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my fav lil things abt j-hope pt.2

- his answers are always so well constructed like he’s thought of it so many damn times
- always thinking abt previous years
- is serious when he needs to be
- the way his eyes light up when talking abt dance during hope on the street
- how he has gallant set as his phone lock screen
- into interior designs
- the mnet butterfly fancam
- how he will always cheer on the members, even if they complain abt how loud he is
- “hobi is hungry!!!” precious 3rd person narratives
- how he does the peace sign and bends them in a rly cute way
- the way he holds his mic w his index finger pointed out
- how he’s aware he’s a flower
- being hyper behind the HopeOnTheStreet™ towel
- vocally appreciating joon’s vocals
- resting his arms over his head when he sleeps
- heart eyes @ every member (esp jimin)
- “just looking @ kim taehyung’s face is funny”
- how he’s yoongs energizer
- the lowkey mix of singing and rapping together
- knows he can’t act so he just quietly sits there
- his bony long ass fingers
- acts like he’s being fast-forwarded while cleaning up the dorm
- has leader qualities within him
- how he looks extra hot when he wakes up
- a rare talent: making tae feel flustered
- “hello~ im your hope~ im your angel~ im jhope!!” deserves the best self intro award
- underrated rbf
- will say he’s full but will also be eating 1m later
- puns (soda, melOn, osaka)
- how he randomly sings while preparing meat
- his edits when their twt reaches a million milestone
- moving his hips like it ain’t any1s business
- cute bear brick collection
- where is his credit for helping w choreos
- if his members constantly telling you tht hobi’s the best dancer in the group doesn’t give him a reason to be in the centre of dance parts…….you need to wake up
- “@-@”
- i appreciate hobi’s effort in doing bungee jump n scary stuff but he’s actually scared,,why does he need to prove smth by jumping w so much stress n fear??? he’s even stiff when standing on the balcony like does tht not scream HES NOT OK W HEIGHTS to ppl?? when will this stop

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I went to NYC

…and all I got was some candy, some salt, a crumpled red boat, a feather, a potion, three stones, and four masks. (That’s a lie–I got a lot of joy and other intangibles, too.)

Increasing my SNM experience by 400% in three days was overwhelming and there’s no way that I can transcribe or translate most of it here. It remains fascinating to me on all levels both inside and outside the constructed world of the show. Which means I’ve got a pretty expensive interest on my hands if I want to keep attending, although I guess it’s cheaper than, say, taking up skydiving or horseback riding.

In retrospect, it was a mistake not to go to May Fair, and thus meet more show veterans. As it happened, we first met the very informative @markeee99, who was first in line on Saturday. He later introduced us to the completely delightful @readwithjoy. Did I mention completely delightful? I also chatted briefly with the talented @evenghostandhorse. Everyone’s May Fair outfits were sublime. In turn @readwithjoy introduced us to @mrhecate and @redlipsandlostrings during the Sunday double, as well as some other folks who I’m not sure are Tumblrites. Monday night I ran into @francesmk. But by not going to May Fair I missed out on, for instance, wishing a hearty “Hail, Satan!” to @emmastory, and potentially meeting all the other regulars whom I later spotted in party photos. Then again, loud crowded parties are usually not my bag. Maybe next time.

I know that if I keep attending, there’ll be an inflection point where most of the surprises and mysteries will have been revealed. But I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near such a point yet. I know my way around the space better, but my mental model of it is incomplete. I’ve seen much of the show, but not every major scene (no door dance yet, for instance). Even after over a year of obsessively reading old Tumblr posts, there were many discoveries and surprises for me in shows 2-5. And I certainly couldn’t note and remember cast lists. I am astounded that some of y'all can go to a show and then generate a full cast list. I did manage to photograph the cast board for the early Sunday show, and there were specific performers whom I recognized, but that was about it.

I’ll post later about the specific shows but for now a jumbled list of observations and experiences, behind the cut:

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Emma Sattler’s Senior Project TShirt Preorder!!!!

I am making tshirts to sell for $15 to donate the profits to the Pollinator Partnership, a non-profit organization that works to save the bees and other pollinators.

Today is day 2 of senior projects. I am going to construct the screen to silk screen and maybe try to set up the design with blocking on the screen.

For my first project at UAL Wimbledon Set Design for Screen, I decided to turn a location into a High Security Infectious Diseases Unit. These units are used to treat patients with highly contagious diseases similar to Ebola that hit the UK in 2014. I took inspiration for this set from Films such as E.T, Sunshine, 2001: A Space Odyssey and the British TV series Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace

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It looks like the SGAWWW background video playing at concerts looks more and more like reality for Blake. I know Gwen's not perfect, but I've never seen a room like that one in the video in her house.

Yeah, sadly that pic was either a real life snapshot or closely resembled what life was like for him. I’ve said it before…no set designer would put a striking image like that up on a screen in front of thousands of people without getting approval. So someone fairly high up on the food chain, if not Blake himself, had to review the images for the screens and say it was okay.

– M

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Can u do 15 for them

Finally! I can post this. It took me way too long! But I want to really thank @my-mind-will-be-free, @pricelessdean @zann-juskarath-taggerbug , and @steivonnie for helping me with the beta. Also @the-lost-survivor and @miyukiyoutaite .

Prompt: 15. French Kiss (with 32. Passionate kiss)
Words: 4,119
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Marinette blinked two times, confused. She realized she was gaping like a fish and her shut her mouth quickly, making her teeth sound.

“I beg your pardon?” she asked looking to the man in front of her, Gabriel Agreste.

“I asked, why are you not dressed yet?” he inquired again raising a critical eyebrow, hands sternly behind his back.

“I, I… I don’t understand you, I’m afraid,” she admitted, feeling dumb.

She was there that day for a photo-shoot. She had won yet another of his competitions, this time a big one. Not only was her design going to be on the cover of a magazine, but she also got an internship with Adrien’s dad’s company. She couldn’t be more excited. And it was, in part, because of Ladybug.

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Hey, I’m still alive!

Just wanted to show my submission to Sticker Zine

Thanks for the opportunity!! :D

I just realized I put my banner at the bottom instead of the top…I hope this doesn’t interfere with my submission >A>

EDIT (2/26/24): I fixed the banner and put it on top >v>U