perform live before with 1D and watched Ultra, iHeart - and all the tv performances, but this was definitely the best I’ve seen him.

His voice sounds great with the band. I’ve watched some videos and streams now and I have to say It sounded better in the arena. I think I posted earlier that the floor was shaking - during Little Black Dress and Miss You you could feel it from your feet upwards.

I don’t know if he was nervous but if so it totally didn’t show. He looked very confident and pretty comfortable up there.

Little Black dress was possibly my favourite, he really sold it, closely followed by Miss You. 

He didn’t interact a huge amount with the band, I guess that will come more with time, but they were really good. It was hard to take them all in because I was very focused on Louis but they were tight, and I loved loved the drummer, he drove the last two songs really hard.

He covered the whole stage for each song. We got his hand on tummy move lots of times, and I think he might have been working on his mic positioning. I could be wrong but he appeared to be keeping it closer to his mouth for the majority of the time.

I’m not sure what else to add - it’s all a bit overwhelming still. It was great! He was great! The band was great! I am so very very glad I went. And to get tickets at the side of the stage was pretty amazing, what a view!

I’ll be fighting you all for tickets for his own tour! Can’t wait.

my fav lil things abt j-hope pt.2

- his answers are always so well constructed like he’s thought of it so many damn times
- always thinking abt previous years
- is serious when he needs to be
- the way his eyes light up when talking abt dance during hope on the street
- how he has gallant set as his phone lock screen
- into interior designs
- the mnet butterfly fancam
- how he will always cheer on the members, even if they complain abt how loud he is
- “hobi is hungry!!!” precious 3rd person narratives
- how he does the peace sign and bends them in a rly cute way
- the way he holds his mic w his index finger pointed out
- how he’s aware he’s a flower
- being hyper behind the HopeOnTheStreet™ towel
- vocally appreciating joon’s vocals
- resting his arms over his head when he sleeps
- heart eyes @ every member (esp jimin)
- “just looking @ kim taehyung’s face is funny”
- how he’s yoongs energizer
- the lowkey mix of singing and rapping together
- knows he can’t act so he just quietly sits there
- his bony long ass fingers
- acts like he’s being fast-forwarded while cleaning up the dorm
- has leader qualities within him
- how he looks extra hot when he wakes up
- a rare talent: making tae feel flustered
- “hello~ im your hope~ im your angel~ im jhope!!” deserves the best self intro award
- underrated rbf
- will say he’s full but will also be eating 1m later
- puns (soda, melOn, osaka)
- how he randomly sings while preparing meat
- his edits when their twt reaches a million milestone
- moving his hips like it ain’t any1s business
- cute bear brick collection
- where is his credit for helping w choreos
- if his members constantly telling you tht hobi’s the best dancer in the group doesn’t give him a reason to be in the centre of dance parts…….you need to wake up
- “@-@”
- i appreciate hobi’s effort in doing bungee jump n scary stuff but he’s actually scared,,why does he need to prove smth by jumping w so much stress n fear??? he’s even stiff when standing on the balcony like does tht not scream HES NOT OK W HEIGHTS to ppl?? when will this stop

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What bothers me a lot about dorito fans claiming her “kween” and “the rightful ruler” is that she never do an actual job as a queen? I never saw her holding a paper and a quill, all she does is ride drogon and yell “dracarys”. Tell me again how is the “queen”. At least Cersei did her job!

Exactly, Cersei may not be the best candidate but she does know a thing or two about ruling, although she’s definitely straying from that after her whole wildfire act. Still, it irks me to see Dany stans say she deserves the Iron Throne. You could argue that it wouldn’t matter considering the past rulers we’ve seen managed to keep the realm considerably stable with the help of their counsel but wouldn’t that further reinforce the notion that Dany does not know a thing about ruling by herself? Even Joffrey faced backlash from the people in S2E06, the only difference is he didn’t have the dragons to intimidate people to think twice. What makes her worthy of the throne then? Her gentle heart? Tommen had a gentle heart, he still managed to be manipulated and lost the one thing that mattered to him, driving him to suicide in the process.

Speaking of Tommen, let’s examine the exchange he had with Tywin:

Tommen: “Wisdom makes a good king.”

Tywin: “Yes, but what is Wisdom? […] A wise king knows what he knows and what he doesn’t. You’re young. A wise young king listens to his counselors and heeds their advice until he comes of age. And the wisest kings continue to listen to them long afterwards.”

Preceding the exchange in S4E07 above, Tommen explores ideas of holiness, justness, and strength before finally concluding that “Wisdom makes a good king.” So let’s dissect this further:

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I went to NYC

…and all I got was some candy, some salt, a crumpled red boat, a feather, a potion, three stones, and four masks. (That’s a lie–I got a lot of joy and other intangibles, too.)

Increasing my SNM experience by 400% in three days was overwhelming and there’s no way that I can transcribe or translate most of it here. It remains fascinating to me on all levels both inside and outside the constructed world of the show. Which means I’ve got a pretty expensive interest on my hands if I want to keep attending, although I guess it’s cheaper than, say, taking up skydiving or horseback riding.

In retrospect, it was a mistake not to go to May Fair, and thus meet more show veterans. As it happened, we first met the very informative @markeee99, who was first in line on Saturday. He later introduced us to the completely delightful @readwithjoy. Did I mention completely delightful? I also chatted briefly with the talented @evenghostandhorse. Everyone’s May Fair outfits were sublime. In turn @readwithjoy introduced us to @mrhecate and @redlipsandlostrings during the Sunday double, as well as some other folks who I’m not sure are Tumblrites. Monday night I ran into @francesmk. But by not going to May Fair I missed out on, for instance, wishing a hearty “Hail, Satan!” to @emmastory, and potentially meeting all the other regulars whom I later spotted in party photos. Then again, loud crowded parties are usually not my bag. Maybe next time.

I know that if I keep attending, there’ll be an inflection point where most of the surprises and mysteries will have been revealed. But I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near such a point yet. I know my way around the space better, but my mental model of it is incomplete. I’ve seen much of the show, but not every major scene (no door dance yet, for instance). Even after over a year of obsessively reading old Tumblr posts, there were many discoveries and surprises for me in shows 2-5. And I certainly couldn’t note and remember cast lists. I am astounded that some of y'all can go to a show and then generate a full cast list. I did manage to photograph the cast board for the early Sunday show, and there were specific performers whom I recognized, but that was about it.

I’ll post later about the specific shows but for now a jumbled list of observations and experiences, behind the cut:

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also the hobbit movie(s) was too HD?? Like what the fuck you could see the contact lenses in their eyes and the costumes were obviously costumes you know what I mean like for me there was no immersion like with lotr and don’t even get me started on the fucking green screens GOD did they have any sets at all or was it all computer generated man this movie sucks ass


and similar to what you’re saying, for all the bullshit they did with the 3d cameras and that whole setup that they made a big deal out of, the cinematography wasn’t very good and the overall aesthetic wasn’t beautiful or epic or sweeping enough to justify any of it.  like with lotr there were so many gorgeous locations and some amazing flyover shots and beautiful set design that really justifies watching it in HD on a big screen, but the hobbit was awkwardly too murky or too bright with a handful of wide landscape shots ham-handedly shoved in there to tell you where you were.

like compare the first scenes in lothlorien, where the viewer is introduced to the scope and beauty of the location along with the fellowship. the shots loosely coordinate with what the members of the fellowship would actually be able to see as they travel along the forest floor, and then up into the trees.  you get to take a breather from being in the midst of the storyline, and appreciate the emotional impact of moving from the chaos of moria to the natural.  the music helps set the tone that lothlorien is not necessarily homely or comforting, but an ancient, otherworldly place. The traveling shots leading to the introduction of Galadriel and Celeborn are uninterrupted by dialogue, and the music is continuous as well, which gives the impression that rather than living in the heart of lothlorien, Galadriel is the heart of lothlorien, and the source of its otherworldly magic.  Throughout all of LOTR, it’s common to have locations revealed through the way the characters first see them, not all at once.

I don’t remember it very well, but I seem to remember Laketown being introduced in the hobbit with one very bland overhead shot that said “look. here’s laketown” and went ahead of the characters (i.e. we saw more than they did), and then a bunch of closer shots that were confusing and which quickly made me lose track of where the various characters were in relation to each other, or where in the city they were.  I think the hobbit had a lot of shots allowing the viewer to see more than the characters did, before the characters did, which created a sense of disconnect, not only from the characters, but from the suspension of belief necessary to immerse yourself in any story.

if you show a wide shot of a tall cliff with sharp rocks at the bottom, then later on see a character peeking off the side for the first time and being scared, it ruins the tension.  We already know what the cliff looks like.  it would be much more effective to hold back and see only the edge of the cliff, until the moment when the character looks over the edge, at which point both the viewer and the character simultaneously see and react to how treacherous it is.  i’m no film student, but that’s got to be basic stuff - the hobbit’s cinematography wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t nearly good enough for the scope of the world it takes place in.

And that wouldn’t be such a big deal, except both stories being told (that is, once the hobbit writers added all the extra stuff in that wasn’t in the book) are long and complex, and have a lot to do with history that happened before the plotline even starts.  that can take away from how engaging a storyline is, because it ends up feeling like being in history class.  no one wants to have to study in order to understand the movie they’re watching.

LOTR dealt with this in multiple ways: allowing the viewer to relate to the characters’ experiences via the cinematography (like I said above), by creating moments of humanity and humor among all the action (particularly with gandalf and the hobbits), with a soundtrack that suggests to the viewer what feelings match various locations and scenes, as well as creating memorable themes for different locations/people, and referencing those themes at appropriate times (even the ring itself has a theme), and by creating vibrant locations with unique feels and aesthetics. The design team wanted viewers to be able to identify where a sword or an outfit came from just by looking at it.  the hobbit was visually either very dark and muddy, or cartoonishly bright and fake looking - like you said about the costumes.  in many places, and if LOTR hadn’t defined all those unique aesthetics beforehand, i’m not convinced it would be nearly as clear if a sword was elvish or orcish.  and I’m still mad at Howard Shore for phoning in the soundtrack like that.  Bad.

the hobbit should have been SO GOOD, they already did the big one and designed the whole world and several of the hobbit’s main characters, so it should have been SO much easier to do a shorter, smaller-scale story with a lighter tone within that same world.  I don’t understand how they managed to fuck it up so badly!!!!!!!!  I think I’m more upset by the lack of the 1 or 2 fantastic movies we should have gotten than I am by the existence of the 3 shitty movies we actually got.  Because I’ve seen many movies worse than the hobbit trilogy, but I’ve never seen a movie that had so much going for it end up so far from what it so easily could have been.


Prometheus UI reel


Territory worked with Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox to design and animate hundreds of computer graphics and projections both on-set and post for Prometheus.

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Can u do 15 for them

Finally! I can post this. It took me way too long! But I want to really thank @my-mind-will-be-free, @pricelessdean @zann-juskarath-taggerbug , and @steivonnie for helping me with the beta. Also @the-lost-survivor and @miyukiyoutaite .

Prompt: 15. French Kiss (with 32. Passionate kiss)
Words: 4,119
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Marinette blinked two times, confused. She realized she was gaping like a fish and her shut her mouth quickly, making her teeth sound.

“I beg your pardon?” she asked looking to the man in front of her, Gabriel Agreste.

“I asked, why are you not dressed yet?” he inquired again raising a critical eyebrow, hands sternly behind his back.

“I, I… I don’t understand you, I’m afraid,” she admitted, feeling dumb.

She was there that day for a photo-shoot. She had won yet another of his competitions, this time a big one. Not only was her design going to be on the cover of a magazine, but she also got an internship with Adrien’s dad’s company. She couldn’t be more excited. And it was, in part, because of Ladybug.

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